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Lesson2 Introducing Yourself
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Lesson2 Introducing Yourself






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Lesson2 Introducing Yourself Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Introducing Yourself asking for your colleague’s name
  • 2. Formal Greeting Formal greeting: Good___________ (First) (Last) My name is _________________________________. Full name In a formal atmosphere, titles are usually only given when the title is • Dr medical physical, or academic scholar • Sir/Lady • Rank(Military or Police) • Religious title: Reverend/Father/Inman/Rabbi/Pra • Director
  • 3. In a formal setting, the person you are introducing yourself to will sometimes automatically respond with: Good __________, my name is _____________. How do you do? or Nice to meet you.
  • 4. Semi-formal Hello, Good _________, my name is ______________. How do you do? or Nice to meet you.
  • 5. Informal Hello, I’m ____________________________. But you can call me ________________________ for short. (Any short form of a name the speaker himself or herself approves.) This may include: • • • • • the first name only the middle name the last name only a nickname his or her title How do you do? Nice to meet you.
  • 6. Hi, I’m Eric. What is your name? Hi, Eric. My name is Stephanie. Nice to meet you. Formal Excuses me, what is your name? Excuse me, may I have your name?
  • 7. Hi, how are you? I’m ____________. What’s your name? I’m__________________________. Nice to meet you.
  • 8. Profession During events like a Seminar or Workshop, The title, position and/or companies name is often included in your introduction.
  • 9. Organization’s Name Chief responsibility (Formal Greeting , my name is ____________ I am _____________ with (Organization’s name.) (Formal Greeting , my name is ____________ I’m with______________. (Formal Greeting , I am a programmer with the Ministry of Public Health. My name is __________________. a Telecentre Operator (Formal Greeting , my name is ____________ I am _____________ here in Thailand. If you are the person responsible for the display the individual is viewing you statement should be as follows: the Telecentre Operator (Formal Greeting , my name is ______________ I am ______________ here in Thailand responsible for this site.
  • 10. Dialogue 1 A: Good afternoon, My name is Tawee Rungsak. I’m a telecentre operator here in Thailand. B: Good afternoon, I’m Samuel Kane. I’m with Cisco Communications. Nice to meet you. A: Nice to meet you too. Are you familiar with the Thaitelecentre.org project here in Thailand? B: No, I’m not. A: Here, let me show you.
  • 11. Dialogue 2 A: Excuse me. B: Yes. A: Good morning, may name is Natiporn Songkriang, and I am a telecentre operator from the north of Thailand. B: Nice to meet you, N…. A: You can call be Nat for short. B: Nice to meet you Nat. I’m Erin Watson. A: May I ask, who do you work for? B: I am the CEO of Digital Communications Inc., a software developer company.
  • 12. Website links http://www.onlinetutorforenglish.com/conversationlessons/introduce-yourself-august2008.php
  • 13. End of Lesson Next Lesson Speaking and Acting Sincerely