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Comets teachers

  1. 1. Software: Inspiration ICT skills: adding information to Inspiration, creating more symbols Information skills: skimming and scanning text, predicting, finding evidence, adjusting Using Information for Prediction Students will look at how visual cues such as titles and pictures help us to predict what information is going to tell us. This first activity is done before the students read the book. It can be done as a whole group activity with teacher around the computer or in pairs. The first activity is ‘Look carefully at the cover, contents page and index of this book. What predictions can you make about this book and what evidence supports it. Add more symbols if necessary.’ Students open file PEA • Students read Question One • Students will skim read the Cover, contents page and index of ‘Comets’ • They will type in any predictions in the Prediction box and support those with evidence • Then they will need to skim through each chapter making predictions and supporting the predictions with evidence, they can add more symbols if necessary • Students will need to read the whole book in depth • They can revisit this activity at the very end of the session and make any adjustments to what they predicted in PEA • Students then complete an evaluation of what they did by colouring in a text box on a continuum in their Interactive Worksheet (click on the border of the text box twice and then on the Fill Colour button , choose a colour and it will appear in the box) 1 2 3 Look care fully at the cover, Sk im through each chapter Pr edicting, Evide nce , After reading the book m ak e any conte nts page and index of this m aking predictions and Adjus tme nt (PEA) adjustme nts to your pre dictions. book. What predictions can you supporting the predictions make about this book and w hat with e vide nce . Add m or e evidence supports it. symbols if ne ces sar y. Pr edictions Evidence Adjus tme nt
  2. 2. Software: PowerPoint ICT skills: using thinkers keys, saving a template under their own name, hyperlinking the Thinker key to their work Information Skills: thinking about text Thinking about Text To develop a better understanding of text students need to ‘Think about the text’. Thinker’s keys developed by Tony Ryan gives students a variety of tools that they can use to think about text Students will open the PowerPoint file ‘Comets”. Each one of the Thinker’s Keys hyperlink to another file and or application. • Students read the question • They click on the key which hyperlink to different activities and applications • Each hyperlinked file is a template including the Comet’s PowerPoint so each child or group of children will need to save their work under their own names • Once all the activities are completed they can change the hyperlinks to their own saved work To hyperlink o Right click on a key in Normal view (not in SlideShow view) o Select Edit hyperlink o o Click on Existing File or Webpage o Navigate in your Hardrive to where your folder is and select the file you want the key to link to
  3. 3. The Reverse The prediction What subjects about space do you think would Predict what scientists will know about not be written about in this book? comets in 100 years PowerPoint: make a list by clicking in the Pr edict w hat Scientists will know about come ts in a 100 year s boxes and pressing Enter for each new idea. How? Which? Where ? What w ill scientis ts k now about com ets in a 100 years When? Why? The Alphabet The What if Make a list of words from A – Z about comets What if we could put a spaceship with a team of scientists on Halley’s Comet? Inspiration: What if diagram. Use the rapid fire button to add thoughts. Evaluate thoughts by using a colour code. The Picture The question How does this diagram link to this book about The answer is ‘Halley’s comet will return again comets in 2061. What are five questions that will give How does this diagram link that answer. to the Com et's book ?
  4. 4. Software: Inspiration, Word ICT skills: inserting text into a symbol, moving ideas, transferring outline to Word, editing text and adding graphics and diagrams Information Skills: recording and organising information, writing in a formal style Formal Writing Students have to create an ‘Informational Report.’ This will be created in both Inspiration and Word • Students open ‘Informational Report’ file • Students read pages 30 – 32 • Students decide on what they know and what they want to research • Teachers could have some websites bookmarked and books available in the classroom • Students will need to skim read and type in the information • They will need to add suitable headings to the information • Finally they will write an introduction • Once they have finished with the diagram they will need to click on the Outline button • In the outline view they can move their main points around until they are in the order they are going to use them • They will then need to click on the Transfer button to transfer their report to Microsoft Word ®. They will need to save the document first • Once they delete the parts of the report they don’t need anymore they can finish editing their document • They will need to add graphics, diagrams, labels, charts and tables to enhance the report 1 2 Type in s ome of the things you Inform ational Re port Type in s ome of the pos sible have lear nt about come ts things you could res ear ch What do I What could know ? I r ese arch? 3 Where will you get the infor mation from? 4 5 Sk im read and type in s ome inform ation Make a he ading for e ach box 5 Write an introduction