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John Krogh - COBIT5 not just for your auditor

John Krogh - COBIT5 not just for your auditor



Bridging the Gap, Cobit 5! - Not Just For Your Auditor Anymore ...

Bridging the Gap, Cobit 5! - Not Just For Your Auditor Anymore

Your are the CIO and you are on the elevator. It stops on the 3rd floor on its way to your meeting on the 21st floor. The CEO walks in, and as the elevator doors close she turns to you and asks "What is the most important thing on your plate right now and why is it important to me?". You feel your blood pressure rise like the floor indicator on the elevator. As you begin to talk about the big high cost infrastructure project, you see her roll her eyes. You spout off generic benefits of virtualization and notice the CEO has a blank look on her face…you know you missed the mark! You think to yourself, I should have been more prepared!

This presentation will show you how Cobit 5 helps IT organizations integrate their improvement efforts to business objectives. Providing both a governance and a management framework, Cobit 5 gives us a simple set of tools that allows you to map IT improvements quickly and effectively to the business benefit that is delivered. The integration of business and IT goals is the key to alignment, or better yet, "integration". Organizations that have an IT entity that is integrated to the business are able to make decisions based on the Value IT delivers and the Risk IT mitigates or creates instead of just making decisions based on IT costs.



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    John Krogh - COBIT5 not just for your auditor John Krogh - COBIT5 not just for your auditor Presentation Transcript

    • Cobit 5! Not just for your Auditor!! (Cobit as an approach to Business & IT Alignment)! Integra(on   Fusion  
    • John Krogh
 www.johnakrogh.com! Cobit 5 ! proven experience • proven tactics • proven success © Service Management Art 2013!
    • What is Cobit! Control Objectives for IT & Related Technology! ! A Business Framework for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT!
    • What is Governance! ?!
    • History of Cobit! Cobit 1 published in 1994! Audit  Focus   In  1977  the  EDP  Auditors  (EDPAA)  associa(on  published   the  fore  bearer  of  Cobit   Cobit 2nd Edition (1998)! Control  Focus   Cobit 3rd Edition (2000)! Management  Focus?   Established  Management  Guidelines   Key  Goal  Indicators  &  Key  Performance  Indicators   !
    • History of Cobit! Cobit 4.0 (2005)! IT  Governance  Focus   Val  IT  &  Risk  IT   The  goals  cascade  –  buried  in  the  guidance   Cobit 5 (2012) ! Governance  of  Enterprise  IT  focus   Tying  together  the  ISACA  Assets   Clearly  iden(fying  and  isola(on  "Governance"  from   "Management"   The  "Improved"  Goals  Cascade  an  integrated  part  of  the   framework   Beyond  Process!  -­‐  the  7  enablers.   !
    • Cobit 5 Accreditation Scheme! COBIT  5  Founda(on   COBIT  5  Processes   COBIT  5   Implementa(on   COBIT  5   Assessment   Cer(fied   COBIT   Implementer   Cer(fied   COBIT   Assessor   Under   Development   (subject  to  change)  
    • Cobit Myths! Cobit is just the ITIL processes – reworded! Cobit is meant to be implemented! Cobit only applies to large organizations! Cobit addresses IT but not ITSM! Cobit adds bureaucracy! Cobit is for IT not for the business!
    • Cobit as a Strategic Tool! Stakeholder   Needs   Enterprise   Goals   IT  Related   Goals   Process   (Enabler)   Goals   The  Goals  Cascade   Workshops   Tes(ng  &  Valida(on  
    • Steps to Strategic Alignment! Agree enterprise goals (priority)! Stakeholder  workshops  /Needs  analysis   map  stakeholder  needs  to  Cobit’s  generic  business   goals  (documen(ng  excep(ons  /  condi(ons)   Mapping enterprise goals to IT-related goals! Validate  with  stakeholders     Mapping IT related goals to process goals! Validate  process  outcomes  against  stakeholder   needs   Implementation !
    • Stakeholders! Board! Shareholders! CEO, CFO, CIO, CRO! Business Executives! Business Process Owners! HR! IT Mangers! etc!
    • Stakeholder Questions! How do I get value from the use of IT?! How do I manage performance of IT! How can I best exploit technology?! How do I best structure my IT department! How do I gain assurance of external providers! What are the control requirements for information! ...! ! Define….  
    • Stakeholder Needs! Map  to  ……   Governance  Objec(ve:  Value  Crea(on   Benefits   Realiza(on   Risk    Op(miza(on   Resource   Op(miza(on   Stakeholder   Needs   Drive  
    • Enterprise Goals! Shareholder value of business investments! Portfolio of competitive products and services! Manages business risk! Financial transparency! Customer oriented service culture! Optimization of service delivery! Skilled & motivated people! 10 others…! ! Cascade  to….  
    • IT – Related Goals! Alignment of IT and Business Strategy! Compliance with….! Manage IT related business risk! Delivery of IT services in line with bus requirements! IT Agility! Delivery of IT Programs! Knowledge! 10 others…! ! Cascade  to….  
    • Process Goals
 (and other enablers)! Ensure benefits delivery! Ensure resource optimization! Manage service agreements! Manage availability and capacity! Manage change! Manage problems! 31 others….!
    • COBIT Processes!
    • Cascade – in Practice! Big Oil – IT Objective Statement! ! IT will be recognized internally as a strategic differentiator for the business. Providing clear value for money and responding to changing business requirements.!
    • Big Oil – Stakeholder Workshop! With Key Stakeholders! ! Agree objective statement! Prioritize generic enterprise goals! Agree scope of improvements! Document variances from generic goals!
    • Big Oil – Enterprise Goals! 1.  Stakeholder Value of Business Investments! 5. Financial Transparency! 8. Agile Responses to a Changing Business Environment! 17. Products and Business Innovation Culture!
    • Big Oil – Stakeholder Workshop! With Key Stakeholders and using “goals cascade”! ! Identify candidate IT related goals! Validate goal outcomes against stakeholder needs! Agree IT related goals in scope! !
    • Big Oil – IT Related Goals! 1.  Alignment of IT and business strategy! 3. Commitment of exec. For making IT related decisions! 7. Delivery of IT services in line with business requirements! 9. IT agility! 11. Optimization of IT assets resources and capabilities!
    • Big Oil – Stakeholder Workshop! With Key Stakeholders and using “goals cascade”! ! Identify candidate IT processes for improvement! Perform Capability Assessment! Agree process target capabilities! Initiate and charter an improvement program! !
    • Big Oil – IT Processes! EDM01 Ensure governance framework setting and maintenance! EDM02 Ensure benefits delivery! APO08 Manage Relationships! APO10 Manage Suppliers! DSS03 Manage Problems! MEA01 Monitor, Evaluate and Assess Performance and Conformance!
    • Answering the Question! This investment in achieving the enabler goals:! ! ! !!____________________________! Will allow IT to achieve the IT related goal of:! ! ! !!____________________________! Which support the Enterprise Goals of:! ! ! !!____________________________! Which address your need to: ! ! ! !!____________________________! !
    • Questions! ?!