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SPSOslo 2014 Visio Services
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SPSOslo 2014 Visio Services


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  • 1. Visio 2013 & Visio Services – A Quick Guide #spsoslo Knut Relbe-Moe May 31st, 2014
  • 2. Platinum SharePint Raffle Platinum Gold
  • 3. Knut Relbe-Moe Senior Solution Architect Technical Lead SharePoint Steria AS, Oslo, Norway Microsoft Certified Trainer Contact @sharePTkarm Email: Blog: Skype: shareptkarm Mobile: 0047-98224609 My Experience:  SharePoint evangelist, mentor, speaker  Old developer, turned Architect / ITPro  Have worked with SharePoint since the 2003 version.  Worked with several clients upgrading their solution from 2007/2010 to 2013.  Works as a Lead Architect and advisor creating SharePoint Farm architecture/infrastructure on many projects. With up to 25.000 users.  Worked with automating the installation and configuration of SharePoint.
  • 4. I’m proud to work for:
  • 5. Long term and qualified partner  90 Consultants  40 collaboration  5 Microsoft certifications  200 Consultants  50 Microsoft certifications  10 UX CONSULTING SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT  400 Consultants  140 Microsoft certifications  100 Consultants  15 Microsoft certifications INFRASTRUCTURE OPERATIONS 200 Consultants related to SharePoint
  • 6. Agenda 1 What is Visio services 2 Why Visio Services 3 Overview of Visio Services in SharePoint Server 2013 4 How it works 5 Configuring Visio Services 6 What is JSOM 7 Demo - How to create a Visio Drawing and show it in the Visio Webpart 8 Demo - Create a simple PowerBI dashboard in Visio 9 Summary / Next
  • 7. What is Visio Services
  • 8. Why Visio Services
  • 9. Overview of Visio Services in SharePoint Server 2013 Visio Services runs as a SharePoint Server 2013 service application. Use and benefits of Visio Services • Visio diagrams can be rendered by Visio Services and viewed in a Web browser. • Users can view Visio documents without having Visio or the Visio Viewer installed on the local computer. • Diagrams can also be viewed on mobile devices. • Basic exploration and navigation of these rendered diagrams are supported within the Visio Web Access Web Part • Visio Services can refresh the data and recalculate the visuals of a Visio diagram hosted on a SharePoint site • Visio diagrams can be published to SharePoint Server 2013 by using Visio Professional 2013 and Visio Premium 2013.
  • 10. How it works: Architecture Visio Web Access Custom Data Providers Visio JSOM Mash-Up API Web Part Connections Visio Proxy Visio Graphics Service VDW/b/mSQL OLEDB/ODB C XLSX SP Lists
  • 11. How it works: Creating a Visio Solution Save VSDX file to SharePoint Server 2013 or Office 365 • Create Diagram • Use Data Linking and Data Graphics • View diagram in web browser • Opens diagram in Visio • Click Refresh to update data graphics • Data refresh can be automated by setting interval time Data Source • SharePoint List apps • Excel Services • SQL Server • OLEDB / ODBC
  • 12. How it works: Compatible diagrams • Visio Services in SharePoint Server 2013 can render diagrams created in Visio 2010 or Visio 2013  Visio diagrams created in Visio 2010 must be created using Visio 2010 Professional or Visio 2010 Premium and must be published to a SharePoint site as a Visio Web drawing (*.vdw) file  Visio diagrams created in Visio 2013 must be created by using Visio Professional 2013. The new standard diagram format in Visio Professional 2013 (*.vsdx files) can be rendered by Visio Services, along with the Web drawing (.vdw) format  Recommend to use the new *.vsdx format
  • 13. Configuring Visio Services Create a Visio Graphics Service service application in SharePoint Server 2013. 2 options: 1. Create using Central administration 2. Create using Powershell 2. Windows PowerShell command prompt (that is, PS C:>), type the following command and press Enter: New-SPVisioServiceApplication -Identity “<VisioGraphicsServiceName>” - ServiceApplicationPool “SharePoint Web Services Default” -AddToDefaultGroup
  • 14. What is JSOM Web Part Page Visio Web Access Web Part Content Editor Web Part Document Library File containing JScript Visio Diagram
  • 15. What is JSOM
  • 16. VWA Javascript Object Model getActivePage() setActivePage() getShapes() getItemById() getItemAtIndex() diagramComplete shapeMouseEnter shapeMouseLeave selectionChanged diagramError getSelectedShape() setSelectedShape() VWA Control Page Shapes Shape getShapeData() getHyperlinks() Shape
  • 17. Getting started Web Part Page Visio Web Access Web Part Content Editor Web Part Document Library File containing JScript Visio Diagram
  • 18. Demo - How to create a Visio Drawing and show it in the Visio Webpart
  • 19. Demo - Building A Simple BI Dashboard With Visio 2013 And Visio Services
  • 20. Summary • Easy to set up • Easy to create diagrams with Visio • Need Enterprise License • Visio provides lots of tools to create diagrams • Callouts • Stock graphics • Use other images • Excel Services • Requires additional considerations • Users • Interaction • No need for client
  • 21. Want more information/Deep dive? • Can find much information on Internet • I will update my blog with more information about Visio Services the next days/weeks. WebCast: • • Technet: • • •
  • 22. Thank you!  Thomas Browet  Alan Richards For some good inputs, and for borrowing me some slides.  SharePoint Arctic Challenge – For inspiring me to learn about Visio Services
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