How to be a better researcher
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How to be a better researcher






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How to be a better researcher Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Google
  • 2.
  • 3. Chinas long history hasseen some extremelyimportant inventionsemerge, most noticeablygunpowder, paper making,printing and the compass.Chinas four great ancientinventions madetremendous contributionsto the worlds economy andthe culture of mankind.They were also importantsymbols of Chinas role as agreat world civilization.keyword also key word ( ) n.A word that serves as a keyto a code or cipher. Asignificant or descriptiveword. ( )Is a word that is associatedwith a site or contents of asite. Keywords are used tocategorize and search forspecific web sites.
  • 4. Keywords and Hits• Dinosaur• Dinosaur carnivore• Dinosaur carnivore Triassic• Tyrannosaurus• Tyrannosaurus Rex• Tyrannosaurus Rex prey• 20,300,000• 372,000• 101,000• 13,400,000• 958,000• 78,100
  • 5. Keywords and Hits• inventions• Chinese inventions• Ancient chineseinventions• Ancient chineseinvention paperDo a search on a topic you are doing at the moment with onekeyword, record the hits, now try it with another keyword, recordand then one more time. Look at the quality of the hits!
  • 6. Internet addresses and what they meanURL: Universal Resource LocationThe internet addressTop level Domain nameSecond level domain name - brandor company name
  • 7. schoolAustraliaAmericaBusinessNew ZealandNetwork orinternetEnglandmilitaryGovernmentJapanEducationOrganisationTop level domain
  • 8. vodafoneasbdsebbcwikipediaclevedonnationalgeographicprehistorywikispacesSecond level domain namesCan you think of some more?
  • 9. What information do you think you might find atthese websites?••••
  • 10. • Do you believe whatyou see and what youhear?• House Hippo• Dove EvolutionIdeas adapted from
  • 11. All about Explorers• Go to• And click on thename of an Explorer• Complete the tasks• What did you find out• Put a comment onyour wiki pageIdeas adapted from
  • 12. More sites to ‘critically evaluate’• a zoo with a difference• is thisdangerous?• hunt thehaggis•• Help savethe tree octopus
  • 13. Choose one of thesites on theprevious page andfill in the Fact orOpinion GraphicOrganiser
  • 14. Use Ctrl – F(- F for Mac)Type in one ofthe keywords,press Enter onKeyboardFirst instance ofthe word will behighlighted