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Ruckus Corporate Overview
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Ruckus Corporate Overview


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Published in: Travel, Technology, Business

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  • 2. Critically Acclaimed Everywhere2012 best breakthrough technology vendor2011 fastest growing of top 5 WLAN vendors2011 best performing wireless system2011 top Wi-Fi channel company2011 best mobile broadband technologyRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 2
  • 3. Ruckus – Market Engagement▪ ~50,000 outdoor Mesh APs deployed by Tikona DigitalNetworks (largest WiFi deployment till date globally).▪ Several large-scale commercial deployments under way(in Europe, Latin America, and Asia)IPTV-over-WiFi 2 million units installed by 100+ telcos includingDeutsche Telekom, Swisscom, O2 Telefónica Multiple HD streams over WiFi throughout 400m² homes 100% market share in IPTV over Wi-Fi 125,000APs, thousands of mesh networks installed Rapid growth in hotels, universities, shopping malls, etc Beat Cisco and Aruba in 3rd-party tests regularly Powering PCCW hotspot network in Hong Kong since 2007 Hotspot network for hundreds of BP petrol stations 57,000-seat Hamburg arena with Deutsche TelekomEnterpriseWirelessBroadbandAccessHotzones,3G OffloadRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 3
  • 4. The Post-PC Era…Medicalinstrumentse-ReadersSmartPhonesTabletsUltrabooks Environmentalcontrol systemsPoint of salesystems2010 2016694M2.8B874M1.1BEthernetdevicesWi-FidevicesSource: iSuppli 2012A WORLD GOING Wi-Fi220%65%Annual Unit ShipmentsProjectors
  • 5. More Mobile Data ConsumptionSource: Signals Research GroupNote: Data represents data traffic growth and capacity in the US marketsonly2010Source: Signals Research GroupNote: Data represents data traffic growth and capacity in the US market onlySource: Cisco Visual Network Index, 20122020GROWTH INMOBILE DATAIn 2011, mobile data traffic was8x of entire global Internet in 2000
  • 6. 1 Interference3 Flexibility andScale2 CapacityConstraintsMore is Killing WiFiUser and device density,usable throughputProduct and managementsolutions for any networkDropped packets,low data ratesMOREUSERSMOREDEVICESMORETRAFFICMOREVIDEOMOREHOTSPOTSMORENOISEMOREAPPLICATIONSIndustry Challenges!
  • 7. What Do WE Stand For ?1. Consistent Performance at longer distances2. The ONLY Self Adaptive Wi-Fi3. True and Proven Multi-Media capability4. Industry’s Best Price/Performance ratioRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 7
  • 8. Carrier / Service Provider MarketShare ..12%27%of worldwidemarket forshipments ofWi-Fi nodesto carriersOther33%23%5%C A R R I E RRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 8
  • 9. Industry’s Broadest Wi-Fi PortfolioINDOORHIGH END MIDRANGE LOW END6 to 50 APsSMB50 to 500 APsMid-range50 to 1000 APsHigh endUp to 10K APsCarrier edge platformMANAGEMENTOUTDOORRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 9Small cell + Wi-Fi Strand mount Dual-band Dual-band Dual-band Point to point and802.11n AC powered 802.11n sectorized multipoint bridgesHigh-capacity Enterprise Mid-range Entry level Entry-level Wi-Fi802.11n dual-band dual band 802.11n 802.11g wall switch
  • 10. • 6-50 APs• 1250 clients• Desktop Sized, Rack-mountable• Ideal for Small Businesses,Branch OfficesZD 3000 Series• 25-500 APs• 10000 clients• 1RU form factor• Ideal for Medium & largeEnterprisesZD 5000 Series• 100-1,000 APs• 20000 clients• 2RU form factor• Redundant Hardware• Ideal for Large Enterprises /Service providersZD 1100 SeriesRuckus Controllers (ZoneDirector)Integrated FeatureSet{ZERO licensing}• SmartMesh support• Wireless Intrusion Detection• Dynamic PSK• L2/L3 deployment support• L2-L4 ACLs• Seamless Client Roaming• Guest Access• User policies• Seamless integration with RADIUS, LDAP and Active DirectoryRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL1
  • 11. Ruckus ZoneFlex Indoor APs*futureRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL1FEATURE ZF7025 ZF7321 ZF2942 ZF7341 ZF7363 ZF7962 ZF7982Maximum PHY rate 65 Mbps 300 Mbps 54 Mbps 300 Mbps 600 Mbps 600 Mbps 900 MbpsWi-Fi technology 802.11n(2.4 GHz)802.11n(2.4 or 5GHz)802.11g 802.11n(2.4 GHz)802.11n(2.4/5GHz)802.11n(2.4/5GHz)802.11n(2.4/5GHz)Concurrent users 100 250 100 250 250 250 500*Radio chains:streams 1x1:1 2x2:2 1x1:1 2x2:2 2x2:2 3x3:2 3x3:3Antenna elements 1 4 12 8 14 19 21Antenna patterns - - 4000+ 256 300+ 4000+ 3000+BeamFlex gains - 3 dB Tx 4 dB Tx 4 dB Tx 4 dB Tx 6 dB Tx4 dB Rx9 dB Tx4 dB RxInterference mitigation - - Up to 10 dB Up to 10 dB Up to 10 dB Up to 15 dB Up to 15 dBPolarization Vertical Vertical Dual Vertical Vertical Dual DualChannelFly ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓Smart meshing - ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓Ethernet ports 5 1 2 1 3 2 2
  • 12. Ruckus ZoneFlex Outdoor APs*futureRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 10FEATURE ZF2741 ZF7762 ZF7762-S ZF7761-CM ZF7762-ACZF7731Maximum PHY rate 54Mbps 600Mbps 600Mbps 600Mbps 600Mbps 300MbpsWi-Fi technology 802.11g 802.11n(2.4/5GHz)802.11n(2.4/5GHz)802.11n(2.4/5GHz)802.11n(2.4/5GHz)802.11n(5GHz)Concurrent users 100 250 250 250 500* -Radio chains:streams 1x1 3x3:2 3x3:2 3x3:2 3x3:2 2x2:2Antenna elements 12 19 Sectorized 19 19 PTP, PTMPAntenna patterns 4000+ 4000+ 24 4000+ 4000+ -BeamFlex gains 4 dB Tx4 dB Rx6 dB Tx4 dB Rx6 dB Tx4 dB Rx6 dB Tx4 dB Rx6 dB Tx4 dB Rx-Interference mitigation Up to 15 dB Up to 15 dB Up to 15 dB Up to 15 dB Up to 15 dB Up to 15 dBPolarization (vert/horz) Dual Dual Vertical Dual Dual DualChannelFly ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓Smart meshing ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ -Ethernet ports 1 2 2 1 2 1
  • 13. FlexMasterTelco-Grade Centralised Management of Ruckus devicesInternet orPrivate IPNetworkNETWORKOPERATIONSCENTEROfficeEnterpriseHotelCafeNote: FlexMaster is application software. The customer needs to supply their own Linux(Redhat Enterprise v4 or greater) based host serverTR-69 over HTTPSRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 11
  • 15. Self-learning, RF BeamSteering smart antennaBeamFlex• Extends Wireless Range& Coverage up to 2x• Improves Performance& Reliability• Rejects InterferenceApplication and Useraware QoSSmartCast• Automatic trafficClassification• Per Application & perUser queuing• Predictable datadeliverySelf-optimisingwireless meshSmartMesh• Deploy without wires• Signal and Uplinktopology calculation• High speed backboneSimple, but secureWLAN accessZoneDefenseRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 15• Dynamic-PSK• Wireless ClientIsolation• L2 – L4 ACLs• Rate limiting• Authentication DoSprotectionSmart WiFi Technologies
  • 16. Another Innovation - ChannelFlyA predictive capacity management technique that usesstatistical modeling to pick the best RF operatingchannel▪ Leverages patented principles from BeamFlex™ to learn and select thebest RF channel▪ Uses live channel activity to learn what channels will yield the most throughput▪ Assesses true channel capacity, not subjective noise and traffic measurements▪ Evaluates all channels: 2.4 GHz access and 5 GHz backhaul▪ Smooth client transitions using 802.11h▪ System constantly determines proper channel; no configuration or monitoringnecessary▪ Fast reaction (in seconds) to significant drop in throughput▪ Significant capacity improvement observed in congested environments(25 -100%)RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 16
  • 17. Distributed Forwarding ArchitectureOTHERSDirectly in datapathRUCKUSOut of datapathSingle pointof failurePerformancebottleneckWLAN dies ifcontroller isremote andcan’t be accessedNo performancebottleneckExistingWLANconnectionscontinue tooperate ifcontrolleris lostPerformance andcapacity scales asAPs addedSwitch Load: 2XSwitch Load: 4XRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 17
  • 18. BeamFlex Antenna Advantages Omni-directional antenna: Cannot control interference to neighbouring APs Multipath phasing can be a significant issue No interference rejection Make bad RF neighbors▪ BeamFlex smart antenna:Beamforming focuses the RF energy ensuring multipatharrives in phase and provides maximum signal density= extended range and superior performanceHorizontally and vertically polarised elements offer 4000+unique antenna patterns automatically selected on a perpacket/per client basisAttenuate interference from adjacent APs, clients and otherRF sourcesCause significantly less interference to adjacent APsSignal GainUp to 9dBiRejected InterferenceUp to -17dBRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 18
  • 19. First-of-its-Kind Smart Wi-FiSelf Learning, Self Optimizing, Self Healing Wi-Fi Antenna System▪ Patented BeamFlex™ beam-steering antenna▪ Directional elements add range, reject interference▪ Combined elements to provide extended coverage▪ Self-learning software selects best combo in real time▪ Maximizes performance▪ Placement / orientation indifferent▪ Completely compatible with all 802.11 devices▪ Proven in over 2 million AP installations▪ Already deployed by 200 service providers worldwide▪ Acclaimed for superior coverage, video-worthy performanceSignal GainInterference being rejectedAntennaBeamRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 19
  • 20. What Makes Ruckus Different?THEMRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 20USFixed 1:1 relationship betweenWi-Fi radios and antennasDynamic 1:manyrelationshipbetween Wi-Firadios and antennas
  • 21. Classic Phase+GainBeamforming Limited patterns Wasted energy Narrow beamsRuckus BeamFlexAntenna Switching 1000s of patterns More focused energy More forgiving beamwidthTx Beamforming vs Ruckus BeamFlexRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 21
  • 22. Extending Performance at RangeAdaptive Antennas and Transmit Beamforming Working Together3dB 6dB9dBS I G N A L T OINTEFERENCEPLUS NOISE (SINR)IMPROVEMENT> 9dBOF> 15dB OFINTEFERENCEM I T I G A T I O NRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 20
  • 23. Adaptive Polarization Diversity▪ Better reception (PD-MRC) for weakand hard to “hear” devices▪ Better transmission to devicesconstantly changing theirorientationDevice orientation accountsfor up to 5x performancedifferential among productsVERTICALPOLARIZATIONHORIZONTALPOLARIZATIONRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 23
  • 24. We Actively Manage Interference…APClientMicrowave30 ftMicrowave onRF Interference Tolerance Test13Mbps6 MbpsRuckus AP and std 11g ClientRuckus AP and Ruckus ClientMicrowave on20Mbps19MbpsMicrowave on17Mbps14MbpsOff-the-shelfAP and std 11g ClientRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 24
  • 25. 802.11HW Qs802.11ChipSmartCastClassification Queuing /SchedulingFlowClassifier• By station• By port• By heuristics• By layers 4-7Per-packetdispatchto hardwareWi-Fi HandsetNotebook PCSet-Top Box 2Set-Top Box 1Per-station,per-class QsVideoDataVoiceMasterScheduler• Antenna config• Data rate• Retransmission• Channel• PowerBeamFlex802.11 AdaptationRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 25SmartCastVoiceVideoBest EffortBackground
  • 26. What’s Really Important for an Enterprise?Link layerencryptionUser authenticationand access controlWireless intrusiondetection andpreventionRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 26
  • 27. oRole Based AccessoAD/LDAP/RadiusIntegrationoPre-RegistrationoDevice FingerprintingoDevice PolicyEnforcementBeyond BYOD with Zero-ITo Onboarding Portalo Guest, Secure Guesto Device Registrationo Mobile Friendly Portalo E-mail registrationo D-PSK Limits perUsero Granular reportingand controlo Support Apple andMicrosoft deviceso Simple user interfaceo Device controlo Device remote imagingo Remote wipe
  • 28. o Traditional Guest Accesso Secure Guest Accesso BYOD RegistrationOnboarding PortalGuestAccessRegisterDeviceA modern day, mobile friendly, easy to use Wi-Fi
  • 29. ▪ Discrete policies configurable per SSID / WLAN▪ Captive Portal based User authentication via:▪ Local Database – including role-based authorization▪ Active Directory - including group-based authorization▪ LDAP▪ RADIUS▪ Wireless authentication▪ Open▪ Shared (pre-shared key)▪ 802.1X▪ Dynamic PSK (patented)Authentication and AuthorizationActiveDirectorySSID=1SSID=Guest VLAN=1VLAN=3 OPENDynamic PSKSSID=VLAN=802.122x802.1X/RADIUSRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 29
  • 30. A First: Dynamic PSK™RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 30▪ The Problem: Provisioning secure wireless access▪ Single pre-shared key is not secure(e.g. employee leaving requires changing key for all employees)▪ 802.1x is complex and not affordable for SMBs▪ No IT resource to administer unique key per employee The Solution: Auto administered Dynamic PSK™ Automatic provisioning of unique encryption key to each user/device No manual client configuration Highly secure: unique 63-byte pass-phrase per user Easily deactivated when employee leaves New key can be generated periodically Configurable per WLAN
  • 32. Guest Networking▪ Easy to use▪ Guest Pass portal simplifies guest pass generation▪ Generation privileges can be granted to any guest-facing staff▪ Flexible▪ For individual use or shared among multiple users▪ Random key or easy-to-remember operator generatedpassphrase▪ Single or batch creation▪ Expiration from creation time or first login in▪ Customizable login, usage instructions▪ Secure▪ Guests are automatically placed on separate VLAN fromcorporate users▪ Guest can be restricted from accessing corporate subnetsStaff Go To:http://<ZoneDirector IP Address>/guestpassGuest redirect:RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 32
  • 33. Introducing SmartMesh™First Intelligent, Centralized WLAN Mesh Solution for 802.11n and 802.11g▪ Eliminates Ethernet cable to every AP▪ Uses RF signal routing to determine bestpaths to client and between mesh nodes▪ Only mesh system that avoids interference▪ Uses high-gain, long-range smart antennasto minimize hops, improve performance▪ Deploys in half the time, half the costof conventional WLANs▪ Simple, simple, simple to configure/manageHalf the CostHalf the Time3X the PerformanceRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 33
  • 34. RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL▪ Network, RF, Securityand Location Managementall-in-one▪ Internal authentication databaseseamless AD, LDAP andRADIUS integration▪ Super simpleGuest Access▪ Integrated Wireless IntrusionDetection & Prevention (WIDS /WIPS) support▪ SmartMESH▪ Controls up to 1000 APs▪ Smart Redundancy (HA)30ZoneDirector,
  • 35. Effortless Configuration of ZDr{ RUwS!.Y.s·Setup Wizardlana:uaae FinishYour Ruckus FlexOirector is nowactive. (AlERT]I f you chanted t henetwork IPon your administrative PCror this setup proce<fure, resetthe IP address before reconne<tin& your PC to the network.GeneralManaaemen t IPWire essL.AN.s Clickt histink to re<OflneCt to your Ruckus !YxDirector athttps:/ / /Administn .torConfirmationFinishRUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 31
  • 36. RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALProof of the BEST WiFiToms Hardware Report - 2011
  • 37. 2XTop (Undeniable) TakeawaysRuckus continues to deliver theinterference1 best performance at long ranges2 Downlink represents 80%+ of today’senterprise traffic mix,Ruckus excels3 ZoneFlex delivers more aggregatethroughput for high-capacityclient environments5 Airtime fairness is critical and worksbest with Ruckus6 Ruckus provides all aroundconsistency across all tests4 Ruckus is the only vendor to mitigateSHORTMEDIUMLONG“T H E B O T T O M L I N ERuckus puts forth the besteffort in the largest numberof tests [and does so] with amere 2x2:2 design andthrough engineeringattention to the factorsnecessary to provide a high-quality wireless experiencein increasingly hostile RFconditions.RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 37
  • 38. RUCKUS WIRELESS PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIALThank YouAkshay Kumar Sharma98103-87393/