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Cyclesafe Cyclesafe Presentation Transcript

  • Ray LaHood, US Secretary of Transportation“This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of non-motorized.”“If you want federal DOT dollars, you better think more seriously about adding bike paths to the projects you propose.” Fast Company 3/16/10
  • • Bicycle Parking provides additional parking options at a lower cost per sq. ft. than vehicle parking• Provides convenience to the user when placed near the entrance of a work site, business or public facility• Promotes a more orderly streetscape and pedestrian right of way• Well designed bike parking products and placement encourages cycling as a mode of transportation• Cycling encourages clean air initiatives and active, healthy lifestyles
  • icycling as a form of enhancing communities with activemodes of transportation has been identified as the toppriority worldwide for conserving natural resourcesycleSafe’s goal is to provide innovative bicycle parkingproducts to meet the many needs of communities andcyclists to promote usewarded the first patent for bicycle storage, CycleSafeproducts offer the longest product life in the industryycleSafe products are engineered and manufactured with
  • Functionality Easy/Safe bike parking for commercial areas, work sites, public facilities, schools, parks and links to transit that will protect and secure the bikeConvenience Within 50 ft. to destination, bike route or building entry, adequate access aisles and pedestrian walkways, 24 hour accessSecurity Well lit area, high security systems on lockers, durable, tamper proof products, ability to secure both wheel and frame on racksAdministration Durable, dependable, low maintenance products, well defined program to lower administrative cost
  • CLASS 3 – RACKS• Short term parking• Easy access• High volume parking• Secures both wheel and frame to the rack• Supports bike upright• 2-bike capacity• Mid-level security
  • 3 Styles of CycleSafeInverted U/2 racks• Inground• Surface Mount• Rail Mount
  • Rack styles opposed bycities and cyclists Bike locked to trees or lamposts •Damages trees or street furnishingsWheel bender rack•No bike stability or security
  • Rack styles opposed bycities and cyclists This type of design provides form without function. Bike handles collide reducing capacity, does not support bike upright or bike wheel and frame.
  • CycleSafe racks are safe,functional and appealing.
  • Bike Shelters providesome weatherprotection for mediumto short term parking,must have welldesigned, secure racks• On demand access• Lower administrative costs• Promotional panels available
  • ike Shelters require bike racks toprovide order and security.CycleSafe Bike Shelters offeroptions for bike parking capacityor protection/2 Racks• Vertical Racks• Hi-Density Racks
  • ycleSafe Hi-Density Rack• Idealoubles for bike shelters,capacity bike parking bike rooms or cages, parking garages• Can be staggered at 45 angle to increase pedestrian pathways• Ease of use, no moving parts to jam or malfunction
  • CycleSafe WallRack• Simple to use and install• Space saving vertical rack design• Protects bike frame• WallRack Stand available for higher capacity
  • CycleSafe Lockers• Highest level of security• Maximum level of protection• Long term parking use: work sites/campus/transit• Revenue rental programs• Promotional panels for wayfinding or to advertise
  • • Meets demands of harsh outdoor environments• SMC composite withstands exposure to salt, UV, moisture• Corrosion, rust proof, mold/dirt resistant• Non heat conductive material, avoids bike damage
  • • Vandal/Graffiti resistant coating – paint and markings wipe off• Scratch resistant – integral color imbedded with hot compression molding process will not show cuts or scratches• High security locking mechanism- full length pry resistant door locking bar
  • • Double Tier Option – maximize carbon footprint with units stacked for double capacity per sq ft.• View Thru Options - allow viewing for inspecting contents: specify door view, panel view or both
  • Bike Lockers installed in 1980, Ann Arbor, MI - still in use today
  • Bike parking requirements in CanadaGaining in popularity in the US
  • Department of TransportationFederal Transit AdministrationDocket # FTA-2009-0052November 13, 2009This document describes the bicycle improvements for FTA funding on catchment area. “…all bicycle improvements located within 3 miles of a public transportation stop or station shall have a de facto physical and functional relationship to public transportation.”Previous catchment area was 1500’ or .28 of a mile
  • BIKE TO WORK TAX CREDITBicycle Commuter Act of 2008 Employers who provide bike parking, bathing facilities, tune ups or other support for bike commuting can deduct up to $20 a month per participating employee from their taxable income. Employers may reimburse employees, tax free, for reasonable expenses related to their bike commute, including equipment purchases, repairs or storage if it is a substantial part of the commuter’s trip per month. This may not be combined with other commuter tax benefits.