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Resume D K Sharma

  1. 1.
  2. 2. 3B/301, Marigold, Beverly Park, Mira Road (east), Mumbai-401107• 022-32000058• 9323090062 / 9920543987•
  3. 3. 15 years
  4. 4. PBM Hospital, BikanerNanavati Hospital Zanana Hospital, Jaipur SMS Hospital, Jaipur
  5. 5. Biochem May96-Aug96 Jaipur Lederle Sep.96-July98 Bikaner Aug98-Jul99 SriGanganagarDKSharma Wyeth Aug99-Dec05 Jaipur Jan06-Mar’10 Mumbai April’10- Pfizer Mumbai Current
  6. 6. Hib Awareness AD
  7. 7. “Dharmendra is a very enthusiastic, hard working person who has always tried to excel in the assignments given to him. He develops very good relationships with his customers based on his extensive knowledge of the products, his professional approach and his outgoing nature. He is keen to advance in his career and with the leadership qualities exhibited by him, he is sure to succeed.”September 17, 2010Homi Bhabha, Vice President-Marketing &ExecutiveDirector, Wyeth Limited
  8. 8. Wyeth “Dharmendra is a hard working and conscientious person . He is focussed and delivers expectations consistently .” December 6, 2011 Ranga Iyer, Managing Director - India, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
  9. 9. • “Dharmendra is very able professional. He is very innovative and hard working person. He is excellent at inter personal skill and has a big quest for learning. He keeps him self updated with the latest trends in the market. He is now doing MBA from NM institute of management; it will help him in his career.”• September 19, 2010• 1st Arvind Jain, Assiciate Director Sales, Wyeth / Pfizer worked directly with Dharmendra at PFIZER LIMITED
  10. 10. “Dharmedra Sharma was one of the best student in my class at NMIMS and the Class Representative , his knowledge of his domain (Pharma) is unsurpassed. His marketing and people interaction skills have been one of the best observed. Dharmendra is a fantastic human being ., Highly passionate, focused and tenacious individual, open to creative & innovative ideas with whom one always got 100% support and commitment. High achiever with a positive can do attitude, his perspective for challenging times is to learn new skills and that why Highest Regards for a True Professional.” September 17, 2010• 1st Dr Sumanta Rudra, Service, VFS managed Dharmendra at PFIZER LIMITED
  11. 11. “I found Dharmendra to have strong leadership skills. Particularly the ability to ensure involvement and participation of a larger group of people in any endeavour. He is also active in organizing events with a social dimension.” September 16, 2010Tapan Wagle, Senior Associate, Environmental Management Centre
  12. 12. “Dharmendra is a good & Sincere working person, with some extra efforts he puts in while at work makes him a perfect professional.”September 15, 2010 Naresh Aswani, Owner, Nascon Placements
  13. 13. “Dharmendra was my student at NMIMS and was my contact person to get activities organised in class. He was very diligent in his work and was an active class leader and student. He performed well in studies and wish him well in his career.” December 5, 2011Cajetan DSouza, Visiting Faculty at NMIMS, JBIMS, MICA, XIMR, IGTC, Mumbai, Amity Mumbai and, Various Colleges and Universities,
  14. 14. “Dharmendra is a very good student of management. He applies his knowledge and skills very well to real life issues. His final MBA presentation was quite impressive. I have always seen him smiling and caring for others which is very difficult now a days. I wish him all the best in his professional life.” December 1, 2011 Rajesh Kotak, Visiting Faculty International Business, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management studies,
  15. 15. “Dharmendra was the class representative in the year I was teaching his batch. He was very prompt and diligent in his work. For every task given to Dharmendra, I could rest assured that it would be done. He had a knack of offering suggestions in a very positive way. Whether it is about class time issues, assessment or any other matter, Dharmendra would without hesitation bring it to notice. In doing all this, he ensured that his classroom performance was always in the top 10 percentile. He surely deserves the best student award he received in his final year.” November 29, 2011 Piyush Shah, Prof., NMIMS University,
  16. 16. 3B/301, Marigold, Beverly Park, Mira Road (east), Mumbai-401107• 022-32000058• 9323090062 / 9920543987•