Promoting your webinars on a budget


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This presentation shows you how to promote your webinar, from first idea thru getting more live attendees. Included is a plan for posting to various places.

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Promoting your webinars on a budget

  1. 1. Promoting your Webinars How to get people to sign up and attend your © 2012 Sharon Burton
  2. 2. Thank you for attending! Sharon Burton Been in the Communication industry for 20 years  Content strategy consultant  Run hundreds of webinars  Teach communication at various universities My new book 8 Steps to Amazing Webinars  Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble
  3. 3. Our problem We want  the most response to our webinar  engaged and excited attendees  qualified leads Really, we’d like everything  Maybe with some chocolate sprinkles, too Sometimes it feels like we threw a party and no one came
  4. 4. So how can we fix this? Let’s start way at the beginning Our write up may be a problem People are busy, and if they can’t understand the write-up, they won’t sign up. Making them think and decode language puts a burden on your attendees that’s simply not fair So let’s start there
  5. 5. A good short description Clearly state the topic for your audience  Not in product-specific terms  Your audiences’ terms “Learn about our new localization product”  Not compelling to your attendees  No reason why they might benefit from learning about your product. “Reduce your translation costs by as much as 80%”  Speaks to a pain point for your audience
  6. 6. Numbers are interesting Numbers are very good For example  An 80% reduction in localization costs is huge It’s an exciting thing for a company to think there may be a better way at half the cost It’s inherently interesting to your audience
  7. 7. Total words Resist the urge to say everything you ever thought of on the topic 150 words, tops  Bullet points Scannable  People can scan the write up and decide
  8. 8. For example “In this fast and exciting interactive hour, you’ll see the industry’s newest technology leveraged to reduce your localizations costs.” Rewrite it into something like this: “During this hour-long webinar, see how you can save up to 80% of your localization costs.”
  9. 9. The reason to attend List three things they will learn by attending Even if they already know one of those things  They see the other two and decide those would be good to learn as well You’re asking for at least an hour out of an already overscheduled day  Let people know up front what they can expect to learn
  10. 10. For example How to improve your localization workflow overall How Product XX streamlines the localization process What standardized content is and the cost benefits it can bring you
  11. 11. Make it easy to see why Use simple and direct words that communicate clearly to the attendee. People are busy, and if they can’t understand the write-up, they won’t sign up. Making them think and decode the language puts a burden on your attendees that’s simply not fair Your signups will be poor
  12. 12. Make it easy to sign up If one of your goals for running a webinar series is to get more leads  Your instinct is to ask everything you can think of to qualify the lead when they sign up Don’t do this Really I’m not kidding Fully qualifying people at signup makes the signup procedure hard and time-consuming  People won’t sign up
  13. 13. Getting the word out Your website Direct emails Social media LinkedIn Other user groups Advertisements
  14. 14. Your website Link from your home page to your Webinars page Include links to recordings of past webinars  Plan ahead for when you have 30+ recordings  Organized by?  Date may not be good ALWAYS have 4 weeks of upcoming webinars  Maybe not 1 every week, but at least 4 weeks out
  15. 15. Direct emails Don’t include the entire write-up in these emails  Makes the email too long to scan Put the name of the webinar and the date and time  Include the first sentence from the write-up Don’t forget support emails and other groups
  16. 16. Social media This is what you’ve all  Pinterest been waiting for!  Good for B2C Facebook  Google+  Great for Business to Consumer (B2C)  No one seems to use it  Bad for B2B  YouTube Twitter  Fab for B2C  Good for both  Maybe good for B2B  Many places restrict YouTube access
  17. 17. Twitter Think hash tags For example:  Free webinar: Reducing your localization costs – June 30 2012 9am Pac #techcomm [insert link to signup page here] Set up different tweets (using HootSuite or  Schedule for different hours and days of the week Use the analytics to see what your audience resonds to  Do more of that
  18. 18. Pinterest Visual You need a really good picture People scan for stuff visually I wouldn’t bother with B2B  Not business
  19. 19. LinkedIn Perfect for B2B Lots of professional groups talking about topics Post to these groups Watch the rules  Some groups are touchy about what gets posted by vendors  Don’t just post and never come back  People have questions
  20. 20. Other user groups Depending on your industry  Other newsgroups Yahoo Google Others Follow the rules for posting  Don’t just post and never come back  People have questions
  21. 21. Advertisements Ask for a small mention in advertisements with a link to the webinars page on your website  Maybe a Qcode specifically for the webinar page Don’t mention any specific webinar by name in the ad  You have a new free webinar program available
  22. 22. How often should I post? Timeframe Social Media Groups and lists 3 weeks before 2 times a week 1 time 2 weeks before 4 times a week 1 time 1 week before every day 1 time The day before 3 times 1 time The day of 2 hours before NA After the webinar is an hour later, mentioning NA complete how exciting/full/etc. the webinar was The day after the post with the 1 time webinar recording link The next 3 months, or Once a week with the Once a week with the until you see on-demand link link viewing drop off significantly
  23. 23. How do I get moresignups to attend live? 50% of the total signups usually attend It’s a global world  People sign up knowing they can’t attend live but they want to link to the recording  You have an engaged audience If you are getting a lot of signups from another time zone  Consider doing one for them specifically  Even if that means a webinar at 5am or 10pm for you
  24. 24. 8 Steps to AmazingWebinars  XML Press  Amazon and Barnes and Noble  Available as a printed book or as an eBook
  25. 25. Questions? Thoughts?