Mouchel Wellbeing The Story


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Wellbeing - what we do, case studies and services

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Mouchel Wellbeing The Story

  1. 1. Mouchel Wellbeing – the story Market overview 2. for leaders, managers, organisations, Wellbeing is a top priority, and our core purpose communities, regions and agencies. at Mouchel in improving people’s lives for The Wellbeing umbrella incorporates all the key families, communities, central and local development areas shown below: government, health and the third sector. The World Health Organisation defines health as a “state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. We have developed an integrated inclusive model of wellbeing to show the scope and scale of this • Physical Activity • Regeneration • Healthy Eating • Housing market: • Obesity • Employment • Emotional Health & • Environment Mouchel Wellbeing Wellbeing (EHWB) • Cultural participation Model • Healthy Schools • Inclusion • Mental Health • Life satisfaction • Crime Shape of the market Current needs include advice, support, capacity, implementation, review and strategic partnership across all the development areas shown above We currently offer services to: Local Authorities Government Depts & Health Strategic Healthy P’ships Schools The opportunity Regeneration Mouchel Change4Life Wellbeing We are working towards being the premier support services group to promote the wellbeing agenda by working at all levels from Children’s PCTs Services Chief Executives and their teams through to direct work in schools and communities. Our aim is to offer tailored services that add value There are two clear strands to our work on Health to the activity of our clients, impact on outcomes and Wellbeing: for improved wellbeing, and secure savings for 1. for individuals, families and groups and; councils and health trusts by reducing pressure on services for acute and chronic health problems. 1
  2. 2. Capability through the required change to promote The Mouchel Wellbeing Team and our associates wellbeing. In most cases this will involve have specialisms, successful experience, and a behavioural and cultural changes, for proven track record in a range of key areas individuals and groups e.g. healthy eating, including: physical activity – often involving social marketing and managerial change. • Change • Physical Activity management – from • Healthy Eating 4. Planning and Development - having vision to delivery and • Education integrated your existing plans and developed a sustainability • Programme and wellbeing strategy, we work with you in • Transformation Project Management • Innovation • Benchmarking and partnership to implement the plans. There are • Benefits realisation Evaluation three levels of service available: a) advice and • Emotional Health • Managed services consultancy; b) adding capacity by supplying and Wellbeing wellbeing subject matter experts or; c) doing it for you through a strategic partnership or managed service. What we offer If you are a Chief Executive, Director, or Head of a 5. Secure value for money, evaluate and Wellbeing Strategy or Project, this is how we can review – the pressure on councils and PCTs support you overall: to deliver more for less and to be outcomes focused is at the heart of our evaluative process. We can help you to secure 1. Where are you now, where improvements for your communities - healthier 5. Secure value for money, benefits realisation and do you want to get to. living, longer lives. The cycle is closed by evaluate, review, feed- forward informing the new plan with evidence-based Individual & conclusions, identifying which parts of the Community Wellbeing strategy are delivering the best return on your investments, and where to allocate resources 4. Operational plans, for the next stage of development. 2. Develop Integrated support or do the Wellbeing Strategy, implementation Options appraisal, Priorities and Engagement Plan Case Studies 3. Change Management: People & Process, Products and Case Study One: National Healthy Schools Services, Back/Middle/Front Office Programme Our ground-breaking involvement with the National Healthy Schools Programme – the only More specifically we work with clients on national programme to be jointly funded by two some or all of the following: central government departments – led to four million children and young people attending 1. Diagnostic and audit – establish the current schools that have achieved the National Healthy School Status. approach to promoting wellbeing for the whole community. This encompasses health, How we add value to the Healthy Schools Programme economic, environmental and social wellbeing. Establish how far developed each of these is and how to integrate the process to develop synergy between plans. 2. Develop an Integrated Wellbeing Strategy with local authority, health, third sector and the ‘fourth sector’ – the small self-help locality based schemes. We can help by highlighting priority developments and costed proposals for an engagement plan that includes community involvement. 3. Change Management – we have a robust model that is tried and tested in a number of strategic partnerships, with a toolkit to drive 2
  3. 3. At the heart of the close relationship between Mouchel and and creation of ‘best fit’ local healthcare provider the DH (and the DCSF) was the emphasis on a partnership services. approach. As such, right from the start, a clear stance was Client Benefits taken to give Mouchel a shared ownership of the scheme’s key stakeholders - its school, young people, children and family customers. This extent of the close working • WCT has a robust and sustainable structure emphasised was illustrated by the award of a nine-month and a clear strategy for achieving complete extension to take the programme through into 2009. independence. What is undeniable is that NHSP is hugely popular • Implementation can now be progressed with nationally. The 98% uptake, ahead of schedule, is a confidence, knowing that the needs of internal remarkable achievement given that the scheme is non- and external stakeholders are accounted for. compulsory for schools.” • The move to independence is widely Richard Sangster, Head of Healthy Schools Delivery Unit, supported from multiple quarters and is viewed Department of Health as positive step forward. “We originally expected simply to address our legal entity Case Study Two: Hertfordshire Social Care issue. We’ve seen the importance of fitting our operating Hertfordshire County Council’s children’s services model with our business plans and growth plans. Once Mouchel changed our mindset, we saw our opportunity underwent a government joint area review (JAR). to create and run an entirely new and focused Following the review, the local authority children’s organisation”. service was judged to be adequate overall, but its Terry Mingay arrangements for safeguarding (although Managing Director, improving from a low base) were judged to be Provider Services inadequate. A step change in improvement was Walsall Community Health required. By the end of the contract Mouchel had successfully: Can we help? Wherever you are on the journey to promote wellbeing, we believe we can add value to what you’re doing. We • Installed an interim manager for social care can offer an ‘end to end’ solution or a simple piece of fieldwork services high quality project work – tailored to your needs. • Installed performance management in the children’s services department To give some specific ideas of how we can support you • Enhanced the relationship of partnerships and in securing improved outcomes, here are the range of boosted confidence in the service delivery products and services in our Wellbeing offer: (such as with the local safeguarding children’s board and children’s trust) Agreed a follow up review process to support continuous improvement “Mouchel’s innovative approach to the role of interim head of services and its recognition of the partnership improvement needed, certainly helped it to stand out from the other bids. They were not afraid to offer objective analysis and provided highly respected management input.” John Harris Director of Children’s Services Hertfordshire County Council Case Study Three: Walsall Primary Care Trust Walsall PCT asked Mouchel to assist with setting We would be pleased to explore how we could up of a new legal entity, however it quickly support you, so do please get in touch. Our Values: became clear that in fact this represented only part Passion for success | Spirit of adventure | Integrity at heart | of a much wider (and more challenging) opportunity to redefine and shape future service For more information on Mouchel Wellbeing, please contact our Director of Wellbeing, Peter Sharp on 07966 - 310691, or provision. The newly established service provider at – Walsall Community Health (WCH) – worked with Mouchel to create a blueprint for the assessment 3