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  • There are many confusions between OpenERP (the software) and OpenERP SA (the company).
    I'm wondering what is 'disloyal behavior' ? I looks like a master/slave relationship, quiet strange for a *free* software where the *freedom* of the user is the goal.
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Partner brochure march 2010 Partner brochure march 2010 Document Transcript

  • OpenERP Partners Program March 2010 Agenda 1. OpenERP Partners Program at a glance 2. The benefits for OpenERP partners 3. The requirements to be an OpenERP partner 4. We help you get started 5. How to apply ? 6. How to renew a partnership ? 7. Revision of the level of partnership 8. Future changes in the program 1. OpenERP Partners' Program at a glance The OpenERP's ecosystem is designed to ensure that OpenERP’s users will enjoy the best customer’s experience with our products. The community brings a wealth of new functionalities. OpenERP as the software publisher is committed to continuously improve the quality of the software and to certify the modules developed by the community. Our local partners provide integration and support services. The OpenERP partner program consists of three membership levels; Ready, Silver and Gold with specific requirements and benefits for each level. Ready Partners: The Ready membership level enables Partners to start and grow their OpenERP competencies. They benefit from a comprehensive set of services from training, support, access to lead which allow them to build their business at their own pace. Silver Partners: Partners which have qualified for the Silver Partner level are experienced in implementing OpenERP projects. Silver partners enjoy enhanced benefits plus access to additional resources to support them in growing their business with OpenERP. Gold partners: Gold partners have a strategic relationship with OpenERP. OpenERP is at the core of their strategy. They have committed significant resources to develop and deploy OpenERP solutions. They benefit from the highest visibility in the OpenERP ecosystem. 1
  • 2. The benefits for OpenERP's partners The details of the benefits for each level of partnership are described in the table bellow: Ready Silver Gold Recognition Visibility in Partner directory listing Low Regular High and search Success Stories published Optional Yes Yes Partner's Press Release No Yes Yes Training benefits Discount on technical training 10% 15% 20% seminars Discount on functional training 10% 15% 20% Seminars E-learning benefits Access to partner’s sales training Yes Yes Yes Seminar Access to deployment methodologies Yes Yes Yes seminars Sales benefits Strategic meeting and business plan No No Yes Access to Lead Generation Program Limited Regular Privileged Commission on OpenERP Online 15% 15% 15% (SaaS) Discount on OpenERP presales 10% 15% 20% resources Discount on maintenance contracts 10% 15% 20% Marketing Benefits Access to OpenERP’s Partner portal Yes Yes Yes Use of the official Partner Logo Ready Logo Silver Logo Gold Logo Access to marketing materials Yes Yes Yes Technical support Discount on Support Packs 10% 15% 20% Discount on OpenERP Project 10% 15% 20% Managers Training Partner Eligibility to become an Official No Yes Yes training Partner Get the recognition: As you will commit to grow your OpenERP activity, we will stand by your side to provide you the visibility you deserve. Few vendors are as committed as we are. First all partners will appear in the partners list with according to their level of partnership a detailed description of their activity and specific expertise and skills. 2
  • Also, Partners will be able to benefit from the thousands of visitors on our web site daily • How our partners have deployed OpenERP solutions to meet customers' needs is too often a best kept secret. By publishing some of your success stories on our website you will provide good examples of how OpenERP provides superior value to your customers. It will also be a unique opportunity for you to showcase tangible examples of your expertise. However the success stories must comply with the format provided by OpenERP and must be formally approved by the customer. • In addition, Silver and gold partner are welcome to submit to us Press Releases in English related to your corporate activity or to any activity related to OpenERP. We will publish them in our press section. OpenERP will review all submitted materials and will provide feed back to the Partner. Yet, as you will understand, the ultimate decision to publish any document on OpenERP website remains the sole decision of OpenERP. Partners will also benefit from some visibility as they start their activity with OpenERP as it is indicated further in the description of the Entry Packs. Annual Partners meeting All partners will be invited to our annual Partners meeting. The Partners meeting is a great opportunity to network among the OpenERP community, to learn about best practices and meet the OpenERP team. The Partner meeting gives you the opportunity to get directly involved with the strategy of OpenERP. Topics such as the following are addressed during the meeting : • New versions and features • Presentation of new modules by the partners who have developed them, • Workshops by small group on usability, accounting, service management to discuss future priorities • Distribution strategy and the service and tools we provide our partners Training Benefits: Your expertise on OpenERP will be the key to your success. In order to transfer our know-how we have designed a complete set of functional and technical trainings which are accessible either through a certified OpenERP Training Center or at OpenERP headquarter in Belgium. For each training session attended, the partner's employee who attended the training will have the opportunity to take an online certification exam. The purpose of the certification is to assess and then testify that the employee has the skills required use develop or sell OpenERP. E-learning: The partner will benefit from a restricted access to the e-learning platform. Through this platform he will have access to the following courses and document templates : • Implementation project methodology • How to efficiently sell OpenERP Marketing: OpenERP partners can promote themselves by using the OpenERP official Partners’ logo on their marketing materials. In addition OpenERP has developed a complete set of marketing materials which can accessed 3
  • through our partner's portal. Sales Benefits: OpenERP supports the activity of its partners though its lead generation program. Partners can benefit from the many leads generated from OpenERP web site and the from free download of the OpenERP applications. Leads will be allocated according to the geographical proximity, the level of partnership and specific expertise required to meet the customer's demand. The primary objectives of our Partners is to build a profitable service business around OpenERP solution. Open ERP also contributes to this goal by providing discounts on a Support services, Maintenance services Consulting services, Training services, Online services . The customer may purchase directly to you or if he prefers directly from us. In the first case, you will buy the service at a discount which will allow you to resell it with a margin. In the second option you will earn the same level of commissions through our referral program. In order to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction and protect the partners’ margins, Open,ERP strongly encourages partners to systematically include an OpenERP maintenance contract, in addition to their own support contract as they deploy any OpenERP project. All partners accessing the Gold level of partnership communicate a business plan which indicates the resources the partner is willing to commit to the development of the OpenERP activity. OpenERP will provide in a strategic meeting guidance regarding the technical and sales resources to be trained as well as on the business development plan. Technical support: As you will deploy OpenERP projects you may face customer's questions for which you do not have the answer or be yourself confronted with issues you do not know how to handle. We provide through our support packs phone and e-mail assistance, without any call number limitation, but just a limitation of support hours as indicated in the pack. Partners can purchase support packs at the discount level specified in the table above. OpenERP provides technical support iether by mail at or by phone at +32 81 81 37 00. Also complex projects may require the support of some technical experts at OpenERP. Only certified Partners have access OpenERP best engineers who will work side by side with your team. According to your needs we will establish an estimate which will help you know what to charge to your customer. Training Partners: In order to implement training centers in each major market worldwide, OpenERP relies on a network of Certified Training Partners. Becoming a Certified Training Partner provides you many benefits. You have access to updated training material designed by OpenERP, your training sessions are advertised on OpenERP website, just to mention a few. Silver and Gold partner are eligible to become official Training Partners as long as they comply with the requirement described in the Training Partner program.(*) (*) program launched in the course of 2010 3. The requirements to be an OpenERP partner In order to reflect the partners’ commitment and expertise on OpenERP solutions, the number of certified people and the volume of business generated for OpenERP raises with the level of partnership. The table bellow summarizes the requirement for each membership level. Ready Silver Gold 4
  • Partners Program annual fee 2.950 € 2.950 € 2.950 € Fee for additional country certification 1.500 € 1.500 € 1.500 € OpenERP Required Certified Engineers 1 2 4 (1) Annual update of contact names Yes Yes Yes Annual number of success stories 1 1 submitted (1) Annual revenues generated for 20.000 € 40.000 € OpenERP The number of certified engineers as well as success stories are required for each country where the partner is certified. Certification (*) The number of certified professional increases with the level of certification. Also, OpenERP development cycle allows us to integrate developments from the community into a new release once or twice a year. The Certified Engineers must to attend the training sessions which will allow them to market the new release to their customer and support their client in the migration from one version to the other. This is a prerequisite to keep its certification up to date (*) Available with certification program launched in the course of 2010 Updating contacts names in partners databases (*) OpenERP uses its partner database to provide our partners with regular updates on OpenERP strategy development or product releases. In order to do this efficiently, we need our partners to keep track of their contacts in our partners’ portal. (*) available with new partners' portal launched in the course of 2010 Success Stories Silver and Gold partners will be required to submit respectively one and two success stories duly approved by their customer. Volume of business generated for Open ERP Silver and Gold partners commit to a given level of business they will generate for OpenERP. In order to compute this level of business OpenERP will take into account : − The value of services billed to the partner − The value of services net of commissions billed to end-user customers who mentioned that they were referred to OpenERP by the Partner. The value of the entry pack described bellow is not included the computation of the volume of business generated for OpenERP. 4. We help you get started In order to help you start your OpenERP activity, OpenERP has created “Entry Packs” tailored to each level of certification. The Entry Pack gives you access to a comprehensive set of services such as training, support and communication to make sure that you will start our partnership on the right foot. Training: 5
  • Training sessions are essentials to transfer our OpenERP expertise to you. We have included in the Entry Pack the following sessions: The Technical Training (5 days) is a unique opportunity for developers and anyone who wants to develop his modules to get all the required knowledge. The objectives of this training are to master the program, to learn how to develop new modules, how to adapt OpenERP to the different lines of business and how to interface OpenERP with other programs and/or websites. The User Training (5 days) is a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to get the knowledge of all OpenERP applications. This training is divided in 4 sessions: Services and HR, CRM and DMS, Accounting and financial management , Logistics. The sales Training (2 days) is designed specifically for our partners sales and presales employees who will be given an introduction course on the product features and how to present its unique selling proposition to an end user customer. Support: As you will go through you first implementation of an OpenERP system we expect you to need our support either to answer some of your questions regarding the functionality of the software or more technical questions about the deployment of the solution. This is why we have included support hours with each Entry Pack. If you require more support hours to support further projects partners can purchase additional hours. Communication: In order to raise your visibility within the OpenERP community and on the market, OpenERP will communicate on its web site, through our newsletters and even through a press release (for Gold partners). The table below indicates the details of the Entry Pack for each level. Ready Silver Gold Trainings Seats in Commercial Training (2 Days) 1 According to business plan Seats in Functional Training (5 days) 1 1 According to business plan Seats in Technical Training (5 days) 1 According to business plan Support Support hours (functional & technical) 3 10 According to business plan Communication Official Website's Planet    OpenERP's Newsletter   Press communication to a list of  journalists Entry Pack Fees: Ready Silver Gold 6
  • Partners Program annual fee 2.950 € 2.950 € 2.950 € Cost of functional training 2.500 € 2.500 € According to business plan Cost of technical training 2.500 € According to business plan Cost commercial training 800 € According to business plan Cost of support hours 400 € 1.300 € According to business plan Market value of the Entry pack 5.850 € 10.050 € According to business plan Partner price of Entry Pack 3.950 € 6.950 € According to business plan 5. How to apply ? To enroll to the OpenERP Partner’s Program, complete the application form available at Upon reception of the online application, OpenERP will notify the partner of his decision to accept or not his application for a given level of partnership. In certain countries the payment of the Entry pack will be considered as a formal approval of the OpenERP partners contract terms and conditions. In others an official document will signed. Once the Entry Pack is purchased the partners will enjoy the full benefits of the program. 6. How to renew a partnership ? The OpenERP Partner program membership is signed for one year. The contract will be automatically renewed for a one year period upon payment of the annual fee. OpenERP might terminate a partnership in case, he is aware of disloyal behavior from a partner or if he hears several customers’ complaints regarding the quality of service delivered by a given partner. 7. Revision of the level of partnership The level of partnerships will be reviewed quarterly by openERP based on the following critéria : – Employing the required number of certified staff – Submission of customer success stories – Reaching the minimum revenues commitments Ready Partners and Silver Partners which want to access a higher level of partnership need to have reached the minimum revenue commitment prior to applying to this level of partnership. Yet, partners can be promoted after a few quarters , without waiting one year , if they have reached the required level of revenues earlier. Silver and Gold partners which are not complying with their partnerships requirements will be assigned to a lower level of partnership if they have not met their requirement at the end of the annual period. 8. Future changes in the program 7
  • OpenERP reserves the right to modify the OpenERP partner program in its sole discretion. Although OpenERP attempts to secure the accuracy of this document, program changes or updates may occur from time to time. The program evolutions will be posted on the Partners’ portal. 8