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Facebook For Business
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Facebook For Business


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SFSU public relations students presented this AWESOME slide show for class members May 5, 2009

SFSU public relations students presented this AWESOME slide show for class members May 5, 2009

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Facebook for Business Marie BELHOMME Roxanne COBBS Doreen DING Orly MACABI Brian McGUINN Alice NG
    • 2. Overview
      • Using Facebook for your business
        • Why?
        • Brian’s Facebook business page
        • Advertising on Facebook
        • Applications
      • Using Facebook for your business network
        • Pros and cons
    • 3. Using Facebook for your business
    • 4. Reasons for using Facebook for business
      • The very nature of Facebook is VIRAL!
        • Provide updates in the homepage
        • Drive news to Facebook connections
      • Facebook is the ultimate in social presence marketing
        • Participate in pre-existing conversation around target market
        • Easy for people who want to know more to contact you
    • 5. Reasons for using Facebook for business
      • Better, stronger online connections
        • Serves a basis for connection to people
        • Immediate, passive, and cheap information sharing
        • Control over the quality of data and the quality people connecting
      • The way doing marketing now is changing
        • The way sales take place with new clients are changing.
        • Make a better impression on target market before people actually show up at your site
    • 6. Reasons for using Facebook for business
      • Facebook friends are willing to continue the conversation
        • People who are already in the mode of action would follow you to your site
        • Have better social connections with both existing and new contacts
    • 7. Reasons for using Facebook for business
      • Easy to find your target market
        • Browse or search personal profiles by keywords
        • Find groups and events filled with people who gathered with a common interest
      • Over half of the people using it, use it daily.
        • 150 million people currently using Facebook
        • Half of Facebook users log in daily
    • 8. Brian’s Business page
    • 9. Advertising on Facebook
      • Facebook is Evolving
        • Over 150,000 million users
        • From college students to older adults
        • Marketing agencies and businesses seek Facebook
        • for new advertising opportunities
    • 10. Advertising on Facebook
      • Advertising on Facebook vs. Traditional Advertising
        • Facebook ads are people targeted
        • Demographic filtering technology allows for extremely precise targeting
        • Traditional advertising are keyword targeted
    • 11. Advertising on Facebook
      • Why advertise on Facebook?
        • Amazing reach
        • Information about the user is known
        • Utilizes friend network
      • Advertise Without Spending Money
        • Word of mouth
        • Notes section
    • 12. Advertising on Facebook
      • Event Ad
      • Page Ad
      • Website Ad
    • 13. Advertising on Facebook
      • Advertising Resources
        • Facebook Flyers
        • Facebook Social Ads
        • Facebook Beacon
    • 14. App. Blog Promotion
      • Networked Blog App
      • Notes (default app)
      • RSS Connect
      • Simplaris BlogCast
    • 15. App. Business/Self Promotion
      • CLPrint Business Cards
      • IEndorse
      • My BusinessBlinkWeb
      • Professional Profile
      • Testimonials
    • 16. App. Communication
      • Calliflower
      • SmartMessage Center
      • Telephone
      • Voice Mail
    • 17. App. Networking
      • Introductions
      • My Linkedin Profile
      • Tag Biz Business
      • Network
      • Working It!
      • Xing
    • 18. App. Collaboration
      • Huddle by Workspaces
      • My Office
    • 19. App. Audio/Visual
      • Facebook Video (Default App)
      • Podcast Player
      • Slideshare
    • 20. Using Facebook for your business network
    • 21. Why you should not use it
      • Originally designed by students for students to socialize
      • Many applications not credible for business purpose
      • Personal information and data: what gender you are interested in, your favorite TV shows, pictures…
    • 22. Why you should not use it
      • Comments of your entire network
      • You can be tagged on a “non-professional” picture
      • Other social media dedicated to professional networking and designed for it
      • Too many distractions to appear “professional”
    • 23. Why you should use it
      • All your network in one place (family, friends, classmates, colleagues…)
      • A way to find former co-worker or current connections
      • Adding friends is selective
      • Possibility to create a limited profile
    • 24. Why you should use it
      • Selection of the feeds preferences, depending of your interests
    • 25. Why you should use it
      • Joining group related to your business
      • Looking for professional events
    • 26. Why you should use it
      • Limiting time on Facebook: notification on your mobile phone or through Facebook Firefox Toolbar
    • 27. Thank you for your time