Sharmin's first draft


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Sharmin's first draft

  1. 1. draft Written By sharmin yousuf Based on, if any Address Phone Number
  2. 2. 1 FADE IN: EXT. IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL GATES - MORNING Jessie walks through the college gates with her head held down. DISSOLVES TO: INT. ENGLISH CLASS - MORNING MR.BILROAD (angry and snappy) Hello! You must be JESSIE. Go take seat so i can get on with this lesson!! JESSIE (nervous and scared) Y-yyes s-ssir SWITCHES TO: Jessie walks towards the desk. Everyone around are giggling and throwing paper balls at her. Calling her names. Scene cuts to the teacher. MR.BILROAD Shut up! Who knows the definition of powers?! ROSIE (confident) Power is me! SIMON (giggling,enthusiastic turns and looks at Jessie) Maybe Mary Poppins knows the answer.. The class laugh and teacher giggles. MR.BILROAD Jessie come to the front. NOW! JESSIE nervously walks towards the front when suddenly she gets tripped up by SIMON, and falls to the floor. Jessie tries to pick herself up but trips up on her skirt again. (whole class laughing, pointing fingers and calling names. Teacher is
  3. 3. 2 also giggling.) DISSOLVE TO: EXT. ON THE ISOLATED BENCH - MOMENTS LATER Jessie is sitting on the bench on her own crying. JESSIE (sobbing) Why?! Why don't i have friends? no one knows me! Where ever i go im unwanted! Why god? (screaming and crying) Why god?! What have i done wrong?! i my a waste of space on earth? i don't even have one friend! im ugly is that why?!! (pleading) Please god! I just want friends, popularity, respect, beauty and mostly love!! A bright light across the sky, before she knew it she was pulled into a tornado. As she spins around and around in the tornado; her hair unfolds, her clothes change and her braces are no longer there. CUT TO: JESSIE IS LEFT ON THE FLOOR NEAR THE BENCH. AS SHE WAKES UP SHE FINDS HERSELF PERFECTLY FINE THE WAY SHE WAS DRESSED. JESSIE GETS SOME FLASH BACKS FROM THE TORNADO BUT IGNORES IT. JUMP CUT TO: INT. CANTEEN - MOMENTS LATER JESSIE WALKS THROUGH THE CANTEEEN AND IS ABLE TO HEAR EVERYONS THOUTS, SHE HEARD SIMON AND FOCUSED ON HIS THOUGHTS. SIMON Is she okay? Im not going to ask her. Maybe i was too harsh on her. Jessie turns and looks at simon. SIMON oh crap! is she looking at me?! (shouts out loud) Marry Poppins has entered the building!!
  4. 4. 3 Jessie meets eye to eye with simon and turns him into ice.