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  1. 1. 300693879 SHARDUL RAJEY 1) Volunteering S- I first started to Volunteer, when I was in Grade 12. It took a lot of potential to get in at YMCA to volunteer since it’s got a lot of members that they don’t even have any placement available. But when they saw my recommendation from my Gym teacher about my ice hockey skills, they immediately put me into placement, which I was lucky to get one! T- when I got selected to volunteer for hockey, my duties and task were: I was supposed to monitor the youth playing hockey with proper hockey rules, I was in charge of all the equipment’s that were used by the youth and the YMCA member, I also was the MVP for the YMCA hockey team as a senior of grade 12, Milliken Mills High School, etc. A– My actions towards volunteering were very strict since I was not getting paid, so I had to be very careful to the youths and making sure that everyone around my premises are safer. R– As a result of being the MVP of YMCA and Milliken Mills High School, I was then elected to get a job in which I was the general manager of the volunteering organization of Markham YMCA, but then I had to deny my job offer because I was starting college at that time and I knew that I will not keep up with the job and school as well.
  2. 2. 300693879 SHARDUL RAJEY 2) Grade 12 Graduation. S–It took a lot of effort to get to grade 12, and I finally graduated in the year 2012. My major was IT with Business but I ended up getting into Business Operations Management at Centennial College. This was the place where I gained all the knowledge that I was supposed to and it’s really the place never to be forgotten because all your friends and family support and encourage you when you need it. T– During my life of High school I was used to like playing hockey all the times, no matter what it was in terms of tests, assignments, school trips, etc. I used to play around and never listened paid attention to my studies although I passed my grade 12 examination with an average of A. A– The actions that I took after I realized that I was playing around and this is my last year, was like: stay after school for help, play hockey during the weekends, reach out for help in what I needed for and a few to mention. These were the strategies I used towards myself in order for me to graduate with my friends and I really didn’t wanted to stay back a year that’s why. R– As a result, I was able to graduate and attend prom and had fun during my last year of grade 12.
  3. 3. 300693879 SHARDUL RAJEY 3) 5K run for my gym class S– The circumstances that I went through for the 5K run were to run 3 miles every single day and to maintain my body fit. My body wasn’t in a shape for running 5 kilometer run within 25 minutes. It was all because I wasn’t able even lift weights and never exercised in my life. My friends told me that I will not finish the run and quit from the middle. All I did was not to listen to anyone and I followed what my gym teacher guided me and prepare me for the run. T– My tasks for the 5k run in which I was dedicated were: I used to wake up early in the morning and run for about 3.5 kilometers daily, 50 reps of dumbbells which weighed 50 pounds, I also used to eat a lot of protein food in order to get enough energy to run before and after school. There were a number of preparations that I did in specific for the 5 kilometer run. A- The accomplishment was that my gym teacher used to give me marks for going in to the gym and follow him accordingly since he’s the one who thought I would be fit for the marathon run. It’s all because he had the trust on me and he could possibly see something in me. R– As a result, went to the marathon and all my friends, my gym teacher, the class I was representing, everyone were there to cheer for me. Really, I made it to the finish line within the first 25 minutes and everyone from my side were all shocked because they all knew that I wasn’t able to do it and they all know that I easily give up everything. So at the end I represented my school in the first 25 minutes and I was in the position of 5th from all 2356 runner in the marathon.
  4. 4. 300693879 SHARDUL RAJEY 4) Centennial College S– I applied to Centennial College when I was in the middle of grade 12 and that’s when I knew I was graduating and that was in mid-February. I was then selected as an approval from Centennial College. Although, I was supposed to start in Fall 2012 but I actually started in Winter 2013. T– The application was easy because I had to take an admissions test which I passed to enter my normal courses and not to stay back at some courses. A– There weren’t any actions that I could possibly take into consideration when I applied to Centennial College. R– As a result, I started to study at Centennial College in Winter 2013 and my program is Business Operations Management and now I am already in my second semester.
  5. 5. 300693879 SHARDUL RAJEY 5) Math118 S– In my first semester of Centennial College, I was supposed to take Math 118 and I know for the fact that I am very weak at math, after all I had that Math 118, and unfortunately I wasn’t successful. Now I am taking it again and doing very well. T– I usually follow up my math teacher and do all the homework required for the whole week and also do some extra work for the sack of practicing and to get a hang of it too. A– My action plans towards the math course is that I am doing the same method as to what my teacher asks us to do, do all the homework, practice the problems and ask for help whenever I need it. R– As a result, up till this moment, I have done two tests and I have scored an A grade overall.