A New Era of Trust - Project Reference Validation for Cities


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Citymart.com has introduced a new solution to address the perceived risks in trusting project references in procurement processes. In particular cities will benefit from more accurate and independently validated project references.

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A New Era of Trust - Project Reference Validation for Cities

  1. 1. Join a growing number of cities that endorse independent validation of project references to improve trust, accuracy and reduce risk in procurement: Oulu, Fukuoka, York, Rosario, Maringa, Lavasa, London, Sheffield, Sant Cugat, Boston, Barcelona, Hampton Citymart.com Project Reference Validation Helping Cities to receive more accurate project references to better manage the risks of working with new solutions, innovations and providers. >> A new era of Trust. July 2013 MARKETPLACE FOR CITIES
  2. 2. Project Validation is a certification process that allows providers to have their project references independently validated. Citymart.com issues a Project Certificate for a project reference once at least three stakeholders (with no conflict of interest) have validated the basic information associated with that project. Validation2013 >> What is Project Validation? Building trust as the foundation for innovation in cities. ProjectValidation has been designed to make it easier for cities to evaluate the competence of solution providers from around the world. Benefits to cities: • Confidently trust in the accuracy of companies’ references. • Easily see which project information has been validated and by whom. • Make smarter investments and regulatory decisions. MARKETPLACE FOR CITIES INDEPENDENT VALIDATING STAKEHOLDERS: The following Stakeholders have validated the project information above. Each Stakeholder listed below has declared they have STAGE(S): + Deployment: May 2011 – August 2011 + Businnes Model: May 2011 – August 2011 Anthony Bruckman ROLE: JOB TITLE: N/A ORGANISATION: City of Caen, Normandy CONTR IBUTION: - > Pierre Bruce ROLE: JOB TITLE: N/A ORGANISATION: City of Caen, Normandy CONTR IBUTION: - > Josephine Berg ROLE: JOB TITLE: N/A ORGANISATION: City of Caen, Normandy CONTR IBUTION: - > Marie Descendiere ROLE: JOB TITLE: N/A ORGANISATION: City of Caen, Normandy CONTR IBUTION: - > > SOLUTION: Contactless tags to bridge real and physical worlds COMPANY: Connecthings CERTIFICATE ID: 571903271 Caen, France It is hereby certified that the project information contained in this certificate has been validated by the independent stakeholders listed below. Images and Videos: PHOTO TITLE View of tagged street Documents: Evaluation > Detailed Spec > MORE ABOUT THIS SOLUTION > Independently Validated Reference PROJECT CERTIFICATE CITYMART_LOGO DIFF. VERSIONS © MARION RIGGS 2013 Logo Bug Micro Logo Innovative Contactless Services Considered as a leading area in contactless services, the conurbation of Caen-la-Mer has installed thousands of NFC tags and QR codes throughout its territory that are managed by *Connecthings' platform. On bus and tramway stations, users can get useful information about public transport in real time such as schedules or traffic disruptions. On bike-sharing stations, users can get access to bikes and terminals availabilities around them. A contactless touristic trail dedicated to William the Conqueror offers a unique digital experience to visitors in the City of Caen. The mobile interface also offers access to a geolocalized transversal map where users can see bus stops, bike-sharing stations or monu- ments around them. Project in collaboration with the Conurbation of Caen-la- Mer, City Council of Caen, Viacité, Keolis and Clear Channel. Online certificate always shows latest validated project information Stage of project City representatives and other stakeholders who have validated project information.
  3. 3. 3 >> How does Validation work? Stakeholders certify the accuracy of references. Each Project Reference you see on Citymart.com has passed a 6-Step validation process. Citymart.com also carries out randomized spot-checks. NO conflictof interest. Login to a live Project Certificate! (use the link, ID & PIN below) MARKETPLACE FOR CITIES Validation2013 Provider creates Project on Citymart.com Provider invites people involved with the project (Stakeholders) Stakeholders declare any conflict of interest Stakeholders validate facts Project validated once3+Stakeholders have validated Provider grants access to certificate. 1 2 34 5 6
  4. 4. >> The Path to Adoption By adopting validation, Cities send a signal to markets. MARKETPLACE FOR CITIES Validation2013 Join the leading group of cities and organisations that have endorsed validation, declaring: “I endorse the use of independently validated project references, whether through Citymart.com, or any other third-party independent provider.” This helps to motivate providers to increase transparency by validating their project references. Endorse Validation Share Internally Be an Active Stakeholder Call forValidated Solutions If you find validation to be a useful tool in your City, consider a more formal process to build awareness across your organization. Commit to making sure that others within your department and City know about validation. Offer to validate projects for the companies you work with. Many companies see it as a burden to ask the cities they’ve worked with to validate their references – even though it can be done in minutes. Let your providers know that you would be willing to validate if needed! Calls for Solutions are our primary service for cities. Calls for Solutions help cities to find the solution providers that can best address their challenges. We now offer cities the possibility of presenting a Call for Validated Solutions. This means that only solutions with validated project references can be submitted. Validation can help you consider the most appropriate solutions and make better decisions about pre-qualification for tenders. Take the leap and make validation (by Citymart. com or a third party provider) a requirement for all RFIs and tenders. Require Validation
  5. 5. Citymart.com is a global marketplace built on trust, accountability and cooperation. We connect cities with social and urban innovators to deliver high-impact solutions that improve citizens’ lives. >> About Citymart.com Connecting cities and innovative solutions. MARKETPLACE FOR CITIES What we do We are an impact organization based in Copenhagen and Barcelona working to connect decision-makers in cities around the world with high impact solutions to urban and social challenges. The world’s 557,000 local governments often have incomplete knowledge about available solutions, resulting in a market where solutions are often re-invented at huge cost. To date, we have matched 75 major challenges in cities with 1,000+ innovative solutions, in areas such as health, transport, tourism, sustainability, citizen participation, and public services. Validation2013 How we do it Our services enable cities to identify, evaluate, and adopt game-changing solutions. Discover Solutions • Cities solve their urban & social challenges by publishing Calls for Solutions. • Providers showcase their solutions on Citymart.com. • Cities and providers network at our Matchmaking Summits. Who we work with Our programs have been recognized by leading global organizations such as the Clinton Global Initiative, the UN Global Compact Cities Programme and Ashoka Innovators for the Public. Pioneering Cities We have worked with 82 cities of all sizes such as San Francisco, London, Barcelona, Paris, Christchurch, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Stockholm, Cape Town, Fukuoka, Taipei and Oulu. Leading Providers More than 1,200 companies and research centers have joined our initiatives, including Oracle, Cisco, Daimler, MIT, the Steno Center for Health Promotion and hundreds of ground-breaking smaller businesses and start-ups. Build Trust • Project Validation strengthens the accuracy and credibility of project references. • Online evaluation tools for cities to select the solutions that best match their needs. • Providers share third-party evaluation results on Citymart.com.
  6. 6. >> Interested? MARKETPLACE FOR CITIES Lucy Ratcliffe Citymart.com C/ Mallorca 211 2,1 08008 Barcelona lr@citymart.com +34 931 855 110 www.citymart.com If you are interested in learning more about validation or our other services at Citymart.com, please do not hesitate to contact us. Validation2013