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  • 1. TRIP TO NEW YORKI choose NEW YORK as a location for the assignment. Here is some brief introduction about NEW YORK, USA.New York City, which is nicknamed the Big Apple, Gotham, and the Capital of the World; is one of the biggest cities in the world in terms of both population and land area, and the most populous city in the United States. Spread out over about 470 square miles, it consists of five defined boroughs: The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, each with their own areas and distinctive characters. New York City has it all, and everything going for it: world-class museums, incredible buildings, world famous landmarks, food fit for the gods, and exploding cultures. A city brimming over, the home of modernity and urban living, New York is also the financial capital of America, and has Wall Street and NYSE, which some consider to be a marker for the global economy. Other world-renowned and deeply influential landmarks of the city include: The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Broadway.FLIGHT DETAILS and COSTSFlight Departure : New Delhi to New YorkDuration:21hr 25minSwissFlight# LX 147New Delhi (DEL),IndiaDeparts:07 Nov, 02:05 AMtoZurich  (ZRH),SwitzerlandArrives: 07 Nov, 06:25 AM Aircraft: 333        :        Economy        :        Duration: 8hr 50min Change of Planes at Zurich Connection Time :3hr 30minSwissFlight# LX 16Zurich  (ZRH),SwitzerlandDeparts:07 Nov, 09:55 AMtoNew York (JFK),USArrives: 07 Nov, 01:00 PM Aircraft: 333        :        Economy        :        Duration: 9hr 5min Flight Returns : New York to New DelhiDuration:20hr 10minSwissFlight# LX 17New York (JFK),USDeparts:11 Nov, 06:05 PMtoZurich  (ZRH),SwitzerlandArrives: 12 Nov, 08:05 AM Aircraft: 333        :        Economy        :        Duration: 8hr Change of Planes at Zurich Connection Time :4hr 40minSwissFlight# LX 146Zurich  (ZRH),SwitzerlandDeparts:12 Nov, 12:45 PMtoNew Delhi (DEL),IndiaArrives: 13 Nov, 12:45 AM Aircraft: 333        :        Economy        :        Duration: 7hr 30min Fare Summary: Rs.102,132Traveller TypeBase FareTaxes & FeePer TravellerTotalAdultRs.31,000 (X 2)Rs.20,066 (X 2)Rs.51,066 (X 2)Rs.102,132   Grand Total:Rs.102,132Insurance cost:Fare RulesThis is a Refundable E-ticket.Cancellation Penalty:All bookings booked on are subject to cancellation penalty levied by the airlines. In addition to the airlines cancellation penalty, MakeMyTrip charges a service fee of Rs 500 per passenger for all cancellations.Date Change Penalty: In addition to the airlines date change penalty, MakeMyTrip charges a date change assistance service charge of Rs 500 per ticket.You are requested to consult consulate/airlines to check the visa requirement for your travel. Makemytrip will not be responsible for any visa related information.<br />SOURCE<br />;jsessionid=CEE9550B52CC21E9A66979E39834107A?execution=e193587s1#Id_8302411381238052_LX<br />Weather: <br />Generally the nicest and most temperate time to visit New York is from mid-September to mid-November, along with all of May and early June. Unfortunately, as these months are popular with tourists, hotel prices are scaled accordingly. Long periods of wet weather are common in November and April, with freezing rain and often snow from December to February. In summer, humidity reigns supreme to make a unique, quintessentially New York kind of soupy heat that drives everyone to despair. This is perhaps the time to explore further afield and leave the city to its temper.<br />Weather in new York<br /> Avg. High Avg. Low <br />11/1/2010      58°45° Tue11/2/2010      58°45° Wed11/3/2010      57°45° Thu11/4/2010      57°44° Fri11/5/2010      57°44° Sat11/6/2010      56°44° Sun11/7/2010      56°44° Mon11/8/2010      56°43° Tue11/9/2010      55°43° Wed11/10/2010      55°43° Thu11/11/2010      55°42° Fri11/12/2010      54°42° Sat11/13/2010      54°42° Sun11/14/2010      54°42° Mon11/15/2010      53°41° Tue11/16/2010      53°41° Wed11/17/2010      53°41° Thu11/18/2010      52°40° Fri11/19/2010      52°40° Sat11/20/2010      52°40° Sun11/21/2010      51°39° Mon11/22/2010      51°39° Tue11/23/2010      51°39° Wed11/24/2010      50°39° Thu11/25/2010      50°38° Fri11/26/2010      49°38° Sat11/27/2010      49°37° Sun11/28/2010      49°37° Mon11/29/2010      48°37° Tue11/30/2010      48°36°<br />SOURCE<br /><br />TRANSPORTATION<br />When to Go: With a humid continental/subtropical climate that is heavily influenced by two continental air masses: a warm, humid one from the southwest & a cold, dry one from the northwest. With an average of 234 days sunshine annually, its summer temperatures range from 17 to 29°C with a record high of 41°C; winters are long and cold, where temperatures range from −12°C to 15°C, have dropped to a record low of −15°C. Spring and autumn are unpredictable, and the climate could be anything from nippy to muggy to very pleasant. These however are probably the best times to visit, when the greenery and flowers blossom or fall, and vast open spaces and parks of the city truly come into their own. But one should not easily discount the summer and the winter, where while the weather can be stifling or frigid, there are plenty of opportunities to have a good time, with outdoor activities and events in the summer, and cosy-chic coffee shops and snow-fights in the winter. Local Transport: New York City prides itself on its ability to function well, with a circulatory system that could said to be both multifarious and densely spread across its five boroughs: The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. With the highest mass transit use in the world, the most populous city in the United States (which has over 8.3 million New Yorkers) somehow manages to be among the most energy efficient cities in the country as well. What could give you a better idea of its almost eco-friendly status, is the fact its greenhouse emissions are less than 1/3 the national average, that while the city emits one percent of the nation's total greenhouse gas emissions, it comprises 2.7% of the nation's population. It saves half of all the oil saved by transit nationwide. An average New Yorker consumes less than a quarter the electricity consumed by an average resident of Dallas. It also has the largest clean air diesel-hybrid and compressed natural gas bus fleet in the country, and some of the first hybrid taxis. Manahattan is laid out in grid, and maps are easily As most of Manhattan is laid out in a grid that’s aligned northeast to southwest (though by the Manhattan North convention, it is assumed to be exactly north to south), it is relatively easy to find your way around the place. Just remember streets run east and west and avenues run north and south, and that 20 blocks make a mile along the latter. Road/bus and metro maps are easily available, and particularly useful for navigating most of the city, across all the boroughs. In Manhattan, the terms “uptown” is north, in the direction of the Bronx, “downtown” is south in the direction of the Battery. The term “the city” may refer either to New York City as a whole, or to Manhattan alone, and The Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens are sometimes referred to as “the outer boroughs.” FootSimply the best way to travel short distances, you will almost always move faster than buses or taxis, whether cross-town (east-west or vice versa) or with the flow (north-south or vice versa). It is also one of the best ways to truly enjoy the city, seeing it in all its glory without a roof over your head, and the opportunity to mingle with locals and check out the street scene of shop-fronts and hotdog vendors and everything in between. However, a few words of warning: New Yorkers know their roads well; even jaywalk (almost expertly) regularly. Be advised not to try it, even if following someone else, unless you adjudge yourself a good split-second decision maker or maybe the Chosen One. Always look both left and right when crossing the road, and follow the walk signs. Taxis (especially bad), cars, buses, bicycles (quite often going the wrong way), all plummet headlong in a typical New York frenzy, and can easily trample you. Etiquette however demands you let New Yorkers be on their way, not blocking them from either their purposeful walks or jaywalks. MetroConsidered by some to be ugly, old, and dirty, New Yorkers are proud of their New York City Subway, a reliable 24 hour system that has in recent years even lost its reputation of being crime-ridden (just keep your wits about you when travelling at odd hours, and try to use the major stations in the middle of the night). Every line is identified by either a letter or a number, and stick to using these to navigating your way in conjunction with the freely available maps (online and at staffed token booths) instead of relying on the colours, which are admittedly confusing outside of mid-town. Token booth attendants are also almost helpful in advising you which line to take. The MetroCard – available online, at vending machines at all stations, token-booths, and at many shops in the city (look for the sign outside) – are the only way to enter the subway system, and can also be used for buses. Subway charges are a flat fare of $2.25, regardless of the distance travelled, and there are also several types of metro-cards that you can buy, such as Single Ride, Pay-Per-Ride, One-Day Funpass, Seven-Day Unlimited Ride, 14-Day Unlimited Ride, and some more specialized versions. Refer to the MTA website for more information.BusWhile exact change can also be used for bus transit, it is recommended to get a MetroCard for quick and easy access. Bus lines are identified by letters followed by numbers, where letters indicates the borough in which the line mostly operates (M=Manhattan; Bx=Bronx; B=Brooklyn; Q=Queens; S=Staten Island). Bus maps for each borough can be found at the MTA website. Buses are particularly useful for making your way across Manhattan, even on a cross-town journey.TaxiThe NYC Taxis are yellow, and have a metallic " medallion" on the roof, with the taxi number. When lit, the taxi number signifies the cab is on duty, and when the off-duty is lit, the cab is not available for hire. The meter starts at $2.50, and then runs at $.40 for each 1/5 mile afterwards. There is a night surcharge of $0.50 (8PM to 6AM) and a rush hour surcharge of $1 (4PM-8PM M-F). There is a state surcharge (tax) of $0.50. A tip of 10-20% is expected and passengers must pay all tolls. They also accept credit cards instead of cash, but to avoid hassles, do make sure that their card reading machine is working before getting on. Livery or Black Cars are also available in New York, and are cabs that may only be called for on phone, and cannot be hailed down, though in upper Manhattan and the outer boroughs, they can be, and it is accepted practice, if illegal for the driver. Negotiate a fare before you get inside, and a tip of 10-20% is still expected. All licensed taxis and sedan limousines are authorized to take 3 passengers in the backseat and 1 in the front seat for a total of 4, but the newer minivans and SUV yellow cabs can seat more than 4 passengers. CarIt is strictly not advised for tourists to drive a car around New York City, as the traffic, especially taxis can be extremely rash and very unforgiving of hesitancy or for being an outsider. Parking is also a headache, with impossible parking meters, tow away zones, and exorbitant private parking. The gas stations are also few and far between.FerryAn interesting way of travelling to various parts of town, the most famous ferry link is Staten Island Ferry, which runs from Battery Park to Staten Island. This free ferry only carries passengers and bicycles, and runs every 15 minutes during rush hours. This is also a great way to see the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbour, especially if you are seated on the starboard (right facing forward) side of the ferry from Manhattan, or the port side from Staten Island. Other ferries are operated by the New York Waterway and are not free, and the New York Water Taxi runs ferries between points within Manhattan, with some connections to Brooklyn and New Jersey. <br />Phone Code: +1 212 (Manhattan)/718/917/347/646 (for the rest of New York City – number overlays). An overlay means when a phone code runs of available numbers, new numbers in the area from that point on are assigned a new code.Currency: US Dollar (USD) 1 USD is approximately 48 Indian Rupees (INR)Time Zone: GMT -5 hours. IST-10:30 hours. Summer Daylight Savings Time GMT -4 hoursVoltage: 110VLocation: Extreme south-west of New York State, which is in north-west United States, on the East CoastAltitude: 10 metres above sea level <br />Excursions<br />There are plenty of places to see near New York city, with easy access by bus, boat, rail and taxi.  These include: Long Island, Fire Island, Jersey City, Hoboken, Niagara Falls, The Palisades, Jersey Shore, Westchester, Six Flags Great Adventure Park, Princeton, New Haven, Washington D.C. and many more.<br />November 2010 CalendarSunMonTueWedThuFriSat 1Available from: $62.99 Select Date2Available from: $62.99 Select Date3Available from: $62.99 Select Date4Available from: $69.99 Select Date5Available from: $69.99 Select Date6Available from: $69.99 Select Date7Available from: $69.99 Select Date8Available from: $62.99 Select Date9Available from: $62.99 Select Date10Available from: $62.99 Select Date11Available from: $69.99 Select Date12Available from: $69.99 Select Date13Available from: $69.99 Select Date14Available from: $69.99 Select Date15Available from: $62.99 Select Date16Available from: $62.99 Select Date17Available from: $62.99 Select Date18Available from: $69.99 Select Date19Available from: $69.99 Select Date20Available from: $69.99 Select Date21Available from: $69.99 Select Date22Available from: $62.99 Select Date23Available from: $62.99 Select Date24Available from: $62.99 Select Date25Available from: $69.99 Select Date26Available from: $69.99 Select Date27Available from: $69.99 Select Date28Available from: $69.99 Select Date29Available from: $62.99 Select Date30Available from: $62.99 Select Date    <br /> SOURCE<br /><br /> <br />Bottom of Form<br /> HOTELS<br />left0   <br />The Belvedere Hotel<br />319 West 48th Street , New York City - NY 10036, USA <br />Check in <br />Check out <br />Guests count <br /> HYPERLINK "" l " rev" The Belvedere Hotel Country: USA | City: HYPERLINK "" New York City <br />Guest rating | HYPERLINK "" l " rev" Based on 2 Reviews <br /> HYPERLINK "" l " rev" The bed was the hardest ever, very small lobby, very small rooms, very.. <br />Pennsylvania<br />401 7th Avenue At 33rd Street , New York City - NY 10001, USA <br />Check in <br />Check out <br />Guests count <br /> HYPERLINK "" Pennsylvania Country: USA | City: HYPERLINK "" New York City <br />Guest rating | <br />Hotel Hilton <br />New York City - USA <br />Check in <br />Check out <br />Guests count <br /> HYPERLINK "" Hotel Hilton Country: USA | City: HYPERLINK "" New York City <br />Guest rating | HYPERLINK "" Based on 1 Review <br />City Club Hotel New York<br />55 West 44th Street , New Orleans - 10036, USA <br />Check in <br />Check out <br />Guests count <br /> HYPERLINK "" l " info" City Club Hotel New York Country: USA | City: HYPERLINK "" New Orleans <br />OverviewThe City Club is a sleek luxury hotel in Midtown Manhattan, tucked nea.. <br />Embassy Suites Hotel New York City<br />102 North End Ave , New Orleans - 10282, USA <br />Check in <br />Check out <br />Guests count <br /> HYPERLINK "" l " info" Embassy Suites Hotel New York City Country: USA | City: HYPERLINK "" New Orleans <br /> <br />Hotel Best Western City View Motor Inn - Long Island City in New York<br />3317 Greenpoint Avenue , New Orleans - 111012011, USA <br />Check in <br />Check out <br />Guests count <br /> HYPERLINK "" l " info" Hotel Best Western City View Motor Inn - Long Island City in New York Country: USA | City: HYPERLINK "" New Orleans <br />Hotel Comfort Inn Long Island City in New York<br />42-24 Crescent St. , New Orleans - 11101, USA <br />Check in <br />Check out <br />Guests count <br /> HYPERLINK "" l " info" Hotel Comfort Inn Long Island City in New York Country: USA | City: HYPERLINK "" New Orleans <br />Hotel Courtyard By Marriott New York City Manhattan Fifth Avenue<br />3 East 40th Street , New Orleans - 10016, USA <br />Check in <br />Check out <br />Guests count <br /> HYPERLINK "" l " info" Hotel Courtyard By Marriott New York City Manhattan Fifth Avenue Country: USA | City: HYPERLINK "" New Orleans <br />Hotel Days Inn North Bergen, Nj - New York City<br />Tonnelle Ave/I-495, I-495 & Us 1 & 9 , New Orleans - 2750, USA <br />Check in <br />Check out <br />Guests count <br /> HYPERLINK "" l " info" Hotel Days Inn North Bergen, Nj - New York City Country: USA | City: HYPERLINK "" New Orleans <br /> <br />Hotel Doubletree Club Suites Jersey City in New York<br />455 Washington Blvd , New Orleans - 07310, USA <br />Check in <br />Check out <br />Guests count <br /> HYPERLINK "" l " info" Hotel Doubletree Club Suites Jersey City in New York Country: USA | City: HYPERLINK "" New Orleans <br /> HYPERLINK "" l " map" Map <br /> <br />Top of Form<br />Bottom of Form<br /> <br /> <br />TOUR PLANNING<br />" Let Us Show You All Of NYC!" <br />  Adult Child <br />List Price $69.99 USD $53.99 USD <br />Our Lowest Price $62.99 USD $53.99 USD <br />You save $7.00 USD $0.00 USD <br />Join us for the only comprehensive guided tour of New York City that includes that bus tour with short walks and a boat cruise! Learn the history of each New York City landmark from a licensed tour guide, including the World Trade Center Site, South Street Seaport, Central Park, the Empire State Building & more.<br />Special offerSave 10 percent on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays <br />100% Price Guarantee: We will refund the difference if you find a lower price online or at your destination. <br />Tour / Activity Information<br />Reviews<br />Photos<br />Information<br />Operates:Daily<br />Location:New York<br />Region:New York<br />Duration:5.5 hours approximately<br />Tour Code:NYC-B0045<br />Starts:10am and 12:30pm daily. 8:30am and 3:00pm daily (March - October). Meet our shuttle vans at Times Square on the Northwest Corner of 7th Avenue and 50th Street approximately 30 minutes prior to tour departure time.<br />Ends:Tour returns to Times Square approximately 5.5 hours after tour departure time.<br />Meals Meals not included.<br />BenefitsExperience one of the most comprehensive New York City tours with our licensed tour guide!<br />Tips<br />Summer/Fall:In warm weather, dress light, wear comfortable shoes and sunblock.<br />Winter/Spring:In cool weather, wear layers to ensure your comfort.<br />Payment Details<br />When do we pay?This product requires a Pre-Payment by credit card. A voucher will be sent to you via email. Just print it off and follow the instructions.<br />Cancellation Policy <br />If you cancel at least 7 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee. <br />If you cancel between 6 and 3 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee. <br />If you cancel within 2 day(s) of the scheduled departure or fail to show up on the confirmed day of travel, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee. <br />Why Choose Us?We've been providing quality sightseeing and adventure for over 10 years. We're a member of the BBB and Chamber of Commerce.<br />Safety:100% safe. All transactions done securely.<br />Tickets & ConfirmationImmediately after submitting your reservation you will receive a receipt of booking by email. Within 48 hours (often on the very same day!) of submitting your reservation you will receive a voucher confirming all details. Simply print your voucher and present it on the day of your activity, show or tour. A contact number will be provided to reconfirm. <br />Starpoints:<br />Meet at the world famous Times Square. <br />Listen to expert narration from our licensed tour guides as they hop off with you at each stop! <br />Pay your respects at the site of the World Trade Center. <br />Includes a boat cruise where you'll to see the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Empire State Building. <br />Visit Rockefeller Center and NBC's Today Show Set. <br />Stop for a snack break at the South Street Seaport (meal not included). <br />Stop in Central Park to view Strawberry Fields. <br />Spot the Central Park Zoo, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Hudson River & the East River. <br />View the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the Chrysler Building, the Met Life Building & Trump Tower. <br />See the Plaza Hotel, the New York Public Library, Greenwich Village, SOHO, Tribeca & Herald Square. <br />Tour Options<br />Check availability <br />This tour / activity has the following tour options. Click the " Check Availability" button to select a travel date and confirm availability for your preferred tour option.<br />8:30am Departure<br />Price from USD $71.99<br />Departs at 8:30am<br />Code: AM0830<br />10:00am Departure<br />Price from USD $79.99<br />Departs at 10:00am<br />Code: AM1000<br />12:30pm Departure <br />Price from USD $79.99<br />Departs at 12:30pm <br />Code: PM1230<br />3:00pm Departure<br />Price from USD $62.99<br />Departs at 3:00pm<br />Code: PM1500<br />Description<br />Meet your licensed tour guide in world famous Times Square for the only comprehensive New York City tour. Let our guides offer expert narration as they hop off with you at each major attraction & landmark! Leave Times Square behind to pay your respects at the site of the World Trade Center. Stop at the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street & World Financial Center. Check out the amazing architecture of St. Paul's Chapel, Trinity Church & St. Patrick's Cathedral. Also, get out of the shuttle to see the Federal Hall, Madison Square Park & the famous Flatiron Building. Stop for a snack break at the South Street Seaport (meal not included). Visit the US Customs Building and see one of the most well-known shopping streets in the world - 5th Avenue. This is the only bus tour in New York City that incorporates a boat cruise into the tour. Once boat leaves the dock you'll goes straight up to the Statue of Liberty for an amazing photo opportunity. Then you'll cruises by Ellis Island, under the Brooklyn Bridge and up the East River for fantastic views of the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building. Your tour guide will also accompany you on the boat cruise so you will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the day.Visit Rockefeller Center, see NBC's Today Show Set & stop in Central Park to view Strawberry Fields. Finally, visit the Dakota Building and the Canyon of Heroes before returning to Times Square. As an added bonus, you'll also see the following sites: Ellis Island, the Central Park Zoo, Tiffany's, the Brooklyn Bridge, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the Hudson River, the East River, FAO Schwarz, the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the Chrysler Building, the Woolworth Building, the Met Life Building, Trump Tower, the Plaza Hotel, City Hall, Washington Square Park, the New York Public Library, Greenwich Village, SOHO, Tribeca, Macy's & Herald Square. <br />We use air-conditioned 35-passenger shuttles, perfect for our intimate comprehensive New York City tours. Gratuity for your driver and guide are not included but are greatly appreciated!<br />SOURCE<br /><br />FOOD<br />In New York, you will find restaurants and eateries representing cuisines from all over the world, and catering to all types of budgets, from hole-in-the-wall slice-a-pizza eateries and hotdog stands to gourmet restaurants, sushi hubs and designer kitchens, to delis (delicatessens), bodegas, Middle-Eastern carts, Korean barbeque vans, grocery stores, fruit stalls, diners, and bagel stands. However, what food can New York call its own? What does it offer that is different from the world-cuisine offered at any truly major metropolis of the world? There’s a lot of stuff in fact! Hotdogs - served with sauerkraut, sweet relish, onion sauce, ketchup, and/or mustard, you will find hotdog stands across the city. Some of the most famous ones are the Papaya King outlets and Nathan’s Hotdog in Coney Island (Surf Avenue). Also known as “dirty water dogs”The New York Bagel – Arriving, among other dishes, with Eastern European Jewish immigrants; try them at Absolute Bagels (Broadway & 107th Street), Ess-a-Bagel (21st and 1st Av as well as 51st and 3rd Av)Manhattan Clam Chowder – Different from other clam chowders with a clear broth and the addition of tomato, and is found throughout the city, but most famously at Fulton Fish MarketThe New York Cheesecake – Unique with the use of heavy cream, cream cheese, egg whites and yolks, they are most famously found at Lindy’s Deli, or Junior’s Deli. The New York Pizza – Available on a per-slice basis, no matter what toppings you want on it, the best way to eat one is too soak the oil off the top with napkins, and fold in half, and devour. The New York Egg Cream – A mix of seltzer water, milk and chocolate syrup, this New York speciality is best found in Katz’s Delicatessen.The New York Deli Sandwhich – Most famous in their pastrami or corned beef (also known as a Reuben) variants, try them at Katz’s Delicatessen.Strip steak – Also known as striploin or shell steak, this is a tender portion of cut beef, and is available across the city at various steakhouses and diners.Knish – A knish consists of a filling of mashed potato, ground meat, sauerkraut, onions, kasha (buckwheat groats) or cheese covered with dough that is baked, grilled, or deep fried. Eggs Benedict – Eggs Benedict consists of a half of an English muffin, topped with ham or bacon, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. Its origins are interesting enough, and widely argued about. The muffin can be substituted by toast. Delmonico steak – A steak made from a controversial cut of beef, controversial in the fact that no-one agrees to the fact as which cut of beef it is. Try it anyways, and if you can afford it, try it at Delmonico’s Restaurant, which invented it in the 1800s.There are plenty of other New York specialities, such as: baked pretzels, Italian ice, ice cream cone, Lobster Newberg, Waldorf salad, doughnuts, Mallomars, bloody mary, pasta primavera, Chicken à la King, General Tso's chicken, Reuben sandwich, Penne alla Vodka, Italian sausage, bratwurst, Chinese kebabs (chuanr), Cuchifritos, Piragua, gyros/shawarma, falafel, Mister Softee ice cream, Italian ice, and arepas.With the largest Jewish community in any city in the world, NYC offers great Eastern European Jewish cuisine, best found in delicatessens, or delis. Apart from just Kosher food, much variety is available, and famous dishes include: celery soda, brisket, tongue, New York-style lox, cream cheese, whitefish with and without pike, Gefilte fish, blintzes, potato pancakes, bialy, challah bread, matzo, pickled cucumbers (especially dill pickles), kishka, potato kugel, chopped chicken liver, matzo ball soup, lokshen soup.Chinatown and Little Italy are other must visits to enjoy inexpensive (and authentic ethnic) cuisines, as are Soho's many chic restaurants.<br />HOTEL FOR MY STAY IN NEW YORK<br />HOTEL <br />Overview: <br />Welcome to New York's Hotel Pennsylvania, The World's Most Popular Hotel®. As one of the five largest hotels in Manhattan, the property holds an impressive history and offers an excellent Midtown location directly opposite Madison Square Garden and Amtrak's Penn Station. Our location on 7th Avenue at 33rd Street is also within walking distance of the business, entertainment and fashion districts, including Macy's, the Empire State Building, Times Square and the Jacob Javits Center. In fact, New York's Hotel Pennsylvania is central to many attractions and events! The hotel has indoor valet parking available for our guests. Parking rates are USD 37 per day for standard cars, and USD 45 per day for SUV's. The lobby-based theatre and transportation desk offers a variety of guest services. These include arranging airport transfers and offering sight-seeing tours. Shuttle service and private car transfers are available between all area airports and the hotel. Hotel Pennsylvania offers 1,700 air-conditioned guestrooms located in the Heart of Manhattan steps from shopping and most of NYC subway lines. Furnishings include upholstered armchairs, televisions offer pay movies, video games, and high-speed Internet access (surcharge). Choose New York's Hotel Pennsylvania and you will experience New York City! We're centrally located in Midtown at 7th Avenue at 33rd Street. New York's Hotel Pennsylvania is across from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station. We're in the heart of both the shopping and business capitals of the world. Macy's Department Store is across the street, the Empire State Building is just two blocks away. See an award winning show on Broadway, or explore one of New York's great museums. The choices are endless. You will literally find everything you need...everything that makes New York The Big Apple, here at our doorstep! Directions from LaGuardia Airport to Hotel Pennsylvania. - Start out going Southeast on Grand Central Pkwy. E. (2.4 miles) - Take the I-495 / L.I. Expwy exit- EXIT 10- toward Midtown Tun. / Eastern L.I. (0.1 miles) - Take the I-495 E / LI Expwy exit on the left toward Eastern LI. (0.2 miles) - Take the I-495 E / L I Expwy exit toward Eastern L I. (0.1 miles) - Take the GRAND CENTRAL PKWY exit toward TRIBORO BR. (0.2 miles) - Take the Grand Central Pkwy west exit- exit 10W. (0.3 miles) - Merge onto I-495 W via the exit on the LEFT (Portions toll). (7.4 miles) - Keep left at the fork in the ramp. ( <br />Official rating: <br />2 - Star<br />Address: <br />401 7th Avenue At 33rd Street<br />City:<br />New York<br />Pin: <br />NY 10001<br />Country:<br />United States<br />SOURCE<br /><br />Pennsylvania Country: USA | City: New York City <br />Map of HOTEL<br /> <br />MUSEUMS<br />Starpoints:<br />CityPass is simple - 1 little booklet packs entrance tickets into 6 famous New York attractions!<br />Take 9 days to visit the New York attractions at your own pace!<br />Visit the Empire State Building Observatory early morning or early evening to avoid crowds!<br />Enjoy a New York Harbor cruise from Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises.<br />Or, take a Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island Ferry.<br />Tour the Museum of Modern Art at your own pace - personalized audio guides of the exhibitions are available inside!<br />See The Age of Rembrandt at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.<br />View The Cloisters in Northern Manhattan's Fort Tryon Park - devoted to the art, architecture & gardens of Medieval Europe.<br />Visit the American Museum of Natural History & Rose Center.<br />Bypass the lines and present your ticket at the membership desk at the Guggenheim Museum.<br />Description<br />Redeem Your Voucher at Any of These Great CityPass Attractions! Empire State Building Observatory <br /> General admission to observatory & 1 audio tour <br /> Insider's Tip: Visit first thing in the morning or during the early evening hours to get to the top with a minimum wait. Please Note: The Empire State Building has tightened security, so you will have to stand in line to gain access to the building; however, once you've been through security, you can go past the ticket lines and straight to the access point. American Museum of Natural History <br /> General admission and Space Show only <br /> IMAX & some Special Exhibits require an additional fee <br /> Insider's Tip: Space shows are every 1/2 hour from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM daily. Multilingual listening devices are available. Visit before noon on weekends to avoid the crowds. Guggenheim Museum <br /> General admission <br /> Select galleries may be closed due to installation <br /> Special Exhibit showings may require an additional fee <br /> Insider's Tip: Bypass lines - present your CityPass ticket at the information desk. Avoid the crowds - visit on Wednesday. Top of the Rock <br /> General admission <br /> Insider's Tip: Avoid the crowds - visit Top of the Rock between 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM or late night between 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM <br /> Museum of Modern Art <br /> General admission <br /> Select galleries may be closed due to installation <br /> Special Exhibit showings may require an additional fee <br /> Insider's Tip: Featuring commentaries by curators, artists & critics, MoMA Audio tours are free with Museum admission. MoMA may be more crowded on Fridays from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM, when the museum is free to the public. The Metropolitan Museum of Art <br /> VIP General Admission <br /> Same day admission to The Cloisters <br /> Insider's Tip: Show your CityPass at the Audio Guide desk in the Great Hall to save $1.00USD on the Audio Tour. Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises <br /> Valid for regularly scheduled 2-Hour Harbor or the Harbor Lights Cruise (available year round; except on July 4th), or 75-Minute Liberty Cruise or The Beast Speedboat Ride (available May 1 - October 31 only). May be upgraded to the 3-Hour Cruise for an additional $4.00. <br /> Not valid for Special Events Cruises including Bear Mountain, July 4th or New Year's Eve <br /> Insider's Tip: May to August, the 11:30 AM Semi-Circle Cruise is least crowded and during September to October, the 11:00 AM Semi-Circle Cruise is the least crowded. OR Statue of Liberty Ferry <br /> Ticket valid for one Statue Cruises admission to both Liberty Island and Ellis Island Immigration Museum with priority entry to the security check-in. <br /> Insider's Tip: Get there early as a separate Monument Pass is required to go inside the Statue pedestal and observation deck with a limited number available each day at the Statue Cruises box office. Give yourself at least 2 hours to visit one island and 5 hours to visit both islands.<br />Best NEW YORK Spas - Upper East Side<br />Exhale Upper East Side is one of three Exhale spas in New York City that combine excellent spa treatments, healing modalities like acupuncture, and exercise classes like Core Fusion (which mixes the energy in the locker room). Famous eyebrow shaper Eliza Petruscu works here. 980 Madison Avenue between 76th-77th. 212-249-3000 <br />Best NYC Spas - Mid-town - 34th to 59th <br />Exhale Midtown on Central Park's southern end is a 12,000 foot oasis with 12 treatments rooms and two 1,200 foot studios, and a chic nail bar. 150 Central Park South between 6th and 7th Ave. 212-249-3000 <br />Townhouse Spa is a three-story spa that caters to a corporate clientele, down to the leather banquettes and one all-male floor with a barber station. SpaOceana is a giant hydro-capsule that sprays you with steam and oils. 9 W. 56th St., between 5th and. 6th Ave., 212-245-8006. <br />Spa Ja uses organic skincare products as much as possible. With a red and black decor, it's not your usual " blah" spa. Along with all the usual services, it offers tanning and is one of the few day spas to have Oceana 5, a computer-controlled hydrotherapy capsule that uses steam, Vichy showers, and infrared heat. It can be combined with a body scrub or scalp massage. 300 West 56th Street at the corner of 8th Ave. 212-245-7566. <br />Dorit Baxter Spa has been in mid-town for 30 years, and has the lowest prices of any big-name spa in town -- $89 for a 55-minute massage. The therapists are experienced and have been with Dorit a long time. Don't expect a luxurious atmosphere, though there is a nice view overlooking 57th St. before and after your massage. 47 W 57th St. between 5th and 6th Ave, third floor. 212-371-4542 <br />Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa is the original day spa -- a spa before there were spas! It's a bit " ladies who lunch-ish" with a loyal following. 691 Fifth Avenue at 54th St. 212-546-0200 <br />Okeanas is one of the few places in Manhattan where you can get a traditional Russian banya (steam-infused sauna) and platza, an invigorating brushing with bundled birch leaves followed by a splash of ice-cold water. Along with all the usual spa treatments it offers barber services. Find it on the lower floor of the building at 211 East 51st Street, between 2nd and 3rd Aves. 212-223-6773. <br />Juvenex Juvenex is a Korean spa with unusual saunas, steam rooms and plunge pools, including the Jade Igloo, made from 20 tons of semi-precious stones. It is clothing optional for women only from 6 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Men and women are allowed from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., but bring your bathing suits. 25 West 32nd St., 5th floor, 646-733-1330. <br />Oasis Day Spa provides good spa value, with reasonable prices. 1 Park Ave. at 33rd, 212-254-7722. Two other locations are at Union Square and the Affinia Dumont Hotel at 34th and Lexington. It also has an airport spa at JFK. <br />Best NYC Spas, Houston to 14th St. <br />Great Jones Spa in downtown Manhattan, is known for it " wet lounge solarium" with hot tubs, cold plunge pools and saunas, available to all guests up to two hours prior to and one hour following spa treatments. 29 Great Jones St., 212-505-3185. <br />CLAY has a strong fitness component for members (gym, fitness classes, Pilates,, personal training, etc.) but also offers spa treatments for non-members. You have access to the sauna and cafe, but not the work-out room. 25 West 14th Street between 5th and 6th Aves. 212-206-9200 <br />Exhale At the Gaansevoort is in the super-chic Hotel Gaansevoort in Manhattan's lively Meatpacking District. The only bummer is only hotel guests can enjoy the rooftop pool! 18 Ninth Avenue. 212-660-6733 <br />Best NYC Spas, Soho <br />Bunya CitiSPA is a New York City day spa with an Asian flavor, including hard-working Asian therapists who really give you your money's worth! Shiatsu and table Thai massage with hot herbal compresses are a specialty at this Soho day spa, located on West Broadway just south of Houston Street. <br />Soho Sanctuary is a quiet, low-key spa that looks and feels " natural," with lots of wood and greenery. It specializes in Dr. Hauschka facials, pre-natal and post-natal massage, and has a fitness studio. 119 Mercer Street in Soho. Tel. 212-334-5550. <br />Haven is a serene neighborhood spa with nice facilities. 150 Mercer St. between Houston and Prince. 212-343-3515. <br />Bliss Soho is the original Bliss location started by Marcia Kilgore in the mid-90s. Some customers report they push products a little too much during facials. 568 Broadway, Second Fl., 877-862-5477.<br />        Adidas Originals Store  With an inspired collection, the triple-stripe sportswear company has moved out of the gym and into retro fashion. Young jocks and wannabe D.J.’s come here for anything from key chains, track suits and tees to limited-edition shoes.Plan B: Opt for streamlined apparel and footwear from the nearby Puma Store, abuzz with young hipsters.  • Adidas: 136 Wooster St. near Prince St., 212-777-2001, • Puma: 521 Broadway near Spring St., 212-334-7861,     American Girl Place  The 43,000-square-foot behemoth is home to a full line of eighteen-inch historical dolls (dressed in period clothes), a café, a bookstore, and a theater that brings the dolls’ characters to life.   • 609 Fifth Ave. at 49th St., 1-877-AG-PLACE,     For Those With an Alternative Computing Style Apple Store SoHo  The two-story space boasts a show-stopping glass staircase and a translucent walkway which glimmers in the sunshine flooding in from skylights. Test-drive everything in sight (iPods, digital cameras, software), play stump-the-tech-experts at the Genius Bar upstairs, or sit in on the free daily instructional seminars.   • 103 Prince St. at Greene St., 212-226-3126     Because You Can Afford to Look Fabulous Barneys New York  Anyone worth her Manolos will tell you that Barneys’ Madison Avenue flagship is the final word in edgy designer fashion. The lower floors house sophisticated, expensive items like Prada suits; in the upstairs Co-op department, you’ll find Habitual jeans, Miu Miu dresses, and clingy Juicy tees.   • 660 Madison Ave. at 61st St., 212-826-8900,• Barney's Co-op, 236 W. 18th St. near Seventh Ave., 212-593-7800• Barney's Co-op, 116 Wooster St., near Prince St., 212-965-9964      Bergdorf Goodman  Ladies who lunch still come here for endless variations on the daytime suit; younger customers flock to the fifth floor for Michael Kors, Theory, and Diane von Furstenberg dresses. The second floor shoe salon is dazzling enough to get any woman in trouble and the massive bag collection is equally dangerous.  • 754 Fifth Ave. at 58th St., 212-753-7300,      Bag Big Name Brands Bloomingdale's  Plow through " B-Way," the aptly named, crowded main-floor arcade that feels like Times Square on Saturday, and hit the second floor for trendy, well-priced American brands. Bloomies also carries all the requisite big-name designer labels and houses an extensive selection of lingerie. The SoHo location, opened in spring '04, caters to a younger, hipper crowd.   • 1000 Third Ave. at 59th St., 212-705-2000,• 504 Broadway, between Spring and Broome Sts., 212-729-5900     Century 21  The home of department store designer leftovers that are at least—and often far more than—40 percent off. You’ll find everything from Hanes to Helmut Lang for men and women. The linen department deals are even more incredible.  • 22 Cortlandt St., near Broadway, 212-227-9092,       FAO Schwarz  In 1862, German immigrant Frederick August Otto Schwarz began supplying New York society with Europe’s finest toys. Today, you’ll find a smattering of ultra-high-end goods and an array of stuffed animals, dolls, train sets, blocks, board games, and even candy.  • 767 Fifth Ave. at 58th St., 212-644-9400,      While You Wait Grand Central Station  Looking for authentic New York cheesecake? You don't need to trek out to Brooklyn. This spectacularly restored landmark boasts a Junior's outpost—along with classy lounge The Campbell Apartment, the famous Oyster Bar & Restaurant, and a slew of shops, including Godiva Chocolatier, Kenneth Cole, L'Occitane, Banana Republic, Papyrus and many more.  • Grand Central Terminal, 42nd St. and Lexington Ave.,      The Greenmarket at Union Square   Farmers from as far away as Vermont arrive at this outdoor market four times weekly, toting the freshest of produce and an ample selection of flowers. Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.Plan B: Roam the long corridor at Chelsea Market, stopping for lunch, pastries, produce, or unusual blooms at their wholesale flower market.  • Greenmarket: Union Square at 17th St., 212-788-7476,• Chelsea Market: 75 Ninth Ave., between 15th and 16th Sts., 212-243-6005,     Meet the Mod Squad Henri Bendel  In the disco era, Henri Bendel was the epicenter of modish New York. These days, the shop stays cool with favorites like Earl Jeans and Shoshanna dresses, as well as styles from designers like Sophia Kokosalaki. Visit the Tiffany’s Closet boutique for vintage handbags and jewelry.   • 712 Fifth Ave. near 56th St., 212-247-1100     H&M  The throngs of bargain hunters, thumping music, and huge fitting-room lines could fray even a Zen master’s nerves, but you can’t beat this Swedish chain’s ridiculously low prices on must-haves of the moment like club clothes, ethnic-inspired tops, and cargo pants.Plan B: For years, European have loved the Dutch brand Mexx for many of the same reasons New Yorkers love H&M—accessible prices, amazingly quick trend-spotting. Prices are a step higher at Mexx and outerwear seems to be their strength.   • 640 Fifth Ave., near 51st St., 646-473-1164,• 1328 Broadway at 34th St., 212-564-9922• 558 Broadway near Prince St., 212-343-2722• 435 Seventh Ave. at 34th St., 212-643-6955• 125 W. 125th St., 212-665-8300• Mexx: 515 Broadway, between Spring and Broome Sts.,          THANK YOU     <br />