Teachn99 unit+8 +weeks+1,2,3-+complete
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Teachn99 unit+8 +weeks+1,2,3-+complete



by teachn99,treasures,kindergarten,kindy,teachn99

by teachn99,treasures,kindergarten,kindy,teachn99



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Teachn99 unit+8 +weeks+1,2,3-+complete Teachn99 unit+8 +weeks+1,2,3-+complete Document Transcript

  • A plant is a living thing that usually grows in the ground. Ex: Trees and flowers are plants. Grow means to live, change, and become bigger. Ex: Many trees grow in the forest. Unit 8 Week 1 Unit 8 Week 1 plant grow Someone who is conceited is too proud of himself or herself. Ex: The conceited baseball player thought he was better than the others on his team. Equal means to be the same as something else. Ex: The two girls are equal in height. Unit 8: Week 1 Unit 8: Week 1 conceited equal
  • A seed is a part of a plant from which a new plant will grow. Ex: We took seeds from a grapefruit and planted them. To observe means to look and watch carefully. Ex: On our field trip to the zoo, we observed monkeys playing and grooming each other . Unit 8 Week 2 Unit 8: Week 2 seed observe charming If something is charming, it is very pleasing and delightful. Ex: The baby’s gurgling sounds and laughter were very charming. Unit 8: Week 1 Something that is necessary is something that you need or must do. Ex: It is necessary to eat a healthy diet in order to grow big and strong. Unit 8 Week 2 necessary
  • You have five senses: eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell, skin to touch, and mouth to taste. Ex: We use our sense of smell to enjoy the scent of flowers. A garden is a plot of land where plants such as flowers, fruits, and vegetables grow. Ex: We planted sunflower seeds in the school garden. Unit 8 Week 3 Unit 8: Week 3 senses garden Something that is moist is not dry: it is a little wet or damp. Ex: You can clean the table with a moist paper towel. Unit 8 Week 2 moist gradually Gradually means slowly over time. Ex: Over several weeks, seeds grow gradually from sprout to seedling to plant. Unit 8: Week 2
  • To arrange means to organize, put in order, or to make happen Ex: We can arrange the crayons by color. To tend means to take care of something. Ex: The gardener tends to his garden by pulling out the weeds. Unit 8: Week 3 Unit 8: Week 3 arrange tend basic Something that is basic is important and necessary. Ex: For our camping trip, we packed some basic things such as food, a tent, and sleeping bags. Unit 8: Week 3