External Collaboration with SharePoint Online 2013


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Collaboration has never been easier with SharePoint Online 2013. A brand new site template called Project site is available and even our old friend the Team Site is new and improved. These templates contain valuable collaboration features such as a newsfeed, OneNote integration, document library and task list. SharePoint Online 2013 makes it easier to share content with external partners. External invitations are available and even anonymous links can be created. This session is going to demo the new and improved collaboration features and show how easy it is to collaborate with external partners.

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  • TimelineThe task list is extended with a timeline overview. These enables a more flexible overview of all related project tasks.Site MailboxOne central project mailbox. Can also be used to send e-mails to and from.OneNoteA Notebook is integrated. Can be used for project notes. Connect to the local OneNote client.NewsfeedCommunicate with your external partners. Also connected to the central newsfeed.Document librariesNew features such as drag and drop, create new documents within the browser and quick edit managed metadata.External sharingInvite external users without the need of a license up to 10.000 users with E plans.
  • Beforeyou get startedthere are a couple important configurationdecisionstobe made.
  • Youcancreateone site collectionforallyour project sites or one per project. The downside of one site collection per project site is the limitation on the amount of site collections.
  • There is no way toadd or change existingmanagedpaths.
  • The Office 365 administrator needstoenableexternalsharing per site collection.
  • The amount of external users allowed per subscription
  • Sites or site collectionsYou have to make a decision of using 1 site collection per project or 1 site collectionforall the project sites. The downside of 1 site collection is issues withpermissions. External or internal users can get access tocertain sites or documents. The downside of multiple site collections is the limitations of site collections per tennant.Document ManagementYouneedtothinkabout the way content is beingused in your document libraries. Are yougoingto let your users decidebythemselveshowtoorganize content? Or tellthemtousemanaged metadata and no folders? External users and permissionsOnly site owners are able to invite external users. You have to train the site owners assigning permissions to prevent external users getting to many privileges. Project site look and feelThe getting started tile contains a feature to change the look and feel. Do you have a corporate look and feel?
  • External Collaboration with SharePoint Online 2013

    1. 1. External collaboration withSharePoint Online 2013 April 10 2013
    2. 2. 1 20 3000site collection site collections site collection
    3. 3. 500 10.000 10.000
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