Unit6wk1 vocabulary introduction

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4th,Gr4,Unit6,vocabulary,ppt,powerpoints,treasures,treasures reading,by JanisDavis

4th,Gr4,Unit6,vocabulary,ppt,powerpoints,treasures,treasures reading,by JanisDavis

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  • 1. The Gold Rush Game
    Vocabulary Introduction
    Unit 6, Week 1
  • 2. annoyed– bothered or disturbed by
    A person who is annoyed is bothered to the point of being upset or angry.
    We were annoyed that people had left litter on the beach.
    Describe a situation when you felt annoyed.
  • 3. prospectors- people who search for gold or other minerals
    Prospectors are people who search and explore for precious minerals.
    Many prospectors went to Nevada after silver was found there.
    How are prospectors and explorers different and alike?
  • 4. Circular- in the shape of a circle
    If the movement or shape of something is circular, it is round.
    Many rides at the carnival move in a circular pattern.
    What else moves in a circular pattern?
  • 5. Outstretched – extended outward
    Something that is outstretched is extended outward.
    The black horse’s outstretched neck crossed the finish line first.
    When might you see a person with a hand outstretched?
  • 6. reference- a mention or source of information
    A reference is a source of information, or a mention of a source of information.
    The reference at the end of the chapter guided her to read more books by the author.
    When might you use a reference?
  • 7. disappointment-a feeling of sadness because the outcome of a situation is not what was expected
    When things do not happen the way a person wants or expects, he or she faces disappointment.
    His disappointmentat not getting an “A” caused Steveto work harder.
    What is an antonym for disappointment?
  • 8. glinted-sparkled
    If something glinted, it sparkled with flashes of light.
    Her ring glinted in the sunlight.
    What is a synonym for glinted?