Available for new                                                                                                         ...
2   Greg started out as a Software Technician in Research and Development forGreg is committed to Policies and           E...
Olympics. Greg’s tasks were to reorganize and restructure Operations of theCompany, which included QA, Production, Purchas...
“He said for him to be successful at work he needed his tools to be where he                                           4“O...
Established by Sharon Hibble a Recruitment Consultant who has been in theIndustry since 2005. Write CV has connections Wor...
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Write CV introduces Greg King Operation Director in Electronic Manufacturing


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Greg King is an Operations Director within Electronic Manufacturing & Logistics. Greg is looking for new opportunities. This article covers Greg's work history, skills and experience as well as an interview with Greg so that you can get to know him better.

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Write CV introduces Greg King Operation Director in Electronic Manufacturing

  1. 1. Available for new 1 opportunities California, United States *Willing to relocate* Greg King talks to Write CV’s Creator about Lean Manufacturing in 2013.Gregory A King The Author - Sharon HibbleManufacturing Operations I met Greg after he applied for a jobGreg is an experienced leader in International Manufacturing Operations and that I had recently advertised andDevelopment of Electronic Hardware and Systems with 15 years experience after just one conversation I wasin the development of complex systems. Greg specializes in Lean intrigued by this man, you knowManufacturing, Process and Production improvements. when you get that feeling that there is more to this person than meetsFigures out in November 2012 show a much awaiting increase in the eye and there is somethingManufacturing output. MAPI (Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and special about them! After two moreInnovation ) forecasts that industrial production will increase 4.5 percent in conversations, my initial2012 and 2.3 percent in 2013. Manufacturing production is expected to observations were indeed correct;outperform GDP growth, which MAPI estimates will be 2.0 percent in 2012 Gregory A King is one of the mostand 1.7 percent 2013. The current analysis takes a first look at a longer-term genuine nicest people that you couldhorizon and anticipates 3.3 percent overall manufacturing growth in 2014. ever wish to meet.US Manufacturing is the ninth largest economy in the World and supports 18 Greg has personal and professionalMillion jobs in the States with manufactured products representing almost integrity. Both ambitious andhalf of all American exports. Therefore it’s important that companies start entrepreneurial, Greg still manageslooking at their operations going in to 2013 to continue to grow and build on to keep his feet firmly on the groundthe bottom line profit. Lean Manufacturing using Six Sigma processes is an with a ‘hand’s on’ attitude. He isessential tool, however this tool needs to be wielded by an experienced and incredibly respected and well likedaccomplished Operations Leader who not only has the expertise to amongst management teams as wellimplement these changes but can also motivate the team from the bottom as production floor teams and hasup to the top. the ability to build relations withAfter carrying out some research I was keen to understand more about the ease that are trusted and loyal.Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma process so I asked Greg to explain more Greg knows and respects the factabout Lean Manufacturing, “Lean Manufacturing is an operational plan that alone he cant conquer theoriented toward achieving the shortest possible cycle time by eliminating World; he understands thewaste. A fundamental principle of a Lean strategy is to get more with doing importance of having a skilled team,less with the goal of continually finding and improving operating methods and most importantly for everything toeliminating waste whilst constantly driving the process. Lean fall in to place and work in harmonyManufacturing is not about finding shortcuts. Instead, it’s about reducing the that he needs to treat his workforcewastes and still maintain a high level of production efficiency and customer with respect and humanity. Greg hassatisfaction. With customers, satisfaction is of paramount importance. Lower achieved ALL of this and I also believecosts, higher quality, and shorter lead times are a few of the direct benefits”. that he does it with ease because it comes naturally to him.
  2. 2. 2 Greg started out as a Software Technician in Research and Development forGreg is committed to Policies and EG&G Astrophysics and within a year was promoted to Manage theProcedures and believes that if a department. It was a few short months later that the company was taken overcompany is “well documented then it by Perkin Elmer. Greg having been instantly recognized as a talentedwill run more efficiently”. employee was promoted to the position of Test and Manufacturing Manager which he held for two years . He was then promoted to the position of Greg, an Analytical and Strategic Director of Operations after the company was taken over by L-3 Security and Manager believes that “firefighting is Detection Systems. Greg comments on his promotion, “This is an enormous chaotic and extremely wasteful position in manufacturing, especially in a multibillion-dollar company – L 3”. The Author - Sharon Hibble there-by costly. Being a firefighter Greg managed a team of 200 high-tech production personnel. His noted reviles a lack of planning and a www.writecv.info contact@writecv.info achievements were identifying, defining and implementing manufacturing failure to execute”. Greg has the strategies to reduce costs, increase revenues, and improve processes andIability to break problems into parts met Greg after he applied for a job product to drive profitable growth. Greg achieved and exceeded allthat I had recently advertised and to see relationships and performance objectives: generated $60 million in revenue in 2003, increasedafter just one conversation I was interdependencies’. He plans well production 140% over 2002 with a 22% reduction in labor by reducedintrigued projects successfully. He is and lead by this man, you know production line problems and applied Lean Manufacturing methodologies,when you get thatforecast that there able to accurately feeling financial which organized the shop floor, increased production, and reduced deliveryis moreand develop plans to meet the results to this person than meets time. In 2003 the company decided to close down their operations ineye and there is something special goals and objectives. California and relocate the plant to Florida.about them! After two moreconversations further; ”Analytical Greg explains my initial observations Greg then went on to a role at Astrophysics which was a startup company aswere indeed correct; Gregory Ato leaders work with their people King their Vice President of Operations where he Increased productivity to over plan and create action plans for theiris one of the most genuine nicest 300%. He reversed declining revenues and profits and lead the company to apeople that you could ever work to areas of responsibility and wish prominent industry position by re-designing product line, adding new features accomplish these goals. Managersmeet. and reducing product cost by one third. Greg also introduced two new who possess analytical skills products, which increased sales and reduced costs of all units and rawGreg has personal and professional systematically accomplish their plans materials through global sourcing strategy and supply chain management.integrity. Both ambitious and and logically produce predictable Greg’s abilities were not going unnoticed and soon he took up the position ofentrepreneurial, GregGregmanages to results “. This makes still an Director of Operation for Premio Inc, a computer manufacturer specializing inkeep his feet firmly asset to any incredibly valuable on the ground complex computer servers. Greg states, “One of my tasks was to insert Leanwith a ‘hand’s on’ attitude.enough to company that is fortunate He is Manufacturing into the operations processes”.incredibly respected and well liked work with him.amongst the management team as Greg was responsible for restructuring the overall Operations of this Contractwell US the production floor team and The as Manufacturing industry is hit Manufacturing Company, Production, Quality Assurance, and Customerhas the ability tocompared to other with extra costs build relations with Service groups improved their productivity by implementing Lean countries including structural costs,ease that are trusted and loyal. methodologies and processes. Greg achieved outstanding results of increasing corporate tax liability, employee inventory turns by 50%, which then increased production efficiencies by 60%Greg knows and respects the fact that benefits, tort litigation, regulatory and improved on-time deliveries by 75%. This was all achieved byalone he cant conquer the World;so compliance and high energy bills, he strengthening the Fulfillment Center Inventory Control System, revamping theknows the importance of having a it is vital that the operations of a Quality Management system, improving Customer Service/RMA response timeskilledare runmost importantly for Plant team, as efficiently as by clearly defining Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and by reviewing andeverything to fall outstanding possible. Greg’s in to place and work analyzing customer defect data and developing action plans to reduce defects.in harmony that he needsindustry his achievements within the to treatworkforce with respect and humanity. prove that Lean Manufacturing and Moving up the career ladder and taking on bigger responsibilities, Greg went strong Process and ALL of this and I a Greg has achieved Procedures are on to take over the role of US Operations Manager with Rapiscan which was aalso believe thatcompanyit with ease total must for a he does to survive. competitor of L-3 and Astrophysics. Not long after Greg joined the companybecause it comes naturally to him. Rapiscan won the contract for X-Ray scanning equipment for the 2012 London
  3. 3. Olympics. Greg’s tasks were to reorganize and restructure Operations of theCompany, which included QA, Production, Purchasing, Safety, Shipping / 3 [Type sidebar content.with Greg the I have a personal A sidebar is a My conversationsinterest in haveReceiving and Logistics groups by implementing Lean methodologies and standalone supplement to the main been conducive towards re writing environment and believe in takingprocesses. This structured the groups with World Class manufacturing document. It is often aligned on the left or his resume and gaining at the top or steps the page, or located valuable right of to reduce ‘the carbondisciplines and strategies. Additionally, using tactical planning and forecasting information, they Box EUalso contained bottom. Use the Text have and Japan footprint’. The U.S., Tools tab to changeimproved the company overall operating performance and profitability. moments of humor and text box. are by far the the sidebar intellect. the formatting of world’s biggestWithin a year of taking up his post Greg had designed and set up new Lean Over the weeks I have found myself producers of solid waste, with the Type sidebar content. A sidebar is aManufacturing plants in California, Mississippi and North Carolina. Greg lookingabout 14 to our that of Japan U.S. at forward times conversations. standalone supplement to the maininstituted daily Production meetings with Production, Process Engineering, document.EUiscombined. Nearlyleft or and the It often aligned on the 80%of Itoxic waste comes from the electrical right of the page, or located will spend as have learnt that Greg at the top orQA, Purchasing, Materials and Program Managers. He initiated monthly bottom. Use the Textcan on the to change much time as heindustry. During mymeetings with sales and service units to enhance intra-departmental and electronics Box Tools tab the formattingfloor "continuously production of the sidebar text box.] himcommunications, improved monthly sales projections, and increased customer conversations with Greg I asked improving" the processes and what his thoughts were on Greenexpectations and satisfaction. Greg developed action plans that increased procedures, gaining the respect of the Manufacturing. “Greenquality and reduced out of box failures by 80%. He launched cause and effect Staff and the clients in which they the Manufacturing is Lean and Clean,analysis to find root causes of inventory deviations improving inventory serve. With step in satisfying Greg next logical regards to staffingaccuracy, established and maintained inventory handling procedures that believes that time spent waste.” customers and reducing with theincreased production efficiencies by 75%. Greg also went on to eliminate employees is extremely valuable notunfavorable contracts by renegotiated with new approved suppliers saving only to theresponsible waste for the “Having a employees but also45% under prior costs, and improved quality and delivery performance. management plan and reducing company, so will also spend timeI’m starting to see a pattern in Greg’s method of work and what seems to not energy consumption is profitable, going over their year-end reviewsonly be one of his major strengths but also seems to be a key attribute to giving clearIt’s The Right Thing To moreover, and obtainable goals soturning these companies around and achieving outstanding results. I asked Do!” that all employees know where theyGreg to tell me more about this. “Throughout my years in Manufacturing I’ve stand. By carrying out such reviews “Companies should embrace Greenbeen asked by employees on the floor, and by Board members, “What makes and spending time getting to know Manufacturing with open arms. Itme a strong “Process and Procedure” follower. My answer is, Lean, Total the employees Greg is then able to should be view as a revolutionaryQuality Management and Six Sigma training, combined with the many ascertain the A and B players process that can catapult Americanmistakes I’ve made, have played a major role in molding me into removing the C and below players manufacturing back to the topa Process and Procedure devotee”. and replace them with potential A again.” and B players. Greg believes that“However, my Dad first got my attention on the importance of documenting companies manufacturing and “American must have clearwhat you do. Continuing improving what you document, and what you do, accurate employeeI’ve discussedfor it professionals that evaluations thewhile measuring and analyzing your progress. My Dad was a Master to survive and by doing so it willwith Green Manufacturing initiative doMachinist. A Master Machinist is a leader of Men and of intricate projects. the company and the employee’s are excited and energized; they areHe was responsible for the productive output of the machine shop and its justice. with creative ideas and burstingprograms of regular maintenance, staffing, training, and procurement. He possible solutions to current wastefulreported to the superintendent, these days known as the chief operating Greg also believes that half the battle operational conditions. They seeofficer. He was skilled at reading blueprints and schematics, he had extensive of running a successful ship is to have participating in this transformativeknowledge of micrometers, calipers, lathes, milling machines, grinders, and motivated employees so will also endeavor; as a means that includestool and die making. His authority was almost absolute, and while the spend time improving conditions and Government and business workingsuperintendent could replace him, it was uncommon to over-rule him in general moral. It is refreshing to together to satisfy environmental andmatters related to his expertise. I remember he once found me in our backyard speak to someone who doesn’t class customers’ needs, while stayingplaying with his tools. Tools were stretched all over the lawn. production staff as second rate and competitive in the global marketHe laid into me, as he had never done before. He was mad! understands the importance of place.”After he calmed down, he explained to me just how valuable and essential his motivating and progressing them.tools were to his job”.
  4. 4. “He said for him to be successful at work he needed his tools to be where he 4“One simple but adept example of expected them to be and that they had to be in good working condition.going green is the energy-efficient I can’t explain why, but I got it…I understood his message.light bulb. These bulbs use almost From that moment on, I have uncompromising respect for the Tools of one’shalf the energy as a standard light craft”.bulb and they produce sufficientlight.” I asked Greg if he could give me an example of the importance of Process and Procedure, “Here is an example of how following Processes and“Moreover, companies must be Procedures saved lives: While directing manufacturing for a security x-rayproactive about monitoring the scanning company, we received a contract to supply the Cancun Airportcompliance that their suppliers have (CUN). They were having major failures’ with the units already in operations.when it comes to green The units were not detecting threats, guns, or explosives. There supplier, ourmanufacturing. Companies should competitor, could not determine why the units would work correctly in theirinstruct suppliers on exactly what factory but fail in Cancun”.they will be expected to provide andhow that will be measured. This will “Our internal QA Processes and Procedures required that all units go throughhelp to make sure that compulsory an environmental QA test prior to shipment, we performed operational testingprocesses are in place to make sure under extreme heat and cold temperatures to determine how the unitthey are complaint.” responded under extreme weather conditions. The QA check is there for a critical reason. Using six-sigma analysis, we discovered that humidity was “CAD 3D software is now available settling into the detector boxes causing the machine to malfunction and notfor green manufacturing that allows detect threats. We added to our production traveler two steps that resoledyou to design, visualize, and simulate this issue”.products before starting production. 1. Insert desiccant moister absorbing bags.The software can also improve 2. Prior to shipment, run units through the humidity QA test.manufacturing flexibility andefficiency by designing plant layouts “The Cancun Airport requested that to expedite shipment, we skip this Processthat decrease waste. It allows and Procedure. I refused. I held to my judgment, that by deviating we severelyengineers to design and exposed the company to possible crippling litigation. Furthermore, aftercommunicate the most practical showing the President, my statistical data (six-sigma) revealing that units thatlayout by creating a digital model of bypassed the Process consistently missed detecting threats and allowedthe plant. You can evaluate your contraband to pass through the machines without detection. He agreed thatlayout for material flow, machine we should not bypass our Processes and Procedures. Disaster prevented bydeployment, and energy consumption following established and verifiable Processes and Procedures. Needlessly toin the early stages of layout design, say we were issued the new contract”.and then quickly consider numerous “I told this story to a friend, an international business consultant from Chicago.supposing scenarios to optimize your He told me, that after hearing what I learned from my Dad and how thatlayout.” knowledge helps me be a better Manager today, reminded him of Apple’sThis undertaking is motivating, Steve Jobs. He said that Steve’s dad was also a Machinist and that Stevestimulating, and exciting; let’s all get credits his dad with inspiring his discipline and creativity. Being compared toinspirited and get to work, because Steve Jobs even a little bit, is a complement that I will gladly accept”for US Manufacturing, The GoodTimes are Back! If you would like to speak with Greg about joining your company then you can make direct contact with him through his LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/pub/gregory-king/62/373/6b4 Please Share This Article With Your Connections.
  5. 5. Established by Sharon Hibble a Recruitment Consultant who has been in theIndustry since 2005. Write CV has connections Worldwide built up over a 7 5 At Write CV we like to do thingsyear period of both clients and candidates. differently. Our service is centered round making sure; our candidatesWe are MREC cert RP Accredited. have the RIGHT Resume ensuring"I am so excited about our brand new service which will benefit both our client interest and that our clientscandidates and our clients. One of the things I have enjoyed most about the receive the RIGHT Resume fulfillingjourney that Write CV has taken this past year is the opportunity that I have all requirements including team fit.had to get to know my candidates on a one to one basis. I have worked with All of our candidates receive a fullcandidates for weeks, speaking to them on an almost daily basis, not only examination of their Resume andgetting to know and understand their skills and expertise within their industry, constructive expert advice toI have also been lucky enough to get to know the real person behind their job ensure that their Resume istitle. This has allowed me to re-write their resume to a much higher standard professional, informative and sellsalong with coaching them towards and through the hurdles of finding the their skills, experience, abilities andRight roles with the Right companies, making applications that will gain personality.interviews and seeing them through the interview process, negotiations andclosing the deal". The better we know you the more we have to say about you when we"The idea for our new service came to me at 3am after a de-briefing with a talk to our clients. By building thatcandidate on an interview they had just been through followed by a break in relationship between us and fullythe internet connection which led me to read a fictional girly book whilst understanding your skills, abilities,waiting for the connection to return. The main character in the book was experience and where you want totrying to break into Public Relations and as with all careers she found herself be allows us the ability to not juststarting at the bottom working for a PR agency that represented D-List send the Resume but to talk to ourCelebrities (which actually stands for desperate to be a celebrity and will do client about you. Our client is nowanything to get there). As the character progressed and gained more sitting up and taking noticeexperience she was tasked with writing an article about a more well known because of the passionatecelebrity and if she got it right, it would not only be good for her own career conversation we are able to haveand that of the celebrity, it would also be good for the company. Light Bulb because we have got to know you!moment!!! This is what I wanted to do for my candidate that I had not longspoke to. I had got to know this gentleman so well both professionally and Our services include a Free Resumepersonally, I could write an article about him and publish it!" Review, a full Resume Re-Write, in- depth research in to companiesAt Write CV we prefer the personal friendly approach. We are warm, open, which will give you a full 360 viewrealistic, and we radiate optimism. Our warmth, sympathy and understanding on any problems they might haveencourage others to come to us. We dislike impersonal tasks and operate best so that you can make the ‘Right’when we are in contact with people. We are at our best when dealing with impression at your interview! Plus,people and situations that require co-operative working. we also carry out presentationIf you are looking to make a career move and would like Sharon to represent writing and publish fabulousyou or you are a client who needs the ‘Right’ person for the job, then please articles like this one and put themget in contact either by email at: contact@writecv.info or through LinkedIn: in-front of top decision makershttp://www.linkedin.com/pub/write-cv-sharon-hibble-mrec-cert- within your industry!rp/46/412/625/