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Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
Silicon Valley trip
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Silicon Valley trip


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Welcome to Silicon Valley trip. Fun and experienced trip with IMBA7! …

Welcome to Silicon Valley trip. Fun and experienced trip with IMBA7!
Experience with the great course, companies visit and coolest seminar with the world leader investor.

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  • 1. iTrip<br />IMBA : Silicon Valley Business Trip<br />international<br />innovation<br />impact<br />
  • 2. 2:30 pm.<br />Check-in at Suvannabhumi<br />International Airport<br />7:20 pm.<br />Arrive at<br />San Francisco<br />International<br />Airport<br />CI 0836<br /> Transfer: Teipei<br />CI 0004<br />
  • 3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3 days workshop Stanford University<br />Course Objectives<br />Provides exposure to both the fundamentals of business and the practical aspects of identifying, evaluating, and moving business ideas forward through intensive 3 days workshop<br />The Stanford Graduate School of Business Program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PRIE)<br />
  • 4. Meals and Activities<br /><ul><li> Lunch break @Beckman and Fleischmann DNA Café
  • 5. Stanford University Campus Tour
  • 6. Dinner @Penninsula Creamery, great American style diner</li></li></ul><li>Discover, develop, and drive your innovative ideas forward<br />The class that you would has opportunity to learn process of innovative thinking and build up entrepreneur mind set with experience guidance from diverse profession. <br />
  • 7. Meals and Activities<br /><ul><li> Lunch break @Luttikens
  • 8. Palo Alto downtown Relaxing
  • 9. Dinner @Albuquerque, best Mexican diner in town</li></li></ul><li>Transform Yourself Transform Business Transform The World <br /><ul><li>Learning by doing
  • 10. Transparent communication
  • 11. Idea presentation
  • 12. challenging environment
  • 13. Reward and incentive recognition</li></li></ul><li>Meals and Activities<br /><ul><li> Lunch break @Net appetit
  • 14. Meeting with John Doerr
  • 15. Dinner @Zibbibos, finest fusion food restaurant and bar</li></li></ul><li>World’s Leading Venture Capitalist<br />John Doerr<br />Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers<br />During the meeting with the world's leading venture capitalist: you have a chance to get to know what is in his mind before invest in the projects.<br />
  • 16. Visit facebook<br />Facebook is one company that come during website era in the valley. With more competitors in the limited market, how will facebook develop their new strategy and marketing plan.<br />
  • 17. Visit IDEO<br />IDEO, company that bring the ideas into products. Let's take a look how designer team at IDEO help organizations build business, develop capability, grow, innovate!<br />
  • 18. Visit Bloom energy<br />BloomEnergyis changing the way the world generates and consumes energy. With the statement of them "Clean Reliable Affordable Energy Anywhere". BloomEnergy is one in the clean technology era.<br />
  • 19. Visit Apple INC<br />Visit one in the first era of Silicon Valley's technology, <br />Apple INC. Let's find out how Apple INC combine the high technologies with the brilliant design into the coolest products.<br />
  • 20. San Francisco Day Trip<br /><ul><li> Start with Lombart Street
  • 21. Relax with the friendly Atmosphere “Pier39”
  • 22. Lunch @Boudin Sourdough – the most famous clam chowder in SF</li></li></ul><li>San Francisco Day Trip<br /><ul><li> Beautiful scenary at Golden Gate Bridge
  • 23. Enjoy the downtown shopping
  • 24. Dinner @The Slanted Door, dine with the best view</li></li></ul><li>10:00 pm.<br />Check-in at<br />San Francisco<br />International<br />Airport<br />10:20 am.<br />Arrive at<br />Suvannabhumi<br />International<br />Airport<br />CI 0003<br /> Transfer: Teipei<br />CI 0833<br />
  • 25. Packaged included :<br /> Airfare BKK-SFO-BKK<br /> 7 nights accommodation (2persons/room)<br /> Breakfast<br /> Car rental 7 days (4 seats/car)<br /> 3 days course study at Stanford University<br /> Companies Visit<br /> 7 days of new experiences<br />$$$<br />Only at 84,000 Baht<br />Buy Now Click !<br />Remark: The quoted price is subject to minimum client at 40 person<br />
  • 26. Product Design<br />Expectation from IMBA#7<br /><ul><li>65% think our trip is interesting.
  • 27. 90% interest to join the trip.
  • 28. 65% think the price is good.
  • 29. 65% like the transportation.
  • 30. 80% like the course that we chose.
  • 31. 85% interest the investor’s speech.</li></li></ul><li>Product Design<br />Expectation from IMBA#6<br />80% of them think our trip is interesting.<br />We built our trip base on Batch6's experience.<br />
  • 32. Product Design<br />Expectation from Employer:<br /><ul><li> Gain knowledge from marketing and management and able to apply to the work
  • 33. Learn and experience working environment in USA
  • 34. Able to apply or improve current work
  • 35. Create the innovative ideas</li></li></ul><li>SWOT analysis<br />Strength<br /><ul><li> The trip was designed under the well research on location, target company, coursework.
  • 36. We have very well arrangement in itinerary therefore students will able to visit all the listed company. 
  • 37. Clear itinerary and price
  • 38. Good restaurant arrangement
  • 39. Convenient to travel from staying in Stanford guesthouse
  • 40. The opportunity for you to arrange your own trip by feedback your recommendation within 15 January
  • 41. Small amount of fixed cost so we have low breakeven cost</li></ul> <br />Weakness<br /><ul><li> The trip should be longer so we can arrange more places.
  • 42. The accommodation and facilities are not luxury
  • 43. The course and company might not become useful or able to apply to real life in Thailand
  • 44. There is no culture exchange or opportunity to make new friend in the program
  • 45. Long time on the plane
  • 46. If the number of travelers decrease the final price might change</li></li></ul><li>SWOT analysis<br />Opportunity<br /><ul><li> Reasonable and interesting price : Only at 84,000 Baht for 7 days new experiences (Packaged included </li></ul> Airfare, accommodation, Breakfast, Car rental,3 days course study at Stanford University and  Top <br /> Companies Visit)<br /><ul><li> Not only Business trip but also best relax :Beautiful scenary at Golden Gate Bridge & Enjoy the downtown </li></ul> shopping<br /><ul><li> Not much competitors for this kind of business trip tour which include the education together with the </li></ul> company visiting.<br /><ul><li> It’s a flexible trip that let the people to make their own choices for activities and dining.</li></ul>                                                                                                            <br />Threat<br /><ul><li> Highly competitive since there is only 40 students but there are 8 groups for them to choose.
  • 47. It’s not that hard for customers to communicate with all the parts of tour because it’s all in English.
  • 48. Small number of competitors but more number of travelers that can set this trip by themselves.</li></li></ul><li>Product Mixed<br />Product: ITRIP Business trip to Silicon Valley, <br />Center of world's largest technology companies, Leading hub for high-tech innovation and development. A chance to learn and integrate idea of international, innovation and impact. <br />Price:Reasonable price with more than 65% Satisfaction<br />Place: Student can access or inquire about the trip via and email us at anytime. <br />Promotion:<br />Room upgrade available<br />Extra loading 30 Kgs/person<br />Free gift set; IMBA Jacket, Folder kit for passport<br />
  • 49. Members:<br />Ms Papawadee Tongkham<br />Ms Rawintorn Boonyasit<br />Mr. Palakorn Wongphati<br />Ms Pamonrat Panrattanapong <br />Ms Tatiana Vasilyeva<br />