Driving in the '80's


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U. S. Carriage Driving History

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Driving in the '80's

  1. 1. Driving in the ‘80’s A retrospective miscellaney
  2. 2. U. S. Carriage Driving History: Dates of note • 1962 CAA Formed – » Carriage Journal edited by Paul Downing (1898 – 1975) • 1969 Combined Driving Rules Written by Sir Michael Ansell at suggestion of HRH • 1970 First Competition in the US – Brunswick, N.J. – • 1974 American Driving Society Formed – Phil Hoffmann, president Victor Shone’s Driving Event, Millbrook, NY Charlie Kellogg edits The Whip 1975 Myopia Driving Event – Massachusetts Judges: T.A.G. Moore, D. Thackeray
  3. 3. 1974 American Driving Society Formed Phil Hoffmann President
  4. 4. Victor Shone’s Driving Event, Millbrook, NY
  5. 5. 1974 The Whip began Publishing • Charlie Kellogg, editor
  6. 6. Some of the ADS Directors Jack Weir Bill Remley Bill Radebaugh
  7. 7. Our teachers Tom Ryder George Bowman
  8. 8. 1975 First Myopia Driving Event Ipswich, MA • Competitors included • Micki Bowen • Spencer Brewster • Macy Hill • Charles Kellogg • Jamie O’Rouke • Deirdre Pirie • Holly Pulsifer • Barbara Weir • Frolic Weymouth • Jack Seabrook • Kate Whaley • Richard Nicoll
  9. 9. Hazards were simpler; carriages fragile!
  10. 10. 1977 • Ledyard ’77 - Leading riders from Ireland, Great Britain, West Germany, Italy, Canada and Holland competed and watched a driving competition for four-in-hands (15 to 25 miles!). 16 started, only Jung, Pirie, Sirrenberg, Jenkel, and Kellogg finished. • The 4th annual Carriage Show at No. Andover, New England Region of the CAA; first CDE at Gladstone • At Myopia CDE – 49 competitors drove FEI Dressage Test #1 (elementary, incl. 6 pairs) or #3 (Intermediate, including 3 teams) and had from 30 cm, to 60 cm clearance in cones! • The ADS met at the Mohonk Mountain House • The Combined Driving Committee formed at the Union Club in NYC
  11. 11. 1979 Exchange with North of England Driving Club • Myopians competed at Lowther, Cumbria, England with horses belonging to George Bowman’s driving club.
  12. 12. 8 English Drivers competed at Myopia • Tommy Fawcett • George Denny • Clive Richardson • Betty Fisher • Barbara Stothert (here) • Robert Bowman • Betty Lambert • Jennifer Harrison
  13. 13. Millbrook CDE - • Richard Nicoll, Frank Kinsella, and Lois Cheston
  14. 14. 1979 • The USET, led by Josh Barney, accepted our proposal to have Combined Driving as its 4th international discipline, with no funding • Phil Hoffmann (ADS), Homer Easterwood (CAA), Col. Thackeray (AHSA), and Holly Pulsifer (ADS Combined Driving chair) instrumental in persuading the board. • Fundraising commenced!
  15. 15. Phil Hoffmann and Don Thackeray were the forces behind the USET Driving Program
  16. 16. 1980’s – the “international decade” • Training and funding of potential team members resulted in the selection of • John Fairclough –with Tish Hewitt’s Hungarians • Jim Fairclough - with Liz Tippett’s horses • Jamie O’Rourke – with Tish Hewitt’s second team • Clay Camp – with his own Gelderlanders • Deirdre Pirie – with her own Hungarian horses
  17. 17. John Fairclough John F. in the infamous Sand Pit Hazard at Windsor, 1980 John Fairclough with Tish Hewitt
  18. 18. Jimmy Fairclough Jimmy with Liz Tippett & her horses at Windsor, 1980
  19. 19. Jamie O’Rourke Jamie with Tish Hewitt Jamie in Dressage
  20. 20. Clay Camp Clay in The Maze Clay – his wife Barbara, and Vance Coulthard
  21. 21. Deirdre Pirie Closing Ceremony – with groom Marc Johnson; Chef d’Equipe Holly Pulsifer The only American to finish the marathon in 1980
  22. 22. Clinics around the Country • Deirdre Pirie teaching a clinic in California, about 1979. • Not world class yet!
  23. 23. 1981 Bill Lower Won the National Team Championship – Vanderbilt Cup Tjerd Velstra, taught a clinic
  24. 24. And the Pairs began ….. • Fall 1980 – Pair Championship at Gladstone. The Top 5 – Jung, Fairclough, Cheston, Pirie, and Lower finished at Madison Square Garden • Myopia hosted the USET National championship with Velstra judging. 1st Bill Lower, 2nd Bill Long, 3rd John Jenkel (California) • Radnor, Millbrook, Chesterland, Genesee events
  25. 25. 1982 • Jung & Pirie won a silver medal at Aachen – our first! • World championships were held at Apeldoorn in Holland. US finished 7th Jimmy Fairclough with Clay Camp’s Gelderlanders – 12th Deirdre Pirie – with her Hungarians – 19th Emil Jung with his Holsteiners - E
  26. 26. 1983 • National championships at Myopia won by Emil Jung • Tucker Johnson won Preliminary pair class • Charlie Cheston competed at the trial world pair championship in Italy
  27. 27. 1984 • Radnor, Chesterlands, Genesee, etc. no longer held • Lower won pair class at Myopia, but Cheston won national pair championship at Gladstone proving the viability of small horses • World Championship at Szilvasvarad, Hungary • Bill Long 7th; Pirie 16th, Jung – E, Groenewoud 22nd. Very difficult course.
  28. 28. 1985 • Larry Poulin with Morgans was 1st out of 16 pairs at Myopia • Pair Championship at Sandringham – Larry finished 8th, Sharon Chesson, 35th (broken hand) and Charlie Cheston 21st which put the team in 6th place. • Bill Long won the teams class at Windsor • Gladstone Equestrian Association formed • Chrysler sponsored Gladstone. Finn “imported” Juhasz (WDC 1984); Velstra (WDC 1982) and Nikki Pahlsson to compete
  29. 29. 1986 • National championship held at Fair Hill was won by Emil Jung, Bill Long second • Tucker Johnson won his 1st Advanced class • World Championship at Ascot. The US finished 4th – Groenewoud broke elbow on course walk – Long finished 9th, Pirie 16th, Jung was Elim, again!!!
  30. 30. Deirdre Pirie driving in the Home Park, Ascot
  31. 31. 1987 • Gladstone became a CAI – much publicity and exposure for the sport. • Velstra finished 1st, Chardon 2nd, Juhasz 3rd, and Bill Long 4th – the same order as the 1986 World Championship. Finn paid to bring them to USA. • Tucker went to Germany to work with Emil Jung • The Pairs placed 8th at Reisenbeck. Team was Poulin, Cheston, Lower, Johnson as an individual
  32. 32. 1988 • World Championship at Apeldoorn again • US placed 7th with Long, Pirie, and Groenewoud. Camp was 34th; Jung Eliminated! • Larry Poulin again won the USET Pair Championship. • Gladstone facility was deeded to the USET as a permanent home.
  33. 33. Apeldoorn 1988
  34. 34. 1989 • Masters Cup at Windsor – Team, Pair, and Single format tried out. Won by Bill Long, Lana Wright, and Randy McFarland. • Tucker begins to drive a team in national events • Pairs compete at Balaton-Fenyves: Poulin, Chesson, and Wright. Valdes is Alternate • Chesson 1st in dressage, Lana 5th, Larry 8th – finally we are world class! Udo Hochgesurtz of Canada, who trained in US, won individual gold • Team placed
  35. 35. The Queen of Dressage – Sharon Chesson, 1st in the World, 1989
  36. 36. US Team at Balaton-Fenyves 1989
  37. 37. 1990 • Finn Casperson becomes President of the USET. He navigates for Bill Long at all competitions
  38. 38. 1991 – A Gold Medal!