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Weekly news 4

  1. 1. WEEKLY NEWS<br />Presented By:-<br />Tisha Sharma<br />
  2. 2. Soft opening of Games Village on Sept 16<br /><ul><li>The Organizing Committee of the Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi today said that the soft opening of the Games Village will happen as scheduled on September 16.
  3. 3. The state-of-the-art Village kitchen has been installed and started functioning in the Residential Zone in the Village," ."The caterer, Delaware North, has already tested the equipment. The first meals will be served on Monday, September 13." </li></li></ul><li>CEPA with Japan lacks transparency: Farmer groups<br /><ul><li>CEPA could encroach on the rights of farmers as plant breeders and seed consumers as outlined in the PV&FR Act, 2001 (Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act of 2001). Japanese seed companies could gain stealthy entry into the already crisis-ridden Indian agriculture sector .
  4. 4. The Committee has not only demanded making the text of the CEPA agreement public, but also a study of the impact on key constituents by the government, pro active consultation with State governments to reach a consensus and consultations with stakeholders including farmers, fishworkers, trade unions and people’s organisations.</li></li></ul><li>IBM to handle IT for Bharti Airtel's Africa operations<br />The 10-year deal will involve IBM consolidating Airtel’s IT operations in Africa into one integrated system. The US firm also handles Bharti’s information technology requirements in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh under a 2004 deal, which is estimated to worth at least $3 billion. <br />Bharti Airtel had invited bids for the deal in April-end, suggesting it is looking for a better deal than the one offered by IBM in India.<br />Bharti Airtel had invited bids for the deal in April-end, suggesting it is looking for a better deal than the one offered by IBM in India.<br />
  5. 5. Four funds eye Honda's stake in Hero Honda Motors<br />KKR & Co, TPG Capital, Carlyle Group and Bain Capital LLC are competing to acquire a part of Honda Motor Co's stake in India's biggest motorcycle maker, Hero Honda Motors.<br />Two of the funds may jointly buy about 15 percent, valued at $1.1 billion in Hero Honda.<br />Another 5 percent may be sold to the Munjal family, founders of the Hero group, the report said, citing two unidentified people. Honda<br />
  6. 6. Kishore Biyani joins New York Fashion Advisory Board<br />Future Group is a leading player in India's fashion industry doing a business of Rs 3,500 crore across brands every year. <br />NYCEDC aims to develop the city's major business sectors by implementing policy and initiatives that address current issues faced by each industry, create jobs, and promote entrepreneurship and economic diversification. <br />
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