Goodbye Tchaikovsky


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Goodbye Tchaikovsky

  1. 1. Novel GOODBYE TCHAIKOVSKY Michael Thal GOODBYE This book would be an eye-opener for hearing people. As for me, if I TCHAIKOVSKY had the chance to read it when I began losing my hearing at the age of 16, it would have given me hope, comfort and inspiration. I would rec- Michael Thal ommend this book to any young adult or teenager who is going through hearing loss or other disability. Audience: 10-16 Valerie Stern, LCSW, Psychotherapist, Los Angeles ISBN: 978-0-88092-469-6 Number of Pages: 119 Pricing: About the Author Stores & Retailers $9.99 with 40% discount Paperback Publication Date: March 2012 Available Date: February 2012 Marketing: Support via special microsite A twelve-year-old violin virtuoso, David Rothman, is plungedinto a deaf world, necessitating him to adapt to a new culture and Michael Thal grew up in the suburbs of New York City on Long Island. After graduating from the University of Buffalo he earned hislanguage in order to survive. Rothman is an overnight success. master’s degree in education at Washington University, St. Louis. WhenHe performs Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in New York’s Sym- he moved to Los Angeles, he continued his education and earned anoth-phony Hall with rave reviews attracting the attention of the Queen er master’s degree in Reading. He says: “I grew up in the hearing world.of England. His future is laid out for him like a well-lit freeway. As a child I played the violin, went to concerts, movies, and BroadwayThen, on his birthday, David suffers from a sudden and irrepa- shows. When my daughters were still in elementary school, I woke uprable hearing loss, plunging him into a silent world. The novel to a profound silence caused by a virus. The virus attacked again six years later making my right ear deaf and my left with a 65% loss. I canshows how an adolescent boy copes with deafness. How will he understand people one-on-one, but not in groups. At the age of forty-communicate with his friends? What can he do about school? four, the severe hearing loss took me away from my job as a sixth gradeWhere does his future lie? teacher. From that experience, I was inspired to write this story. If a person has a willingness to learn and an open mind to explore all pos- sibilities, he can find a way to succeed.” Royal Fireworks Press Royal Fireworks Press PO Box 399 Unionville, NY 10988 PO Box 399 Unionville, NY 10988 T: (845) 726 4444 F:(845) 726 3824 T: (845) 726 4444 F:(845) 726 3824 email: email: