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  • 1. By: Sharoline Galva
  • 2.  Many women dislike or are unhappy with their body image. Women are all different ages, shapes, colors, and sizes.So why do we feel the need to fit a cookie cutter mold ofwhat we believe is the “ideal” and “perfect” woman? Why do we feel the need to change who we are,and what we look like? Is it our friends and families? If so why do theyThink you need to look different?
  • 3.  We want to be treated differently by others. Women feel they must change physically in order for others to want to approach or befriend them We want to attract a companion or partner. Women often want to change because they believe it will attract a potential partner. We want employment possibilities. Women often believe that “attractive” women often get chosen over an “unattractive” woman for a job even if the “unattractive” woman is better qualified . Some women have even been fired from a job because of weight gain.
  • 4.  Society at large has always indicated the standards of “beauty”With the help of the media and cosmetic industries. Advertisements make false promises of becoming morealluring to men, and having more friends to sell products. They achieve this by showing images of “beautiful”Women to make you feel as though this is the idealimage you must fit, in order to be considered“attractive”. This then will & can only be achievedby buying their products.
  • 5.  Advertisements have manipulated society for many years. However in the twenty first century media has gone into overdrive. The average American sees 3,000 ads a day. With the majority being fashion and beauty ads. we are constantly bombarded with Ad’s on Billboards, TV, Magazine. Internet even your own clothing. It’s impossible to go anywhere without someone trying to sell something to you.
  • 6.  Women portrayed in the media are almost always airbrushed. This creates a false illusion and is an unattainable “beauty” that not even the women portrayed actually fit. Many women especially young girls are unaware of this, and how constant exposure can turn into a belief that this illusion is reality. The cosmetic industries success is because they make us believe we can never look good enough without their product/s.
  • 7.  Many girls are exposed to these negative unrealistic messages at a young age. This leads to several disorders and need to reach an unrealistic image of what they believe they should look like. Barbie is and example of an unrealistic woman whos proportions are far from the average woman yet many young girls see this as a standard they must reach to be “beautiful”.
  • 8.  AnorexiaRefusal to maintain a healthy body weight and an obsessive fear ofgaining weight. Often coupled with a distorted self image BulimiaPerson binges on food or has regular episodes of over eating and feels aloss of control. The affected person then vomits to preventweight gain. These are just two of the many eating disorders that havehorrible side effects to your body such as cardiovascular problems,lack of menstrual cycle, anemia, kidney dysfunctions, irregular heart rhythmEven death. Eating disorders are caused because of body imageissues.
  • 9.  Seek professional help if an eating disorder has become out of control.National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA)Hotline 1-800-931-2237 Family and FriendsAlways give constructive support Parents: Teach your children about the effects of the media. Help them maintain a healthy body weight and to always be happy with who they are and what they look like.
  • 10.  Always remember media and the negative effects it has on women. No one has the right to tell you what beauty is. Everyone is different and that is what makes each individual so unique and beautiful. Learn to Love yourself because you are BEAUTIFUL.
  • 11.  “Everyone talks about diversity, but if everyone has to fit a certain mold, well, that’s not wanting diversity. It’s asking people to change who they really are.”
  • 12.  Doyou think ads like Dove’s real women and lane Bryant are helping change the way society views “beauty” in the media?
  • 13.  Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Our Bodies, Ourselves For the New Century. 35th. New York, NY: Simon & Shuster, 2005. Google Images