The smith's chapter one


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Chapter one of The Smith's :) Hope you all enjoy

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The smith's chapter one

  1. 1. Hi everyone, Before the Sims 3 came out I was an avid Sims2 Player and just recently I have decided to come back andjoin the Sims 2 community. I am going to attempt to write alegacy for all of you guys and well I hope it goes well. :)Anyways, on with the Legacy.
  2. 2. *Meet the founder, Billy-Bella Smith; we will just call her Bella for short.I will be writing in the perspective of Bella most of the time and when I do decide to throw my 2 cents worth in I will bewriting in the (*s)*I ran away from all I knew on my 19th birthday, I just wasnt ready. I wasnt ready to become a wife, let alone a wife toBobby Wayne a 60 year old man with 3 other wives. So on the eve of my 19th birthday I left, not knowing where I was togo with only §100 in my pocket and the clothes on my back. The last stop on the bus was at Pleasentview Station, so withno other choice I got off there and since then I havent looked back. I am now 21 and have just moved into my firstapartment.
  3. 3. When I first arrived I sat here wondering, what do I want to achieve in mylife. It was simple, I wanted, no I needed a family. A big one to, not straightaway though. Grandchild thats it, six of them all running around. I havealways been good with children; I had to be with 4 younger brothers andsisters and myself being the oldest with dead-beat parents, I was practicallythe one who raised them.
  4. 4. I decided I needed a job, but what did I want to do everyday for the rest of my life? Ill seewhats in the paper...DJ? That could be fun but I dont know.Medical Intern? Youd think you would need a degree in something like that. But still Idont think I could handle blood and old people.. Defiantly not the old people.Teacher? Perfect! I love helping children, heck I love children in general. I am going toapply for becoming a teacher. Boy I hope I get it.
  5. 5. I walked around my house looking for something to do. The best thing I couldfind was to read a book, there was a lot of books to choose from. I ended upgrabbing a cook book since cooking was a hobby of mine. It was amazingwhat I learnt from the book, found some great recipes too.
  6. 6. Whilst reading about food I found I became quite hungry. I thought of tryinga new recipe I found but after going through the fridge I was quick to find Ionly had the basics and with my rent it would be all I could afford for a while.
  7. 7. Plus not eating well made my insides you could say not feel so good either..But its not like anyone will know since I have the whole apartment to myselfand the neighbor is always out. That reminds me... I should go introducemyself soon.
  8. 8. A couple nights of being alone and having no reply to my application ofbecoming a teacher I had a call from some old woman. Her name is, welluhm, ahh thats it her name was Elle Hogan she spoke of going to some placedown town Gothier Lawns? Gardens? Something of the sorts, she explained itwould be a good way to get to know a few people, so unsure of what to expectI left in some what an adventure downtown. A place I had never been and Ididnt feel to keen to go. But alas off I went.
  9. 9. After the cab driver picked me up he drove to Elle Hogans house and then afew streets away from hers we picked up another passenger Chloe Gonzaga. Iwas quite shocked at the fact that what a 8-9 year old child was beingallowed into the city with complete strangers. I dont know what to make ofthe parenting ways here but my children will not be allowed to do suchthings.
  10. 10. The night was quite a bum, we all chatted getting toknow each other then went about to our own devicesfor awhile. I spent most of my time hiding in thecubical of the womans bathroom. It was well kept fora public bathroom. After it getting close to the timethe taxi was organised to pick me up I left thebathroom bumping into a mighty strange person Idont think I will soon forget.
  11. 11. His name was Count Sabastian Mazza, he sent icychills straight up my spine. He never once removedhis arm from in front of his mouth, I had quite astrong idea why. He spoke with sharply and to thepoint that I was in his path and how he must gethome since it was deadly close to sunrise. I lookeddown at my watch surprised of how fast the nighthad gone and how little happened.
  12. 12. I furiously dialed the taxi company demanding to know where our taxiwas, whilst keeping Chloe closely behind me. The maternal instincts kicked inand I knew I had to get her home it was ridiculous that a child of her age washere. Elle blankly stared at me when I snapped at her after she told me torelax and that I didnt have to worry. Not to worry?! creepy people lingeringaround a child and you tell me not to worry. Silly old bat she deserved apiece of my mind. But I reframed myself from doing so, It was late.. wellearly, and I just needed to take Chloe and myself home.
  13. 13. As the taxi pulled up Chloe thanked me for looking after her. What a wellmannered child I thought, I hope someday my children would be just as kindand mannerly.When I arrived home a 4:00 I saw I had a message on my answeringmachine, I listened to it. Hi Billy-Bella it is Samantha here, I have just readyou application for the teaching role and I would love for you to come intomorrow and start as a Playground Monitor, its not teaching yet but it isthe starting position and you will be earning §215 a day. Cant wait to seeyou tomorrow at 8:00 am and the carpool will be there at 7:00am sharp.Beeeep..
  14. 14. By the time I had made it to bed it was already 4:30am and I had to get up.Something told me my first day wasnt going to be easy. Samantha wasright, the carpool did arrive 7:00am sharp. After picking up several others Ifinally made it to my first day of work.
  15. 15. Samantha gave me a ride home that night, she was a really nice lady and Icould feel she would soon become a really close friend of mine. She waspregnant, she told me how she also had a teenage son, a daughter how was8 and a toddler boy, plus she said her mother in-law also lived with her andher husband. I couldnt help but think of how full her hands would be. Duringour conversation she offered me the job of Teachers Aide, she said how shemuch needed some help in her year 2 class, and it would be a good steppingstone of becoming a Elementary School Teacher; I was stocked with her offerand of course said yes.
  16. 16. Before having a much needed early night I had a shower and washed my hair.I couldnt help but feel slightly lonely and wanted to meet someone topossibly share my life with. I decided I would go out that night and hopefullymeet a few people and maybe even that special someone.
  17. 17. That morning I gazed into my mirror after doing my hair and hoped that bythe time I finished work I wouldnt look to bad. I applied my make-up not tomuch but just enough to feel as that I looked nice. I heard the carpools oldtiny car turning onto my street I rushed to slip on my clothes and went offdownstairs.
  18. 18. As I jumped into the car, not only did I feel a bunch of dust fly off the seatand into the air I felt as if the driver was staring at me, you know thatfeeling when you can just feel it? Yeah I had that. I turned to look at him tosee if he wanted to say something but he quickly looked away and sped off.It was quite weird but I didnt think much of it.
  19. 19. When I arrived home, I saw the delivery boy or girl had left the paper by mydoor so I decided to bring it in. Samantha commented on how I live aloneand should maybe consider having a house mate. So before I left for thenight I looked at some potential house mate and didnt really find anyone.Unless of course I wanted " Joel, Man, 25, looking for room big enough to fitdouble bed. House mate needs to be fine with having different girls stayover each night Uhm, No. Ill look again later.
  20. 20. I got changed into my casual clothes, quickly fixed my hair and got into mycar which I brought on my 20th birthday as a present to myself. I was unsureof where to actually go, I didnt know many places to go to met others. Idrove out of my driveway and headed towards the community lot region ofPleasentview hoping to find somewhere open.
  21. 21. After walking into a cafe asking where everyone is the owner pointed out tome that it was Tuesday night and I should head down to the PleasentviewCemetery. He must of seen the puzzled look on my face. He explained thatswere my age group goes on Tuesdays just because it was somethingdifferent. It was different for sure...When I arrived I noticed a woman, apretty woman sitting at a desk, by the remote in her hand she was watchingTV. As I walked past the window walking towards the crowed I saw she waswatching the video feed from a security camera somewhere on the lot. Shewas the security guard. I chuckled, she didnt look like she could guard much.She must have heard me laugh and shot me a glare.
  22. 22. Phoenix Bruty, he was tall, tan and hot; very hot. He caught my eye rightaway. After getting to know him in the group we went for a walk, I was flirtinglike there was no tomorrow, he seemed very interested. Then I heard this loudcackle.
  23. 23. I was shocked to look over the fence and see a witch, a green glowing witch.Everyone on the lot just stared at her almost knowing something bad wasbound to happen any second. There was screaming as she waved her wand. Ilooked away afraid at what was going to happen. Then when I looked backshe was gone. Everyone on the lot though started fighting.
  24. 24. It was a strange, I turned to Phoenix and he just turned away from me notwanting anything to do with me.
  25. 25. I was shocked, hurt and almost even started crying. The first boy I had met Ilet steal my heart after a few hours. I then felt stupid for letting myself get soattached so fast. I promised I wouldnt do it again, but of course I knew Iwould somehow. After that I just walked to my car got in and cried. I drovehome just wanting to crawl into bed and disappear.
  26. 26. The next morning I got up not wanting to go to work, not wanting to speak toanyone. I waited in bed until I heard the carpool give up waiting on me andrush off to pick up the others. I ate breakfast on my couch and realised Ineeded a table set to sit at. So I went shopping for the day hoping no onefrom work would see me because I told them I was sick.
  27. 27. After a day of browsing all my options I came home with this small set. I feltproud, I had never really brought much for my self, since I had left home theonly thing I brought ever was my car, that took nearly all my money. Otherthan that my money has been spent on rent.
  28. 28. * I was kind of worried when things started to glitch, here is just one of themany that started to occur. Thankfully they stopped after a day or two : *
  29. 29. The carpool dude over the last few days has gotten beyond creepy. I thinkafter today I am going to start driving to work. I felt him touch my bottom as Igot out of the car today. Not cool. I reported it to Samantha since she is whoI have to report to. She ensured me she would speak to the principle aboutit. Still I am going to take the car, that way it wont happen again.
  30. 30. *Else where in Pleasentview*Unknown: Juan Le Fromp you have been very important to us your wholecareer, you may be thinking why have we sent you to Pleasentview, whats inPleasentview for you to do?Juan: Ye-Unknown: DO NOT INTRUPT ME. As I was saying. Pleasentview doesntrequire you to fill anything in to join the Law Enforcement here, Heck thisplace doesnt even need to know your name to let you in, they believeeveryone here is honest and trustworthy. But what is there for you do to forus joining Law Enforcement, it is the opposite to what you already do hey.You will work your way up through the ranks and become a Hero toPleasentview, when you do you will gain trust and be given access to some ofthe most top secret files. After that, you will return to France and deliver thisinformation. You will need to fit in and seem normal, dont give them areason to check you over. Get a family, but dont get attached you hear. Doyou think you will be able to do this Juan?Juan:...... Piece of cake.
  31. 31. Samantha came over again. She is still bugging me about getting a housemate. I found someone quite decent surprisingly in the paperJuan, 20, French, looking for room. I am quite the handy man, I fix anythingand everything needed. Contact me at..... He seems perfect. Plus it would bea good experience to meet someone from a different country!
  32. 32. I will be swapping between Juans and Bellas point of view withdialog, hope it doesnt get to messy *** Juan **I walk up to a humble looking apartment. The woman on the phonesounded nice enough, easily to fool and doesnt have anyone living withher, I am guessing single too then. I carry my suitcase, full of clothes myboss brought me to fit in, I am not looking forward to seeing what he haschosen.
  33. 33. *Bellas POV*Oh my, why am I so nervous. Its just a house mate, nothing big you know?!Oh my here he is, I hope I look alright!Bella: Hi, welcome, want me to take your bags? Are you hungry? I will showyou your room! Smooth, Just burp everything out. So embarrassing.*Juan*Wow, shes pretty also nervous I see. I guess I have to be nice.Juan: Hi, its fine its pretty heavy I can take it, what ever you have cookedsmells nice I would love some and you can show me after we have eaten ifyoud like?*Bella*Thank god he is nice, I guess he can tell I am beyond nervous. Oh wow, Imjust talking staring at him say something stupid!Bella: Uhh sure, kitchen is this way.
  34. 34. That night Phoenix rang my door bell, I was surprised he knew where I lived.I went out and before I could say a thing he put his hand up turned aroundand left. That was weird, I just need to get over him. But it hurts, ahh whydoes it hurt. I run inside to the lounge sobbing.
  35. 35. **Phoenix actually did that every time she tried speaking to him it was sostrange. I also noticed this bad boy as a tattoo ahahaha, :) **
  36. 36. As I walked inside, Juan jumped up off the couch and without hesitation hestarted to comfort me and do you know what, he did a pretty good job at ittoo. We spoke for hours about everything and anything. I had lost track oftime I thought it was around 10:00 it was actually 01:00. I found out how hewanted a family, spoke of out hobbies his tinkering and mine cooking andhow he wanted to join the force.
  37. 37. Then it happened, we kissed. It was much and didnt last long but we kissed.It felt like fireworks going off, I swear I could hear bells in my head. He wasthe one I had been looking for.*Juan POV*I didnt mean for it to happen, I did but not so soon. I thought I would take afew months at least but it didnt.
  38. 38. She pulled away, she was grinning but I could tell she was confused at thesame time, she just looked me in the eyes then said Night Juan. I sat on thecouch and looked at the window wondering what was to come from thisand what would happen. I managed to push it out my mind and started tothink of how I was to get into Law Enforcement. It was something I wouldhave to work out tomorrow.
  39. 39. I woke up early the next morning and unsure of what to do I went and had ashower and went and sat on the couch and started watching television.Next thing I knew Billy-Bella, Bella she told me to call her came and sat nextto me on the couch. It was odd but we managed to start talkingBella: What have you got planned for today?Her voice was soft and sweet, I hadnt noticed this before.Juan: Uhm, I was going to try and join Law Enforcement but I am not to sureof how to since it is new country and all.Bella: Just write up an application and I will send it in for you when I gethome, Im off to work now so I guess we will speak later.
  40. 40. *Bellas POV *I wonder what will happen when I get home after I send in his application, ohI hope things work out for us. I really think we could actually have something.No. I must, I must take this slowly. I will not get attached again, I will take mytime. I wont be hurt again.
  41. 41. I wonder what Juans going to get up to whilst I am out. Writing hisapplication will take him what all of 30minutes maybe? There isnt a lot to doin the house.*Juans POV*I must be up to my maximum fitness, I am not weak. I am going to succeed inthis assignment and then return to France to the friends and work mates Iknow. Who knows maybe this will earn me an early retirement.
  42. 42. I wasnt expecting Bella home and when she rocked up I had just gotten backfrom evaluation the town and working out. She asked me about what I waswearing and where I had been. I must admit it was quite suspicious. But mytraining got me out of it, I came up with I had been doing touristy thingsaround the town. She brought it. After sending my application the next thingI knew, we were in bed together. This woman, she is really hard to resist, Ican not get to close to her, in the end I will have to leave her.
  43. 43. *Bellas POV*It was finally the weekend, Juan has gone somewhere I am not to sure, but itisnt up to me anyways, we arent even going out. The land lord Oliver Howeknocked on my door and told me the neighbors were having a get togetherand that he would supply pizza. Mmm Pizza I could go for that I thought, so Iagreed and went outside and introduced myself to my neighbor SandyFairchild. I had a blast mucking around with them, Oliver seemed tointerested in me at times. Maybe he is just being friendly..
  44. 44. All of a sudden I didnt feel well. I ran inside, up the stairs, into the bathroomand stuck my head into the toilet and to put it nicely emptied the contents ofmy stomach. It hit me, I was pregnant. How was I suppose to tell Juan, wearent even together! How will he react? Will he leave me? I guess if worsecame to worse I would be able to raise the child on my own, I have theexperience but I raised four instead of just one.
  45. 45. I went outside and Sandy seemed still standing puzzled from where I lefther, I explain everything and she seemed to be able to help me, although sheadmitted to having no idea what I was going through since she had nevermet a guy she liked and put everything she had into her work. I guess it is thelifestyle some people preferred.
  46. 46. I after that I was feeling hungry again and decided to help myself to somemore Pizza, but when I turned around I was stunned to find Juan grabbing aslice. How does he always seem to appear and disappear with out menoticing, it is baffling I say.
  47. 47. He ate his Pizza like he had never had any before, It was quite amusing but Iknew I had to speak to him about what had happened earlier. I was justgoing to put it off until we both went inside later. Sandy left and as she didshe gave me the look of you have put it off long enough time to man upand do it. It was the little nudge I needed to go inside and talk to Juanabout it.
  48. 48. I explained everything to him, he nodded as I got on with the story which Iwas struggling to get out. He didnt freak out like I expected. He admitted hewas shocked but would understand what ever choice I made. I told him that Iwouldnt get rid of the baby. Then the unexpected came out.Juan: Well then, If you want to. Will you marry me?I was gob smacked.Bella: Are you sure? You dont have to feel obligated to marry me justbecause I am pregnant.Juan: I dont, I was planning on asking you anyways. Not so soon obviouslybut there is no time like the present.Bella: Then, yes. Yes I will marry you.
  49. 49. A couple of years ago I was running from being married and having afamily, but it wasnt my choice to be married and now I am choosing to. I amgetting married and having my first child. It has been several months sinceJuan asked me and he has been supportive ever since. Now we are gettingmarried in our now spare room, since we share mine now. We are alreadylike a family. I will admit it is fast I know, but since when has love ever gonesmoothly?
  50. 50. We said our vows.
  51. 51. Exchanged our rings.
  52. 52. And like that, we were married. Well, we put in permission before hand butstill. We are now Mr. and Mrs. Smith. For some reason he wanted to go withmy last name, not sure why but as long as we are together I am happy.
  53. 53. A few weeks later, my pregnancy started showing quite obviously. The doctortold me I was more at risk of losing the child than other mums and shouldtake time off work until after the babies are born. Yeah I am having twins,both Juan and I were shocked.
  54. 54. Naturally I was quite worried about being able to raise twins, but Juanassured me that it would all be fine and that he would help me. He has beenreally quite lately though, I am starting to worry. But he assures me that he isfine.
  55. 55. It was 08:00 in the morning and the doorbell rang, Juan was outsomewhere Im not quite sure where because his application still hasntbeen answered, he called up they said they were still training the lastcadets and his group has to wait a few months until they can be trained.Juan was angry for some reason and stormed out. He came home said hedidnt want to speak about it and apologized for getting angry andstorming out. I just left it. The doorbell rang again.
  56. 56. I went and answered it, Oliver walked straight in like he owned the place.Well I guess he did..As he looked at me he seemed quite shocked to see thatI was pregnant, he didnt seem to pleased. I he was even more shockedwhen I told him Juan and I got married.
  57. 57. I guess he was more than shocked. He was angry. Boys, they confuse me.He started shouting at me it almost looked like he was going to hit me, Ipanicked and became afraid for myself but mainly for my unbornchildren, thats when Juan arrived back home. He placed him self betweenme and Oliver and told him to get out the house before there is troubleand like that Oliver left. I got sharp pains in my belly, Juan carried to mybed and called the doctor. The doctor rushed over and pretty much toldJuan I was not to get out of bed for a week or two. I felt like I was beingtreated like a child, neither of them told me anything and I wasnt aloud todo anything for my self during the time I was to stay in bed.
  58. 58. Then one afternoon I saw a lady looking in around my home, she wastaking photos. It was unusual I couldnt find an explanation of why shewas. I didnt tell Juan when he got home, I just had a gut feeling not to.
  59. 59. Juan brought a violin, Im not sure why but he did. Until he started playing Ididnt even know he could play, I dont know a lot of things come to thinkof it about Juan before he moved here. I guess he doesnt know muchabout me either. The next few nights after he brought it he would play forme for a couple of hours until he whisked me up the stairs into bed.
  60. 60. As the months rolled on I began growing much larger and round. I knew anyweek now it would be time for our babies to be born.
  61. 61. I was in a set housewife way, every Monday I was pay the rent and otherelectricity and water bills. Go through the weekly junk mail and see whatwas on special to buy down at the market. But this Monday I feltfunny, everything felt funny, I knew something was going to happen I justdidnt know what.
  62. 62. I started to feel faint and then next thing I knew Oliver picked me up andcarried me inside, I didnt stop him I was to weak.
  63. 63. He placed me on my couch, I jolted up and ran to the phone. I knew whatwas happening, It was time for my babies to be born. I ran Juan I told himhe said he would be home soon and to get Sandy to come over. I explainedhow she was at work but Oliver was there. He just replied with "I will bethere soon, I-I... I love you" he had never said that to me before, but I knewhe meant it.
  64. 64. The pain was intense.
  65. 65. It was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. I told my self I am neverhaving more children.
  66. 66. Oliver had no clue what to do, I just wanted Juan home to help me, he hadbeen reading books many books preparing him self for this moment. But Iknew, by the time he got home it would have already be over.
  67. 67. First out was my beautiful baby boy, Juan and I had never spoken aboutnames, so I just called him Billy-James. Billy from my name and James mylittle brothers name. I never spoke about it but I did miss my siblings, theywould be teenagers now.
  68. 68. Then I had my little girl, they both had dark hair from Juan but my hazel eyecolour. Billy- Jane was her name, there wasnt any meaning behind hername. It was just what came out of my mouth, so I stuck with it.
  69. 69. Little did I know Juan had actually built items for the nursery.*Juans POV*I have a family, the love of my life. It was part of the assignment but I keepreassuring my boss that they mean nothing to me, just part of the plan. Idont think he buys it but it is what he wants to hear anyways. He is morecaught up in the fact that I havent yet been accepted in to Lawenforcement. I noticed we were low on funds, neither of us had beenworking so I went down to the local store and brought bits and pieces, Iwas better at woodwork then I expected.
  70. 70. My wife she was a natural with the kids, as for me.. the books made itseem much more easy. But Bella reminds me she spent her whole lifelooking after young ones and as soon as I will know it I will get the hang ofit. She never spoke much of her upbringing but by the sounds of things, itwasnt easy. I never went into it with her because I know she would end upasking about my childhood, and thats something I cannot share with her.
  71. 71. Before either of us realised the it was the twins first birthday, not much hashappened in the year since they were born, life is normal we are a family.Bella had gone back to work and I am still awaiting reply from the force.We have made many friends with the people in the neighborhood, I tryand not be to involved in things though. It is just safer that way.
  72. 72. *Bellas POV *My babies are growing up so fast, next thing I know they will be startingschool and needing me less and less. Its going to be hard I know, the perkof my job though is that I will see them also during the day.
  73. 73. *Billy James in the overalls and Billy Jane in the panda suit.*This is all I have for the first chapter, I will get the next one out in the nextweek, maybe even the third since I’m on holidays. Please leave anysuggestions and comments. I apologise for any spelling mistakes ect.Hope you all enjoyed it xx