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John Kivit - Shareforce - Appstores: facts, tips, tricks - Mobile Pioneers

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John is oprichter van Shareforce en trapt af met een presentatie die inzicht geeft in de feiten, tips en tricks voor de Apple appstore en Google Play. Het ontwikkelen van een Android, iPhone of iPad …

John is oprichter van Shareforce en trapt af met een presentatie die inzicht geeft in de feiten, tips en tricks voor de Apple appstore en Google Play. Het ontwikkelen van een Android, iPhone of iPad app is slechts een start. Maar hoe zorg je er voor dat deze binnen no-time populair wordt en opvalt in die enorme overvloed aan apps?

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  • 1. John Kivit - Mobile Pioneers Appstores: facts, tips & tricks?
  • 2. Services SHAREFORCE Mobile apps Web apps iPhone, iPad, Android PHP, Drupal, HTML5, CSS3 Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 3. SHAREFORCE Idea Need (*) Concept Pioneer Features Sketch Budget (*) Choices Plan Design Platform Development Testing ProductionIntroduction Marketing Analyze Evaluate Promotion Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 4. People SHAREFORCE Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 5. Smulweb SHAREFORCE Number 1 in category food & drinks! Android, iPhone, iPad. Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 6. Blog Idea Factory SHAREFORCE Android & iPhone: • Dutch Cowboys • Dutch Cowgirls • Mobile Cowboys • Style Cowboys Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 7. Schiphol Valet Parking SHAREFORCE Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 8. WOWcal / WOWpaper SHAREFORCE iPhone Android Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 9. SHAREFORCEThisiswhatreallycounts! Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 10. FACTS?
  • 11. FACTS Smartphone Tablet41% 39% 59% 61% Yes No Yes No Source: Multiscope / The Netherlands / March 2013 / N = 1.012 Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 12. FACTS Smartphone brand50%40% 41%30%20% 20%10% 13% 9% 6% 7% 4%0% Samsung Apple HTC Nokia Blackberry Sony Ericsson Other Source: Multiscope / The Netherlands / March 2013 / N = 1.012 Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 13. FACTS Tablet brand60% 51%50%40%30% 23%20% 13%10% 5% 2% 2% 2% 2%0% Apple Samsung Asus Sony Google Acer Archos Other Source: Multiscope / The Netherlands / March 2013 / N = 1.012 Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 14. iOS version FACTS“79% is on iOS 6 version” (iOS 5 = 8%, iOS 4 = 13%) Source: Multiscope / The Netherlands / March 2013 / N = 1.012 Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 15. Android version FACTS Source: http://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 16. Appstores: size FACTS Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 17. Appstores: downloads FACTS Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 18. Appstores: downloads FACTS Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 19. Appstores: retention FACTS Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 20. Appstores: revenue FACTS Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 21. Summary FACTS HARD & SOFTWARE Smartphones 20% > 50% Tablets 51% > 25% Latest software? 79% 53% APPS Total 775.000 800.000 Downloads (monthly) Billions Billions Revenue ++ +/- Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 22. TIPS & TRICKS?
  • 23. 10 tips TIPS & TRICKS 1. Focus on needs (Solve a problem, remove friction, satisfy a need) 2. Get niche (Get big, get niche or get lost) 3. Magic powers (What are your USP’s?) 4. Borrow, but don’t steal (Learn from best practices) 5. Prioritize (Moscow model) 6. Start small (Release early, release often) 7. Keep it simple (Dont make me think) 8. Motivate (Gamification, Behavioral game theory) 9. Share (Viral effect of social media) 10. Spread your budget (50% development, 50% marketing) Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 24. Ask for reviews TIPS & TRICKS Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 25. Make content shareable TIPS & TRICKS Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 26. Cross promote your app TIPS & TRICKS web to app free to paid app to app Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 27. Appstores: app discovery TIPS & TRICKS Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 28. Appstores: app discovery TIPS & TRICKS App discovery Source: Searchman SEO Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 29. TIPS & TRICKSSearch rules!You have to know ASO App Store Optimization Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 30. TIPS & TRICKSRemember the 90’s?(iOS 5 = 8%, iOS 4 = 13%)We built websites: nobody visitedOnline marketing was the solutionNow we build apps: nobody downloadsFocus on app store optimization(iOS 5 = 8%, iOS 4 = 13%) Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 31. ASO cheat sheet TIPS & TRICKS latest changes appear in red APP STORE OPTIMIZATION CHEAT SHEET v2.3 - 01/28/13 latest version on http://bit,ly/aso-cheat-sheet App Name App Icon Choose a descriptive app name, with most relevant keywords Dont use words in icon Use URL-safe characters only Keep it simple Get details Design with details Design an icon consistent with app design App Keywords Stand out from the crowd / innovate Use the whole allotted 100 characters Consider using borders on icon so it looks good on all backgrounds Don’t repeat app name as keywords Resources: iOS Icon Gallery App Icon Template Choose keywords for which you can rank high Get details Use numbers instead of spelled out words Research your competitors keywords App Screenshots Localize keywords Use all available screenshots, most relevant screenshot first Use single form keywords to save chars Use non-generic-in-app screenshots (not your splash screen) Get details Localize screenshots Resources: AppCod.es MobileDevHQ SearchMan Add explanations / combine screenshots App Store Rankings Get details App Description App Ratings Keywords not searchable: focus on convincing the reader Let users know how to reach you directly (website, app page, within app) Get the first 3 lines very right Have friends & family download and give 5 star reviews at launch Include social proof (awards, blog/users reviews) Make sure the support URL on App page is correct (and useful) Insert main features and benefits list Ask (only) engaged users for ratings - use third party SDK/code Localize description Listen, reply quickly and fix problems Get details Get details Resources: App Booster AppBoy Apptentive App Updates Fill the "Whats New" field thoroughly App Facebook Likes Add call to action to encourage updating Encourage your community to Like your app on the App Store Get details This resource is brought to you by Apptamin.com. You should sign up for free (no spam) email updates here. Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 32. Summary TIPS & TRICKS ENTRY PROCESS Account setup Confusing Easy App validation? Yes No App live delay 5 - 14 days None OPTIMALISATION TODO: App name 3 - 225 chars Unlimited chars Keywords in name! App icon Impact downloads Impacts downloads Clean & clutter-less, stand out Keywords 100 chars In description Use keyword tools Description Impacts downloads Insert multiple keywords! Write the perfect pitch Category > 20 > 20 Choose carefully Language / countries More = better More = better Localize content Screenshots Impacts downloads Impacts downloads Make it look perfect Promotional video No Yes Show off your app Reviews Impacts downloads Impacts downloads Ask for reviews Freshness Impacts search? Blackbox Update regularly External links No impact Impacts ranking Don’t forget SEO Synonyms / misspelling? No Yes Downloads No impact Blackbox Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 33. Research your keywords TIPS & TRICKS www.mobiledevhq.com www.appcodes.com/appsearch/ www.searchman.com www.appstorerankings.net Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 34. Marketing checklist TIPS & TRICKS ONLINE 1. Business model experiments (free / paid, discounted price limited time) 2. Review websites (iPhone club, Techcrunch, Appadvice) 3. Online advertising (Adwords, Mobile ad & affiliate networks) 4. Social media marketing (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube) 5. Company media (Website, landing pages, e-mail newsletter) OFFLINE 6. App launch event (Case: Verdiende aandacht) 7. Press releases (Go for free PR) 8. Events (Showcase your app) 9. Flyers (Find relevant spots & audiences) 10. Stickers (The Foursquare strategy) Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 35. SourcesApp marketingwww.appclover.com/81-different-ways-to-promote-your-mobile-app-or-game/www.app-promo.com/marketing-tips/www.sparkpage.com/blog/top-mobile-marketing-blogs-resources/Facts & statsblog.appannie.com/app-annie-index-january-2013/www.appannie.comwww.distimo.comwww.flurry.comwww.iosappstats.comwww.multiscope.nlwww.slideshare.net/anastasiaalikova/the-global-app-store-economywww.slideshare.net/impigermobile/amazing-app-store-statsApp store optimisationwww.apptamin.com/android-app-marketing-101/www.apptamin.com/ASO_Cheat_Sheet.pdfwww.apptamin.com/blog/optimize-play-store-app/forumone.com/blogs/post/how-publish-your-mobile-app-google-play-and-apple-app-storeswww.slideshare.net/kolinko/www.slideshare.net/searchmanseo/Shareforce contentwww.shareforce.eu/en/blog/10-tips-app-successwww.shareforce.eu/mobilepioneers/programmawww.slideshare.net/shareforce Appstores: facts, tips & tricks
  • 36. John Kivit 06-55745256 johnkivit@shareforce.eu www.linkedin.com/in/jkivit @jkivit www.shareforce.eu www.facebook.com/shareforce.eu Contact?
  • 37. usa@marketingpioneers.nlwww.marketingpioneers.nl