Developing apps using Perl
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Developing apps using Perl



Talk from PerlMova 2012 and YAPC::Russia "May Perl"

Talk from PerlMova 2012 and YAPC::Russia "May Perl"



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Developing apps using Perl Developing apps using Perl Presentation Transcript

  • Developing apps using Perl Anatoly Sharifulin YAPC::Russia 2012
  • Hello, World!
  • «Happy Perl developer» about me by Andy Shitov
  • I program in Perl less But it doesnt mean I love it less :-)
  • JFDI became JFTI Just F*cking Talk about It
  • Success-story of one appAnd how Perl helped me/us with it
  • By us I mean Applifto
  • Our applications
  • Audience polling
  • «Why?» and «For what?» in details
  • A powerful reason for me I was moving from LiveJournal to Posterous,used transfer scripts and changed Twitter and Facebook crossposting settings when started to get replies like Tolya! Stop it! Enough!
  • Current analogues are nice... not! Slow, awkward, plain, trouble working:TwitWipe, TwitCide, Delete My Tweets, ...
  • «Stop managering,let’s start programming» And have a talk at #yr2012 :-)
  • Approach and solutions
  • Main aims for me• App must delete tweets quickly• Appropriate deleting• Cross-platform app: iOS, Android, Web, ...
  • Server API — hello, Perl!All logic — on our server API (not Twitter API), clients is simple interface
  • Getting to know Twitter API
  • Little experience:• Getting user profiles after login through Twitter on websites• Auto-posting to Twitter with Net::Twitter(::Lite)• AnyEvent::Twitter::Stream for real-time search (hey, @miyagawa!)
  • Blocking wayTask can be solved with Net::Twitter(::Lite)
  • LWP::UserAgent::POETransport may be changed in Net::Twitter(::Lite)
  • NO
  • Idea — 2 separate asynchronous queuesGet timeline and delete tweets using REST Twitter API and asynchronous requests
  • This has to work fast!
  • Authorization and OAuth
  • Net::OAuth::AllWeve written our OAuth module long time ago, supports all OAuth versions (1.0, 1.0A, 2.0)
  • Net::OAuth::All
  • my $oauth = Net::OAuth::All->new( consumer_secret => $conf->{consumer_secret}, consumer_key => $conf->{consumer_key }, token => $data->{access_token }, token_secret => $data->{access_token_secret},);
  • $oauth ->via(GET) ->protected_resource_url(’) ->put_extra( include_rts => true, user_id => $user->{id}, count => 200, ) ->request(protected_resource);$oauth->to_header;$oauth->url; # $oauth->url_with_extra;
  • Patched the module Unauthorized user:limit of 150 requests per hour from one IP, not 350 requests per hour from one user
  • Asynchronous requests
  • I use Mojolicious Not a secret at all :-)
  • Mojo::UserAgent Mojo::IOLoop Good asynchronous HTTP client
  • my $delay = Mojo::IOLoop->delay;for (@$tasks) { ... $delay->begin; $ua->get($url => {Authorization => $h} => sub { my ($ua, $tx) = @_; ... $delay->end( ... ); });}say $delay->wait;
  • Server API
  • Server APIAPI supports GET and POST requests, JSON transmission format, response codes 200 and 50x.
  • Server API Starman + MojoliciousMojolicious::Plugin::ApiHelpers
  • Server API
  • package App::Api;use App::Base -controller, with => [ App::Task, App::User ];sub error { shift->api_error(code => 1) }sub any { shift->api_error(code => 5) }...1;
  • my $api = $r->route(/api)->to(api#, api => 1);$api->route(/:action, action => qr/login|oauth/)->to;my $apiu = $api->bridge->to(#auth, sign => 1);$apiu->bridge(/task/new)->to(#task_check) ->route->to(#task_new);$api->bridge(/)->to(#auth, maybe => 1, sign => 0) ->route->to(#hello);
  • 10 methods,123 tests and documentation Most methods require user authorization and check sign (api_id + secret)
  • Test::Mojo Test::More Testing API methods access,input-output data, signature check and etc.
  • Test::Mojo Test::MoreA real task from a test user
  • All methods are covered Without Mock-objects, no checkif a correct cluster of tweets have been deleted
  • Too laboriousand needless A real cycle cannot be tested:posting tweets – deleting – check
  • $t->get_ok("$url/") ->status_is(200) ->header_is(Access-Control-Allow-Origin, *) ->json_content_is({hello => Hello DLTTR!});$t->get_ok(sign get => "$url/task/new") ->status_is(200) ->json_content_is({error => {msg => User authorization failed, code => 2}});
  • Too risky to test onyour own account :-)— You dont care about you Twitter acc, do you?— Yep!— So I can delete all your tweets?— Nooooooooooooooo!!!
  • Simple debug reguestsTo check the quality of client work requests/responses with before_dispatch + after_dispatch may be used
  • Three queues
  • 1. Queue for timelines Search and filters on tweets ID to delete, paging with since_id and max_id
  • 1. Queue for timelines Max. 200 tweets per request, getting timeline one by one per user, Rate Limit check
  • «Limits» by Twitter No access to all tweets,only the latest ~3200 or starting from any exact date, counter is not on zero and etc.
  • 2. Queue for deleting tweetsDeleting with clusters of 200 tweets, no limits. «Buster» or «Cannon» :-)
  • 2. Queue for deleting tweets Error processing — Twitter API error doesnt always mean a failure
  • 3. Queue for Push notify On iOS Net::APNS::Persistent (also AnyEvent::APNS),to check if tokens are valid — Net::APNS::Feedback
  • 3. Queue for Push notify On AndroidWWW::Google::C2DM and WWW::Google::ClientLogin
  • Database
  • So easy — mysql Storing and task orders, just to relax :-)
  • 2 finer points:
  • 1. Create correct index For queues
  • 2. Disable request cachingselect SQL_NO_CACHE * from task where ...
  • Site and web-version
  • Site and web-version• Starman + Mojolicious• Mojolicious::Plugin::I18N2 — my fork of I18N plugin• Mojolicious::Plugin::OAuth — login through Net::OAuth::All• Mojolicious::Plugin::ShareHelpers• Mojolicious::Plugin::UtilHelpers
  • Admin and statistics
  • «Big Brother»All details on users, number of tasks, feedbacks and real-time statistics
  • Statistics on users
  • Users wall
  • «Ordinary» apps donthave statistics like that
  • 1M+ tweets deleted, 3K+ users,20% make purchase For 2 months
  • Promotion
  • Promotion on Twitter Following, favorites, replies and search — Net::Twitter(::Lite)
  • Promotion on Twitter But they blocked me three times already :-)
  • Summary
  • Positive• Easy solution using pure Perl (work time is about 30 hours)• Works fast, really fast• Right delete tweets• Any changes, updates, new services — everythings on the server, no hard• Real-time statistics
  • Only one negative: Servers down — the app doesnt work,users become mad, low rates and spell curses :-)
  • Check out DLTTR!
  • «Seems like a simple app but in fact its awesome and in Perl»
  • P. S.
  • At #BarCampKrr I had a talk «Developing app from idea to release»(Perl wasnt mentioned)
  • But everything came down to... Perl «What language do you use?», «But why?»,«Is it difficult to find programmers like those?» :-)
  • use Perl or die;
  • Thanks! Anatoly SharifulinYAPC::Russia 2012