Survive as a Table topics speaker


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Connecting the dots - how to survive as a Table Topics Speaker

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  • Question:How Toastmasters helps you discover your passion in life?What does happiness mean to you?--------Try Changes ---------When I am a member, When I am a officer, changes ----Twist:
  • How Toastmasters helps you discover your passion in life?->My Passion? -> Impossible is nothing---------------------When I am a new member, always to share When I am an officer, esp. EVP, I understand change always occurs, to serve --------------------
  • Question 5: People want to succeed. But how old will we succeed? Considering you are 30, what would success mean to you? Tiffany:  When I was a kid, to succeed means to have a lot of money; when I was elder, to succeed is to be a grown-up so that I can do what I want; when I went to college, to succeed is to win a scholarship; when I entered into the society, to succeed is to be more socially adapted…. Now I am 30 and I think success means being true to myself, being who I am and enjoying simple yet happy life. =====What does happiness mean to you?To a American people, To a French people, being with his loverTo a But to me, Happiness means
  • Survive as a Table topics speaker

    1. 1. Survive as a Table topic speaker<br />
    2. 2. Thinking about how hardit is…<br />Tongue –twisted<br />Nervous<br />Blank in mind or Mess in mind<br />Feet Shaking<br />Don’t remember the Words<br />Little knowledge to the subject<br />Public Speakingis the no 1 fear<br />It’s Even worse if you are not prepared at all<br />This is the beauty of Table Topic Session <br />
    3. 3. Grasp the Dots that are popping up in your mind<br />Use a pattern[Framework] to connect these Dots<br />-> In most of the cases, the pattern can help you find your Dots and discover your point<br />My survival experience<br />POINT<br />
    4. 4. What is your definition of emotional songs?<br />What does success mean to you?<br />What will you do if you have a super power?<br />What will you do if you are the architect of your home town pavilion in 2010 Shanghai World Expo?<br />Do you agree the gender will make differences on what to remember?<br />Why do you think emotion songs or music is very important to our life?<br />QUESTIONS?<br />
    5. 5. What is your first dot? Explore more!<br />What is your definition of emotion songs?<br />All of them <br />Some… Sad<br />Some…Hope<br />Some …Touching<br />Some … Relaxing<br />In summary…<br />
    6. 6. The basic, <br />Past, present, future<br />Others… Others… Others… Me…<br />Story….Point…<br />And many more<br />Patterns<br />
    7. 7. 2009中文即兴演讲冠军<br /><br />2009 English Table Topics Contest Winner<br /><br />Models<br />
    8. 8. Table Topics Strategies: How to create a speech in 5 seconds<br />Jazzin' Up Your Table Topics<br />Secrets of Successful Table Topics Speaking Skills<br />Table Topics Speech Framework<br />references<br />