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  • 2. I know that I always go on an on about the renewal you get from summer and the opportunity to boot up, realign, tune up (etc) ... but nowyou’ll realise just how far I mean this. As you read this I’m preparing to return from a two week trip to the US (in time for Ramadan) that I amcalling my “accreditation journey” and it is to regularise all my university documentation. I am returning to my alma mater after 25 years sincemy graduation (don’t you dare ask my age) to get my degrees attested. My first step is the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (howdy to you too)while my husband’s accreditation track involves Georgia Tech and Seattle University (SU is another story). The intention is to fly out on July 15 fromAbu Dhabi to New York, then pick up a flight to Atlanta (for Georgia Tech), and then drive to Knoxville, pick up my attested certificate from UT,get it notarised there, then drive to the governor’s office in Nashville for another stamp of attestation, then fly out to Washington DC to the statedepartment for Mrs Hillary Clinton’s signature, then over the UAE embassy there for the final round of attestation....Crazy? Maybe....(and please send me your stories if you’ve been there, and drop me an email if you want to know how we fared). Yes, we couldhave had an attestation service do it for us from here, but frankly all the ones we spoke with were wishy-washy about the process, timings andfinal delivery. So - we decided to combine a mission with a vacation (kind of like the hybrid word “staycation”...we coin a new one: “missioncation”)and do it all ourselves. For sure, this is one long air and road trip, but I know it will be packed with wistful memories and new experiences.Have a happy summer, and Ramadan Mubarak to all.Sana BagershManaging Editorbagersh@tempoplanet.com letters to the editor 04 18 people calendar MANAGING EDITOR uspace 05 21 culture sites Sana Bagersh what’s hot 06 22 round table FEATURES EDITOR Alma Kadragic the bottom bottom line 07 24 social meets EDITORIAL COORDINATOR tech talk | game hedz 08 25 doc in the house | live well Sharon Carvalho tempo top 10 songs 09 27 artwalk MAGAZINE DESIGN 10 Mark De Castro tempo planetarian 28 just handcrafted WEB DESIGNcity bites | dishes for dummies 11 29 articulate Rizwan Pervaiz my style blueprint 12 30 media MARKETING COORDINATOR 14 31 Manjul Abhishek cover story unleash innovation Laskar Laipubam youth talk 16 32 yank in sandland | just a thought DISTRIBUTION COORDINATOR experience zone 17 33 horoscope Melaku Muluneh EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORSADDRESS DISCLAIMER Angeli Castillo Shahid SaeedTo reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@tempoplanet. Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine Dave Solomon Layla Ezzedeencom. If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 667 does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents,3349 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and Neena Rai Blakniss inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no Randy Parker Manar Al HinaiNOTE TO ADVERTISERS part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any meansAdvertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. without the permission of the publisher. Preethi Janice D’Sa Justin ThomasTo reach advertising call 02 667 3349 or Shamma Al Suwaidi Ahmad Samiremail: advertising@tempoplanet.com. MEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 Mariam Musallam Rohith Bhat Lean Abadi download www.gettag.mobi Scan the QR CODE using your smart phone to your smart phone Published by } run application for Blackberry this is done through BBM click on tag beside each article to have fun with for iPhone download BeeTag or Neo Reader online content, videos & cool tags! www.tempoplanet.com
  • 3. dear ed, You have entertained so many young minds and given them a platform to portray their thoughts and visions. You guys have done an awesome job! Looking forward to all the interesting material you have to offer. } Chris Xavi Hey Tempo, thanks for being the source of letting the youth know what’s hot and what’s not as well as what’s upcoming and new. You definitely reveal a lot about the city we have grown to love! } Ankit Lodha Dear Ed, just love city bites! Great call on COLUMBIANO COFFEE HOUSE....was really spoilt for choice! } Rohith Krishna Tempo! You guys are doing an amazing job! Love the retro articles, updates and the info that keeps us on track! Keep up the good work! } Denver Bopaiah Dear Ed, I love the individualistic design of Tempo as compared to other magazines I’ve seen in the UAE. It speaks for the youth with the youth voicing their ideas and that’s awesome! } Nyurka Fernandes I am working on a really cool project with @AbuDhabiTempo. Can’t wait for you guys to see it. Thank You Tempo for this opportunity ‘am LOVIN’ IT . SHAMIM KASSIBAWI Excellent, amazingMOHAMED AHMED improvement! Something happening in Abu Dhabi and you think you have to know about it? Look no further! Grab yourself a copy of the Tempo! Great stuff...I’d say it again! MARGARITA CEJUDO-PERDOMO Tempo’s New Look Intro is good and simply done! JEPHIN MATHEWNASEEH MOHAMMED NAZEER WHAT ARE YOU DOING FOR THE SUMMER? 1. Working all summer 2. Taking time off but chilling at home 3. Going on holiday overseas Cast your vote by going to www.tempoplanet.com
  • 4. VIDEO QUEEN SHAMIM SHARES HER UNIQUEPERSPECTIVE OF LIFE IN THE UAE PR/social media-holic – Shamim Kassibawi –who hails from a mixed TOO MUCH BIEBER FEVER? DANI SHAY TO THE RESCUE Arab/NZ background, created Shamimscene.com with a purpose - she By Lean Abadi wanted the world to know what’s happening in the city she now calls home! “The idea behind Shamimscene.com is to give the local and international community ‘real-life’ insight into the latest social events, new brands and products, key personalities in the community and more”, says Shamim. With each video unedited and unplanned, Shamim brings you a non- journalist’s perspective with raw footage of an event, product, or a person…like you were actually there! Before I start, I want to state that I haven’t caught the “Bieber Fever” but I’m not a hater either. Something to excite ‘those’ girls out there and keep them away from the real JB for a moment is Dani Shay, a girl who looks EXACTLY like Justin Bieber. Dani Shay, a 23 year-old talented singer, poet, and comedian, started doing covers of various popular songs on YouTube. Imagine her surprise when she got comments on her videos from fans and viewers who were amazed by how much she looked like the Biebs! Because of the comments from viewers, she decided to make a parody of JB’s single “Baby”, telling the world that JB copied HER. The judges on America’s Got Talent admire her confidence and great personality, and so will you! Here are some lines from her parody of Baby (called ‘What the Hell’): “Am I on Tv? Girl quit playin He looks just like me What are you sayin’? Said there’s another who looks and sings like you And he’s on every single channel of the Shamim recently went behind the scenes and interviewed some of the Youtube” top bloggers in the UAE. She talked to them about the type of blog they Check out the video write, the challenges faced when blogging and the stuff they like to write about. I was parking my car behind Etisalat on Electra and then saw a Toyota with a Mawaqif ticket placed under the windshield wiper! I almost left a message for the poor driver to tell him that his ticket could get nicked, but I didn’t, and so here’s the photo…and I’m hoping the Shamim also spoke to the readers of these blogs and asked them what driver, and others as well, will refrain from doing something so dumb! they expect from the bloggers, why they like reading those particular Photo taken and sent in by Laskar Laipubam, Tempo’s marketing coordinator. blogs and to understand what the community is looking for. To view this video, go to: www.tempoplanet.com. WATCH HER To check out more videos from Shamim, go to www.shamimscene.com or follow VIDEO ON...... her on Twitter @ShamimScene
  • 5. TO KNOW MORE ABOUT WHAT’S HAPPENING...NEW ECOTOURISM ATTRACTION: DUBAI RANCHDubailand has a new addition to its wide range of touristic and entertainment-based attractions; it has opened the eco-tourism destination Dubai Ranch. DubaiRanch, located in the heart of the Al Sahra Desert Resort, right off the Jebel AliLahbab Road, is part of Jebel Ali International Hotels. This new experience is acultural addition to Dubailand which aims to show families and visitors how theancestors of the UAE lived. It is an entertaining yet educational trip that makesvisitors leave with greater knowledge about how bedouins used to live.Dubai Ranch has a range of different activities for the public to enjoy, withactivities ranging from campfire Fridays, to family picnics, to camel-milk tasting!The ranch tries to capture the exciting wildlife and visitors may come across rareendangered Arabian foxes roaming around. Horse riding is also another activitythat the ranch has to offer, with lessons provided on basic horse riding techniqueas well as the psychology and behavior of horses.AL AIN RECOGNISED ON UNESCO’S WORLD HERITAGE LISTBy Karam BukairThe residents of Al Ain must be thrilled that the United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have inscribed Al Ain’s historicallandmarks to the World Heritage List. As a tourist getaway Al Ain has preservedits cultural landmarks in places such as Hili, and in southern areas in Al Ain.UNESCO as an organization helps preserve culture and heritage in countries,provide funding and support. The following cultural sites were chosen to beinscribed to the World Heritage List: Jebel Hafit, the Hili region in the northeastof the city, Bidaa Bint Saud and the oases around the modern city (Al Ain Oasis,Hili Oasis, Al Jaimi Oasis, Al-Qattarah Oasis, Al-Mu’tarad Oasis, and Al-Muwayj’IOasis).H.H. SHEIKH SULTAN BIN TAHNOON AL NAHYAN SPOKE AT THE CEREMONY:“THE MARK OF OUR WISE LEADERSHIP IS CLEAR, THANKS TO THE LIMITLESSSUPPORT FOR THE HERITAGE PROTECTION PROJECTS.”What this achievement means for Al Ain is that UNESCO will ensure the safety andpreservation of the chosen landmarks providing technical assistance, professionaltraining and emergency assistance in the event of “immediate danger”.
  • 6. • Tempo receives about half a dozen or so resumes a day. We received an interesting one recently ‘in response to a vacancy’ by an ‘injection molding machine assistant technician’ with five years’ regional experience. We can’t say for sure that Tempo doesn’t need one of those…but would decide only after we’ve figured out what that means. • A news announcement stated that Dubai First will be “Breathing New Life Into Credit Cards” by launching its “Titanium Life” credit card to respond to evolving consumer demand. We hope that Dubai First next comes out with something that breathes new life into our capacity for borrowing. • Concierge is elated about the news that Abu Dhabi has launched a programme to protect children from child abuse. Hooray for the rights ofDUBAI’S ARTSPACE GALLERY PRESENTS A GROUP children. Our response on the Casey Anthony case in the USA: what exactly were those jurors thinking????!! Maybe “jurors of peers” should have beenSHOW ON MIDDLE EASTERN MODERN AND “professional jurors” with better knowledge of “circumstantial evidence”CONTEMPORARY ART and the legal process. • Hanna Makki, if you’re reading this: no, neutering your cat is not cat-abuse. Your eternally youthful eunuch-cat is probably grateful and sees this as theA DIVERSE EXHIBITION OF CONTEMPORARY WORKS BY VARIOUS equivalent of a human botox fix.ARTISTS. 1- 31 AUGUST • Dubai-based Neutral has announced that it will collect 20,000 ltrs of vegetable oil from McDonalds that it uses annually to fry french fries andArtspace Gallery will be showcasing a selection of works by modern and will convert this into biodiesel to fuel the chain’s cars! Wish they would alsocontemporary Middle Eastern artists at an exhibition that will focus on consider collecting frying oil from homes, to power the taxis of the UAE.calligraphic works. The exhibition will include works by Omar El-Nagdi, Alaa Thumbs up, Neutral!Ismail, Kamal Boullata, and Hussein Madi. • Concierge wants to thank the young Emirati who pulled up next to our car at the intersection of Al Khaleej Al Arabi and Delma, saw me using myOmar El-Nagdi, a sculptor, director, musician and philosopher, was born in Cairo cellphone, asked us to roll down our window, and told us politely not use ain 1931 and studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts Helwan University, in 1953. An cellphone while driving. And done with a big smile. Thank you, for caring.Egyptian master of colour, his paintings show a preoccupation with symbolic • Concierge is beginning to think anyone named “Rebecca/ Rebekah” is destined/doomed to15 minutes of fame in 2011, and wonders if the namedesign, through the use of expressive textures, tonal contrast and a need to offer may perhaps be associated with occasional lapses of good judgement .serious communication. His latest works use calligraphy in a contemporary style • We bid goodbye to Harry Potter, News of the World, and the NASA shuttlerepeating sequential rhythms of Arabic letters in black and white and gold leaf. programme. Which one is the hardest to take? • Sharjah launching a music fountain. RAK has launched an ice fun park.Iraqi born Alaa Ismail (1974) started practicing the art of calligraphy from a young Which one is harder to get to?age. He studied various artistic disciplines at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design • Concierge received some complaints from residents living in a first floorin Baghdad, including decorative arts, Islamic architecture, glass painting and apartment in Tourist Club. The message is to the neighbors on the secondIslamic Art. His paintings seek to use calligraphy in an expressive and gestural floor: “please don’t move furniture around at 9am on Friday while we’re allmanner, displaying words of meaning and poetic significance. This marrying of trying to sleep in.”bold textural strokes combined with Ismail’s love of the Arabic word, successfully • Concierge received a message from a woman who lives in Deira addressedpresents calligraphy in a colourful layered contemporary style. “to the community”: “people, please be considerate and refrain from spitting on the ground. Sometimes women wearing long dresses or abayasKamal Boullata was born in 1942 in Jerusalem. He is a graduate of the Academy touch the ground with their garments...and nothing is more disgustingof Rome and the Corcoran Art Museum School in Washington DC. His works than washing off phlegm.”are primarily abstract and geometric in style, focusing on the ideas of division • Concierge wants to remind all: do not put your mobile phone in your backin Palestinian identity, and the utilization of forms to represent his sense of pocket if you are planning to use the toilet. Believe it or not, this is a growingseparation from the homeland. His writings on Islamic and modern Arab art and phenomenon.culture have appeared in various academic journals and anthologies. • Dubai is investing US$7.8 billion to expand airport capacity at Dubai Airport over 10 years from the current 60 million passengers per year to 90Born in 1938 in Lebanon, Hussein Madi is a painter, sculptor and printmaker million. Brash and bold. Hopefully not just trickle-down, but trickle-acrosswho is considered to be among the Arab world’s most leading artists. Madi’s economics for the whole region.art has been viewed by thousands of people around the world at such venues • And that, folks, is the bottom, bottom-line.as the British Museum, the Venice Biennale and Tokyo’s Ueno Museum. Madi’sjoyful experiments in colour and form have resulted in a unique body of work that The Concierge at Temporelates to modern artists like Matisse and Picasso as well as to the principles of (Have a beef with someone, or a bone to pick to with us?divine harmony that characterize the abstract designs of Islamic art. Email ‘The Concierge’: concierge@tempoplanet.com)
  • 7. TECH TALK Shahid Saeed | Talker for the Non-Techies GAME HEDZ Blakniss | Original game head from Atari to XBox!NEW MAC PRO AND MAC MINI MIDDLE EAST DEVELOPERS MAKE BIG PLAYSWITH THUNDERBOLT Game Hedz friends and regional game developers take notice, Quirkat,It looks like Apple will be launching the keep their winning ways with the announcement of their “finalists”new versions of its Mac Pro and Mac Mini, campaign for Facebook title, Euroscorers, “for the UEFA Champions Leagueand that the two are scheduled to hit 2010/2011 season”. They have, “expanded the appeal of the fantasy footballstores anytime now. Both new Mac Pro genre beyond the stereotypical male sports fan with its casual nature andand Mac Mini are said to come with Intel’s social features; showcasing in-game gifts and micro-transactions, friendnew Thunderbolt technology, and both leagues and top player rankings”. Check it out!will be preloaded with Mac OS X Lion. Saudi developer (yea, who knew), Sema-Phore, has announced brand newTHE HTC SENSATION title, UNEARTHED: TRAIL OF IBN BATTUTA. The title has beenThe HTC Sensation seems like a very compared to Sony’s Uncharted in terms of its game play and adventurefrustrating device. Why you ask? story line. It follows Arab fortune hunter Faris Jawad, as he dodgesBecause it comes so close to perfection nefarious (I love that word) arms dealers, while seeking an as yet unknownyet it doesn’t quite get there. The fortune, along famed explorer, Ibn Battuta’s legendary...well, trail. Ithigh resolution screen is great but thequality brings it down, the software promises an exciting ride and entertaining exploration of the Arab worldimprovements are good but the video (from Morocco to Syria and more) minus the usual Western stereotypessupport isn’t, and while the overall performance is great the battery life (you know what I mean). Check the Game Hedz blog for the teaser traileris a disappointment. Overall the device is well made and comes with a and other links. It’s cross platform including Facebook, Playstation, XBoxdecent camera and good call quality. All in all, a dual core smartphone Arcade and Wii as well as Windows, Android & iOS devices.that’s hard to beat. GEARS OF WAR 3 LEAKTHE NEW NOKIA X7 Leading up to the September 20 launch date, a leak of preliminary Gears ofNokia announced that the Nokia X7 wouldhit shelves in June 2011, and roll out in War 3 single player campaign game play footage (complete with spoilers)various parts of the world in the months found its way on to YouTube, and there was word of pirated downloadableto follow. The Nokia X7 is a sequel to its versions of the game floating around. Epic said the footage is nothingpredecessor, the contentious Nokia X6, close to what will be released. I recommend you don’t ruin the experiencewhich was once seen principally as a with sub par, buggy pirate junk. Up to print time the leak was beingmultimedia device because of its large investigated.capacity for storage. Still, the X7 is a coolmusic phone because of the powerful hardware that makes it a powerfulentertainment tool. The phone will be appreciated mostly by Nokia fanswho favour the Symbian platform.SHORTCUTTING ON YOUR BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOKYou may have seen the BlackBerry PlayBook, but you might not be familiarwith how icons are arranged. The PlayBook arranges its icons in a way thatis very similar to the iPad. You can move shortcuts around by tapping and Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta EuroScorersholding an icon until it starts to pulsate. You’ll then see a check on theupper left part of the screen and a recycle bin under the icons. You need tokeep your finger on the icon and simply drag it to where you want it to go. HEDZ UPOnce you’ve done that just tap on the checkmark. Easy! Next month we’ll be getting ready for the Gears 3 launch and checking out a couple iPad titles just for giggles! For now, get stuck into the ever popular, Infinity Blade (Epic) and Dead Space (Visceral) -two of my fave iPad games. Take the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta poll and more at gamehedz. blogspot.com! Know more about Blackberry Playbook
  • 8. View the #1 SONG IN THE UAE PARTY ROCK ANTHEM LAST FRIDAY NIGHT (T.G.I.F.) Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes GIVE ME EVERYTHING Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack and NayerDON’T WANNA GO HOME Jennifer Lopez ft. Lil Wayne STERO HEARTS LOOK AT ME NOW ROLLING IN THE DEEP IRIDESCENT I’M INTO YOU Gym Class Hereos Linkin Park LMFAO SUPERBASS Katy Perry Nicki Minaj Jason Derulo Adele Louder | Dj Fresh Ft Sian Evans How We Roll | Loick Essien Ft Tanya Lacey The A Team | Ed Shreeran Changed The Way You Kiss Me | Example Don’t Wanna Go Home | Jason Derulo Party Rock Anthem | LMFAO Featuring Lauren Bennett & GoonRock Best thing I Never Had | Beyonce Give Me Everything | Pitbull Featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer Bounce | Calvin Harris Ft Kelis Rolling In The Deep | Adele Give Me Everything | Pitbul/Ne-vo/Afrojack/Nayer Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) | Katy Perry Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) | Katy Perry Super Bass | Nicki Minaj Mr Saxobeat | Alexandra Stan The Edge Of Glory | Lady Gaga E.T. | Katy Perry Featuring Kanye West How To Love | Lil Wayne Good Life | One Republic Tonight Tonight | Hot Chelle Rae
  • 9. The byproduct of the treatment would be used for agriculture. Visitors to the plant would witness the process of wastewater being recycled and prepared for reuse. “The plant will be launched in August 2011 and so far we are in the hardest part of the project; the sponsor mobilization phase. We want sponsors to help withA DROP OF WATER investing in biodiversity and education. Once we achieve that, we’ll have six months to prepare for plantation and irrigation and to see how many people getNURTURING A DESERT FOREST involved. Hopefully Hayat will be completed by October 2011.” Apart for reforestation, the group is keen on educating the public, and theirBy Ellaine Fatima target group is schools, universities and water treatment companies. They intend on educating the public by creating a visitor center for people to tour at least once a week. “Here we will explain different species of plants, how foster homes to animals like gerbils, foxes, birds, etcetera are created and we will give the public additional information, aside from what they can learn from the books they read. For children we will conduct lessons about water conservation, its scarcity and the biodiversity of the UAE. This project is not just about forestation, it’s an effort to make people aware about the value of water. Some day we would like to integrate the tour of the forest with the visit of Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP).” If you would like to sponsor the Hayat project, email: hayat@istp2.aeHayat, meaning “Life” in Arabic, is a project initiated by a group of people whowish to renew the reforestation actions undertaken by the late H.H Sheikh Zayedbin Sultan Al Nahyan. Their dream is to breathe green life into a desert patch inAl Wathba. The goal of this initiative is to protect the biodiversity of the UAE andteach the public about it by experiencing it firsthand. Tempo sits down with CelineDelabie, the Project Coordinator, who shared the dream.Delabie explained that the Hayat Project is a private initiative by a group ofpeople who want to make a difference by focusing on reforestation. A corepart of ‘Hayat’ is a waste water treatment plant (WWTP) which is locatedin Al Wathba Area. All the members of Hayat are currently employed in theconstruction of the plant.The people behind the project are Philippe Paulissen, an Environmental andWater Engineer and Technical Director, Marc Richli who is a Civil and WaterEngineer and Executive Managing Director and Delabie, who is the ProjectCoordinator and the Environmental and Water Engineer.Hayat was initially setup to reduce the amount of wasted water and usewhatever is in excess more efficiently. The plant project is large, and at fullcapacity will treat the wastewater of 300,000 m3/day, equivalent to the waterconsumption of 1.2 million inhabitants. After that, the treated water will thenbe sent back to the city of Abu Dhabi and surrounding farms to be re-used forsoil conditioning and fertilizing.“Since we have the land, the water, and the fertilizer available, we got theidea to build a forest as this will be a good way to educate the people and thechildren on the value of water conservation and protection of biodiversity.”Delabie explained that the forest of indigenous trees would become adaptedto desert conditions and, therefore, will have very low water demand. Wastewater from sewage pipes will be recycled to make cleaner water and bio solid.
  • 10. about the motivation for such a hiring policy. My companions suggested nepotism; the idea being one guy rises to the top, and thereafter only recruits his nearest and dearest - possible? However, I think the situation is more likely to be the result of a psychoanalytic motivational researcher suggesting some hitherto unfathomable subconscious connection between huge steaks and African table staff. By Justin Thomas This idea is not as off-the wall as it might sound. Psychoanalysis has been leveraged by the business world for well over half a century in attempt to discover consumers’ hidden fears, desires and motives. In the 1950s motivational researchers suggested to American Airlines that they recruit only middle aged air hostesses, as this would tap into their customers’ mother complexes. Earlier still in the 1920s Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, and father of PR helped the American Tobacco Company boost sales of cigarettes to women. His cunning plan involved getting waspish twenty-something females to pose as members of the suffragette movement, and defiantly smoke their “torches of freedom” (cigarettes) in public. Who knows what effect the Meat Co’s table staff is having on the unconscious minds of its diners? Wild psychological speculations aside, the Meat Co was founded by two of South Africa’s most successful restaurateurs, and describes its self as ‘contemporaryToys R’ Us, The Tie Rack, and The Sock Shop all follow the pragmatic, but rather African’. This probably provides the simplest explanation for the distinctive table staff.unimaginative, “does-what-it-says-on-the-tin” school of naming. This no-nonsenseapproach avoids the cryptic word play that can often leave consumers confused as to Like the Meat Co’s table staff, the menu too is large. However, if it’s your first time at thethe exact nature of a business. These straight-laced names spare us the easy-to-miss Meat Co then you›re probably going to go with the beef. Surprise, surprise we all orderedmythology wrapped up in names like “Apple”, “Oracle” and “Nike”. They also spare us steaks, but none of us were carnivore enough to take on the 500 gram bad-boy, optingbusiness names loaded with adolescent wackiness – Mr. Branson’s “Virgin” springs instead for variations on the 300 gram theme: T-bone, rib eye, well done, medium rare.immediately to mind. Furthermore, these simple descriptive names protect us from the The steaks were all excellent, possibly the best steak I’d ever eaten.eponymous narcissism conveyed by the businesses bearing their founder’s moniker:Chanel, Hilton, and most grandiose of all “Marc by Marc Jacobs”. These more practical That said, I very rarely eat steak, so my field of comparison is not large. There are alternativesbusiness names are honest, humble and reassuringly simple. They realistically shape our to steak on the menu; seafood, lamb and chicken all make appearances, however I feltexpectations while subduing our wilder imaginings. totally and utterly compelled to have steak, compelled perhaps by unconscious urges… who knows.THE MEAT CO AS THE NAME SUGGESTS, PROUDLY FOLLOWS THISCUSTOMER-FRIENDLY NAMING TRADITION. WELL BEFORE EVERSETTING FOOT IN THE MEAT CO YOU ALREADY HAVE A PRETTY GOODIDEA OF WHAT TO EXPECT... I WAS THINKING BIG STEAK ON A BEDOF STEAK IN A CREAMY STEAK SAUCE, WITH A T-BONE TIRAMISU TOFOLLOW.Abu Dhabi’s Meat Co (my destination for the evening) is part of a steakhouse chain By Angeli Castillospanning three continents. This particular link in the global Meat Co chain is located withinSouk Qaryat Al Beri. The restaurant is excellently situated within the souk commanding 1. Use firm bananas and cut into 1 inch sections. Leave the peel ongreat views of the Arabian Gulf, which is perhaps one of the most beautiful non-human for easy handling, and then dig a “well” in the middle of eachdining companions in the world. At certain times of the day this body of water becomes banana section with enough thickness for the ice cream anda super-natural shade of blue, almost bordering on turquoise. I call this particular hue, goodies to stay in place inside. Remove the peel after doing so.“travel-brochure blue”; it’s the type of blue that less scrupulous travel agents recreate 2. Melt chocolate (chocolate Hershey’s Kisses or baking chocolateusing Photoshop to artificially enhance their product. from Carrefour) in the microwave and dip the bottom portion of the banana in chocolate and then dip it once again in whateverExteriors aside, the Meat Co’s interior decor is best described as forgettable minimalism. add- ons you’d like. For example- sprinkles, crushed biscuits,On the plus side, there’s little in the way of pastiche or attention grabbing gimmickry. One crushed roasted almonds etc. To quickly harden the chocolate,exception to the unremarkable “blandscape” is a striking tower-like edifice constructed place dipped bananas in the freezer for a few minutes.entirely of wine bottles (a leaning tower of vino, if you like). The bottles-everywhere vibe 3. Fill each “well” with ice cream and top with whip cream andgives the impression of dining in a wine cellar. This theme is perhaps a little disconcerting even a maraschino cherry, or simply add some Hershey’sfor more devout Muslim clientele, and I suspect recovering alcoholics find it slightly chocolate sauce.problematic too? I discovered later that the wine bottle tower is actually a signature 4. ENJOY!design feature of all the Meat Co restaurants; in fact, the London link in the Meat Co chainis officially known as the Meat and Wine Co. RATING SCALE:Another outstanding feature of the Meat Co is that the entire table staff (the men at LEVEL 1: SUPER EASYleast) all appear to be of South African origins. One of my dining companions impressively LEVEL 2: RELATIVELY EASYspoke a few words of Zulu, so we were able to confirm this hunch. In a nation where the LEVEL 3: MEDIUM SKILLS REQUIREDvast majority of table staff is Asian, this impressive team of Africans, not a man shorter LEVEL 4: COOKING SKILLS A MUSTthan six foot, is a pretty remarkable sight. My inner psychologist couldn’t help wonder LEVEL 5: ARE YOU SURE YOU WANNA DO THIS?
  • 11. WATCH HER INTERVIEW ABOUT HER STYLE... MODELS Elissa Furnel Nikoo Ete Ayushi Misra Veronica Gautum PHOTOGRAPHERAnn J C, 22, a young fashionistawho loves design and music, Mehr Singh, Hansraj Dochaniyacreates distinctive ‘lines’ that she STYLIST, HAIR AND MAKE UPdefines using genres of music. She Ann J.Cportrays the idea of music meetingfashion in creations that range frombright colours to simple black. Hereshe shares three of her looks. Think Disco! Think bling!“Rhythm and Blues” is an Throw on a pair of skinnyaudio collage. It’s all about jeans, retro- T-shirts, flashysoul and harmony and a accessories, studded pinsdash of glamour too. and get into the groove. Country music listeners tend to keep it simple; denim, cowboy boots, light cotton shirts, big buckled leather belts and the quintessential, and super essential, cowboy hat. FASHION STATEMENT: “FASHION NOT ONLY DEPICTS WHO WE ARE BUT IT IS ALSO A LIFESTYLE WE CREATE FOR OURSELVES” - Ann J.C
  • 12. MARINA STYLELIVING ON A YACHTBy Angeli CastilloLife is smooth sailing for Abu Dhabiresidents Margarita Cejudo-Perdomoand her husband, Dr. Rainer Speckardt,who live out of posh yacht at the AbuDhabi Marina. During one scorchingsummer afternoon, the stylish nauticalcouple gave Tempo a tour of the 86-footyacht, showing not only how to rock theboat, but how do it with class.
  • 13. TEMPO | What made you decide to live on a yacht?MARGARITA- There are a number of reasons why we have chosen to liveaboard a yacht. Mainly, it suits our personalities. Both my husband and I havean extraordinary relationship with the sea. I was born and raised in the CanaryIslands and he is a German sailing champion who has crossed the Atlantic tentimes. No doubt the main reason was the opportunity to own a great ‘home’ inAbu Dhabi at the best location as well as the feeling of independence and peaceof mind of knowing we could choose to sail away any time. Unobstructed viewsare important for us and living the ‘marina life’ is also perfect for Collin, our42 kg Weimaraner Rescue Dog, as his favorite past time is swimming.TEMPO | Could you give us an example of a normal day of a“nautical wife” ?MARGARITA- I adore that term, ‘nautical wife’, it makes me feel like asuperwoman. As a female, I am expected to carry out duties around thehousehold in addition to yacht maintenance. It is incredible how much I endup knowing about yacht electronics and mechanics. As far as a normal dayis concerned I juggle my responsibilities as an Independent CommunicationsConsultant with the charter requests we receive as the only 86 foot yacht forhire in Abu Dhabi. We often let our ‘home’ for lavish events such as the AbuDhabi FORMULA 1 Grand Prix. Hosting, whether for business or private reasons,is a big part of our yachting lifestyle and something we certainly take pleasurein doing no matter how much planning ahead required. I also set time apart to nautical lifestyle. As a matter of fact you feel like you are on a constant holidayexercise with our dog, at least two hours a day. when leaving or returning home.TEMPO | Do you travel around the world on your home?MARGARITA- I have not lived on a yacht outside the UAE, however my husband TEMPO | Does living on a yacht have any impact on your lifestylehas for more than 10 years and he has the most amazing stories to tell our on land, and does it give you a different perspective on life? MARGARITA- Absolutely, it does! It has a very positive impact on our socialguests and friends. It is definitely in our future plans to take time off to sail lives. Friends visit us more often and we even hold business appointments onaround the world. We would be looking to interacting with the host cultures as board as it is the perfect environment to unwind and relax. Living on a yachtmuch as possible as the real value of the experience. certainly makes us look at life from the ‘sea’ point of view, in other words, we share with friends and guests the values of any sailor: hospitality, assistanceTEMPO | What are the ups and downs of living on a yacht? and good will.MARGARITA- I believe you will find plenty of positive points in all my answers.The ups definitely outweigh the downs, however living in such a differentenvironment requires a lot of energy and flexibility especially when we go TEMPO | What are the three most important things to keep inthrough extensive repairs that can be both time consuming and expensive. They mind when at sea? MARGARITA- A trip into open seas requires a certain degree of planningcan easily test your patience. Sometimes you take for granted certain basics of to ensure a safe and pleasurable trip. We look at factors that are all equallyliving in a house that cannot be in a yacht. You can have issues such us power important: security systems, technical check, petrol and oil, weather and seacuts, air conditioning or water problems. Living on a boat is not for everyone - reports, and navigation systems. Around the UAE it is also crucial to check forone must be very disciplined, passionate and dedicated. At the end of the day, shallow waters. My advice is to make sure you are out with an experiencedit is a question of attitude! skipper to avoid any incidents.TEMPO | What is your fondest memory of living on the yacht?MARGARITA- As I mentioned before, we do a lot of entertaining, we oftenhost plenty of friend get-togethers, dinners, cocktails…so I have very goodmemories of events and interesting guests we have had on board. Last yearwe attended a concert by the legendary Spanish Flamenco artist ‘Tomatito’organized by the Abu Dhabi Authority of Culture and Heritage (ADACH). Theafter-concert turned out to be an amazing totally improvised second concertparty aboard our yacht after the artist and his entourage accepted our modestinvitation. Needless to say friends and guests shared an unforgettable night.TEMPO | How do you balance living at sea and working on land?MARGARITA- It is a matter of getting used to, however for me it has been easyto balance my activities on land with marina living. My husband and I are bothinto culture, so attending events is one of the very few good excuses to getdragged out of our ‘retreat’. Keeping up with work is totally compatible with our
  • 14. AN EXCEPTIONAL MONTH MIND SOUPBy Shamma Al Suwaidi By Ahmad SamirFor all Muslims out there, Ramadan is both a month dedicated to I am generally inclined to believe that I am already an adult and shouldAllah and to your inner faith. It possesses a certain kind of magic that be treated as such. Whether or not that is true is another matter entirely;generates the flow of kindness, love, peace and all things nice. We care one that matters little to me. (I’m a grownup, okay?!).about the people around us more than we usually do. We give withoutexpectations and always in return receive generously. It is a month of I am, more or less attuned in to the zeitgeist and popular culture of ourdelightful memories. time; I influence it and am influenced by it on a regular basis. (Pretty cool, huh?) I am also characterized by my use of a distinct lingo that is sure toAs we grow older, we look forward to Ramadan more than we did the befuddle anyone who isn’t well-versed in its baffling peculiarities. LOL,year before; a time of family gatherings where bonds are tightened and anyone? To be a teenager is to be part of a full-fledged culture…andconnections grow. The country becomes so intertwined and in sync yes, I am occasionally annoying.that it is hard not to see the beauty in it. Just as if you’ve found a secretdoorway to an enchanted land where ribbons of sparkling lights encircle If all this is anything to go by, I am, for all intent and purpose, a teenager:you. That is Ramadan to me. a particularly nasty creature, made so by the fact that he and his actions are so hopelessly unintelligible that they are seldom understood byOn the second of November 2004, it was around the 20th day of anyone. Not even himself. A breed among which immaturity is rampantRamadan when we heard the news. Our magical land of enchantment and insolent, and rebellious behavior is commonplace. (Or at least that’swas forever changed. The country shed its tears. The beginning of the how the stereotype goes). So I guess I am a teenager through andperiod of mourning had started. It was as if nature itself wept in grief. through; I am defined by my actions.The flowers that filled up the streets of Abu Dhabi, the trees and thebright shining lights lined along the sides of each lane withered and The fact that I’m a teenager is exactly why I will be writing this column;died. Sorrow and heartache was in the air and we all breathed it in slow for you; the teenage reader. Let the others get the rest of the pages ofsteady breaths. With all the anguish that was surrounding us at that the magazine, I don’t care. But this column is wholly dedicated to thetime; the only thing that really pulled us through was Ramadan. interests of You. For others, it will provide a means to understanding –or at least momentarily acquainting with the convoluted mess that is theWhat warmed our hearts was that during this tragedy we were psyche of a teenager... seeing things from different perspectives. Thissurrounded by angels who took our mourning and turned it into prayers, brings us to the column’s name “Mind Soup”. That is to say, my mind’sand with those prayers we picked ourselves up and repaired our magic soup dished out for your reading pleasure. Also, each column will endland even though the scar of that day will always remain. with a hashtag that epitomizes what it’s about #NewBeginnings.I dedicate this one to Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may his soulrest in peace. You were a father to each and every one of us and wereone of the greatest leaders that the Arab world has seen. You have givenus what can never be replaced. Our love for you will always linger andyou will never be forgotten. You will remain in our prayers, especially Share your teenage angst withduring Ramadan. me… follow me on Twitter @ AhmedSamirS or drop me a line ahmedsamirsalama@yahoo.comFollow me on smaks90@live.com
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  • 16. sun mon tue August 1 @ 2 ay g D um isin Stadi Ra y und s Cit vor F Sport Tre yed Za Leila Wasti Ramadan Mubarak 7 8 Anna 9 ’s om y M ay!!! M hd and Eid Saoud Al-Maamari Birt Ramadan ADNEC Fe stival at ug 9- 30 A 14 Alisha 15 16 y Happ ce Day den In depen dia! UM MER TIM S E Happy In Independence Day Manju Pakistan! 21 22 23 Melinda Alvarez Castillo Happ y Bir Naoimi Mulligan Cool off while you exerci se @ ay to me thday It’s my birthd !!! !!! Petal Prince Abu Dhabi Golf Club’s Aqua Fitness class tomorrow too 28 29 30 ft, Alo t te @ ugus t Ra 0 A den ll 3 esi abi ti ER UA bu Dh A LPUL T Ghadi Bou Samra Summer offers OU GE @Emirates Palace Hotel Ramadan Doors of Knowledge Yasmein PA till 13 Sept. @ Arabian Center, Dubai N.B. from 1-30 August
  • 17. wed thu fri sat 3 4 5 6 Ismael Gabriel Saballa Happy Birthday Merwin Joveric Sta. Maria Matias ee at day a, get 1 fr Lazing in the sun! Happy Birth Shaza Shahrour Buy 3 pizzo @ Le Meridien Reem Hamoui Mais!!! Saira Aslam Pappagall 15 Sept. till 10 King Sanj 11 12 13 Sherlyn Elizabeth D’souza International Lefthanders Day Iftar Buffet @THE One from Wasay and Amir International sunset- 8:30pm till the end of Barbeque time!!! Youth Day Ramadan Shymie 17 Nada 18 19 20 Art Ex Artspac hibition @ e Galle from 1s ry, Dubai Muhaimma Sulaiman n t-31st Le Bis trot @ Meridie alt hy at ll 15 Sept. World m os @ Le ust Saif Al Madani Spa Pro ill 31 Aug Anjora Gomes Eat he eridien ti anitarian Day L eM Hum t 24 25 Haya 26 27 Sharan Dominic D’souza nnium t Mille er c amp a 25th Aug O Summ l 3rd July- Hote Herio pen Day t- Wa @ Happy Birthday tt, D IAC Ramia!!! Jane Heather Roxas 31 MY AUGUST PRIORITIES MY AUGUST ECO PLEDGE y hda y Happ nce Day, py Birt !!! nde depe alaysia!In M Hap Laskar Bernadette Velasco
  • 18. HERITAGE NURTUREDIN THE HEART OF AL AINStory and photos by Mariam MusallamDespite being told by many people thatthe project of a Heritage Village wouldnever succeed, Khalfan Bin Noman, theowner of the Cultural Heritage Village inAl Ain worked hard to build his project, andachieve his dream of combining past andpresent heritage under one roof.Khalfan recalls the old days, and tells us of a dream he had as a boy.“When I was a young boy I loved to draw old traditional houses anddreamed of having my own heritage village, one that simulatesEmirati life before and after the union.”He spent two and a half years to build his heritage village at the AlAin SportPlex situated on the Khatam Al-Shakla Street in Al Ain.Khalfan’s village consists of several ”environments”. One is the “TownEnvironment” that reflects the nature of traditional and culturalfeatures and contains homes of mud and palm leaves surrounding amosque with narrow alleys between them to add to the traditionalcharacter. The architecture dates back to the forties and shows thedesigns made by the country’s forefathers and tells a lot about howthey lived.Another environment is the “Agricultural Environment” that consistsof agricultural lands and beautiful creeks. Yet another is the “DesertEnvironment” that represents the nature of life in the harsh desertwhere people used to live in tents made of animal ‘hair’ (“bayt alshaar”).The village also has two theatre halls to show displays of culturalevents and celebrations, a museum, a traditional souk, restaurantsand an exhibition area for old classical cars. Noman looks at it all andsays,“THIS IS MY DREAM THAT HAS BECOME A REALITY”.You can visit the Cultural Heritage Village at the Al AinSportflex everyday from 10am to 10pm.Cost of entry is Dh 5 for adults and free for kids.For more information call 03-7689779.
  • 19. CELEBRATING THE UAE’S 40TH ANNIVERSARY IF IT WAS IN YOUR HANDS WHAT ADVICE HOW WOULD YOU IMPROVE DO YOU GIVE NEXT MONTH’S EMIRATIS QUESTIONS ARE: EMIRATIZATION? ENTERING THE 1. What, in your opinion, has been the UAE’s greatest WORKFORCE? achievement, and why? 2. What do you think are the UAE’s defining values that could give it an edge in the league of world nations? IN YOUR OPINION, WHAT ARE THE send us your views to sharon@tempoplanet.com CHALLENGES FACING THE EFFECTIVENESS MANAR AL HINAI1. I would employ Emiratis for any job in any company or ministry sector no matter how OF EMIRATIZATION small the job is. For example, delivery guys that work in ministries that are hired to EFFORTS? take confidential letters to other companies. I would replace expatriate employees with UAE nationals who are qualified. I would also hire Emirati consultants to make sure that Emiratization is being followed.2. Some managers are scared of being replaced by qualified Emirati graduates who may hold higher educational degrees, and that is why they prefer to hire expatriates at junior level jobs. This is especially so in organizations that require for the manager to be Emirati. This way, these managers are not scared.3. Never take NO for an answer! MOHAMMED AHMED 1. While the initiative itself is a very just DIPLOMATIC ATTACHÉ cause, the implementation nowadays is to increase the number of UAE nationals in an organization. An improvement in the implementation process should be made to the effect of empowering these individuals to become future leaders. Moreover a ABDULLA AL ABOODI framework should be implemented in the hierarchy of any organization to spread the BANK RELATIONSHIP MANAGER UAE nationals from the top to the bottom levels of an organization instead of only hiring them to fill lower level positions. For instance, companies should empower UAE SHEIKH HAMDAN AL SHARQI nationals to reach top management level HEAD OF MARKETING RESEARCH even if hired as supervisors and officer level staff. 1. To improve Emiratization there is some steps I have to consider: I would summarize my steps as the following: 2. Implementation of the program has a flaw • Improve the technical education and show the locals how life really is before they get to it by preparing them with knowledge that that causes other nationalities to act in a would help them face challenges. defensive manner because they become • UAE nationals must accept the fact of the old life style does not exist anymore and they have to get used to the new working environment. afraid of losing their current positions. • We as Emiratis should work hard and think smart because there is nothing comes easy without effort. People should be educated through the • Emiratis should be prepared, train well, develop their skills and deploy to be able to lead their country and should be giving more culture of the organization. responsibilities to be able to prove themselves. 3. Emiratis must take their jobs seriously. They • The government should also take the responsibility of encouraging the private sectors to employ locals and develop their skills. should not use “Emiratization” as an excuse 2. One of the major challenges facing the effectiveness of Emiratization is how some people depend on foreign workforce to satisfy their needs to sit idle in a company or not become and the excuse is always the lack of experience!! We should give newly graduated Emiratis the chance to develop themselves by engaging them in the real world and giving them the right job opportunity to serve their own country. ambitious. The initiative is designed to get 3. • Learn how to manage team work. an emirati through the interview process • Accept the fact of nothing comes easy without working hard but proving themselves once they have • Excellent performance will deliver the best result. the job is on their shoulders. • Innovation is the most important for self development • Get the right coaching and mentoring. • Always align your goals with the organizations goals • Respect the roles of your organization and ensure that you follow the career guidance and that you meet all of your job requirements.
  • 20. 1. Emiratization should not only be focused on the employment only. I understand 2. The challenges are: that UAE , being a new country pressured by the global turn of events, needs to have Emiratis need to have more drive to secure the jobs they want an abrupt and radical program to promote its citizen’s development. However, let Emiratis need to be ready to accept entry level jobs us face the reality that there is no such thing as success that comes overnight. Burj Emiratis need to build their skills so they can be more competitive Khalifa will not stand with six feet below the ground foundation. In other words, for Emiratization to be successful you have to have a strong and deeper foundation 3. First of all Emiratis have to realize that after graduation they – and that starts with education. The collaborative effort of both the Emiratization should not expect to immediately land a job related to their and educational institutions starts with developing a curriculum that would trainings and educational background. They have to learn require all the Emiratis to participate in activities that involve livelihood, financial that other job opportunities may contribute in making them intelligence, entrepreneurship and social responsibility. Like what we have in our more skillful and intellectual in their future careers. Second, grade school are subjects such as home economics where we are taught how to they have to change the attitude towards work. If they enter cook, preserve food, weave baskets, arts and décor, plant, sell items, tailoring, the workforce, they are bound by the rules and there is no mechanical installation and repair and so on… All these have contributed exception regardless of their nationality. Third, they should in making us all independent and appreciate all types of job. It makes us more accept summer and part time jobs in restaurants, government independent and more skillful in all aspects. And through the years, we became offices, community service organization, and other institutions masters of different skills that are necessary in work production, appreciative of offering opportunities such as waiters, document filers, street different job and competitive in workforce. Hence, childhood experiences have cleaners, events helpers and other entry level jobs. Fourth, significant contributions in becoming an economically and socially responsible a clause must be included in the contract that states that an Emirati. An early education will change the Emirati’s attitude not only in term of Emirati employee should stay in the company for a minimum employment but also in all aspect that encompasses them which will surely make period of six months. This period should be viewed as a way to the Emiratization more meaningful and successful. reimburse the company for the expenses incurred in training them for the job and grooming them as future leaders. In turn, they will become more resilient in the work challenges and will become more creative and ingenious in handling their job MOISES MARISCAL responsibilities. TRAINING TELESALES 1. Mixing in UAE nationals and 2. The UAE Government needs to be careful when setting private companies could, if quotas, and restrictions on hiring policies with the new handled correctly, add synergy to program. During a recession, companies hunker down, the workplace. However, a few freeze hiring and start new performance tracking points need to be considered: initiatives to ensure everyone is pulling their weight. • UAE Universities and organizations As private companies are going through a tough time, ADITYA JAIN like Emirates Nationals especially those linked to construction and finance, the ASSISTANT RELATIONSHIP Development Programme and government needs to be careful with the Emiratization INJAZ UAE must hold more program, so as to not put too much pressure on firms. MANAGER seminars and trainings on how The focus should be on making Emirati citizens the best private companies differ from people for the job, not on forcing companies to meet Government entities. Diverse certain quotas. In the long run, having quotas for UAE workplaces, higher targets and citizens can seriously undermine the allure of the UAE as expectations, different working a base for international firms, who wish to expand into hours, as well as unique work the Middle East. cultures should be highlighted, YASMINE ABDULLAH so students and recent graduates 3. Just make sure you take some time to understand the MARKETING EXECUTIVE know what to expect. firm’s culture. Some firms are extremely conservative, • We need more events bringing where you need appointments four days in advance to together staff from private go in and have a five minute conversation with your boss.1. From what I’ve heard, some Emiratis have been complaining companies (maybe a few banks, Other firms allow you to wear jeans in the office, and the that the Emiratization efforts usually benefit fresh graduates marketing companies etc.) who people give you strange looks when you call someone and not those with advanced careers. Therefore, I would work can have a question and answer “sir”. Knowing a firm’s culture will help you tremendously on creating more opportunities for the mid-career / senior session with graduates on a one- by preventing careless mistakes. The second thing is, level Emiratis. to-one basis. From my experience, private companies “think” differently from government2. It seems that some Emiratis tend to remain in their position no fresh graduate knows exactly entities. People are expected to stay until they finish for a longer period of time without climbing the corporate what an Investment Banker their work. This means that you may be allowed to come ladder. Also, because Emiratis are given special attention, more does; meeting a few of them will into work late, provided you stay back until your work is opportunities and higher salaries, they have a lot of negativity help graduates understand the finished. This may even mean coming in on Saturdays surrounding them. People may think that someone got their career paths that are available to occasionally. On the other hand, at government offices, job not because he or she is qualified, but because he or she them, and what they can expect everyone comes in on time, and leaves on time. Knowing is local. Lastly, I recently realized that there are unemployed when they join. Informational the differences in culture can have a huge impact on your Emiratis, so it’s a myth to think that all Emiratis have jobs. Interviews will, in turn, help career growth within the company.3. Well, they should definitely take advantage of the opportunities Emirati graduates shine during given to them! Yet, making sure of the potential growth interviews. program a company has to offer them before join.
  • 21. THE GROUP WAS FOUNDED BY INIGO VILLAGARCIA, FROM SPAIN, A YEAR AGO. HE SAW IT AS A WAY TO CONTINUE HIS PASSION FOR THE OUTDOORS AND AS WAY OF REDUCING STRESS. THE CO-FOUNDER IS SANJEEV MENON WHO IS AN ACTIVE FITNESS ENTHUSIAST AND REDISCOVERED HIS LOVE FOR BLOOD PUMPING ADRENALINE EXPERIENCES THROUGH THIS GROUP. ABU DHABIHIKERS, WALKERS, & OFF-ROAD MEETUP GROUP Photo Credits- John Chervy Key People- Inigo Villagarcia and Sanjeev Menon SANJEEV: OVER THE LAST YEAR WE HAVE BEEN FOCUSED ON HIKING BUT NOW WE HAVE STARTED TO OFFER ALL KINDS OF LAND, SEA AND AIR BASED ACTIVITIES. Through an outdoor activity with our group you have a support system to learn a new skill or sport and you enjoy the fresh air and natural surroundings, say compared to working out in a gym . In the summer we go scuba diving, swim in natural pools, and hike to A promise mountains like Jabal Shams which during summer would be in the that temperature range of 20-28 C. members would feel a WADI BANI OUF GROUP sense of achievement, positivity andgo “beyond what we think we arecapable of accomplishing”. What’simportant is the company of like-minded people and the possibility LIWA GROUPof healthy friendships based oncommon interests.Most of our group members are westernexpatriates who have moved here forprofessional reasons. We are proud to say someof them are experts and qualified in theirsport like triathlons, hiking, swimming, rock The group has a social meet up once a month. They use their website to get ideasclimbing, sky diving etc. from group members as well as to organize and schedule hikes and trips. Visit their website
  • 22. DOC IN THE HOUSE Dr.DMS | A Doc from the Bronx LIVE WELL Layla Ezzedeen | Performance Whiz and Feng Shui PractitionerI HEART DR. DAVE CAREFREE BODYI GET FAN MAIL AND I REALLY APPRECIATE IT. LET ME SHARE A WITHOUT A HEALTHY BODY, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS IN LIFE.PARTICULAR EMAIL I RECEIVED. IT’S REALLY TOUCHING... YOU CAN KEEP LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT PILL, BUT THE FACT IS,IT MADE ME SEE THAT I MADE A DIFFERENCE. GOOD HEALTH IS THE CUMULATIVE RESULT OF GOOD HABITS.Dear Dr Dave, Take care of your body now. Here’s what you can do to achieve good health:Thanks for your column. I read it every issue and I look forward to yoursnips of wisdom and humour. I am a 16 yr old girl who is looking towards 1. Cut out all sugars. This includes all pastries, chocolates and sodas.my future as I want to go to college. College scares me as it seems like Use organic honey or maple syrup to sweeten anything. Use at least 50%so much work and I am afraid I will not succeed, or it will change me dark chocolate.as the person I know and like today. Believe it or not, I have found yourarticles a source of inspiration for college. Even better than that, a source 2. Cut out meats; white, red and all. I know, you won’t hear it, butof DIRECTION for my future!! it’s true; eating fear causes violence. You also want to avoid animal (and artificial) hormones; we’re humans, not cows or test tubes.I know it sounds weird, so let me explain. I know you’re a doctor, and Ithink that takes a lot of brains. In America, you go to college first, BEFORE 3. Cut out dairy. Tough one? Read the next idea. Use goat or sheep dairyyou get into medical school. WOW, talk about a lot of school, BUT you did if you really must have it, they don’t mess with our hormones as much asit. All those exams!!!!! I so LOVE Scrubs, Greys Anatomy and ER… so I cow dairy.know what you do. 4. Cut out wheat. It causes bloating and digestive dis-ease. Use rice, cornSecondly, you seem like a cool regular guy- if I may say so. You seem to and all the other wonderful grains available in life. If you’re going to havelaugh and have a sense of humour ( sarcastic, but I like it). So despite all bread, use only whole-wheat.that study you still seem like none of this has changed you- or at least itseems like that to me. 5. Eat raw greens daily. An apple isn’t enough. The rule is five to seven fruits and veggies. Emphasize the leafy greens.Professionally, you have inspired me as I mentioned, but in anunconventional way. I used to look at doctors with such admiration since 6. Exercise at least four times a week. No time? I don’t believe you. Athey seemed so unlike other adults. They are doctors!! They know how to workout is worth far more than many other consumerist distractions, notfix people!! It’s really cool that you share your thoughts of being a doctor least of which unhelpful TV.with us. I bet other doctors would not tell it like you have. Your apparentlack of empathy and your view of patients scares me and as much as I like 7. Get rid of addictions. If I can quit, anyone can. It’s not only cigarettesyour sarcasm, and I don’t want to end up like that. and weekly alcohol; it’s also sugars, carbs, coffee, black tea and other food habits. At least start to become of aware of what it is you must have.I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for killing any ideas I may havehad before, about being a doctor and preventing a huge mistake that 8. Read and inform yourself. Read about all of the above ideas. Knowwould have stolen years away from my youth and forcing me into an whose literature you’re reading; understand their motives and interests.apparently thankless job. I wish my teachers were all like you! Be smart. Pick up the advice that only feels 100% right for you no matter who it comes from.I heart Dr Dave.I thank (sic) you saved my life!!!!” Get on with it traveler, through the journey of life!WELL, YOU GOTTA LOVE HER.AND TRUE TO MY WORK, I SAVED A LIFE...
  • 23. PHOTOTRIPPING Calling all photographers, our next topic is: NATURE AND ENVIRONMENT If you’d like to share your photos email them to: sharon@tempoplanet.com AMATEURS AND PROFESSIONALS A SPACE TO SHARE YOUR PHOTOS AND YOUR TECHNIQUESPHOTOGRAPHER: Jose Tuaño (STUDENT) PHOTOGRAPHER: Christopher Xaviour PHOTOGRAPHER: Nyurka Mariah Daphne Fernandes (STUDENT)TITLE: Cousins (BANKER) TITLE: A Guide for AdventureLOCATION: My Humble Abode TITLE: Do u see what I see? LOCATION: A particular balcony in Manipal, IndiaSETTING: Manual LOCATION: Kitchen SETTING: ManualPURPOSE OF THE SHOT: Collected these bottles on a trip to the SETTING: Manual PURPOSE OF THE SHOT: I wanted the open fields in the back, and theUS. I found them particularly interesting subjects. PURPOSE OF THE SHOT: To experiment new traditional lamp gave it perfect support.CAMERA MODEL: Nikon D60 combination and patterns within your reach. CAMERA MODEL: Nikon D3000F-STOP/ APERTURE: F 5.3 CAMERA MODEL: Canon D-1000 F-STOP/ APERTURE: F 9ISO: 400 F-STOP/ APERTURE: F 6.3 ISO: 200SHUTTER SPEED: 1/60s ISO: 1600 SHUTTER SPEED: 1/160 secsTIP: Look at the subjects from every possible angle, and take the SHUTTER SPEED: 1/5 TIP: Keep your eyes open for those minute details; observation is the key.picture from the best one. Even when it’s the most awkward. TIP: Never hesitate to use your creative side, Lighting is critical to every photographer, so look for the different angles trust your instincts and it will be your own. which you can give your object the essence of life.
  • 24. ART WALKAT AL KHUBAIRAT BRITISH SCHOOLTempo was invited to a recent art exhibition at Al Khubairat BritishSchool. The art exhibits were developed by the design and mediastudents. Here we present some of the art pieces on show. Name: AS students Title: Product Design (light, docking stations, radio, speakers, bike light). Medium: wood, plastic, metal, fabric Ideas/ Inspirations: Innovative designs for common products.Name: Ravan Hussain (A2 student)Title: Exam - Machinery, Course work - ArchitectureMedium: canvas, mixed media, editing, paper sculptureIdea/ Inspiration: Exploration and discovery. Developed idea basedon architecture. Name: Lara Chamandi (GCSE student) Title: Two units -Similarities and Differences; Surfaces and Identities (Course work). Medium: canvas Name: Zeid Ghawi (AS student) Name: Laura Hill Ideas Inspirations: Reincarnation, being Title: Exam- Mystery and Imagination, Course Title: Similarities and Differences; Surfaces and an “Indian” in her past life. Also inspired Work- Light Identities. by archways. Medium: canvas, mixed media, sculptures Medium: paper mache, mixed media, boats Idea/ Inspiration: Architecture Ideas/Inspirations: Surfaces (fruits), identity (people), similarities (boats) Cooler Box James Gordon (Wood- Laminated)Tea/Sugar/Coffee ContainersAugusta Quaynor Desk Storage unit Floor Lamp( Wood) Matt Thompson Craig Petue (Wood) (Metal)
  • 25. JUST HANDCRAFTED Preethi Janice D’Sa | Scientist-artiste hybridTHE GOSPEL OF REBECCA BLACKBy Rohith BhatWhat does it take to be a viral star? Do youwant what it take to have millions of peoplescreaming out your name (in frustration); tohave millions of hits (dislikes) on you tube? ARABIC QUILLGRAPHYThen here are the 12 commandments for you: MASTERING LANGUAGE ON PAPERTHE SONGOne Have your Mom pay a bunch of morons to start your music career.Hint- the more tone deaf your producer is the better!Two Take singing lessons from a goat and make sure you get thebleating sound just rite!Three Hire the drunk homeless around the corner to do your lyrics Quillgraphy is not a new concept in the quilling world but ArabicFour State the obvious!! The more obvious the better, fire is hot, the quillgraphy is, thanks to Farah Al Fardh. All quilling needs is flexiblesky is blue, Saturday comes after Friday, remember people depend on paper, your deft fingers and plenty of imagination. If you think you fitthis important info to live! the ‘quill’ bill, then Farah holds regional quilling workshops. This Emirati globe trotter is the regional representative of the UK Quilling guild andFive Ensure that your whole song has only enough words to fill up launched the first internet based Arabic quilling forum in June 2011.a bumper sticker or the bar napkin of your dunk homeless lyricist,remember excess is a sin! If you, like me, know how to write Arabic, then Arabic quillgraphy should come easy. The quilling paper that Farah uses for the Arabic quillgraphyTHE VIDEO can be purchased through the US and UK online shops. For those who are keen on using recycled paper, just ensure that theSix Have your co stars in the video high on painkillers during the shoot paper is soft enough to roll or bend (ladies, we would like your well(that way they can’t kill you midway!) manicured fingers to stay that way while you quill away).Seven Make sure to include the only black guy in world who can’t How does Farah ensure that the paper used does not unravel? “I userap in your video, cultural diversity and all that, In fact try to imitate white glue which gives a neat finishing and when it dries, the paperBieber and Sean Kingston if you can, just so that people of all races and has a nice sheen to it.” Farah has used innovative techniques for each oforientations feel included the Arabic quillgraphy products shown. “The logo of a TV show called Nawader (which means ‘rare’) took a few more days to finish,” she adds.Eight Follow the instructions set in your lyrics to the ‘T’ after all if youdeviate, it may get difficult for you fans to know what exactly you are The Creative Mastermind of Arabic Quilling has no plans to stop wheredoing in your day! she’s at, despite her global and regional success. Her goal is to spread the word about quilling. In fact, to get the quillers amongst us going,Nine Get inspired! Copy your dance move‘s from classic dance movies why don’t you quill inspirational Ramadan and Eid messages? Sendsuch as Dawn of the Dead, Resident Evil and Zombie Apocalypse. me your best product photo. Farah and I will then select the best and IRemember, life like and energetic movements are overrated will showcase them on the Cultural Arts Travelogue facebook page, the handcrafted traveller’s portal that I have created for handcrafters just likeTen Subtlety express your views against injustice in today’s society in you. Happy quilling.your video; down with the stupid rules of seatbelts, driving age limitand sitting in your seat when someone appears to be driving over 80. Visit Farah at www.farooha.netEleven Keep smiling; remember that 9 inch nail sticking into your toeis just the price of fame and awesomeness Preethi Janice D’Sa runs a medical arts copywritingTwelve And finally use a mixture of arcane black magic and voodoo business. Join her culture,to make your song as addictive and catchy as possible! arts and travel facebook page.
  • 26. } Neena Rai An artist with a flair A TIME TO GIVE I associate the Holy month of Ramadan with a time to celebrate and a time to give. Every year, during Ramadan, numerous artists slash their prices to make their works affordable so more and more people can have access to original pieces of work. This is the artists’ way of giving back, and this novel idea was put into practice by none other than Sumayyah Al Suwaidi, who started the Ramadan Art Bazaar. Sumayyah believes that paintings, especially, original ones make excellent gifts not only during Ramadan but at any point of time. They are an intelligent and sophisticated choice for modern lifestyles. A lot of people are hesitant to buy art as they are afraid of choosing the wrong piece of work. ‘If you know the other person’s taste in art, then it’s easy’, says Sumayyah. ‘But if you don’t, then the best thing is to buy an artwork from an established artist; someone whose paintings have value in the art market, because at the end of the day buying art is an investment’. Here, are top 10 reasons why you should be visiting and buying paintings from the Ramadan Art Bazaar at Ghaf Gallery. 1. Ramadan is the month of giving, and all the artists have reducedRamadan Art Bazaar is on at Ghaf Gallery their prices by more than 50%, just to help the common man collectfrom 4-31 August 2011. original, unique artworks, and not just IKEA artwork. 2. All artworks are reasonably priced and nothing costs more than Dh 4000. 3. It is a terrific opportunity to acquire artworks from artists, whose works people generally cannot afford. 4. Due to the variety of artists participating, there is something for every one’s taste. 5. Apart from Emirati artists, people will find artworks from a lot of different nationalities. 6. It is a lovely gesture to support artists who are young and emerging by buying their art during this time. 7. Ramadan Art Bazaar is a showcase of artists living and practicing their art in the UAE, so you are supporting your community. 8. Ramadan Art Bazaar brings the community together to celebrate art. 9. This is an excellent time to become familiar with local artists and to get to know them better because this exhibition gives a chance to chat with the artists during the Iftar evenings. 10. Enjoy a Ramadan Iftar, and get briefed about UAE culture and tradition at Ramadan Art Bazaar with a programme called “Embrace Arabia” by Ali Al Saloom (of “Ask Ali” fame).Visit Neena’s blog and website
  • 27. COVERING SCIENCE AND RELIGION IN THE MIDDLE EASTBy Alma KadragicRecently, I attended a session of the conference Belief in Dialogue: is with academic writers who don’t write for mass media,” Scammett said. BrownScience, Culture and Modernity at the American University of Sharjah, agreed that the material he sees provides either “a niche picture” or is broadlyorganized by the British Council, in partnership with the University in general. They were reflecting a concern with readership, reaching the largestassociation with the International Society of Science and Religion. number because topics that don’t interest readers get minimized or ignored.Billed as a media roundtable, the session closed the three-day conference that The concerns are totally different in the Middle East. Because television is differentincluded scholars from Europe, North America, UK, Asia, and the Middle East than print and is the major source of information for people in the region, Khatibdiscussing how science and religion might be reconciled in an Islamic context said, it cannot go against local culture, and “issues of religion and science areand in the context of other religions. of special sensitivity.” Not coincidentally, Al Arabiya, one of the major satellite news channels broadcasting in Arabic, has neither a religion editor nor a scienceIt was impossible for me to participate for three days, but I was eager to hear editor.local media representatives talk about how they handled coverage of science andreligion and made it to Sharjah for the final event. As often happens, the panel When Al Arabiya decided a year ago to do more stories about global warming towas somewhat ill-assorted. Several non journalists who were included - perhaps increase awareness in the region about the problem, Khatib added, the audiencebecause they were guests at the conference - didn’t add much to the discussion. reaction was lukewarm. On the other hand, viewers everywhere have followed the manifestations of the Arab Spring in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and elsewhereHowever, foreign journalists of the caliber of Martin Redfern who reports on with tremendous interest.science and religion for BBC’s World Service; Andrew Brown who does the sameat the Guardian; Essam Assoud who writes for Nature magazine; and John The difficulty in covering science and religion is that the first isn’tScammett who writes opinion columns at USA Today were matched with major considered interesting while the second is off limits. Al Gergawi saidlocal figures: Francis Matthew, Editor at large, Gulf News; Nabil Khatib, Executive that science isn’t considered a good career choice, at least not in theEditor, Al Arabiya; and Mishaal Al Gergawi, columnist, Gulf News. Gulf. People study science to teach, not to perform research. He noted too that secularism tends to be identified with atheism which limitsWhy isn’t there more coverage of science and religion? The journalists and editors discussion and news coverage. “We don’t have much of a sense offrom the US and Europe talked about the difference in audiences. “The problem dialogue between science and religion,” Matthew concluded. 4. Good listening is important to good conversations. So balance your Tweets. Start your day by checking your replies and who has been saying hello to you. ReTweet (RT) as often as you Tweet and reply to your followers. TWEET BETTER By Ziad Samad 5. A number of online services are out there to increase your numbers overnight. If you are Tweeting on behalf of your company, this might be a good option. But the 1000 or so followers you pick up in two days will be a random bunch inclusive of spammers. In recent years, 75 million users have subscribed to Twitter because it is an 6. When talking to people don’t forget the @ symbol and their username. This easy, efficient and fun way to send text updates by SMS, instant messaging, is a common mistake for new Tweeters who are used to chatting on IMs. the website and software like CoTweet Standard, Hootsuite and Tweetie. If 7. Third-party clients like TweetDeck, Twhirl and Destroy Twitter, go out and you are one of those multitudes of silent Tweeters out there, read on about fetch your tweets for you. These help you to organize the way you access your how to Tweet better. Tweets and give you extra features that are not available in Twitter itself. 1. Complete your profile. Remember it is an introduction not just to your 8. The idea of Twitter is to make human connections. But it is not a substitute friends, but the rest of the world as well. Take a moment to fill out your profile for the real world. So if you are in a cafe with a friend, we suggest putting and let people know something about you. You don’t have to tell Twitter away your smartphone for a while. everything, but you do want to make an introduction. This includes putting up a smart profile picture. Your Tweets say a lot about you. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, 2. Use the “Find People” feature to your advantage. It is one of the best ways and allow yourself to enjoy the community aspect of Social to build a network of people who share your interests. Networking. There is a lot to Twitter, so long as you remember 3. Review your follower requests. If there is a person who wants to follow you, that behind every account (most of the time) is a person, curious spend a couple of minutes going through their profiles. as to what you’re up to and what you have to say.
  • 28. by BrandMoxieGROUPON, COBONE, GONABIT…SHOULD YOU USE THEM TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS?AT BRANDMOXIE WE WORK CLOSELY WITH ENTREPRENEURS Clearly the advantage may be better to you if you’re a service business, such as a hairdresser, as opposed to a product provider, such as a restaurant. The reason isAND SMES IN EXPLORING NEW, AFFORDABLE AND EFFICIENT that service oriented businesses usually have fixed overheads that make it easierWAYS OF MARKETING. MANY OF OUR CLIENTS FACE SHRUNKEN ‘to get the resources working’ whereas a product based business has to incurMARKETING BUDGETS AND SLOWING BUSINESS CYCLES, AND new/ additional expenses in order to generate the transactions.RECENTLY MORE AND MORE HAVE BEEN SEEKING OUR ADVICE So the heart of matter is that you should be clear about your motives forON WHETHER THEY SHOULD RUN MARKETING PROGRAMMES participating in Groupon, Cobone etc. More often than not businesses use groupTHROUGH GROUP BUYING WEBSITES SUCH AS GROUPON, buying sites not for the volume based returns, but for the promise of gaining new customers. The problem, and this is where we get into buyer psychology,COBONE AND GONABIT. THESE ENTREPRENEURS SEE THEIR is that this may damage the long term ‘positioning’ of your business as price is aCOMPETITORS SELLING THEIR SERVICES THIS WAY AND dominant brand attribute. This is where your consumer may associate the facialWONDER IF IT MAKES SENSE FOR THEM TO DO IT AS WELL. and blow dry combo you offered once through Cobone with Dh 200 rather than with the Dh 450 that is the regular everyday price. In their minds they may notSO FOR ALL OF THOSE WHO HAVE ASKED US AND WONDERED, be ready to fork out Dh 450 for a Dh 200 service, but will be inclined to waitREAD ON…. until that service is back ‘on sale.’ In the event the customer bought your service on Groupon, likes your service, and is ready to be a repeat customer (buyingAs a business owner you scratch your head and think that since everyone is using at regular prices), then whatever ‘losses’ you might have incurred on the initialgroup buying websites, then they must work. They work beautifully - with almost purchase will be redeemed in subsequent full-priced transactions.no caveats - if you’re the consumer. As customer you’re getting great value dealsand promotions at lower price thresholds than ever. But - if you’re the service If your business relies on single purchases, such as bridal gowns and cars, thenprovider you have to assess the opportunity carefully before jumping in. Consider you shouldn’t participate, for the obvious reason that you won’t be getting repeatthe business model: your service is offered for a limited time, to an unlimited business from your investment. Rather, in this case if you chose to participate itnumber, and usually becomes active when a certain number of people join the would be for no more than to gain from the volume-based (minimized) returns.deal. The powerful marketing catalyst is that it gets all those interested in ‘the Even assuming that the single-purchase person is going to recommend you to adeal’ to aggressively push the offer to friends and family. So the consumer gets a friend, the repeat business opportunity may still be a long shot, and not worthgreat deal, you make new sales (without spending money for marketing), and the any losses incurred from the discounts you gave.group buying site gets its margin. Perfect win-win, right? Well, not always... While the lure of greater volume of business (even at smaller profit margins),The big advantage that these services offer a business owner is that they can and rapid exposure is always appealing, consider the challenges it poses to thebuild awareness about the company (and the offer) through their mass mailings. long term sustainability of your business. Working for small margins can depleteGroupon, for instance, sends their ‘Deal of the Day’ in the US to a subscriber list of your working capital quickly as you try to recover costs and make a profit. This is70 million customers! All the group buying websites require you, as the business especially difficult for small businesses with insufficient equipment and smallowner, to offer a big discount over your usual price, and to pass on a sizeable staff. Your staff may become overworked, exhausted and unmotivated just asmargin, to the group buying site as its commission. The idea is that you would your ‘newly-won’ customers become upset because you ran out of products ormake less money per sale, but you make more on volume, and you win new kept them waiting too long for service.customers as well. So while you shouldn’t rule out using group buying services such as Groupon,Where can it go wrong? For one, the discount you have to offer can sometimes be Cobone and Gonabit, as they will give you rapid exposure, make sure you planso steep that it cuts too much into your profit, and may ultimately not be worth well, and take into consideration all factors, including your costs, your resources,it. That’s especially if you’re already on tight profit margins. If your profit margins your profit margins, and the benefits that you expect to reap.are wider then you may be able to sustain offering the service at hefty discounts,in exchange for the promise of future returns. © BrandMoxie. All rights reserved. Keep learning. www.unleashmoxie.com
  • 29. A Khaleeji girl who overthinks a lotYANK IN THE SANDLAND Randy Parker | Captain America in Exile JUST A THOUGHT Manar Al Hinai and loves to writeTRAVEL TRAVAILS THE SPIRIT OF RAMADAN Whoever said “It is not the destination but When I think of Ramadan I cannot help but think of nights of prayers that the journey that matters” was profoundly turn into midnight outings; Tang and Vimto become the drinks of the insane and I suspect never had to negotiate month, and sheesha becomes the night’s smell. Once boring Arabic TV the gauntlet of modern travel realities. channels become more interesting and controversial. Once crazy traffic at Airport and Mussafah roads become clear roads with sonic speeding I recently returned to Abu Dhabi from cars racing half an hour before sunset. Long working days become short three weeks in my homeland. I only get workless day. there once a year so it was a whirlwind of activity. I crossed the USA four times Social and charity awareness increase dramatically. There is less music visiting family and friends. I had fun on the played, and more Quran read. Shopping malls close later than midnight, ground but getting to places was a trial of and Masjids become filled at every prayer with people more than willing soul and spirit. to help those in need. Ramadan is definitely my favorite time of the year. We renew our vows to I started with a 14 hour flight from Abu Allah, get together with family and friends, and help those in need. It is the Dhabi to New York’s JFK airport. There I had time of the year when we are reminded of the unfortunate by fasting from an overnight stay and an early morning sunrise to sunset. We give our stomach and digestive system a holiday, and flight to Salt Lake City and ultimately hopefully end up losing the extra pounds we accumulated during the year. alighted in St. George, Utah. Two days later But most importantly Ramadan is the perfect time to get our religious I did a round trip back to SLC, then to Las priorities right, and hopefully continue doing good deeds all year round. Vegas for a trip to Florida. After a few days there, I missed my return flight back to Las The following are some valuable lessons that I have Vegas due to airport security detaining me for “suspicious items” in my luggage. By the learned over the years about Ramadan, mostly the hard time this issue was resolved my flight had way: left. That compressed my schedule even • Never have salt and vinegar chips for sohoor. tighter…. I lost a day. • Have laban and dates to break your fast, pray, and eat in stages This is where it gets fun: I rebooked and the • Drink lots, and I mean lots, of water during Sohoor. next day had to fly five hours from Florida • Have eggs for Sohoor. They do not digest for at least to Las Vegas on a “red eye”. When I got to six hours, so you will not feel hungry Vegas at midnight, I had to drive three • Avoid going to the supermarket anytime from four hours back to St. George then go directly to to six pm that airport and spend nine hours getting • Don’t drive on the left lane at 6:20pm to Chicago to catch my 14 hour flight back to Abu Dhabi after a four hour layover…. • Dedicate at least an hour a day to read the Quran you do the math! • Purchase your clothes, footwear, and anything you want to wear for Eid during the first week of Some people regard travel as an exotic Ramadan. All the good endeavor. That may have been true in the items will become sold out, old steamship days when one had weeks and no tailor will make you to get somewhere. I am here to tell you anything after that period. that travel in modern times is stressful and • Finally avoid the crazy exhausting. In my book, the destination rush by leaving work later, wins over the journey every time! rather than two or three pm. Visit Randys blog on your smart phone Follow me on twitter @manar_alhinai
  • 30. HOROSCOPEAries (March 21-April 19)With fiery Mars in your sign tempers and temperatures are set to soar. A difficult aspectfrom Mars to the area of your chart ruling home and family could see you clashing withyour nearest and dearest. By the end of August your energy levels will settle to a moreconstant and manageable pace, perfect for getting on top of any practical issues.Taurus (April 20-May 20)You start the month focused and wanting to be taken seriously. Others will be convincedby your methodical approach making this an ideal time to deal with officials like bankmanagers, accountants and bosses. Things will soon lighten up for you, an encounter withsomeone who ‹lights your candle› perhaps.Gemini (May 21-June 20)Keeping a watchful eye on the cash flow can be dreary, especially when your friends areout making the most of summer. It can feel as if you’re missing out on all the fun. But don’tdespair because when you’re off on a bigger better holiday than everyone else you’ll beglad you saved your dough.Cancer (June 21-July 22)You’re full of life this month, but what exactly are you achieving from all this activity?There’s a chance you’ll be getting little in return for all your gallant efforts. This can befrustrating but a bright idea at the end of the month will help you find a solution to this.Leo (July 23- August 22)August sees you at your most charming. You adore attention and there’s no shortage thismonth, but you’re generous with praise too and people will love to bask in the warm glowyou’re emitting. Perhaps a holiday romance or a romantic interlude with someone fromabroad is on the cards.Virgo (August 23-September 22)Strong undercurrents from other people are making you feel a little on edge. It seemseveryone’s behaving oddly as though the sun’s gone to their heads. Even you’re acting abit out of character. However you should be able to smooth over any brewing trouble withsoothing words that just roll off the tongue.Libra (September 23-October 22)You’re determined to set the world on fire in August. You’re feeling hot and ready to takethe plunge with someone special. No one will be able to resist your confidence. This is animportant month in an important year for you. Expect to be seeing more of the world andletting the world see more of you.Scorpio (October 23-November 21)A powerful and meaningful connection with someone is on the cards, whether you knowthem or not already. You’re a force to be reckoned with and when you set your sightson your ideal partner there will be no stopping you getting them, whether they like itor not!Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)You’re feeling wonderfully energized as the month starts, leaving others in your wake asyou bounce from one task to another. Watch out for ego clashes with other strong person-alities who want the limelight too. You are a born traveller and philanthropist and now isa great time to in indulge both of these.Capricorn (December 22-January 19)The month begins with a feeling of harmony and balance and you are feeling a bit moreconfident about your financial circumstances. You feel at ease expressing your deeperfeelings to loved ones too. However as the month moves forward the possibility of sometension between your work and domestic life increases.Aquarius (January 20-February 18)Arguments with siblings, close friends and partners are possible this month and any trou-ble that does occur could simple be little more than hot air and bravado from all partiesconcerned. Day to day activities and getting about your normal routine could be fraughtwith complications and upsets in August.Pisces (February 19-March 20)August is a good month to pour your energy into sorting out money matters and em-barking on schemes that will see your cash working harder for you. Thinking of all theadventures you could soon afford to go on will be more than enough of an incentive to getwise with your dough - money equals freedom for you this month.
  • 31. TEMPO LAUNCHES THE “I LOVE UAE” VIDEO COMPETITION IN ASSOCIATION WITHSHOW YOUR LOVE FOR THE UAE AND "FOR ME" CATEGORY:CELEBRATE ITS 40TH ANNIVERSARY All participants should be 18+ years with a highTHROUGH YOUR CREATIVITY! school diploma or equivalent and should hold a valid UAE residency.MAKE A MINI VIDEO ON THE UAE! FOR "ME AND MY SCHOOL" CATEGORY:THEME: “I LOVE UAE” All participants should be 11+ years (with parentalCRITERIA: consent if under age) and should hold a valid UAE residency.• Be creative: music video, skit, snapshot, promo...• Film on camera, mobile phone or anything you PRIZES: like! • FIRST PRIZE FOR "ME" CATEGORY: Four week• Language: Your choice! (if other than English or intensive film making course at the New York Arabic please include English subtitles) Film Academy, Abu Dhabi.• All films should be no longer than 40 seconds • FIRST PRIZE FOR "ME AND MY SCHOOL"• Deadline: August 15, 2011 CATEGORY: You will be invited with your class and your senior grades, to a film making TWO COMPETITIONS: workshop at the New York Film Academy, Abu Dhabi. The student who submitted the winningYou can Enter "For Me" or video will also win a video camera.for "Me and My School" • RUNNER- UP PRIZES For more details, go to: www.tempoplanet.com Start uploading your videos now!