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Tempo magazine March 2012
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Tempo magazine March 2012


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  • 2. 2012 | march issue welcome editor’s letter When I lived in Seattle the concepts of recycling and conservation were deeply ingrained in our daily lives. We had coloured sorting bins under the contents: 04 > letters to the editor kitchen sink and I remember even my youngest 05 > uspacethen (Karam) tottering around in diapers and placing empty containers in the correct bins. 06 > what’s hotReturning to the UAE was a culture shock as everything went right into the garbage. But things 07 > the bottom bottom lineare starting to change in the UAE. Thankfully. 08 > tech talk / game hedzI am especially thrilled by the new “green” or “red” initiative by the water and electricity 09 > tempo’s top 10 songs / on my ipoddepartment. Can’t wait to see my bills. I’m a bit like a slave master around the house, barking 10 > my style blueprintorders at my family to turn off lights, turn down thermostats etc. But my belief is that a lot of 12 > american women’s networkwaste happens in the bathroom, because of leaky plumbing. I worked for a project for the City 13> youth talkof Seattle which promoted little doable ideas to conserve, like placing a jar in the cistern so the 14 > city bitesentire tank doesn’t flush out everytime, and reusing water that’s been used to wash vegetables 15 > the planetariansto water plants etc. Our colleague from Australia tells us a popular measure downunder is to 16 > 40 ways to save planetplace a bucket in the shower and reuse that water for washing the car, watering plants... 18 > people calendarTempo’s proud to include in this issue “40 Ways to Save the Planet” and these are little tips that 20 > the dream playerstranslate into substantial collective action. The calendar is also downloadable from our website. 22 > just handcrafted / articulateWithin this Tempo we’re also pleased to adopt “The Planetarians,” a truly cool initiative that 23 > book shelterspreads awareness, promotes sustainability and taps into the goodness of people power. 24 > doc in the house / mum unlimited 25 > making a difference: glorious orphanageStay happy, healthy and be kind to the world. 26 > media / tamakkan 28 > mini minx / just a thoughtSana BagershManaging ADDRESS To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: MICROSOFT TAG SCANNING GUIDELINES If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 491 8624/25 or check download out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. to your smart phone NOTE TO ADVERTISERS run application Advertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. To reach advertising call: Cover story: The Planetarians has a vision to create a community, a click on tag beside each article to have fun 02 491 8624/25, fax: 02 491 8626 movement, a state of mind that revolves around creating a better world with online content, videos & cool tags! email: through promoting sustainable products and ideas, and to espouse a kinder and gentler way to do business, create communities and grow. DISCLAIMER Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and MANAGING EDITOR EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS QR SCANNING GUIDELINES accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any Sana Bagersh Angeli Castillo responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The Neena Rai publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of SUPERVISING EDITOR Scan the QR CODE using your smart phone Jan D’Sa this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any Ian Mason Ian Mason for Blackberry this is done through BBM means without the permission of the publisher. FEATURES WRITER Manar Al Hinai for iPhone download BeeTag or Neo Reader MEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 Alma Kadragic Sarah Widdup EDITORIAL COORDINATOR Ahmed Samir Sharon Carvalho Rohith Bhat MARKETING COORDINATOR Azza El Masri Manjul Abhishek Shahid Saeed Laskar Laipubam BlaknissPUBLISHED BY: MAGAZINE DESIGN Alma Kadragic Mark De Castro Xenia Swarts DISTRIBUTION COORDINATOR Shamma Al Suwaidi Melaku Muluneh Dave Solomon
  • 3. www.tempoplanet.comletters to the editor Dear Ed, Your Ed’s Note for February was very interesting. I agree with your views about the different beliefs, culture, religions or traditions Dear Tempo, getting along and together. I’ve been in UAE since 2003, and have I loved the article you wrote about me! had many experiences attending social gatherings like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, with Europeans, Westerns, Arabs and Thank you so much, Tempo! Asian like me. I am really amazed by the is like a music harmony and rhythm; people sharing thoughts, ideas and helping - Ghada Maamoun each other. I can say that everybody speaks the same language. - Elvira MalvedaHi Ed, Loved the funky My Style Blueprint in February.How fun: Japanese –Aussie fashion fusion !- Nancy (from downunder) Hi Tempo, Thank you for the amazing two page spread Tempo. @AbuDhabiTempo February 2012 Issue! Thank you and more power to the amazing artists and performers who live amongst us!TEMPO SHOUT OUT: “LOVE IS…? - The Dream Players team blind and marriage is an eye opener :)- Vinu Mathew I’m not sure if “love” is definable - Ihab Mokayed all you need to know - Hana Makkiu vote RESULTS OF LAST MONTH’S U VOTE: Tempo asked our online readers, If someone next to you in a movie theatre was talking on their phone, what would be the first thing you do? This is what you said:QUESTION:If you had a super power, what would it be? 100% 0% 0%a) Invisibility SAID THEY WOULD SAID THEY WOULD SAID THEY WOULDb) Super speed TELL THEM TO BE TELL THE CINEMA MOVE TO ANOTHERc) Super strength QUIET ATTENDANT TO SEAT TELL THEM TO BEd) X-Ray vision go to tempoplanet to vote QUIET
  • 4. www.tempoplanet.comtalking books > By Azza El Masri u spaceBook Review: The Future of Us No I don’t think you can dance!!Author: Carolyn Mackler and Jay Asher By Rohith Krishna Weren’t the 90s amazing? Which of us doesn’t think back to those fun moments filled with the Spice Girls blaring in the background and the Internet still a novelty? In The Future of Us, Asher and Mackler bring us back to 1996 with Josh and Emma who were next-door neighbors and best friends their entire lives until suddenly everything changed and a slight incident resulted in them drifting apart. It was supposed to be a nice quiet evening of reflection, contemplation and solitude; just me, my laptop and around 2,000 people online killing zombies in space. Sadly, according to my momJosh’s family receives an America Online CD-ROM in the mail that they have (and my roommate, the rat) that doesn’t count as social interaction, so, armed with a jacket andno use for. He gives it to Emma’s house and installs it on her computer. pair of shoes that may or may not withstand the trauma of dancing, I decide to hit the nearestWhen they sign on, they’re immediately logged onto Facebook… but nightclub with my non-geek friends (don’t be so shocked - I do have friends offline!!)Facebook hasn’t been invented yet. They are looking at their lives 15years from that point and every time they refreshed their pages, their Realising that I was now on foreign soil, I decided to first study these clubbers before I joinedfutures changed. them, just like Jane Goodall did with the apes when she came to the startling conclusion that no one has any clue what they’re doing on the dance floor. I mean, there is music playing and thereThis book was a refreshing read. It was fun; suspenseful with a little are bodies moving but, sadly, any relation between the two seems to lie outside the boundariesromantic twist. It’s a story about what’s right and what’s wrong in life, and of known science. Anyway, after 15 minutes of boredom, observational studies and copiousthe decisions we make in our youth that affect our future. The authors amounts of Red Bull through a sippy cup, I decided to join the fray – do as the Romans do, Iremind us that what we do in the present always affects the future. thought -and eased my way onto the dance floor.Written with dark humour, and astute observation about the teenage I started out with the “yes man” routine - you know, the one where your head moves wildlycondition, The Future of Us is one of those books that you keep on a while the rest of your body seems to be made of stone? But after one too many creaking noisesreachable shelf, so you could read it over and over again. from what was my fully moving neck, I decided to progress to another school of dance evident that night, which I like to call “the roof is falling”!!! How do you do this mystifying move you ask? (Just ask, will you!!!) It’s simple - you raise your hand in the air (admit it, you just said “like youBSAK Teachers Deliver Bikes to Africa just don’t care” in your head) and pretend the ceiling is falling, soon to crush you into a horrible squishy pulp if you don’t catch it (bonus points if you manage that look of abstract terror on your face). But very soon that also became boring and I moved on to other styles such as “my feet are glued to the floor”, “ants in my pants” and also the world-renowned “chicken dance” (for further research, please refer to your nearest kindergarten) before finally settling into the highly-energetic “cockroach stomp” (directions: lift one foot up bring it down as hard as possible; repeat with other foot). The end result of the night was one sprained neck, one set of embarrassed friends, several broken toes and one geek banned from the nightclub for life!!! So my final hypothesis? I think I’m better off killing zombies than dance moves, don’t you think? Childhood Thoughts: The Power of Fear By Mashal Abbasi I am six years old. There are monsters under my bed. I cannot sleep at night. These are the fearsTeachers from The British School - Al Khubairat, Louise Jenkins of a child. Children are the epitome of innocence. They see the world through eyes untarnishedand Michelle Fleming, recently travelled to Zambia to present the by the harsh reality of today. They know no absolute evil, yet still they fear. They fear what they imagine to be real. They fear what they do not know.African charity organisation, World Bike Relief, with 100 bikes thatthe school purchased with money accumulated through various Tom is my best friend. He has blue skin, four arms and two heads. He is very strong. He willfundraising initiatives. Whilst in Zambia the teachers were involved protect me from the monsters under my bed. Tom is not real, but this child fears loneliness. Hewith distributing the bikes to children, meeting local families, and doesn’t want to be alone, so he invents an imaginary friend. Children deal with fear the only waysupporting the community with some Sunday market shopping. they know how, they escape from it and they flee from reality. My room is a castle. It has trees that grow candy, and the grass is made of marshmallows. TheSent in by Michelle Fleming, Head of Media Studies at The British School flowers taste like chocolate and the river is filled with strawberry milk. The clouds are cotton- Al Khubairat. candy and it rains lollipops. This is my sanctuary. There is no fear here. This is home.
  • 5. www.tempoplanet.comwhat’s hot > Abu Dhabi Festival 11 March - 6 April | Emirates Palace AuditoriumDo you want to be inspired and mingle among the cultured? Well, this is your time! The ninth edition of the Abu Dhabi Festival is upon us, running from 11 March to 6 April atthe Emirates Palace Auditorium. The Abu Dhabi Festival is an annual event organized by the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation where musicians, artists and performers cometogether to celebrate art and culture. It offers an amazing programme line-up ranging from musicians to dancers to performances. Celebrate the finest art and culture the UAE hasto offer; an opportunity that only comes once a year. It’s a “culture shock” you don’t want to miss.Visit for further information.Tickets can be purchased online at or from the Abu Dhabi Festival box office at Emirates Palace. Taste of Dubai Festival “The Rivals” by Resuscitation Theatre 15 -17 March | Dubai Media City Amphitheatre 28 - 30 March | Corniche Abu DhabiFeed your soul - not with music or books – but, literally, with food at the Taste of Dubai Local performing arts group Resuscitation Theatre is back with their latest inventiveFestival from 15 to 17 March at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre. and entertaining adaptation of a classic text from the English theatre. The group, who will perform Richard Sheridan’s The Rivals during the Abu Dhabi Festival, truly representsThis is the event for food lovers! Surround yourself in an environment to tantalize the cultural community of the capital with a multinational cast and crew including twoyour tastebuds, breathe in delectable aromas and tempt your palette with delightful Emirati actors and an Emirati director. Their brilliant interpretation of the Restorationflavours. comedy is a fusion of Arabic and English influences in an hilarious and original style. The Rivals will be performed on 28, 29 and 30 March at 8pm in a majlis tent at Sahil AlThe Taste of Dubai Festival presents gorgeous gourmet dishes, as well as live Meydan on the Corniche, Abu Dhabi. Tickets are free but booking is essential.entertainment, outstanding chefs doing their thing and first-class restaurants To receive your invitation, send an email to with your name, contactshowing who is best. The Taste of Dubai Festival is certainly food for thought, right? number and number of seats required. On receipt of the booking, you will be sent more details of the event. Tickets must be collected at the desk outside the tent an hour before theFor more information on timings, or to purchase tickets, go to performance.
  • 6. • To mark the successful conclusion of Gourmet Abu Dhabi 2012 (by the newly renamed Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority - ADTCA) the Concierge dedicates this column to all things food. This year’s Gourmet served up an eclectic fare with something for every palette. A hot ticket was the UAE’s own Chef Khulood who was featured in Tempo’s January issue. • Heard of Batook gum? Apparently the Saudi chewing company is minting money in KSA because of its wide adoption by many stores as “currency”, offered to customers instead of small change. Will this trend pick up here? Hope not, otherwise we’ll certainly see more visits to the dentist. But as it so happened I went to the newly revamped Coop supermarket in Khalidiya and was offered a couple of chocolates instead of 50 fils coins. I wasn’t happy, but I accepted them. I needed to go back into the store to pick up something else and went through the cash counter again, and rather cheekily offered them back the same chocolates back, as currency. They weren’t amused. But isn’t the idea of “legal tender” something that everyone accepts? • Speaking of the Coop, there was one deli item that used to be available only there: their gorgeous lime pickles. I’ve been back a few times to buy them but they’re never there. Tragic really. • Many of you gourmands and gourmets have probably heard of Yemeni honey, which holds its own among the world’s finest, but Abu Dhabi International Comedy Festival how many of you have heard of Yemeni tuna? Occasionally you 8 - 9 March | National Theatre, Abu Dhabi may come across them in supermarket shelves. You’ll find that packaging isn’t so great, and the branding quite elementary,For the first time ever, Abu Dhabi will host a unique event filled with exploding laughter but the tuna...? Fresh. Speaking of Yemeni seafood watch out forand outrageous fun! On 8 and 9 March, the Abu Dhabi National Theatre will host the the film adaptation of Paul Torday’s book “Salmon Fishing in theinaugural Abu Dhabi International Comedy Festival. Jokesters representing eightnationalities - including Lebanon, USA, the Philippines and, yes, the UAE – will perform Yemen” which has been well received at the Toronto Film Festivala side-splitting show that will have the audience rolling on the floor with laughter! and opens in US theatres this month. But this is a column about food ; I am digressing so stick to Yemeni tuna in the can for now.Headlining Day 1 will be Filipino-Canadian comic Ron Jossol who holds the title of • You don’t have to be French to know that “boulangerie” means“Funniest Filipino”. Day 2 will see Lebanese-American comedian Nemr Abou Nassar “bakery” so you’d assume that an outlet that was calledending the festival with a barrage of hilarious, fall-off-your-seat gags. “boulangerie” would serve, bread...right? Not if you’re theMore information from Boulangerie on the Corniche breakwater which serves continental cuisine and everything else but. Which sorta reminds me of “qu’ils mangent de la brioche” (let them eat cake) famously delivered by Abu Dhabi Book Fair Marie Antoinette. 28 March - 2 April | ADNEC • Yes, bread is one of those finer points of a meal, like a full stop in Have you read your novels over and over and can’t find a sentence. So you’d think restaurants would care more about the anything interesting in the bookshops? Imagine a huge bread they serve. Have you noticed that some restaurants offer library where you can get lost and go completely book- crazy - just like a kid in a candy store! Great news! The terrific multi-textured bread (like Vasco’s in Abu Dhabi) and other Abu Dhabi Book Fair is back in town from 28 March to 2 great restaurants offer cheap cafeteria fare? (Sorry Bricco) April from 9am-10pm (Friday 4pm – 10pm) at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. The Abu Dhabi Book Well, bon appetit and au revoir. Fair features thousands of literary items on almost any topic you can think of, including school textbooks and novels, plus book signings, poetry readings and That’s all for today. Send me your rants, raves, gripes and grumbles. the chance to mix with fellow booklovers. Write to me: More details are available online at The Concierge
  • 7. game hedz > tech talk > Blakniss | Original game head from Atari to XBox! Shahid Saeed | Talker for the Non-TechiesMarch is for Mass Effect...3! NOKIA N9 Nokia N9 has the loveliest hardware and classic design that I have seen. For the technically minded, If you have your priorities straight this it is 0.48-inch thick, 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor, 1GB month, the only thing you’ll be thinking RAM, 3.9” AMOLED screen, 8MP Camera with dual-LED about is Mass Effect 3 set for release on flash, built-in 16GB or 64GB flash storage, UMTS / HSPA March 6th. “Mass what?” you ask. Never (14.4Mbps) 3G radio, a quad band GSM / EDGE 2G radio mind, the Hedz is here to help. for legacy networks, NFC and as usual Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR, GPS / AGPS, sensors “ambient Mass Effect occurs in future where galactic light, proximity, orientation (accelerometer) and species of all sorts, including humanity, compass (magnetometer)”. The battery life is pretty decent considering the screen strive to work together amid interspecies size and has a talk time on GSM of 11 hours and on 3G of 7 hours. The standby time prejudice and politics. Interstellar travel is a maximum of 450 hours, with video playback time (720p) of 4.5 hours and music has been made possible by an ancient and playback time of 50 hours.extinct species known as The Protheans. Threatening the galaxy is a organic/robothybrid species called The Reapers that destroy all life every few millennia. At the centreof the story is your character, Commander Shepard, and you’ve gathered a motley crewof alien battle experts to solve the galactic mystery of the Reapers, and hopefully, savethe universe. Being a Role Playing Game (RPG), you must make all kinds of choices,which affect your reputation and ability to influence immediate outcomes and theultimate results like the nature of your relationships, who lives and dies and the endgame scenario.The strength of ME is the depth of story - very well written, dense and detailed - andthe seamless balance of RPG and third-person-shooter. It’s the best of both worldsand many critics have deemed it the most anticipated game of 2012. So far you’veuncovered the above dastardly plot, made some friends and enemies, gotten killed CANON POWERSHOT G1 Xthen resurrected, and kicked tons of alien butt. In ME 3 it all comes to a head, and the Canon has unveiled its most advanced PowerShot - the G1 X - that looks like theReapers take the battle to the home turf: Earth. This is the endgame. existing G-series compacts but is a very different prospect. This large sensor (18.7For the first time ME series will have a multiplayer; a 4-person co-op smartly limited to x 14mm) camera can capture 14MP with 28-112mm F2.8-5.8 4x zoom lens, 4-stopspecific missions (the demo was released Feb 14), and includes a cast of unlockable image stabilizer, optical viewfinder, 100-12,800 ISO range, 3.0” 920,000 dotscharacters. The interactive story-telling is more involved than ever and the impact of swiveling LCD, extensive manual controls, 14-bit RAW shooting (RAW+JPG), DIGIC 5your choices more far reaching than the first two editions - this makes replay too based HS system 4.5Fps continues shooting (up to 6 frames), Full HD 1080p moviestempting to resist. with stereo sound, HDR mode & ND Filter, SD, SDHC & SDXC memory, high speed USB, HDMI mini connectors and 6.5 Wh NB-10L battery rated at 250 shots and 420minOther new features include an omni-blade for melee attacks, all-new enemies and playback per charge.characters (yet to be revealed) and there’ll likely be new, more customisable weapons.Gameplay is also augmented with new moves like the evasive roll-move and probablyhas other surprises. NEWS & GOSSIP Monitor Your Home from Your iPhoneThe word is that this last instalment is riddled with emotion and intense moments, One of the overarching themes we have seen in the last year is the mobile-connectedso keep a box of tissues nearby. GH highly recommends you get this as soon as it’s automated home. Forgot to turn off a light after you left your house? Switch it off fromavailable and don’t let it go. We predict it will be 2012’s Game of the Year and if you don’t your phone. Want to adjust your home’s temperature to save energy on bills? There’sget it your coolness level will be severely and abruptly diminished without warning. an app for that too. And Dropcam HD, a Wi-Fi camera with a mobile app, uses live andGame on! recorded video so you can make sure all is well while away from home. Wake Up Without Disturbing Your Partner my fav app > We don’t all have the same sleep schedule, and this becomes problematic when sharing a bed. Now Lark ( has devised a silent alarm that is My favourite app is Dolphin Browser for iPhone, iPad & Android worn around your wrist while sleeping so you will be devices. I like this app because it is the fastest, easiest and most fun web browser, and the world’s first gesture, webzine woken up gently without disturbing your partner. As and Add-on enabled mobile web browser on android. It an added bonus, it will track your sleeping patterns features multi-touch zoom, tabbed browsing and side bar. I and provide you with relevant data through any iOS { Shakeel Hussain } have fallen in love with it! device such as an iPhone, iPod or iPad. Follow me on @shahidaasi
  • 8. View the #1 SONG IN THE UAE Ankit Lodha, a 24 year old accountant who loves music with heavy bass and constantly looks for new tunes to blast out of his car. 1. Aahatein (Remix) - Ek Mein Aur Ek Tu 2. Nothing Without Adele (Avicii Rolling Bootleg) – Avicii 3. Ex’d Up (Dirty) - Baba Kahn, Lomaticc & Sunny Brown Paradise - Coldplay 4. Rise Up – Moonraisers 5. Tere Bin - Bas Ek Pal Earthquake - Labrinth ft. Tinie Tempah 6. No I.D. Required - Midival Punditz, Hunble the Poet & Monica Dogra 7. Made of Love - Ferry Corsten Ft. Betsie Larkin 8. Tanhaai Mein Basi - Lucky Ali Give me all your luvin - Madonna ft MIA and Nicki Minaj 9. Jo Bhi Mein – Rockstar 10. Feel Good – Modstep Wild Ones - Flo Rida ft. Sia Turn Me On - David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj In Paris - Jay Z & Kanye West Somebody I Used To Know - Gotye ft. Kimbre Get Yourself Back Home - Gym Class Heroes ft. Neon Hitch Stronger - Kelly Clarkson Lego House - Ed Sheeran1. Part Of Me - Katy Perry 1. Hot Right Now - DJ Fresh ft. Rita Ora2. Set Fire To The Rain - Adele 2. Next To me - Emeli Sande3. I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston 3. Somebody I Used To Know - Gotye ft. Kimbre4. Stronger - Kelly Clarkson 4. Titanium – David Guetta Ft. Sia5. Rolling In The Deep - Adele 5. Wild Ones - Flo Rida ft. Sia6. We Are Young - fun. Featuring Janelle Monae 6. Domino - Jessie J7. Someone Like You - Adele 7. Alone Again - Alyssa Reid ft. Jump Smokers8. We Found Love - Rihanna Featuring Calvin Harris 8. T.H.E. - Will.I.Am ft. Mick Jagger and Jennifer Lopez9. Starships - Nicki Minaj 9. One Thing - One Direction10. Turn Up The Music - Chris Brown 10. Twilight - Cover Drive
  • 9. www.tempoplanet.commy style blueprint Name: Hooba Ehab Age: 22FAV BUY OF THE PAST MONTH: SkimboarderA PLAIN GREEN HOODIE SWEATER FROM H&M. Fashion Statement:I GOT MANY NICE COMMENTS ABOUT IT. The choice of colours, for me, is what defines fashion. And of course, the wayDescribe your personal style in less than 10 words the clothes fit on a person bringing outI like simple clothes. Something light, plain and stylish. the desired look. Your top places to shop in AD? Zara, Pull and Bear, H&M, Splash and Hamed Center for accessories. Does AD have style? Every country has its own style and nothing can be judged as it is a matter of opinion. As for Abu Dhabi, it is not one person so you can find all sorts of styles in this country. Do you have any fashion pet peeves? I hate seeing people wearing very heavy jackets when it’s only slightly cold.
  • 10. www.tempoplanet.comAmerican Women’s NetworkAt Home with the U.S. AmbassadorBy Alma KadragicPhotos by Praveen PrabhakaranBack in 1994 when the UAE was23 years old, a group of Americanwomen living in Abu Dhabi startedan informal group they called theAmerican Women’s Network or AWNfor short. Chris Meritzis and Deborah Kompanik relax under the digital work titled “To the Moon” by Zayed University student Maitha Demaithan. After answering some questions, Ambassador Corbin, who has been in the UAEThe UAE celebrated its 40th anniversary last December, and AWN is still going for six months, left to start his official work day while AWN members stayed forstrong, providing some American-style neighborliness to women in Abu Dhabi more coffee, art appreciation and networking.whether they are Americans or not, as long as they want to make new friendsand take part in local activities.Last month U.S. Ambassador Michael Corbin invited AWN members to his residencefor coffee and a look at the art works collected under the title Beyond the Frame:Contemporary Art in the Emirates. Chris Corcoran, Selam Asghedom, and Theresa Stokes illustrate what AWN is all about: making new friends.Ambassador Corbin with members of AWN’s board of directors: Pam Tabbaa, KimMartin, President Carole Finck, Alma Kadragic, Anne Armour, Mary Dietrich, andMargaret Hurtado from the EmbassyIn brief welcoming remarks, Ambassador Corbin paid tribute to AWN for providing“a wonderful opportunity for people to get together.” He invited the guests toenjoy the exhibition of Emirati art, explaining that although American embassiesand residences usually display American art, he chose to focus on art from the Carole Finck, and mother-daughter team Doreen Grieve and Quincy SzymeczekUAE. connect with Fareed Abdullah from the US Embassy press office.
  • 11. www.tempoplanet.comyouth talkThe Beast Inside > By Ahmed SamirBaboons fight to the death; over territory, mates, and at times for whatseems to be no reason. (They really do, I watched it on TV. Quite the brutalundertaking! Heads smashed to red pulp!) And not just baboons, this kind ofcompetition within the same species is common among more animals than Ican name. To be an animal is to be senseless, thoughtless, and brutal, right?Well, possibly. It follows that to be human, then, is to be the opposite. Tobe human is to be compassionate and merciful; it’s where the term “humanebehaviour” comes from. Humans are good! Inspirations and Idols > By Shamma Al Suwaidi veryone has a goal in life, no matter how depressing, horrible orBut are they? You need only a half-keen eye to notice the similarities between hard their life may be. Even if some don’t succeed, it doesn’t meanhumankind and animalkind. How different are the aforementioned baboons that they don’t have a goal. But not all goals are the same. Someand the humans waging war as you read this? Isn’t it all a fight over land? And are much bigger than others; these are the goals of the strong.the similarities don’t end there. But having a goal isn’t everything. You have to achieve that goal in order to prove yourself successful. There is always that one thing that youAren’t our most basic needs the same? Food, shelter, mates, the continuity of must complete at some point.our species. Speaking of mates and species continuation, don’t both animalsand humans beautify themselves in attempt to attract mates? When you look “How do I do that?” you ask. Well, it’s actually pretty simple. Youat someone and think “good-looking”, you’re doing it: you’re behaving just as just need some self-confidence and inner strength. This is wherean animal would. We say animals behave without thinking, but don’t we as inspirations come in. Inspirations can be anything. In fact, inspirationswell? There is little conscious thought behind human attraction, there is only are pretty much everything. Let’s take Steve Jobs as an example. Stevea drive that we cannot explain, but nonetheless act upon. Humans may use inspired thousands, maybe millions of people around the world withtrips to the gym and agreeable clothing and, say, peacocks may pull their his amazing ideas and his ever-growing confidence in himself and hisfeathers into full display, but it’s essentially the same. country. And even though he isn’t here with us today (God Bless his Soul), he is still a bright bulb and a burning star for believers from allCannibalism is common in the animal world. So is the case with humans, if to nationalities. He was an inspiration.a lesser degree. Two humans caged in a cell and starved will eat each othereventually, just as an animal denied food would not hesitate to eat one of its But for many others, Steve is what we call an idol. Now, here is wherekind. What’s more, animals need to feel important and dominant. That is why the confusion starts. I’m not trying to offend, criticize or insult anyone.a bird might destroy the nest of another, or a snake might kill another to gain There is nothing really wrong with having an idol. I’m just trying to saydominance. Again, humans do the same. We gossip, ridicule others, form little that idolism is only helpful up to a point. Inspirations are different tosocial circles and ban others from joining in; all, in essence, a need to make idols because if you idolize someone to an inappropriate level, it meansothers inferior. One need only look at a high school to see the continuous you’re not being original anymore. You’re not following what your heartstruggle for popularity and social dominance in stark display! The similarities tells you; instead, you follow what others do or say and try to imitateare too many to mention. them in any way you can.Is it the long-smothered animal instinct fighting its way out? Or do both Summing it all up, I just wanted to clarify the difference between anthe gentle and merciless sides of humanity coexist within the fabric of our inspiration and an idol. They are both the same type of thing, but idolismspecies? Which is the most dominant, which is the one to rightfully cling to is when you take inspiration a little too far. As I mentioned previously,and nurture? Are we still animals or are we something wholly different? Am I, there is nothing wrong with having an idol, just as long as you keepand you, no different than silverback gorillas and your imitations under control.the zebras of the savannah? So here’s the lesson for everyone: don’t stop believing! Work towardHumanity is an interesting species, your goals and don’t stop until you get there. Use your inspirations toto say the least! keep your ideas alive, but don’t take it too far. Like the old saying myFollow me on Twitter or mom always told me: “If they jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?!?”email:
  • 12. www.tempoplanet.comcity bitesA Mix Of Heaven: Nolu’s Café By Sharon Carvalho er mother never wanted her to get in to the restaurant business. Having been a chef in her own restaurant for many years, she knew the trials and the many tribulations of bringing Afghani cooking to the world. Cooking had always been a passion for Marjon Ajami. Shetried to get out of it by studying fashion design and had an entire plan set upto open a little mid-range boutique in Abu Dhabi. But a bit of a hiccup and afew deviations later, fate intervened and Marjon started Nolu’s Café . That wasfour months ago. If you’re wondering where the name originates, it’s from herchildren NOah and LUjayn. Smart, huh? Smarter still was her decision to fuseAfghani traditional culinary influences with classic American dishes. Locatedin picturesque Al Bandar, overlooking the marina, Nolu’s Café is a little piece ofgastronomical heaven.Tempo visited the restaurant recently. We were warmly greeted by the staffand led to comfy green sofas and soft lighting. We were first served “The Juiceof the Day” which was a delicious mix of orange, cranberry and mango freshjuices; a perfect blend of sweet and tangy. Then came the most delicious soupI’ve ever eaten….barley soup, which may put a lot of people off but this soupwas creamy (without the cream) and delicious and lemony and just brilliant.It was a soup that reminded me of home cooked meals and comfort food ona cold winter’s day.Our next dish was Bolani, a typical Afghani flat pastry filled with a mixtureof potato, onions, cilantro, scallions and a variety of spices. It was seared toperfection and served with chutney and yoghurt. The mixture was the perfectblend of spices and potato, and the chutney and yoghurt complimented eachother to combat the spice of the chutney and enhance all the flavours. Nextcame some delicious dumplings. The steamed pastry melted in my mouth togive way to the most succulent, juicy and delicately spiced meat called Mantoo.Borani Banjon and Borani Kadoo followed - eggplant and squash respectivelysautéed in saffron, cardamom, tomatoes and other spices, all dipped in a bedof yoghurt. Now, I’m not a huge fan of squash but Marjon’s preparation had mebegging for more!This glorious meal was brought to a triumphant end with a cheesecake thathad a soft creamy filling and buttery biscuit base. It was the perfect endingto a memorable meal. While I may have stuck to the more traditional Afghanidishes on the menu, Nolu’s Café has something for everyone, including avariety of burgers and pizzas, sandwiches and a salad bar of over 40 toppingsand mixings. An all round thumbs up, I say.
  • 13. www.tempoplanet.comCALLING PLANET EARTHHERE COME THE PLANETARIANS!Compiled by Xenia SwartsA new breed of eco-superheroes has come to help save our world! Recycling, saving the planet,The Planetarians is a new CSR initiative, supported by BrandMoxie becoming a volunteer orand other like-minded businesses, to focus corporates and thecommunity on the preciousness of our finite global resources. donating to a good cause canThe vision is to create a community, a movement, a state of mind become significant habits andthat revolves around creating a better world through promotingsustainable products and ideas, and to espouse a kinder and are small ways we can startgentler way to do business, create communities and grow. contributing to improvingWe believe there are many like-minded individuals who want tosave our world and support our communities. Join our register conditions around and show you care! Our aim is to get over 1,000 supportersbefore the next edition, so spread the word in any way youcan -Twitter, Facebook, BBM, Google + or simply talking to your Remember, we only have onefriends. planet, and we need to takeLog into and sign the register, post ablog or simply share your ideas. We would love to hear from you. care of it.SIMPLE WAYS TO TAKE ACTION TODAY: HERE’S A TIP:• Instead of throwing away your old newspapers, use them as gift Become a volunteer and show someone that you care. wrapping paper• Recycle, recycle, and recycle some more! Buy three bins and label them: To start you off, we have given you Paper, Waste and Other 40 ways to save the planet. Tear• Join the paperless environment. The less paper that is used, the fewer out the 2012 Planetarians calendar trees will be cut down from the centre pages and stick it• Keep your A/C temperature at a constant 24° to maximize efficiency in a highly visible place. Share the• Plant a herb garden or grow your own vegetables ideas with your family members… and live them at home and at workDOES ANYONE KNOW? every day.• What happens to food that is not consumed at restaurants and food• courts? Does it get thrown away? What happens to the glass and cans that are thrown into the large THIS MONTH’S ECO-SUPER HEROES: recycling containers at various points across the city? Do they really go A big shout out to schools like Abu Dhabi Indian School and The Cambridge High through a recycling process or are the contents dumped into a landfill? School Abu Dhabi for taking early strides to promote green living. Environment clubs in schools are the best way to get students involved and teach themIf you know the answers, post your comments on how to protect the environment from a young age. A BRANDMOXIE INITIATIVE
  • 14. March MY MARCH TO DO LIST MY MARCH ECO PLEDGE 4 5 6 Cheryl Wayco Arjun Suria orld @ Hedge Funds W wers h Emirates To abia Jumeira 5-8 Art Night @ Cafe Ar Playworld ME @ DICEC 6- 8 Ankit Lodha 11 12 13 Hansel Punnam Ismael Gabriel Saballa MEFTEC Khalid Al Shaer Dubai International Boat Show @ Dubai International Marine @ ADNEC Abu Dhabi Festiva Club 13-17 l @ Emirates Palac e and Abu Dhabi Theatre 18 19 20 Nana Christie Muhaimma Sulaiman Phoebe Jaspe a am ISNR 201 Anoushk Dre @ ADNEC 19 2 Traveller- irates Palace ig ht’s atre -21 Em er N The Shankar@ mm Dhabi u ids u A M @ Ab 25 26 27 Veronica Saif Arikat Saif Al Madani Sutra - Show / Anto Sidi Larbi Ch i Yacht n e Brzósk y Gormley - rkaoui Ab u Dhab -26 a @ Em Sz Wagner’s The Ring Cycle 24 irates ymon @ VOX Gold Palace
  • 15. 1 2 3 Abdu Naidu Aisha David Guetta nal @ Yas Arena Abu Dhabi Internatio Trevor Fund Raising Day Triathlon @ ZSC Alena 7 8 9 10 Chris Xaviour Davina Lewis Fatoom Ahmed Abu Dhabi International Comedy Festival Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series Care Rooftop Rhythms @ Dubai polo & Equestrian @ National Theatre 8-9 @ D ers UAE @ Cafe Arabia Club 2-11 ICEC 5-7 14 15 Laveezah Khan 16 Marlene Vaz 17 Mehreen Malik Kling Blaza Women as Global Leaders Conference Design Days Dubai WETEX Exhibition Taste of Dubai @ Emaar Boulevard 18-21 @ Zayed University 12-15 @ Dubai Festival City 15-17 @ DICEC 13-15 21 22 23 24 Malik Kaddoura Vanessa Reem Hamoui Resplendent Russia @ Emirates Palace Tamak Richard Brown k Mamo an Seminar ura Au @ ditoriu m onal i Internati yers Abu Dhab k Fair Art Dubai @ Ma dinat The Dream Pla Boo r Nasser Shamma & The Global Jumeirah 21-24 at I@W Mar- 2 Ap Music Ensemble @ ADNEC 28 @ Emirates Palace 28 Manju 29 30 31 Ges @ Em tures of irates Light Ghaf Palace a Dany Jaber Zeeshan Razzaqi Zainab Khan Galle nd ry ernational Abu Dhabi Int NEC ift Fair Book Fair @ AD ndly G llEco-Frie at I@W Ha EC ow @ ADN dere La Baya Palace Spring Sh irates @ Em
  • 16. www.tempoplanet.comTOP OF THE POPSFEBRUARY’S DREAM PLAYER HAS IT ALLBy Sharon CarvalhoWhat do you get when you combine a killer voice,magnetic personality, and a winning smile? The answeris Osama El Kamel of Sudan, winner of February’s editionof The Dream Players.Despite tough competition from four other talented contestants, Osama stole thejudge’s hearts with his moving rendition of the popular hit ‘Back to Black’ by the lateAmy Winehouse. FEBRUARY’SIt was a fantastic show and full of firsts for The Dream Players, one being that DREAMthe contestants were all male. “We were so surprised after narrowing down the PLAYERapplicants for the show that we were left with only males,” laughed production Osama El Kamelassistant, Mashal Abbasi. “Each contestant sang their hearts out, and truly raisedthe bar in terms of talent.” a few close friends. “It was these friends that gave me the push IThe Dream Players also welcomed the first Emirati to the stage - 27-year-old singer needed to audition for The Dream Players which was my first liveMuneer Al Obeidly. He tied with El Kamel for the win, but ultimately, Osama walked performance as a singer,” he said. “I had never participated in a singingaway with the grand prize after further consultation by the judges. competition before, and definitely have never trained professionally.”Speaking about his performance, Muneer, a musician by night and doctor by day, Of all the prizes Osama won on the night of the show, the most excitingsaid, “I loved that the show was friendly and competitive at the same time, and I was an unexpected offer from Emirati judge and recording artist, Ahmedappreciated the honest feedback from the judges.” Al Suwaidi. Wowed by Osama’s spectacular performance, Ahmed generously promised Osama a chance to record in his studio and to collaborate on a trackOther contestants were Ronnel Cabagnot from the Philippines, Hafiz Ur Rehman from for his upcoming album due to be released at the end of 2012. “It’s going to beIndia, and Hamoodi Rehman from Palestine. a fantastic opportunity,” said Osama. “I was caught completely by surprise, andOsama, an engineering graduate from the University of Sharjah, never expected to would be honored to work with Mr Al Suwaidi.”be winning accolades for his vocal skills. “Music and singing was never a big part of Another first for The Dream Players was an impromptu singing of The Beatles’my school life, and it wasn’t something that was encouraged,” said Osama. “I used to anthem ‘Hey Jude’ by all of the contestants after the competition. Surprising bothlisten to music and sing along to the songs I loved, but I never took singing seriously the audience and judges, the five took to the stage, accompanied by Hamoodi onand didn’t think I had a good enough voice.” guitar, and within a few bars had the entire room singing along.Auditioning for The Dream Players for Osama happened completely by chance. “Myfriend sent me the link on Facebook, and I went through the website and thought it “This is what The Dream Players is all about,” said Kera Thompson, judge andwould be an interesting opportunity,” he said. production manager of the event. “We take five people from differing nationalities andWithin days of applying, Osama auditioned, was selected, and booked a complimentary backgrounds, and bring them together to provephotoshoot with Nabeela Huda, an extremely talented photographer and university that we aren’t so very different from each otherstudent. Nabeela shot with Osama and was captivated by his smile as well as his after all.”personality. “Osama was such a fun guy, and I loved that he was so enthusiastic andinvolved in the shooting process.” “The feeling of community and togetherness that this show achieves is so uplifting and we areOsama only began singing a few years ago, and even then, only shared his talent with proud to provide it.” Check out the website
  • 17. The Dream Players team sends a huge shout out to their lovely host, Mylene Gomera. As an actress, Mylene is used to having to ad-lib and think on her feet while looking gorgeous and the team thanks her for being the glue that keeps the show together. With warmth, ease and grace she enthralls the audience with her wit and calms the participants with her banter. Thank you, Mylene!THE PLAYERS THE JUDGES Hamoodi Rahman: Michelle Nickelson: Michelle is the President and COO of Mirage Foundations, and Hamoodi is a graphic design student passionate owner of MENA Cinefinance Fund, the first film investment fund from the GCC region. about art and music. He has won 2 awards this Michelle has worked at Warner Brothers Studio and iBeam Broadcasting, and produced year for poster design, the Nawa Awards and an the first ever world-premiere of a Hollywood film in the Middle East, “The Last Legion”, Abu Dhabi Environmental Agency competition. starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Aishwarya Rai. She is currently developing the feature film Hamoodi looks forward to achieving his goals franchise Antar the Black Knight and is also the Executive Producer of the film trilogy. with his talents. He loves to sing, take pictures and hang out with his friends. Ahmed Al Suwaidi: Ahmed is an Emirati singer and composer who started his music career in 2003 when he joined the Super Star Music Competition in Lebanon, the Arabic version of American Idol. He has competed in several other festivals with great success. Ahmed recorded his first album in 2009 and his single ‘Yo Dany Dan’ won best youth Khaleejy video clip at the Oscar Arabic Song Festival in Egypt in 2011. Ronnel Cabagnot: Ruth Burrows: Ruth Burrows has 20 years of experience in the field of theatre and events. Starting as a performer, she played many classical roles with a twist Ronnel Chrizz, or ‘Roc’ for short, sings for free, for a touring company in the UK that specialised in Elizabethan and Jacobean tragi- especially in the bathroom! He simply loves comedy. Having had her fill of Shakespeare, Marlowe and Beaumont & Fletcher, Ruth singing and is waiting for singing to love him then turned her attention to stage and costume design and now feels much more at too! home backstage. A resident of Abu Dhabi since 1997, Ruth currently works as a senior designer for one of the largest event companies in the UAE. Kera Thompson: Kera Thompson has over 10 years of experience in both the fashion and design industry. In 2000, Kera reigned as Miss Indiana Teen USA and traveled the country as her state’s representative. The Miss Teen USA competition was aired nationally Hafiz Rehman: in which Kera placed 8th out of 51 state delegates. Now a seasoned professional model, Hafiz has been singing Hindi songs since she has gone on to work as both an actor and model in the international commercial, his school days where he was selected for film and fashion industries. Kera has a love of singing and has played the piano since inter school competitions. He also won the she was 6 years old, performing and competing at a state level. Kera represents The Best Singer award in college. Singing is not Dream Players team. his only talent; he also mimics Indian actors such as Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjeev Kumar and Raj Kumar. TALENT CALL! Do you have a talent? Would you like to be the next Dream Player? Go to to sign up and find out how you can Muneer Al Obeidly participate in our next event. Even the most incredible of journeys starts with a single step. Muneer’s step started in 2007 when he went to a karaoke bar and AUDIENCE CALL! discovered he could sing. A UAE national from The next Dream Players talent competition will be held on Thursday, Abu Dhabi, Muneer loves to make friends and March 22 at the Innovation@Work Hall. Be a part of the coolest live a healthy life…oh yeah, and be a doctor on community talent show in Abu Dhabi and cheer on the incredible the side. talent we’re discovering in the UAE! Call us on 02-4918624 to RSVP as space is limited!
  • 18. just handcrafted > articulate > Jan D’Sa | Scientist artiste hybrid Neena Rai | An artist with a flairHave Lunch in Style Art Dubai is BackAn Innovative New Idea Bigger and Better Than Ever Art lovers, mark 21- 24 March in your diaries because Art Dubai is 1 Place plastic container on the silver insulated side 2 Fold lower corner over box back! This sixth edition of Art Dubai at Madinat Jumeriah promises the most outstanding talent from across the world, and perhaps a 3 Fold remaining corners over box 4 Secure with attached elastic band little controversy.For those who take lunch to work or college, here is a lunchbox cooler that is practicaland snazzy. Designed by Carla Bygrave, owner of “All Things Bright and Beautiful”, Itake one to show off whenever I participate in exhibitions and need to have lunchbehind my stall. My lunchbox cooler is covered with a fabric of vibrant flowers spillinginto every corner, and I use it as a pick-me-up because the brilliant colours make mehappy on a dull, cloudy day. In fact, when I visit Carla’s exhibition stand during everycraft fair, I feel bright and beautiful as I view her signature fabric-felted buckets andbuntings lining the stand.Carla says she is fabric crazy and admits to having so much fabric that she is scaredof the rolls spilling out of her workshop room. I think most artisans can relate to that!How did Carla come up with this unique lunchbox cooler idea?“I needed to use up excess fabric in a project that was easy to make and also practical,and I had seen that the Japanese wrap their bento boxes in fabric. To adapt it to the Around 70 leading galleries will display the work of more than 500 artists, with theDubai heat, I lined the fabric with an aluminum insulating sheet to keep things cooler “Marker” concept stands something to look out for. The focus for this Art Dubai is thefor a longer time,” she explains. burgeoning Indonesian art scene. Five galleries, selected by curator Alia Swastika, are coordinating with new artists to produce special works.“A lot of my office worker friends love these cooler bags because they can bring theirpacked lunch in them without having to bring separate cool bags. The wrap also acts In my opinion, the icing on the cake will be the Cartier Exhibition. Cartier is an eventas a placemat on their desks.” For teen boys who think it’s no longer cool to take a sponsor, and this year they have created a unique jewellery line under the namelunch cool bag to school, have no fear. Carla has designed lunch boxes in the colours Cartier Naturellement. The exhibition showcases exotic creations inspired by natureand designs that teen boys would love. The great thing is that the wrap can adjust to and wildlife. The artist behind the collection, Christophe Ponceau, has portrayed adifferent box shapes and sizes. It is really simple to use Carla’s lunchbox cooler. Simply world inhabited by dazzling animals and flowers. Believe me, some of the pieces onplace the plastic container on the silver insulated side. Fold the lower corner over the display are simply out of this Fold the remaining corners over the box. Secure with the attached elastic cord. Cartier will also feature Aquarium, a distinctive installation of work and jewelleryVisit the All Things Bright & Beautiful Facebook by Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes. Composed of small and large rods with extrapage at large pearls, spheres and disks, it is an artpiece that is overwhelming, breathtaking,Beautiful-ME-creative-fabric-ideas imposing and intricate all at once, and inspires the contemplation of an ideal existence.Jan D’Sa is the artist-designer behind Janys De.Follow this handcrafting advocate’s trips ’n treats Along with Art Dubai, make sure you find some room in the diary from 15 – 25 Marchat the Cultural Arts Travelogue. to check out other initiatives such as the Sikka Art Fair and Design Days.
  • 19. www.tempoplanet.combook shelter By Sharon CarvalhoReading and RecyclingInspiring a new generationReading has become a hobby long forgotten. Gone are thedays when people curled up to read a good book and enjoyletting their imagination run wild. Tempo sat down with twoyoung Emirati girls, Mariam Al Khayat and Shaika AbdulrahmanAl Shamsi, who have made it their mission to rescue booksthrough their initiative, The Book Shelter.Tell us a little bit about yourselves. How do you know each other? What progress have you made since the initiation of The Book Shelter?We grew up in Al Ain and have been friends since the fourth grade. One bond formed through a The Book Shelter evolved quickly as we’ve had many opportunities open to us. Last month, welove for reading and writing. We both shared an equal obsession with books. We created our first opened a permanent Book Station at Al Maraya Centre in Al Qasba (Sharjah) where people can gohandwritten and handdrawn magazine when we were 10. In the fifth grade we started a book and pick up free books. We are hoping to open other permanent book stations in other emiratesclub - we were the only members but we enjoyed it beyond belief. The world of books is one that to make it easier for people to get their books and donate.has been comfortable and familiar to us since an early age. We’re doing something we love and We’re also collaborating with a school in Ras Al Khaimah to provide them with much needed booksentering a domain we were always interested and involved in, so it felt natural to come up with an for their library and to create activities, such as fundraisers, where the students can get involvedidea together to promote something we strongly believe in. in bringing in books so that they experience first-hand the value of books.Tell us about The Book Shelter. What do you hope to achieve with this project?It is an Emirati book-sharing initiative that serves as a way of recycling unwanted books for One goal of The Book Shelter focuses on recycling books and making them accessible to everyone.others to enjoy free of cost! All expenses are shouldered by us – there are no shipping fees and We’ve had a lot of the support from the community in the UAE and we hope this grows so thatall books are free. Using book donations from the community, we are creating a virtual library people feel personally responsible for book sharing and it becomes natural for people to recyclewith a continuously updated inventory of books that is accessible to everyone in the United Arab their books by giving them or exchanging them with others.Emirates. We accept book donations and find them new homes through various projects such asThe Book Repertoire and The Reading Nook. We are also extremely passionate about education and wish to provide as much help and awareness to schools and students about the value of reading, not just through providing freeHow and when did you come up with the idea and when did this idea become a reality? books, but by organizing events and activities that revolve around the theme of reading. We wantWe are two book lovers. Our love for reading is lifelong. Books and stories are things that are a future generation of readers that have high dreams and aspirations for themselves and for theirembedded in our childhood memories. We’re also book collectors and will take any opportunity to country, and reading implants this drive in children.pick up a book, whether we are in a bookstore or a supermarket. If the place sells books we willbuy one. Before we travel we do our research into the country’s local bookstores and those are the How can Tempo readers help The Book Shelter?spots we look forward to visiting. The Book Shelter is run by a very small group of people (4 to be exact!) and we do everything ourselves. We personally deliver and pick up books, take care of expenses out of our own pockets,We actually started this idea in 2006. It ran successfully for a while and then we shut it down. Our update the website and so on.passion for books continued and that’s why the idea never died. Rescuing books is something wedo all the time. We rescue books from friends, family and anyone we hear of that has books they Naturally, book donations help tremendously. We’d love receive donations from readers who havedon’t use or care about or want to throw away. books collecting dust on their shelves or books they don’t read anymore. We’d also love for people who share the same passion we have for reading to come onboard The Book Shelter team. As weWe try to buy books from stores that use them as decoration. We don’t like every book we rescue, grow, we need more hands so if anyone is interested in volunteering their time and skills we’d lovebut books are books, and we value them. The Book Shelter only started up again recently, but it’s to have them join us!something we have been doing on a personal level all our lives. Visit to get in touch with the girls and learn more!
  • 20. doc in the house > mum unlimited > Dr. DMS | A doc from the Bronx Sarah Widdup | Living the dream, needing the sleepHow Does Death Affect You? What Do You Find When You Get Lost?A Personal Account The Funny Side of LifeMy job primarily deals with other people’s misfortunes. After many years of It was with great anticipation and excitement that I packed my suitcasethis type of exposure, I have managed to develop a healthy distance from all on Friday morning. I was off to Dubai for a concert with the girls – my firstthe suffering around me. But what happens when that suffering is my own? overnight trip anywhere on my own since I had my first child almost 6 yearsRecently, I dealt with the loss of a very close family member. In true life irony, ago! I was looking forward to some time to just be me, a break from being theI get the information that she is gravely ill via a text message during an ever-present and responsible mum. The perfect girls weekend.overnight shift. I was following the events almost in real time via text andemail, and by 6.00am, I had a flight booked and was ready to go and “take care And then things went a touch awry.of business”. This time, however, the “taking care of business” would be much When we got to Dubai, we shopped up a storm - as you do - and by the timedifferent. I had a long flight to prepare and think things over. we were done, it was marching on for 7.30pm. Off we raced to the hotel, got glammed up and ready to go. It was 9pm by the time we left. Oops, the bandOn arrival, I went directly to the hospital to see her. All at once, it hit me. All was supposed to go on at 9pm. Haha!, we thought, when does the band everthose years of building up protective defense mechanisms failed me now. In start on time?? Apparently in Dubai they instant, I had become a regular civilian guy, visiting his moribund familymember. I took a moment to process what I was seeing. I’ve had no special What happened after we left the hotel will go down in our little ladies book oftraining to deal with my own anguish. I was doing this “on the fly”- like I have hilarious legends. We got lost. Oh my word, did we get lost. Not just a wrongseen at work, by many, over the years turn, but a series of hiccups that meant we didn’t arrive at the Sevens Stadium until just after 10pm. I mean, is that stadium even technically in Dubai??? ItAround 24 hours after my arrival, I received the phone call at 4.23am. I knew was blimmin’ miles away! Miles and miles and extra miles to get lost in.who it was and what I had to do. Immediately, I went to the hospital to be withher to say my final goodbyes. This was to be the last time I would ever lay What happened while we were getting horribly lost was one of those great,eyes on her. It was my turn to experience what it’s really like to say your final extended bouts of hilarity and silliness that seem to arrive just when you needgoodbyes. I went to the room and just sat there, watching the sun rise. Then them most. As we all peered out the car window wondering where on earthI hugged and kissed her one final time. Now, I was devastated. This really was we were, secretly thinking “we’ll never get there in time”, the stories startedthe end. But, at the same time, I had made peace with the situation. Her old to come out – really funny stories. I have not laughed as much for a long, longframe was tired, and now she could rest. She was free to fly. time.I won’t try to empathize with families who have lost someone as it seems so So we got lost in Dubai, missed all but 20 minutes of the concert and thenpersonal. It’s not my place. I couldn’t understand how they felt as I had never had to drive all the way back to our hotel. Butbeen there myself. But things change and I now understand the sadness. it was fun! The kind of fun that happens whenWe all deal with loss differently, but I won’t change my approach. It’s much you least expect it – the best kind of fun. Andmore personal than I thought initially. I didn’t need any nameless medic to it’s fun you can never replicate with other peoplefeel compelled to share in my grief for someone that he/she didn’t know. So, again, a total one-off in the giggles department. So yeah, we got lost, but we found something toif I seem aloof, please understand that it’s out of respect for my patients and laugh at – ourselves. Pretty much the perfecttheir families; that during their final gathering I will kindly and quietly slip out girls weekend really.of the room. Check out her blog
  • 21. www.tempoplanet.commaking a difference By Sharon CarvalhoGlorious OrphanageThere’s nothing like a child’s smile to the warms thedepths of your heart. It was the smiles of the manyorphaned children in Tanzania that inspired LujanMourad to join the Glorious Orphanage Corporation andstrive to do all she could to help these children lead abetter life. Tempo sat down with Lujan to learn aboutthe orphanage and its magnificent work.Tell us about yourself and any previous involvement in charity organizations.I am a Syrian national who was born and raised in Abu Dhabi. I graduated from the AmericanInternational School and earned a Bachelor’s degree in IT from the Eastern Mediterranean Universityin Cyprus. While at high school and university, I would often volunteer during the summer to assistwith children in summer camps. I’ve done a few volunteering jobs through the Emirates Foundationbut Tanzania and Glorious Orphanage was my first international volunteering experience.Tell us about Glorious Orphanage.Glorious Orphanage is a care facility and school, mainly for orphans, with 81 students aged from 3to 11 years old. It is run by a Tanzanian couple named Alice Mathew and Julius Shuma, who are itsdirectors and founders. Alice was previously a volunteer for Care International, traveling aroundArusha tending to those with HIV and AIDS. She noticed that once her patients lost their battlewith AIDS, their children would either be taken in by relatives or foster families and were rarelygiven the opportunity of education. She took it upon herself to start a school on her own propertyfor these children, and, out of her own pocket, began feeding them once a week. Over time, herschool grew in size to its current total. Not all of these students are orphans, yet each child comesfrom extreme poverty.What were your reasons behind getting involved with Glorious Orphanage?I went to Tanzania through a New Zealand-based volunteering organization in November 2010and was randomly placed at Glorious Orphanage. I expected to spend two weeks assisting where Icould, and then move to volunteer at other orphanages in different countries. What I did not expect of Education in Tanzania which will add credibility to the education that the students are receivingwas for the children at Glorious to change my life completely. I was absolutely touched by the spirit and assist them in their future endeavors. In November, an anonymous Emirati woman donatedof the children, and I knew that when the 2 weeks were over, there was no way I was going to be AED 60,000 to the orphanage. In addition, the Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort generously sentable to return to my normal routine and life. I then contacted Hannah Ames, the founder the US- three of their staff members with funds to Glorious Orphanage. Our current challenge is spacing.registered Glorious Orphanage Corporation, and told her that I am eager to do whatever it takes to Glorious has expanded so much to accommodate our current numbers that we are no longer ablecontinue helping Glorious. After collecting massive amounts of generous donations and securing to take on more kids or build anything else.sponsors for the majority of the kids, I was placed on the Board of Directors and have since beenback three times to implement many other projects, including expanding the building for more What can readers do to help you and this initiative?classrooms, a teachers’ area and a water well. My next trip there will be in August. Donate - whether it’s money or your time - and I don’t mean just to Glorious Orphanage. Find a cause you are passionate about, do some research, contact reputable organizations and donateWhat success have you achieved and what challenges were faced during the process of setting up the sustainably. Allocate some days from your annual leave and volunteer. People tend to find all thatorphanage? is wrong with the world to be overwhelming and become discouraged because they feel thatI was not involved when Glorious Orphanage was first set up but when I joined, the building whatever they do makes no difference. But I’ve seen first hand that the smallest initiation goescomprised of one classroom and a small wooden shack, and lunch was served on the ground under a long way.a tree to 50 kids. Over time, with continuous commitment from the team and hard work to securemore donations, Glorious Orphanage now has four classrooms, a water well, electricity, an office, a For more information, visit or the Official Facebook page, Glorious wall, sets of swings and a dining room. We expect to attain registration from the Ministry Lujan can be contacted at
  • 22. media > By Alma KadragicLIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTIONUAE’s Film Season Starts Again UNLEASH BUSINESS SUCCESS IN 2012! t may seem as if the UAE’s film festival season just ended, but in fact it has THE INSIDERS GUIDE TO PUBLICITY FOR SMEs already started again. Wednesday 21 March | 6.00 -8.00pm | Al Mamoura Auditorium, Abu Dhabi For the second year in a row, the recent Heritage Film Festival was held outdoors The March Tamakkan seminar spotlights two inspiring Emirati entrepreneurs at the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village on the Breakwater. It is the first open-air and provides expert knowledge on gaining publicity for SMEs. film festival in the UAE and is sponsored by the Goethe Institut Gulf Region,the German Embassy, and the Swiss Embassy. Local partners include the Abu Dhabi PROGRAMME:Film Festival, Emirates Heritage Club, Abu Dhabi Film Commission with HCT and Zayed • Live Performance by the winner of February’s “The Dream Players”, OsamaUniversity. Elkamel • “Business Lessons I Learned – The Hard Way” by Khalid Al Ameri, co-founder ofNext comes the 5th Gulf Film Festival from April 10-16 at Dubai Festival City. It collects Slices, a new healthy food outlet in Abu Dhabi. Khalid will provide insightsfilms created by filmmakers from the Arab peninsula and as well as other films that on the challenges facing a start-up business and the lessons he learnedshowcase the region. Sponsors include the Investment Corporation of Dubai, Emirates while establishing SlicesAirlines, and Dubai Culture & Arts. • “Top Ten Ways to Generate Publicity” by Ian Mason, Manager – CSR and Public Relations, Brand Moxie. Publicity is a powerful tool to have in yourAfter the summer break when filmmakers are shooting and editing their new marketing workbox. Ian will offer his top tips for getting free promotion ofproductions come the major festivals: Abu Dhabi Film Festival from October 11-20 and your business through publicity.the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) from December 9-16. • Entrepreneur Spotlight: Souad Mohamed Al Hosani, President and FounderAs the local film industry develops in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it is encouraging that of Nexus Business Services and Nexus Agencies. Souad will share secretsproductions from the UAE and the Arab world are increasingly being recognized at about what inspired her to start Nexus Business Services and whatmajor film festivals around the world. motivates her to achieve continued success. • The Entrepreneur Quiz! How much do you really know about business? InAt last month’s 62nd Berlin Film Festival, or Berlinale, four films supported by DIFF- just 10 questions you can find out. Are you up to the challenge?connected funding were screened as well as others shown in Dubai last year. Some • Panel discussion with opportunities for the audience to participate.of the same films and others from DIFF have been circulated to the Sundance, PalmSprings and Rotterdam Film Festivals, expanding the reach of Arab culture beyond Attendance is free but registration is required. To register, call Priya on 024918624traditional borders. or email APP WORKSHOP LEARN HOW TO DEVELOP AN APPLE IPHONE OR IPAD APP Register for the iPhone/iPad App Development for Beginners workshop. This is for persons with no computer programming or software development experience. Programming skills are not needed; however you must have a desire to learn. Starting from the fundamentals, you will learn how to develop applications to run on the iPhone and iPad. This course cuts through the jargon and misinformation that surrounds iPhone and iPad application development. Dates: 23 and 24 March What you need: An Intel based Macintosh Laptop purchased in 2006 or later, running Lion (OS X 10.7.2 or later). Optional: An iPhone or iPad running iOS 5 Price: USD 1200 To register, contact Sharon on 02-4918625
  • 23. www.tempoplanet.comTAMAKKAN KNOWLEDGE HUBA City In Transition: Don’t Fight The Change! By Ian Mason hange is swirling around Abu Dhabi, as thick in the air as sand from a shamal. No facilitator worth their salt will claim that a one-off, single-day team development event The skyline is changing, culture is changing and even the weather patterns is the panacea to corporate ills. However, an exciting day of inspiring and creative events, are changing. with or without a message, can have a positive impact on a team, and repeated events can lead to more permanent behavioural change. Change is happening in our business world too; some of it good, some not sogood. Reorganisation at government and corporate entities means that things don’t Team development is often associated with extreme events such as rockclimbing orstay the same for long, and it is inevitable that you will be affected by change, either firewalking, and if that does it for your team, go for it! But team development doesn’tpersonally or through your family and friends. need to be as severe as this. Thoughtful games, puzzles and activities can generate the same positive outcome, as long as they fit with the company’s desired outcomes and areChange triggers different reactions in people. Many are inspired by change; for others, delivered in stimulating and memorable means anxiety, uncertainty and demotivation. Team development can happen within the office, during meetings or even at lunchtime.Change might lead to new job descriptions, new colleagues, new office locations, new They can also be outsourced to a professional company who can deliver effective activitiescultures, new ways of thinking...that is if you manage to actually hold on to your job. to dynamically engage staff.Many people scoff at change and underestimate its harmful effect on employees. With so many corporate changes happening in the region at the moment, now is the time toHandling change management is a skill that few people have, and poor execution seriously consider the benefits of team development to ensure your company stays aheadcan exacerbate the problems that might exist. Managing change can be as detailed of the game. Team development shouldn’t be seen as a cost; rather, it is an investment thatas employing specialist change management consultants to oversee the process, or will reap significant dividends through united and better performing simple as conducting some highly targeted, spectacularly fun team developmentactivities. As they say, the only certainty about change is uncertainty. You can’t fight it, so make sure you manage it the best way you can. Consider team development events as part of yourThere is no right or wrong approach – it is whatever suits the circumstances best. change management strategy.Team development - or team building – events are not appreciated by all; sceptics see itas a way to extract thousands of dirhams from susceptible companies. However, manyfirms, some of them on the Fortune 500 list, use team development to re-energise, re- Ian Mason is Training Manager at BrandMoxie and Tamakkan.motivate and re-connect staff who are suffering the negative effects of change. Brand Moxie offers a range of professional skill workshops and team development events for companies, covering areas suchTeam development has a vital role to play in providing an outlet for internal frustrationsand anxieties. Such anxieties can manifest itself in ways such as jostling for power, as customer service, change management, team cohesion andworking inclusively, acting in a superior manner or even deliberate destabilisation, and communication. Email Ian at fornone of these are conducive to business harmony and growth. further details, or call (02) 419 8624.
  • 24. just a thought > mini minx > Manar Al Hinai | A Khaleeji girl who overthinks a lot and loves to write Angeli Castillo | Making minutes out of molehillsFinding Meaning: Fun and Fashion:Happiness in That One Percent Never Giving Up On Your Dreams Fun, frolic and fashion are the words to describe my latest subject. Meet Vanessa Adnan El Hage. When some kids are asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?’, they answer with vocations most of them don’t end up pursuing in the future. So what is the difference for 18-year-old Vanessa? She is chasing her dream of being a fashion designer and hasn’t given up on it. Even though she is studying International Business, she does not see herself behind a desk with a regular nine-to-five job. She knows her choice feels right every time she conveys herself in ways whereIt has been said that the world’s wealth is controlled by one percent of the words don’t suffice. She shares it when she’s designing, and it expresses herworld’s population! How lucky do you need to be to be included in that one desires and need to make people feel great about themselves. “Honestly Ipercent? Then again it has also been said that only two percent of the world’s can’t see myself doing anything else. I love art and I have a vivid imaginationpopulation are geniuses, which makes me assume that one percent of them so it seems like the perfect thing for me,” Vanessa explained.are already occupied with controlling the world’s wealth. Yet, I don’t envyeither group. Let them have their bliss. I’m content with my borderline genius Not being able to sketch would make her miserable and she doesn’t findIQ and my humble wealth. the point of living a life without being passionate about something. What motivates this young, creative mind are some of her close friends that knowBut, there were times, especially in between my tossing and turning, when how to make her smile when she feels like everything is going wrong. ButI wonder if being included in the exclusive wealthy one percent club comes her biggest inspiration is her mom. “She never lets me give up or even thinkwith an infinite supply of happiness? What causes happiness? Is it having about giving up, she believes in me so much and she shows it.”certain kinds of friends, or is it living in a “happening” city? I used to believethat those were the sources of happiness, in addition to owning the season’s Other than her friends and family, Vanessa finds motivation in every singlelatest fashion shoes, bags, and accessories… person that has put her down, or simply said “No you can’t do this”, she pushes forward with her dreams to prove them wrong, and finds that sheThrough this bumpy path we call “life” and after many bad experiences, I came can look at almost anything and get ideas. “Even people can inspire me,” sheto realize that happiness comes within oneself. You cannot depend on people, exclaims.location, weather, life, fashion, money, or health to be happy. If our happinessdepended on everchanging factors such as those, then we would be really Vanessa’s favourite number is eight and she believes that in eight years timescrewed! Because those things change, constantly! Sometimes they go up, she would have graduated from Al Hosn University, her fashion line will beand at other times they go down the drain. very successful and she’ll have travelled to several countries to learn, grow and expand her horizons as well as her knowledge of fashion. Being 18 isThat is when I realized that if my happiness was tied to those infinite just as challenging as her eight-year dream, which is something Vanessasubstances then I will never experience true happiness, and that is also the had to learn the hard way. She realizes that even if your intentions are goodtime when I had to tweak my perception. I am the only person responsible it doesn’t mean everyone likes you. Most young adults will only realize thisfor my happiness, and the people I meet, places I am at, and the money I own when they grow older but she wants people of her generation to know now.only complement that happiness but are not the “I’d advise people to be very careful about who they let into their lives. Onlysource of it. Ultimately, learning to love oneself, certain people should have that privilege,” she counsels.forgive oneself, and help those in need, are thetrue sources of happiness. And the funny part is Happiness isn’t about being filthy rich or being around materialistic things,that they come free of charge, and are not tied to according to Vanessa. For her, it’s about doing what you love and always doingone’s bank account. your best to achieve what you feel you need to get a sense of accomplishment. “I wouldn’t want to do anything besides fashion design. One way or another,I am forever a learner... Follow me on twitter @manar_alhinai I have to make sure I do it.”
  • 25. fun page > horoscopeAries (21 March - 19 April)Communications from friends and relatives stuff your mail boxes this month. Shorttrips can be fun and functional and you’ll make many. Try to avoid a confrontationwith a sibling on the 12th. You’ll see your own worst habits in this person and youmay not like what you see. Time to make some changes.Taurus (20 April - 20 May)You cash situation looks so great this month. The money could be just pouring in.If there is a problem with this it will most likely occur on the 20th when a romanticinterest or a child could make an outlandish demand for cash that you may wellregret saying YES to.Gemini (21 May -20 June)The Sun and Venus are in your 1st House of Self at this time giving you vitality andbeauty to attract the opposite sex. Mercury will pass through this house as well thismonth and you’ll most like hear about how great you look. Pay close attention onthe 12th, when meaningful relationship issues may require you to make personalchanges for your partner.Cancer (21 June - 22 July)This is a month to slow down and just take it easy. Part of you will want to go and theother part will want to stay and be still. It’s a tough call; just remember not to overcommit on the job or to your friends. You’ll feel more like socializing after the 24th.Leo (23 July - 22 August)It could be safe to say that your friends could be planning ways to ruin your love lifethis month as a prank. Or it could be the other way around. Either way, be aware thatthere will be friction. You could also be feeling some restrictions that rub you thewrong way, too. Patience is a virtue. Don’t go ballistic until you have all the facts.Virgo (23 August - 22 September)Much is happening in your career sector this month. You could be the shiningemployee of the month and it may surprise you. Look for ways to improve you currentcareer situation and put those plans into action around the middle of March.Libra (23 September - 22 October)Your vacation takes center stage this month. Try to go before the 11th or after the13th when pressure could come from your employer to stay on the 12th. Your careerand job will still be there when you get back. There could also be interesting newsregarding your position when you do get back.Scorpio (23 October - 21 November)Jointly held assets are the center of attention for you this month. Changes anddecisions will require some deep thought and major commitment on your part. Onething will be assured; the 12th will have the truth about these assets revealed forbetter or worse.Sagittarius (22 November - 21 December)Your committed relationship boat sails on quiet seas this month until the 12th. Onthat day you both become mirrors for each other’s behavior and you may not like theview. Personal changes may be necessary to maintain that relationship past thatday. Strong ones will weather the storm, weak ones will not. This will be for thebest.Capricorn (22 December - 19 January)The job scene is popping with excitement this month. New challenges andopportunities could be right around the corner. If you have any suggestions, writethem down and hand them in to the boss. They’ll be well received.Aquarius (20 January - 18 February)Your romantic life is going to be a whirlwind this month. Avoid a major confrontationof the 12th, but take notes for later. There may be clues all month that don’t setright and those hard questions may need to be asked of your lover before month’send.Pisces (19 February - 20 March)The home front could have you picking colors and fabrics for a redo. This is anexcellent time for home improvement projects, inside or out. Ideas seem to flow induring the last three weeks of the month. Be careful on the 12th not to neglect yourcareer, as there could be some fallout there.