Getting To Know The Keyboard Keys


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Getting To Know The Keyboard Keys

  1. 1. Where is the comma Comma is on the < key symbol? Where is the Full Stop Full stop is on the > key symbol? How do you get a : ? Type a : by holding the Shift key and : key Explain what the Shift The Shift key is used to key is used for? type capital letters Where is the Exclamation The Exclamation Mark Mark symbol? symbol ! is on the 1 key Where is the Question ? is on the Backslash / Mark symbol? key What does the Num Lock Num Lock activates the do? Number keypad Where is the percentage % is on the 5 key symbol? Where is the Backslash The Backslash symbol is symbol? on the ? key Which key is the semi-colon This is a semi-colon ; and and how do you get it? you press the key on the right of the L
  2. 2. Name 4 shortcuts using the Ctrl A Select all Ctrl B Bold text Ctrl key and what they are Ctrl C Copy used for? Ctrl V Paste Where is the Hash key? # is on the 3 key Why is this called a Qwerty is the top six letters on the keyboard, supposedly Qwerty keyboard? designed to make typing faster. How do you get the Type the Round brackets by holding down the Shift key and Round brackets? pressing 8 or 9 How many sets of There are 3 sets of Bracket keys are there? Bracket keys What does this key mean Print Scrn takes a screen Print Scrn? capture of the screen Explain the difference Backspace deletes text to between the Backspace key the left, the Delete key and the Delete key. deletes text to the right What is the meaning for @ means at this symbol @ What does the Windows The Windows key opens key do? up the Start menu Where is this symbol @ @ is more commonly more commonly used? used in email addresses The Tab key The Home This symbol * There are10 moves text keys are asdf numbers onMultiply means the several points jkl; numerical and current on the page keyboard value
  3. 3. This symbol - has 2 This symbol – can be used meanings? What are they? as a minus or as a hyphen Explain what the arrow The arrow keys can move keys are used for graphics around or move through text Where is the Tilde? The Tilde ~ is under the Esc key Where are the two places You can find + - * / on the number you can find + - * / keypad or on the 2 keys next to Backspace key, / is on the ? key Where is the Dollar sign? $ is on the 4 key Where is the = sign? The = sign is on the + key What would you use the The End key takes you to the End key for? end of a sentence or paragraph Where is this symbol This symbol ~ is used in most commonly used? ~ Internet addresses Explain what the Caps Caps Lock locks all the Lock key does. letters to type capitals What does this symbol This symbol & means mean? & and
  4. 4. What keys do you use to Press the Shift key and 5 get the symbol % ? to get % How many Function keys There are 12 Function are there? keys Explain what the Page up Page up and Page down and Page down keys could move the pages up and do. down Where are the speech The speech marks are marks? next to the Enter key Where is the Quotation The Quotation mark key mark key? is to the left of Enter Where is the acute key? The acute key ` is below the Esc key How many numbers on There are 10 numbers on the numerical keyboard? the number keypad What are the Home The home keys asdf jkl; Keys?