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Google Adwords Advanced Training Google Adwords Advanced Training Presentation Transcript

  • Google Adwords Advanced Workshop 1
  • Google Adwords Advanced Workshop  Google Adwords Advanced Workshop - is a one day practical, hands- hands-on course aimed at online marketers, web executives, webmasters, agency account managers and campaign managers who need to manage and optimise Google Adwords paid search campaigns .  Pre- Pre-requisites  Administration access to an active Google Adwords account is required for the duration of the course. You should have completed the Google Essentials Workshop or have equivalent knowledge before attending the Advanced Workshop.  Objectives  Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to manage and optimise sophisticated Google Adwords campaigns for themselves or on behalf of clients. 2
  • Today’s timings  Start – 09:30  Morning break – 11:00 -11:15  Lunch – 12:30 – 13:30  Afternoon break – 15:15-15:30 15:15-  Wrap-up – 16:30 Wrap-  Drinks  Toilets  Lunch  Fire exits 3
  • Course Overview  Session 1  Where are Google ads displayed  My Client Centre  Enabling and disabling access  Manager Defined Spend & Budgets  Content Network Advertising  Controlling where on the content network  Ad formats available  Create a content network campaign  Identifying placement sites  Session 2  Creating Image & Video Ads  Writing Compelling Ad Copy  Advanced techniques  Using dynamic keyword insertion  Keyword Based Landing Pages 4
  • Course Overview  Session 3  Detailed keyword research techniques  A/B testing ad copy  Planning your tests  What to test  Local Business Ads  Mobile Ads  Google Adwords Quality Score  Google Conversion Tracker  Integrating Adwords with Google Analytics  Understanding auto-tagging auto-  Session 4  Adwords Editor 5
  • Introductions  Sharron Lonsdale & ivantage overview  You  Your role  Your company  Your objectives for attending  Any particular question/issue you hope to resolve 6
  • About ivantage  Founded in 2002 by Matt Trimmer  Independent  Not compromised by being part of an all-purpose agency all-  The only UK agency to have 3 Google certifications  Adwords  Analytics (Google Analytics)  Urchin (Urchin Software from Google)  London based  Ranked 33rd UK Agency according to New Media Age criteria 7
  • Client projects – multi-channel retail multi- 8
  • Client projects - business to business 9
  • What we do  We specialise in growing online businesses by  Generating website traffic  Using Paid Search (PPC), Natural Search (SEO), Display Advertising and E-mail E- marketing  Analysing website traffic  Using Web Analytics to accurately analyse how visitors find and interact with websites  Converting website traffic  Using Conversion Rate Optimisation to convert visitors into customers or clients 10
  • Introductions – Your Turn  Sharron Lonsdale & ivantage overview  You  Your role  Your company  Your objectives for attending  Any particular question/issue you hope to resolve 11
  • Organic, Google Search Results natural, crawled, Editorial Influenced by SEO Paid, PfP, PPC, CPC, Advertising PPC Management 12
  • Google Adwords – A brief history  Google Adwords was launched in 2000  Adwords offers pay per click (PPC) advertising for text, image video and gadget adverts on the web  Other auction models allowed advertisers to buy their way to the top of the listings  Google introduced the click through rate (CTR) to measure adverts relevance.  Relevant ads generate clicks  Clicks generate revenue for Google  Adwords generated $21.8 billion revenue for Google in 2008  Now, the dominate paid search platform 13
  • What is Google Adwords?  Google Adwords is a Pay-Per-Click advertising service Pay-Per-  Advertisers specify  the words that should trigger their ads (keywords)  the maximum they are willing to pay per click  Google search engines then display the ads as sponsored links  The sequence or ranking depends on  other advertisers bids  the “quality score” of the keywords and adverts 14
  • Where are Google Ads Displayed?  Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)  Search Network Partners Ask, Aol  Content Network Ads appear within the content of other websites Ads are placed based on the content of the site or page, using keywords and placement targeting  Google Maps  Mobile Network 15
  • Google Search Results 16
  • Google Content Network Text Ads 17
  • Joint Exercise Example of Content network partner   Search for flowers  Select a search result listing 18
  • Image and Video Ad Formats  Choice of 8 sizes  Online image ad builder tool with 100+ templates 19
  • Google Content Network Image Ads 20
  • Google Maps Ads 21
  • How to Access Google Adwords  Google Adwords Login   Login to you Google Account and then select Adwords Everyone login to their Adwords account 22
  • My Client Centre  Handles multiple AdWords accounts  Designed for client managers and agencies  Need to join the Google Advertising professionals programme 23
  • My Client Centre 24
  • Manger Defined Spend  Allows budget control for the accounts you manage  MCC account needs to be approved for MDS  A monthly credit limit is agreed with Google  A service agreement needs to be signed per currency used  A Manager Defined Order (MDO) is created for each currency  Monthly invoices are received from Google with 30 day payment terms  You are responsible for reclaiming costs from your clients. 25
  • My Client Centre - Budgets 26
  • Manger Defined Spend Budgets  Budgets are setup per managed account  Budgets can be any date ranges (e.g. weekend, weekly, monthly, quarterly)  Click costs will not exceed your budget  Budgets can be setup in advance  Accounts using a range of currencies can be managed in the same way  27
  • Content Network Advertising  Content advertising can be a cheaper way to appear on 1st page  Bids can be CPC or CPM  CTRs are much lower on the content network  Content CTRs do not affect campaign quality scores  Recommend separate search and content campaigns for controlling budgets and analysis 28
  • Controlling Where on the Content Network  Content Network Campaign Settings  Edit campaign setting > networks & bidding  Select the content network (defaults to on)  Relevant pages across entire network  With no keywords Google decides based on ad content  Keyword matches determine if ad is displayed  Relevant pages on placements I target  Only on selected sites  With keywords only on pages on selected sites that match keywords  Site exclusion tool to remove specific sites 29
  • Ad Formats  Text Ads  Image Ads  Video Ads  CPC when user visits site, not when they play the video   30
  • Creating a Content Campaign Joint Exercise  Create a placement targeted campaign  Setup a text advert  Add placements  Placement tool  By category  By topics/phrase  By url  Make a note of ad formats allowed!  Placement report shows where campaign is running in content network 31
  • Exercise  Use the placement tool to find potential content network sites for your campaigns  Check some of these sites to see where the ads are displayed 32
  • Break time  15 Mins 33
  • Creating Image & Video Ads  Create your ad in standard size & format  Gif, jpg, png  Upload the image file  Upload the video file  Name the image  Display url  Destination url  Demonstration 34
  • Display Ad Builder  Allows you to create ads using a range of templates  Financial  Travel  Seasonal  The range is continually increasing  Some templates showcase a selection of products  Allows you to easily create ads in all standard sizes  Demonstration 35
  • Display Ad Builder  Create a display ad for your campaign  Find a suitable template  Download a logo or product image from your website  Save in all available sizes 36
  • Be Your Own Best Copywriter  Include a strong call to action  Include special offers or prices  Include location or where you ship to/ service  Be realistic – set expectations  Compare and contrast – would you click on your ad?
  • Writing Compelling Ad Copy - Advanced  Advanced Techniques  Split adgroups further (initial structure not usually the best)  Split out individual high traffic keywords  Include main keyword in the display url  Make good use of emphasis (Sales ends soon!)  Highlight that you are the brand owner  Official Site ® ™  Make use of dynamic keyword insertion  Test what works for you! 38
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion  Allows Adwords to insert the keyword that triggered your ad into the ad text  Makes the ad appear more relevant  Search terms are displayed in bold  Often improves the CTR of your ad, which can reduce your CPC  If the triggered keyword cannot be inserted, the default text is displayed  More than allowed number of characters  Misspelled keywords  Trademarked term  Can be used in any part of the ad text  Check how each keyword would look!! 39
  • Examples of Keyword Insertion Keyword: Cashmere pullover Keyword: Cashmere v neck sweater 40
  • Using the Keyword Insertion Tag  {KeyWord:Default Text} 41
  • Exercise  Create a new ad in one of your adgroup using dynamic keyword insertion  Search on a keyword that triggers the ad and check results 42
  • Keyword Based Landing Pages  Destination url on the advert is the default landing page  All keywords use the same landing page  Keywords can specify their own landing page which takes priority over the advert landing page  If using a bid tool and need to pass information about the keyword matched    If there is a specific variation based on the keyword  Red coat, green coat, could have different landing pages  Can be used for testing a new landing page  Allows you to test the page for specific keywords rather than the whole adgroup 43
  • Joint Exercise  Go to keywords tab  Select several keywords & edit in table  Enter a destination page url & apply to all keywords 44
  • Lunch 45
  • Detailed Keyword Research  Keyword research is a continuous process and your keyword list should evolve  Enter your keywords back into keyword tools and see what new keywords are found  Temporarily set high traffic or high converting keywords to phrase/broad match  Run a search query report to find actual search terms used  Expand keyword list using the longer search phrases used less often - ‘long-tail’ ‘long-  Shopping related terms  buy, online, uk, purchase, uk,  cheap, low cost, bargain  premium, high quality, expensive  Consider questions  how to, where can I  Use Google predictive text  Use product specifics  Model numbers  Colours  sizes 46
  • Detailed Keyword Research  Ensure your keywords are topical  Google Trends  Find the keywords customers are using to find you  Search engines by keyword in Google Analytics  You may rank well for a keyword in Yahoo but not Google  Find the keywords users are using in your site search  Site search reports in Google Analytics  Target local markets  Consider seasonal variations 47
  • Ad Copy A/B Testing  What is your objective?  Increased brand awareness  Improved click through rates CTRs -> lower average costs per click (CPC)  Increased ROI  More conversions on the site  Download of documents  Newsletter subscriptions  How are you going to measure results?  Adwords statistics  Web analytics  Don’t jump to conclusions – better qualified ads may have a lower CTR but improved ROI  Adwords allows several adverts to run in parallel  Create multiple adverts  Ads are displayed in rotation 48
  • What Ad Variables to Test  Calls to Action  Offers  Syntax  Differentiate your ad from the others  Flair vs Plain  Try relating to the problem rather than product  Brand Impact  Display url  Landing page  Don’t jump to conclusions! 49
  • Joint Exercise  Turn off ad optimisation  Ad serving -> Rotate (Edit campaign settings)  Create a second advert for one of your adgroups  Check the results tomorrow 50
  • Which Ads Appear at the Top of the Listings?  Google Adwords uses a quality score  Influences your adverts position  Ensures the most relevant ads are displayed Ad Ranking = Cost Per Click x Quality Score 51
  • What Influences Quality Score?  What influences the quality score?  Click through rate of keyword and advert  Relevance of keyword to search term  Landing page relevance  Landing page load times  Other relevance factors 52
  • Local Business Ads  Requires a Google Maps Listing   Create business ad  Enter business name & location  Business matches are automatically found  Enter description line 1 & 2  Destination url  Upload a business image Example  Search pizza delivery london  Business ad with extra location line  Google maps listing at top of page  Business ads appear at bottom of maps page  Click charge only when user visits your site 53
  • Mobile Ads  Text ads 2 lines of 18 characters  Image ads  Ads can link directly to a phone number  Ads links to a mobile web page  Existing mobile web page  Google can create and host a page for you  Can target specific operators 54
  • Other Ad Variations  Google Checkout image  Product Plus (beta)  + to display a range of products  Products are from Google product feed (Merchant Centre)  Click cost incurred when someone clicks through to the site 55
  • Free Conversion Tracking Measure return from your campaign and keywords Make informed bidding and editing decisions Buy Luxury Cashmere Socks 100% grade ‘A’ Cashmere Socks From £26 per pair at The Cashmere Outlet. Clicks CPC Cost/Conv Cost/Conv Per Keyword 5 6
  • How does Conversion Tracking work? Initiated by the ad click, The user sees a relevant ad and Google adds a cookie to clicks on it. Google counts the the user’s browser, and click, and the user lands on in this way, remembers this ad click for next 30 Buy Luxury Cashmere Socks A user searches on 100% grade ‘A’ Cashmere Socks From days. for £26 per pair at The Cashmere Outlet. ‘cashmere socks’ The user browses, purchases a pair of Google records 1 Google finds socks & lands on conversion, cookie ID of the ‘thank- ‘thank-you’ page after reflected on the user’s most completing purchase. date of the user’s recent ad click. most recent ad click. Shopping for Yarn Check- Check-out Page Thank You Page 5 7
  • Free Google Analytics Measure how all visitors use your site Find out what factors drive customer choices 5 8
  • Integrating Adwords with Google Analytics  Tracking users after the click  Essential for successful paid search campaigns  ROI, downloads, request forms, any action  One to one relationship between Adwords & Analytics  Analytics Tab  Create new GA account  Or link to existing account  Turn on auto-tagging auto-  My Account > Acount Preferences  Automatically tags your adwords links  Provides detailed campaign tracking  Turn on import cost data  Google account settings 59
  • Break time  15 Mins 60
  • Adwords Editor  Download and Install the Adwords Editor  Search for Adwords Editor  Select first search result  Follow instructions 61
  • Adwords Editor  Free downloadable application for managing your accounts  Edit offline & upload  Make large-scale changes easily large-  Make changes in draft  Advanced searches & edits  View & sort performance statistics  Export & import account details   62
  • Account Management and Navigation  Linking accounts into Adwords editor  File > Open > Add account  Exporting accounts  csv  Html (ideal for reviewing)  Sharing & archiving  Navigation 63
  • Exercise  Download your Adwords account into Adwords Editor 64
  • Google Adwords Editor Interface  Navigation is controlled using 3 windows  Left hand campaign structure  Main window with tabs (Data View)  Keywords  Placements  Negatives  Ads  Adgroups  Campaigns  Lower Window for selected detail (Edit Panel)  Dependent on tab selected in main window 65
  • Adding, Editing & Deleting  Edit in data view or edit panel  Add/update multiple tools  Copy and paste  Select & replace 66
  • Exercise  Copy an existing adgroup  Use the replace function to update all the keywords for the new adgroup topic  Update the advert text 67
  • Advanced Changes  Advanced bid changes  Advanced url changes  Advanced search  Find duplicates  Keyword grouper  Check & post changes 68
  • Exercise  Increase all adgroup bids by 5%  Update a selected list of keywords to create additional keywords with ‘buy’ appended on the front  Check if you have any duplicate keywords 69
  • View Statistics  Get recent changes  Download statistics  Show/hide columns  Sort by any metric  Search on statistics 70
  • Exercise  Download statistics for your campaigns  Increase all bids for keywords that are position 5 or below by 10%  Find all adgroups with a CTR of less than 3%  Consider splitting this group or writing new ads 71
  • Wrap Up  Where are Google ads displayed  My Client Centre  Enabling and disabling access  Manager Defined Spend & Budgets  Content Network Advertising  Controlling where on the content network  Ad formats available  Create a content network campaign  Identifying placement sites  Creating Image & Video Ads  Writing Compelling Ad Copy  Advanced techniques  Using dynamic keyword insertion  Keyword Based Landing Pages 72
  • Wrap Up  Detailed keyword research techniques  A/B testing ad copy  Planning your tests  What to test  Local Business Ads  Mobile Ads  Google Adwords Quality Score  Google Conversion Tracker  Integrating Adwords with Google Analytics  Understanding auto-tagging auto-  Adwords Editor 73
  • Help  Adwords Help Centre   Adwords Learning Centre   Group and Blogs   Books  Winning Results with Google Adwords by Andrew Goodman  Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords by Perry Marshall  ivantage 74
  • Feedback  75
  • End of Presentation 76