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Presentation for Early Childhood and Junior Teachers, Kohia Conference 'Bring back the Magic'

Presentation for Early Childhood and Junior Teachers, Kohia Conference 'Bring back the Magic'

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  • 1. Most of your junior students will have had access to a digital device sometime in theirshort life. They couldprobably show you a few things!
  • 2. Snapshot of a child
  • 3. http://educationandipads.wikispaces.com/Set+up
  • 4. http://ipodsiphonesineducation.wikispaces.com/Tips
  • 5. Photograph Learning Video AnimationCamera App Record others learning
  • 6. Talking Apps Record Share to Photos, Mail or YouTube Read your story Tell a story Sing a song Say your ABC Counthttp://ipodsiphonesineducation.wikispaces.com/Early+Childhood
  • 7. Writing, Words and Letters Apps Letter recognition Write letters Sing the ABC Record writing lettershttp://ipodsiphonesineducation.wikispaces.com/Early+Childhood
  • 8. Maths Apps 1-1 Counting Ordering Numbers Recognising numbers Skip Countinghttp://ipodsiphonesineducation.wikispaces.com/Early+Childhood
  • 9. Story Telling Apps Use your own photos Write and tell a story Record your voice Make an e-Book Share onlinehttp://ipodsiphonesineducation.wikispaces.com/Early+Childhood
  • 10. Drawing Apps Draw and Paint Illustrate your own books Share onlinehttp://ipodsiphonesineducation.wikispaces.com/Early+Childhood
  • 11. Junior Book Apps Interactive Record your own voice Colour or draw pictures Play Games Listen Read alonghttp://ipodsiphonesineducation.wikispaces.com/Early+Childhood
  • 12. Music Apps Interactive Creative Sing along Record Share onlinehttp://ipodsiphonesineducation.wikispaces.com/Early+Childhood
  • 13. Comic and Photo Apps Use your own photos Use your own drawings Annotate with speech bubbles Tell a story Share onlinehttp://ipodsiphonesineducation.wikispaces.com/Early+Childhood
  • 14. Other Apps Build Social Skills Use Creativity Record learninghttp://ipodsiphonesineducation.wikispaces.com/Early+Childhood
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