Tokyo Train Trip (Green Trip) As of 24Nov10


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Group 1
Chantana Phatthananuchok
Grida Mahakijpaisaln
Meijun Lou
Pijitra Sae-Lim
Sanja Rikanovic

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  • i'd love to see how nissan come up with GT-R V6 engine, it's quite a big tsunami to the supercar's world back then

    hmmm and really interest in nekobori cafe...
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Tokyo Train Trip (Green Trip) As of 24Nov10

  1. 1. Tokyo Train TripTokyo Train Trip (Green Trip)(Green Trip) GI602 Marketing for decision makingGI602 Marketing for decision making By Group 1By Group 1
  2. 2. Design Offering Product Tour package Price Mark up 1k/person Place TU IMBA Promotion Green/eco trip Train trip No car usage Target market
  3. 3. HELPFUL HARMFUL INTERNALEXT S O W T -Train allows accurate transportation schedule -Visiting area outside Tokyo -Surprise mission, enhance creativity -Hotel in Shinjuku -Expensive choice of transportation (Train) -People may be separated when using public transport -No Japanese-Eng Translator -Strengthening Baht value -Japanese companies support social contribution -Many festivals in Tokyo (can learn more on culture) -Rejection of entrance from various companies -Expensive seasonal Plane ticket price -Sickness, accident on students SWOT ANALYSIS FOR OUR PRODUCT
  4. 4. SWOT Strategies • Strategies to exploit our Strengths – Exploits train tickets for more leisure visits – Hotel at middle of the town allows no shopping schedule (Students can go shopping during free time) – Possible visit to cities outside Tokyo during Kyoto trip to see other area of Japan • Strategies to eliminate our Weaknesses – Contact rail company and ask for price reduction on Group buying of tickets – Set up smaller group and group leaders to control group’s movement and check for absentees – Hire a Japanese translator/Tour Guide
  5. 5. SWOT Strategies • Strategies to take advantage of Opportunities – Buy Yen when Baht is strong – Ask for knowledgeable staff to guide our so the students can ask technical questions – Check for festivals and put as optional visit that students can visit on their own free time • Strategies to avoid Threats – Do Group booking of air tickets to reduce price – Contact the companies to get their approval before visiting – Hire a nurse to go with the group for small treatment – Get an insurance on accident
  6. 6. Find by myself 60,000 THB Visiting companies which support my own business or innovative company which make me inspired !! Expectation Field trip Company visit Activity Train  Green energy Transportation Desired price IMBA Student’s Needs Don’t want to get Studying something that I’m not interested Decision making factor Visiting fashion and technology companies & industry,2-3 companies at least GREEN Product & Process company (New trend) Food & Air ticket
  7. 7. Included in package 65,000 THB Valued to the student the most!! Expected knowledge including academic & culture Biz 60% - Pleasure 40% Program strength ,3Is, matched with visiting companies. KPI for measuring student knowledge from the trip Delay of schedule Lack of Safety ex. Insurance, health Knowledge that’s not worth paying Expectation Decision making factor Activity in KPI Something exciting Activity No error Travel in pack Transportation Desired price Instructor’s Needs Don’t want to get Food & Air ticket
  8. 8. 60,000 – 70,000 THB excluding meal and air ticket  Mostly based on Student’s needs Easy coordinate with host or agency in Japan Reputation of university we coordinated with  1-2 days for travel time Don’t want to change the train line too much.  No bus transportation Tough schedule Expectation Decision making factor Don’t want to get No activity needed Activity Train Preference Transportation  Exclude from the package Have free time for find own meal; don’t need to have meal altogether Food & Air ticket Desired price IMBA Staff’s needs
  9. 9. Stake holder needs
  10. 10. NEEDS Conclusion Expectations BIZ Related Knowledge Desired price 65,000 THB Decision Making factor In trend/Technology Green BIZ Unwanted experiences Delay / Tight schedule Transportation Train!! Activities Creative activities Food and air ticket Customization Stake holder needs conclusion
  11. 11. Add New Benefit • Focus more on business • Emphasis mainly for students • Create activities for students to participate Process of Developing the Business Trip
  12. 12. 3Cs Selling Strategies Customers’ needs Current offering Of our Product Competitor’s Product Strategy 1 Strategy 2
  13. 13. 3Cs Selling Strategies Green energy Punctual Travel in pack Travel by train Travel by bus Our advantages Competitor weaknesses
  14. 14. 3Cs Selling Strategies • Our advantagesOur advantages - Travel on schedule (by train) - Green energy mode of travel - Appoint a group leader to control a group of 5 peoples • Competitor weak pointsCompetitor weak points - Heavy traffic problem - Delayed schedule - Create pollution
  15. 15. Let’s Discover Japan !!
  16. 16. Schedule # 6-12 May 2011Schedule # 6-12 May 2011 Day 1 - 6 May 2011 FridayDay 1 - 6 May 2011 Friday 03:00 am - Check in at Airport Rail Link – Makkasan Station (Fast track to Suvarnabhumi Airport) Delta 296 02:10 pm - Arrival at Narita International Airport 04:30 pm - Check in at Washington Shinjuku hotel 06:00 pm - Dinner at the Hotel 07:30 pm - Team building and mission announcement 09:00 pm - Free time Day 2 - 7 May 2011 SaturdayDay 2 - 7 May 2011 Saturday 08:00 am - Breakfast 09:30 am - Sony Play Station (Innovation & Design) 12:00 pm - Lunch at Minato Shinagawa area 02:00 pm - Casio G-Shock (International Business) 04.30 pm – Coffee break Nekorobi (Cat) Cafe 06:00 pm - Dinner at Shibuya area
  17. 17. Day3 - 8 May SundayDay3 - 8 May Sunday 09.30 pm - Tokyo Science Museum 12.00 pm - Lunch at Takebashi area 14:00 pm - Sumo (Social & Cultural) 18.00 pm - Dinner at Ryokoku area Day 4 – 9 May MondayDay 4 – 9 May Monday 08.00 pm – Nintendo Wii (Innovation & Design) 12.00 pm - Lunch at Kyoto 14:00 pm - Temple visit and shopping (Social & Cultural) 18.00 pm - Dinner at Hotel Day 5 – 10 May TuesdayDay 5 – 10 May Tuesday 08.30 pm - Shiseido (International Business) 12.00 pm - Travel to Yokohama 15:00 pm – Nissan Museum/Engine Factory (Innovation) 18.00 pm - Dinner at Yokohama area Schedule # 6-12 May 2011Schedule # 6-12 May 2011
  18. 18. Day6 - 8 May WednesdayDay6 - 8 May Wednesday 09.30 pm – Pentel (International Business/Environmental Impact) 12.00 pm - Lunch at Nihonbashi area 14:00 pm - Surprise Mission at Ginza area 15.00 pm - Mission Start (Make a legend Mission) Day 7 – 9 May ThursdayDay 7 – 9 May Thursday 09.30 pm - Wrap up and announcement for mission winner 11.00 pm - Free time 18.25 pm - Departure from Narita International Airport (Delta 295) Schedule # 6-12 May 2011Schedule # 6-12 May 2011
  19. 19. How toHow to travel intravel in JapanJapan JR RailwayJR Railway ExperienceExperience The world’sThe world’s fastest trainfastest train
  20. 20. The Train Map/Our destinationThe Train Map/Our destination
  21. 21. • Located at the heart of Shinjuku • Easy to access to the train
  22. 22. Sony Computer Entertain Inc. • Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. recognized as the global leader and company responsible for the progression of consumer - based computer entertainment which launch a lot of successful products which are play station 1, play station 2, play station 3, PSP and play station MOVE.
  23. 23. SONY’s VALUESONY’s VALUE  The benchmark of new Play station move toward Nintendo Wii. See how benchmark strategy works against first comer, Wii !!
  24. 24. The mission of Casio's product development is to create something where there was nothing before what Casio calls going from "0" to "1." By creating totally original products, Casio adds fun and convenience to daily life and pioneers new cultural trends. "Demand-creating" products, which create markets of their own, produce economic and technological ripple effects which contribute to the greater good.
  25. 25.
  26. 26. CASIO’s VALUECASIO’s VALUE Success MKT and product design strategy, G-shock. Design after global geographic and demographic usage
  27. 27. The cat host caféThe cat host café • Japanese people love and regard cats as their lucky charm. • But!! It’s very costly to raise a cat in Japan • So this café came up with a great a idea!! • Cat lovers can spend time with many cats while sipping a coffee or tea. • Customers are charged by minutes spent in the café + coffee and tea price. EXPLORATION OF A MARKET NICHEEXPLORATION OF A MARKET NICHE
  28. 28. NEKOROBI’s VALUENEKOROBI’s VALUE Entrepreneur and innovative service gimmick. How to turn problem to opportunity
  29. 29. Tokyo Science Museum •Learning new things about the connections between your body and the way you see the world. •Enjoy scientific images presented •Making full use of the capabilities of this computer. •Information about nuclear
  30. 30. TOKYO SCIENCE MESUEM’s VALUETOKYO SCIENCE MESUEM’s VALUE  New creative stuff  Open your innovative ideas
  31. 31. Sumo Match •Originated from Japan •Many Ritual elements •Wrestlers are to live following the rules of Sumo Association
  32. 32. SUMO WATCH’s VALUESUMO WATCH’s VALUE To learn a part of culture of Japanese through one of their sacred sport. Sumo represents the pressure and intensity of Japanese people as rank can change in every 2 months.
  33. 33. Nintendo's Wii™ console brings a revolution of motion controlled gaming to people of all ages and families everywhere!!
  34. 34. Nintendo has developed into a video game company, becoming one of the most influential in the industry and Japan's third most valuable listed company, with a market value of over USD 85 billion. www.nintendo.con/wii
  35. 35. NINTENDO’s VALUENINTENDO’s VALUE Innovative product design, yet sustainable. The success story of Wii, game become a sport!!
  36. 36. Wii (Nintendo) VS Playstation Move BENCHMARK Mission!! vs
  37. 37. Our Focusing Nintendo • Innovation of Nintendo Wii • How Nintendo maintain market share of Wii product after Sony launch Play Station Move • Marketing Strategies Sony (Play Station) • Innovation of Play Station Move • How to launch the market after success of Wii product • Marketing Strategies
  38. 38. Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion)
  39. 39. TEMPLE VISIT’s VALUETEMPLE VISIT’s VALUE  To Acknowledge Japanese Intercultural  Remarkable History  Sacred Religion  Impressive Temple Structure  Cultural Difference
  40. 40. • International business; basic strategy is multi branding business by contacting with several brands such as ZA, IPSA, Ettusais, and including Shiseido Signature • Shiseido 17.5% of cosmetic market share which is number one in the Japan cosmetic market
  41. 41. • Shiseido packaging designed appropriately in each market segments to attract their customers with significant designs for each products, example men cosmetics, brightening cosmetics. • Also, they also create the packaging in order to increase value to their products such as increasing usability of product for example packaging of liquid lipstick which won the World Star Award in 2005. • Source: WorldStar Award Winner 2005, World Packagaing Organization, Japan Good Packaging Contest Japan
  42. 42. SHISEIDO’s VALUESHISEIDO’s VALUE Market strategies of Shiseido in multi – international branding business Shiseido provides various products with each customer segmentation. How they come up with the new product in each section. How they design cosmetic packages to be attractive and different from other cosmetic products?
  43. 43. • New Engine for GT-R production • Automated engine production line • New Hybrid Technology (Different from Toyota) • Quality Assurance and activities
  44. 44. Environmental Activities CO2Emission Reduction Won Three stars Excellence in Yokohama waste separation Effective use of resources: • 100% material recycle rate • Waste reduction by 30% from 2005-2010
  45. 45. Tour itinerary • Plant overview • Engine production line • Engine museum • Video Explanation
  46. 46. NISSAN’s VALUENISSAN’s VALUE  Automobile evolution  Super car engine technology, GTR.  Environment + Social impact technology
  47. 47. The Most Popular WritingThe Most Popular Writing Instruments in the WorldInstruments in the World
  48. 48. Pentel as Environmentally Product “Pentel is committed to developing and providing environmentally safe and useful products. Pentel line of Recycology products or containers are made from a minimum of 50%, and up to 100%, recycled content or post-consumer recycled content excluding consumable content and refills. This environmentally responsible line of products includes pens, markers, pencils, lead, and tape.” Source:
  49. 49. • First Innovation of Roller Ball Technology • Product Quality Control • Successful in expanding business from Japan to global such as USA and UK • Example of global sustainable business
  50. 50. PENTEL’s VALUEPENTEL’s VALUE  Successful international business.  Simple, yet global.  Recycology study.
  51. 51. GINZA The Ginza is Tokyo's most famous shopping, dining and entertainment district, featuring several department stores, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants and cafes. There are many interesting places as. • Muji Store: Japanese household goods, clothes and snacks. • Sony Building: all the very latest Sony gadgets are on display there. • Printemps department store: is a department store chain from Paris offers fashion, accessories, foods and restaurants.
  52. 52. Surprise MissionSurprise MissionSurprise Mission • Report and present on the value your group pursue • Explain how your 1,000 yen was spent • Justify why your method is the best
  53. 53. Surprise MissionSurprise Mission • Given 1,000 Yen !! • Get the most value out of it • Drop off at Ginza, given half a day
  54. 54. Surprise MissionSurprise Mission • Values are not restricted, they can be – Quantity – Quality – And Others
  55. 55. MISION’s VALUEMISION’s VALUE Get to know the value of 1,000 yen in Tokyo Enhance creativity and exploring habit Turns problem into opportunity
  56. 56. COST per HEADCOST per HEAD 36 THB/ ¥100 : Thai Farmer Bank's exchange rate as of 5th Nov 2010 Item Price Unit Price2 Forex Japan Rail Pass 28,300.00 1 ¥ 28,300.00 ฿10,188.00 National Science Museum 500.00 1 ¥ 500.00 ฿180.00 Sumo Second Floor 2,100.00 1 ¥ 2,100.00 ฿756.00 Nekorobi Cat Café 1,000.00 1 ¥ 1,000.00 ฿360.00 Tokyo Port Museum 160.00 1 ¥ 160.00 ฿57.60 Hotel 6 days (¥ 15,000 x 6) 15,000.00 6 ¥ 90,000.00 ฿32,400.00 Meal (Optional) 2,000.00 12 ¥ 24,000.00 ฿8,640.00 Total ¥146,060.00 ฿52,581.60 Airplane Ticket (Optional) ฿25,000.00 Grand Total ฿77,581.60
  57. 57. Ms.Sanja Rikanovic (San-ya) Ms.Pijitra Sae-Lim (Annie) Ms.Meijun Lou (Doo-Dee) Mr.Grida Mahakijpaisaln (Aui) Ms.Chantana Phatthananuchok (Benz) Group 1 StaffsGroup 1 Staffs (please see 3I’s in video)(please see 3I’s in video)