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SXSW How Companies Created Buzz
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SXSW How Companies Created Buzz


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Shashi Bellamkonda took a of pictures and this is a collection of the pictures depicting the

Shashi Bellamkonda took a of pictures and this is a collection of the pictures depicting the

Published in: Business

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  • Goals and objectives of Public Relations
  • Transcript

    • 1. 1/20/2011
      SXSW – Buzz
    • 2. SXSW
      Tens of thousands of early adopters or wannabe early adopters spending most of their time well within a one mile radius of a walkable city's convention center.
      David Berkowitz in Media Post
    • 3. Who was there
      Brand manager
      An engineer
      Hollywood agent
      Venture capitalist
      Nonprofit organization
      PR /Social Media Agencies
    • 4. Leading theme – Connection & Collaboration -not competition
      Apps not sites*
      Mobile group messaging (
      Photos (Integra, Instamatic)
      Games ( Angry Birds)
      APIs and platforms
      Location Based Check-in
      Device and content convergence
      Blogging (WordPress, Google Blogger, Squarespace)
      Mobile Payments
    • 5. Giving rides from the airport
      Chevy Cruze Free Taxi Rides
    • 6. Buses Were Big – Interviews, Lounge, Food
    • 7. As were pedicabs
    • 8. iPads, skates and your email address
    • 9. You could sponsor a bicycle
    • 10. Different kind of SXSW taxi
    • 11. Images – Wall Projections
    • 12. Free food for your attention
    • 13. Advertising with Cartoons
    • 14. Hiring a Squarespace & giving away food
    • 15. Covering interactive, music & film
    • 16. Angry Birds – Virtual to Real World
    • 17. Really social
    • 18. Giving you sweet memories : Meshin
    • 19. Celebrity book signing in blogger lounge
    • 20. Scan to win a prize
    • 21. Klout : Limo Rides
    • 22. Didn’t bring a printer – No Worries HP
    • 23. No whitespace anywhere incl. restrooms
    • 24. 25c tacos & pay with your phone
    • 25. It’s all about Mobile
    • 26. You can drink this product
    • 27. Street signs
    • 28. Characters not exempt
    • 29. Connection centers for the laptopless
    • 30. Technology Theatre
    • 31. Real-time QR codes
    • 32. Charging phones
    • 33. QR Codes everywhere
    • 34. Customer testimonial
    • 35. Dressing up to attract attention : Snagit booth
      Giving away moustaches
    • 36. Photobooths popular
    • 37. Observations
      SXSW conference registration increased by 40% making it biggest so far
      Companies spend $$ to woo & put their brand in front of influencers
      Introduce new products coinciding with SXSW to get quick adoption (IE9), Apple had a SXSW popup store
      Startups build products on Startup buses on the way to SXSW
      Co’s organize smaller parties with customers and clients