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English test 3

  1. 1. Test 1 Unit (Friendship)1.Choose the correct answers. 1. He is very good at math, _______ he? a. can b. does c. is d. isn’t 2. You aren’t Chinese, ______ you? a. are b. can c. do d. aren’t 3. It isn’t cold today, _____ it a. is b. isn’t c. does d. can 4. We don’t want to talk, ___ we? a. are b. is c. do d. can 5. I can’t play football, _____ I? a. can b. can’t c. do d. am 6. I like swimming,____ I hate jogging a. and b. but c. or 7. On Sunday we go out ______stay at home a. or b. but c. and 8. I play football ______ read books a. and b. or c. but2. Write positive and negative characters Nice, nasty, sensible, silly, honest, dishonest, weak, strong, lazy, hardworking, friendly, selfish, cheerful, shy, stubborn, fussy Example: positive negative Hardworking lazy3. Complete each sentences putting the verbs form the brackets onto correct form and tense 1. She is very smart. She _____ four languages. (speak ) 2. Water ______ at 100 degrees Celsius (boil) 3. We usually ______ breakfast at 7 o’clock (have) 4. I _____ my hair everyday (wash) 5. The museum ______ at 10o’clock (open)4. Write the question for these answers. Ex: Is Tom very friendly? Yes Tom very friendly. 1. She always tells the truth 2. They play football 3. These children are friends 4. M friend does her home work everyday 5. She speaks Spanish5. Write suitable adjectives for the following descriptions Ex: A person who likes to talk a lot. – Talkative 1. A person who stoles a friend’s pen. 2. A person who always tells the truth 3. A person who smiles and feels happy all the time 4. A person who works hard and always does her homework 5. A person who acts like a clown in class6. Translate into Mongolian 1. Миний ах унадаг дугуйгаар явах дуртайв 2. Бид теннис болон волейбол тоглож чадна. 3. Ангиуд нь зайтай бөгөөд гэрэлтэй 4. Олон орноос ирсэн сурагчид байна 5. Миний найз охин шаргуу суралцдаг бөгөөд үргэлж гэрийнхээ даалгавар хийдэг7. Write character reference. (in about 60-70 words)
  2. 2. Test 2 Unit 2 (Descriptions)1. Choose the correct one 1. She …. short and plump a. has got b. is c. have got 2. He …. short dark hair a. has got b. is c. does 3. I … got a long nose and big eyes a. have got b. am c. has got d. have 4. I …. tall and thin a. am b. have got c. have 5. She …. to go the countryside a. am b. would likes c. likes2. Circle the odd word out 1. impatient, shy, lazy, dishonest, tidy 2. big, small, short, long, black 3. round, straight, blond, curly, short, 4. blue, big, black, brown, curly 5. sociable, sensible, strong, stubborn, nice3. Answer the questions 1. What do you look like? 2. Whose eyes are black? 3. Who is your best friend? 4. Where would you like to go?4. Match a sentences with an adjective 1. He doesn’t like waiting a. impatient 2. My brother usually doesn’t do homework b. lazy 3. He never speaks in front of the other people c. shy 4. She hates giving things to people d. mean 5. I like talking to people e. talkative5. Put the words in right order 1. got/nose / long/ she/ and/ eyes/ big/ has 2. he/ an honest/ person/ is/ and/ kind 3. She/ short/ is / wearing/ green/ trousers 4.My/ hair/ sister/ long/ has/ got/ straight 5. like/ do/ you/ skiing6. Write a composition “your best friend” in about 70-80 words
  3. 3. Test 3 What happened?1. Complete the sentences using one of these verbs in brackets and put them in the simple past tense. ( watch, brush, turn, open, end, want) 1. Yesterday evening I _______ TV 2. I ______ my teeth three times yesterday 3. It was dark, so_____ on the light 4. the concert _____ at 7:30, and_____ at 10 o’clock 5. When I was a girl, I _____ to be a teacher2. Write the past simple form of the verbs Write _____ draw_____ fly_____ look______ say____ have_____ see_____ are_____ buy______ give____3. Choose the correct word 1. The wolf ______ the sheep a. attacked b. saved 2. Horror films are _____. I usually close my eyes a. really scary b. really boring 3. When the electricity is on, we can use ____ a. a lamp b. a torch c. a candle4. Make negative sentences as in the example. Ex: She watched TV- She didn’t watch TV 1. I found the school toilet 2. She was really nervous 3. After lunch I had three more classes 4. He went home 5. The headmaster gave me a class time table 6. We speak English everyday5. Translate these statements into Mongolian or English 1. Sheep usually run from wolves 2. On windy nights, the noise become scarier 3. I was quite happy to see my friends 4. Өчигдөр 5 дахь өдөр тэр намайг гэртээ урьсан? 5. Миний найзын хар шулуун үстэй 6. Чи үдэшлэгт явах дуртай юу?6. Write a composition “ What did you do last weekend?” (in about 70-80 words)
  4. 4. Test 4 A pop star’s week1. Choose the correct answer 1. She buys …… bacon a. a lot of b. much c. many 2. I hate fish …… I don’t buy it a. because b. so c.d 3. Is there ….. juice in the bottle a. much b. many c. a lot of 4. How …. cake does he buy? a. much b. many c. a lot of 5. He …. playing games a. likes to b. likes 6. We haven’t got …….strawberries a. much b. any2. Complete the blanks with, any, many much 1. There aren’t ____ eggs in the baskets 2. There are _____ people in the classroom 3. How ____ apples do you want? 4. How _____ water is there in a cup 5. He hasn’t got_____ meat3. Put am/ is/ are/ do/ does/ did into the correct place 1. _____ he playing tennis next weekend? 2. _____ you wash it yesterday? 3. Where ______ you staying? 4. What time ______ Ben usually arrive at school? 5. I _____going to wash it to night? 6. How often ______ you play football?4. Answer the questions 1. What is your favorite music group? 2. Who is your favorite pop star? 3. Why are you tired? 4. What is she doing there? 5. When are you flying to London? 6. How are you traveling there?5. Correct the mistakes 1. My parents lives the countryside last year 2. There are a girls in this band 3. I haven’t got many milk 4. He goes to home in 7 o’clock yesterday 5. Our family have many horses and sheep’s6. Vocabulary task. Choose the right words 1. The acting was poor, but we enjoyed ______ a. music b. a music c. musics 2. My friends like sailing on his _____ a. yacht b. pitch c. court 3. I have a very ______ dog a. smart b. cart c. part 4. Next year my dream will_____ a. come in b. come true c. come on7. Write a composition “ My favorite band” (in about 100-120 words)
  5. 5. Test 5 Clothes and Accessories1. Choose the correct words 1. I prefer red shoes dress …..white dress a. more b. to c. than d. like 2. The toys are the most expensive ……all a. than b. of c. from d. do 3. The sunglasses are …..than the chains a. more b. cheap c. cheaper d. the cheapest 4. I like silver rings ….than golden ring a. more b. much c. a lot of 5. But my younger sister likes jeans…… a. best b. more c. much 6. Uugantsetseg bought presents …..me a. for b. to c. at d. on2. Which one is odd one out. Circle the right letter 1. a. stripped b. checked c. spotted d. stopped 2. a. earrings b. chains c. bracelet d. plain 3. a. prefer b. like c. want d. amazing 4. a. trousers b. gloves c. earrings d. silver 5. a. fashionable b. comfortable c. nice d. handbag3. Answer the questions 1. What clothes do you like wearing? 2. Do you prefer flowery or plain clothes? 3. What does your mother wear on national holidays? 4. What did you buy last week? 5. Do you like shorts?4. Write questions for these answers 1. She wants a light green del 2. My dream is to have Mongolian Dress del 3. Yes. They are not fashionable nowadays 4. I bought some silver earrings 5. She prefer red shirts to black shirts5. Have to or should 1. When you catch a train, you …..arrive early to get a good seat 2. You ….wear warm clothes, because the train maybe cold 3. All teachers ……work from September until June 4. Mongolians who travel to China ….get a visa6. Translate. 1. Миний найз нйр надад маш гоё цаг, бугуйн зүүлт өгсөн 2. Мөнгөн гинж энд маш их моодонд орж байна 3. ямар төрлийн хувцас чамд илүү таалагддаг вэ? 4. Чиний найз охин өсгийтэй гутал, намхан ултай гутал хоёрын алийг нь илүүд үздэг вэ?7. Write a letter to pen pal
  6. 6. Test 6 Save the earth1. Complete the sentences with your own ideas 1. If I go shopping, I ……………… 2. If people pollute water, animals………………… 3. If you buy old car, you…………. 4. If you are sick, you ……………………. 5. If you have a cough you ……………..2. Give a suitable suggestion for these situations using ‘should or shouldn’t, as in the example Ex: I have got a cold. She shouldn’t drink cold water 1. I burn my arm while I was cooking 2. She has got a terrible pain 3. I don’t know about the text ‘Start and planets’ so I can’t circle true or false. 4. My mother has an allergy to dust. 5. People chop down forest.3. Circle ‘T’ if the statements is true. And circle ‘F’ it is false 1. Our planet is called stars TF 2. People divided the land into seventeen continents TF 3. The sun doesn’t rise in the east TF 4. Pandas weigh more than 300 kilograms TF 5. The white Rhino eat grass and live in Africa TF4. Answer the questions 1. What time of the year should we wear the best warm clothes? 2. Why does the Moon look larger than stars? 3. When did American astronauts walk in the moon? 4. How heavy is snow leopard?5. Put the verbs in the blankets in the correct forms and tense . . 1. The Earth ……(go) round the sun 2. China …….. (have) the largest population 3. The first women in space ……… ( be ) Valentine Tereschova 4. Until the 1800s, thousands of tigers ……. (roam) through the forests of Asia. 5. They ………. ( have) beautiful skins.6. Translate into Mongolia 1. if you use a lot of coal and petrol, the air gets polluted. 2. Lots of other artificial satellites orbit the planet. 3. Astronauts brought back rock from it’s surface. 4. In the 1960s scientists proved the opposite. 5. Pollution damage the air, sea, rivers, or land caused by chemicals, waste and harmful gas.7. Write a composition ‘ How to protect our environment ‘ (in about 90-100 words) Test 7 Crime
  7. 7. 1.Put the verbs into the past simple or past continuous tense. 1. I ………. (play) football when Bat ……….. (call) me. 2. While my mother ……… (cook) dinner, the phone …….. (ring). 3. She ………. (see) the burglar when he ………... (steal) from shop. 4. While the pickpocket……….. (steal) from a bag, she ……… (not see) it. 5. When the telephone ……… (ring), I ……… (turn off) the TV.2. Match the words to their descriptions. 1. Judge a. person who maybe a criminal 2. hijacker b. who sends the criminal to prison 3. shoplifter c. takes control of a plane by force. 4. suspect d. person who sees a crime 5. witness e. steals things from a shop 6. pickpocket f. stealing from a bag3. Write questions for these answers. 1. She was eating lunch at 2 o’clock. 2. Yes. The policeman arrested the criminal. 3. Jane and Jack were watching TV in the evening. 4. The burglary was in a house last night. 5. The suspect is 20 years old.4. Odd one out. 1. judge, lawyer, burgle, detectives 2. burglary, shoplifting, pickpocket, murder 3. criminal, defense, punishment, suspect 4. steal, rob, investigate, victim 5. matchbox, handbag, jeweler, meal5. Translate this statement into your native language. 1. People broke into our house and stole our TV set and computer. 2. Two teenagers attacked her in the street and ran off with her purse. 3. The pilot was forced to take the plane to Israel. 4. She killed him with a kitchen knife. 5. The waiter thinks he saw a gun in the man’s pocket.6. Write a composition ‘Crime in Mongolia’ (in about 90-100 words) Test 8 We can do it all
  8. 8. 1.Choose the correct answer. 1.When I was 3 years old, I …….. read books. a. could b. can c. can’t d. couldn’t 2. Before I started secondary school I ……… dance, but I can’t now a. can b. could c. couldn’t d. can’t 3. We have ……… breakfast at 7 o’clock. What’s ………. Breakfast. a. o, for b. for, o c. at, for d. o 4. Can I cook dinner ___you a. at b. to c. for d. o 5. Animals ____play computer games a. can’t b. couldn’t c. can d. could 6. Please, can you ____me 500 tugrugs a. borrow b. lend c. could d. want2. Put the words in the correct order 1. can/ go / you/ shopping ? 2. change/ I / can/ the channel ? 3. couldn’t / Saran/ dance / but/ can/ she/ dance now 4. only/ to/ wants/ he/ in/ the/ sit/ café and/ lemon/ drink / tea3. Choose the suitable experience from the following 1. …………We are late for the concert a. Please, hurry b. Here we are c. Thank you d. Don’t worry 2. When are you leaving? a. Of course b. Excuse me c. Right now d. That’s right 3. Can you fill in this form please? a. Yes of course b. Here you are d. don’t worry 4. Can I carry your bags? a. Oh, thanks you b. oh great d. I don’t know4. Write questions for these answers 1. _______________? Once week. 2. _______________? Yesterday 3. _______________? On foot 4. _______________? Yes, She is5. Correct the mistakes 1. I saw her three ago days 2. Do they do their homework’s yesterday? 3. What always do you do before going to bed? 4. Someone took Dorj book 5. Don’t shout. It is a noisy6. Write an appropriate verb in each space ….. ex: watch TV _________ instructions ____________ music _____________ a form _________ presents ____________ mountains _____________ instrument7. Translate into English 1. Үзгийг чинь хэрэглэж болох уу? 2. Би чамд үдийн хоол бэлтгэж өгөх үү? 3. Би урьд өмнө шатар тоглож чаддаггүй байсан, харин одоо чаддаг болсон 4. Үдийн хоолонд юу байна? 5. Бусад хүүхдүүд нь концертын зааланд байна.
  9. 9. Test 9 Getting around1. Choose the correct answer 1. I heard it ……the radio a. in b. on c. by 2. I congratulate you ….the event a. on b. with c. for 3. We were ….business in London a. with b. for c. on 4. We will go to Rome…..plane a. by b. on c. in 5. The meeting began …November20 a. at b. in c. on2. Answer the questions 1. Where is your school? 2. Where is the government house? 3. Where is the post office? 4. Where is the Narantuul market? 5. Where does your mother do?3. Make sentences with the following words a. opposite b. go across c. on horse back d. rail station4. Which one is odd one out 1. cinema, theatre, museum, café 2. in front of, opposite, next to, zebra crossing 3. flight attendant, pilot, driver, architect 4. go across, go past, go straight on, turn right 5. design, operate, control, look after, turn5. Match an activity with a job 1. I keep records of money paid and received a. psychologist 2. I help people with emotional problems b. accountant 3. I make and after the fit of clothing c. photographer 4. I take pictures with a camera d. tailor 5. I connect and repair sinks and toilets e. plumber6. Write a composition ‘My favorite professions’ Test 10 Comparisons
  10. 10. 1. Choose the correct answer 1. The women is …than that woman a. polite b. more polite c. politer d. politest 2. Bayar is….in his family a. oldest b. elder c. the eldest d. more old 3. The boys are playing …ball a. they b. theirs c. their d. them 4. I gave this bag to Nomin. Now it is…… a. her b. hers c. him d. she 5. My book is …than yours a. good b. best c. more better d. better 6. Please, wash the clothes. They….. a. dirtier b. more dirty c. most dirtier d. dirty2. Complete the sentences using the comparative or superlative forms of the adjectives in brackets 1. This room is ____(comfortable) than that room 2. Today it is ____ (warm)_____ it was yesterday 3. Iron is _____ (heavy) _____ wood 4. Her English is_____ (good) _____ her friends? 5. Who is ______(famous ) singer in your country? 6. Which is ______ (well-known) person in Mongolian? 7. I have got _____ (short) hair than you., 8. Darkhan is not as ______ (big) as UB3. Write the opposites into the words given below. 1. outdoor _______ 2. untidy _______ 3. confident _______ 4. young _______ 5. strong_______ 6. difficult ________ 7. ancient _______ 8. shy_______4. Answer these questions 1. Who is the beautiful girl in our class? 2. Which is the tiniest aimag in Mongolia? 3. What do you think about Australia? 4. Who is the most talented in your school? 5. Whose mobile phone is it?5. Write the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives as in the example Ex: high – higher – the highest 1. good __________ __________ 2. bad _________ ___________ 3. hot ____________ _________ 4. funny _______ ________ 5. modern _______ _______ 6. difficult _______ ________6. Translate these statements into English 1. Миний эгч Ариунаа шиг үзэсгэлэнтэй байсан. 2. Тэд хоёр хүүхэдтэй, гэвч би тэдний нэрийг мэддэггүй 3. Манай сургуулийн багш нар алтан медаль авсан 4. Тэр хоёр ихэр охид юм 5. Монголын сумо бөхчүүд японд рекорд амжилт тогтоосон Test 11 Sports and games
  11. 11. 1. Choose the correct words. (Vocabulary) 1. Ice hockey is very …..in many countries a. amateur b. dangerous c. popular d. fast 2. My brother is a …..runner a. team b. fast c. fastly d. fastest 3. The only sure way to lose weight, is to ……yourself a. diet b. slim c. exercise d. starve 4. Saran has a lot of friends, she is very ….. a. popular b. lonely c. funny d. strange 5. I always dress ….on cold days a. slowly b. poorly c. badly d. warmly2. Choose the correct answer 1. I passed my English test, I seemed much….. a. easy b. easiest c. easier d. easily 2. Boldoo runs …..than me a. fast b. faster c. fastest d. fastly 3. Bayambaa plays the guitar very…… a. well b good c. better d. goodly 4. Her English is …… a. well b. good c. best 5. Our English teacher has got a very …..voice. a. loud b. loudly c. loudily d. loudest3. Where necessary, change the adjectives to an adverb 1. Mary gave the……….answer to the questions (correct) 2. Do you drive ………? (careful) 3. She answered the question……..(correct) 4. Zolzaya is a ………reader (fast) 5. She reads ……… (quick) 6. The students took a ……test (hard) 7. The teacher asked an…..question (easy) 8. You speak English……(clear)4. Write the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives Ex: fast – faster – the fastest 1. hard ______ ______ 2. slowly ______ __ 3. carefully ______ ______ 4. beautiful _________ ________ 5. badly _______ ______5. Answer the questions 1. How many people are there in volleyball team ? 2. Did ice hockey start in America? 3. Can the football’s goalkeeper touch the ball? 4. Do football player wear pads on their knees? 5. Is chess a mental exercise?6. Odd one out 1. ice hockey, skating, skiing, wrestle, windsurfing 2. basketball, badminton, tennis, boxing, volleyball 3. team, amateur, popular, exciting, dangerous 4. far, hard, well, little, badly 5. Germany, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Korean7. Write a composition ‘ My favorite sport ‘ (in about 90-100 words) Test 12 Obligation
  12. 12. 1. Choose the correct words 1. Don’t ….forget to bring your notebook a. not b. to c. be d. o 2. You …..break a promise a. must b. mustn’t c. must to d. mustn’t to 3. Give me your pen, ……you? a. do b. are c. will d. to 4. Let’s go, …we? a. will b. do c. are d. shall 5. I was born ……1972 a. in b. at c. on2. Complete each sentences with the right word: must or mustn’t 1. Students …..arrive at school on time 2. You ….take medicine without a prescription 3. Students…give a sobriquet each other 4. When we have break time, we…..run along the corridor 5. Students …be polite to teachers 6. During the lesson students …..sleep eat, chew gum and talk on the phone3. Correct mistakes 1. We starts school on 9 o’clock 2. We must to wear an uniform 3. I can learning interesting subject 4. How many languages you learn? 5. They have the lunches in12 o’clock 6. You mustn’t be a late4. Translate these statements into Mongolian 1. The amateur fire fighters began their work too close to the fire 2. Correct my bad habits but don’t correct me in public 3. Don’t take too much notice of small illnesses 4. I am easily frightened and can tell a lie 5. There was a lot of useful fire fighting equipments5. Circle ‘T’ if the statement is positive, circle ‘F’ if it is negative 1. It is bad topsoil children TF 2. Don’t cry all the time, be happy TF 3. Break promise to teachers TF 4. You mustn’t tell a lie TF 5. We usually chew gum in glass TF6. Match a verbs in A with the phrases in B A B 1. wear a. on time 2. come b. in canteen 3. eat c. earrings 4. make d. children 5. spoil e. a promise 6. pick f. flower7. Write a composition ‘ My school rule ‘ (in about 80-90 words) Test 13 Describing homes
  13. 13. 1. Choose the correct answer 1. This furniture …..Japan a. was made in b. is made of c. are made of 2. My slippers ……wool a. is made of b. are made of c. are made from d. are made in 3. The ring is …….. ……… a. made of wool b. made in letter c. made by silk d. made of metal 4. These CDs were …..Singapore a. made of b. made from c. made by d. made in 5. The man jumped …..the river a. in b. into c. at d. to2. Answer the questions 1. What is the window made of? 2. What are the keys made of? 3. Where was the left ger made? 4. What color is your scraf? 5. What shape is a tent?3. Odd one out 1. wood, cubic, plastic, brick, metal 2. round, star-shaped, semicircular, leather 3. igloos, axe, flats, a house on suits, tent 4. stone, gold, metal, scarf, key 5. plate, cup, window, bottle, newspaper4. Put the words into correct column / skirt, book, page, felt, mittens, ring, axe, bottle, glass, iron, notebook, window/ Metal Wool Glass Paper _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ______ _____ _____ ______ ______5.Translate these statements 1. In many countries like Iran, Japan or Korean people sit on beautiful rugs, not on chairs 2. Germans like to have separate rooms 3. Today they are having a very unusual exhibition 4. Эдгээр хүрэмийг савхиар хийсэн 5. Солонгост машин олноор үйлдвэрлэдэг 6. Миний цамц бол Монголд үйлдвэрлэсэн цамц Test 14 Travel experience
  14. 14. 1.Choose the correct answer 1. I have …..China a. been to b. was in c. be in d. been in 2. Have you ever ……been …..India a. never, to b. ever, to c. never, in 3. My friend has …..Seafood a. been b. eaten c. drink d. eat 4. Did you …..an bear? a. seen b. saw c. see d. o 5. Enkhee and I …………..in a tent a. have stayed b. has stayed c. have d. o 6. I have played chess……..seven years a. for b. at c. in d. since2. Write the past simple and past participle forms of the verbs as in the ex Ex: to see – saw – seen 1. to write - ________- ________ 2. ______ - went - ______ 3. to take - ______ - _____ 4. ______ - ate - ______ 5. ______ - _______ -haven 6. travel - ______ - ______ 7. _____ - rode - _____ 8. _____ - ______ - read 9. to speak _______ _______ 10. _______ won ______ 11. to go ______ ______3. Write questions for these answer Ex: Have you ever ridden a camel? No, I haven’t 1. _________________? I went there two years ago 2. _________________? We are writing an essay 3. _________________? Togtokhtor played computer games 4. _________________? Yes, We have been to the countryside 5. _________________? Sansraa has traveled abroad4. Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verbs (de/do/have) 1. I _________listening to music 2. _________ your mother speak Chinese well? 3. He _________ finished his homework yet. 4. _________ Naran and Suren live in a ger? 5. When _________ you learn English 6. _________ you basketball when you were at school? 7. We _________ never played football 8. _________ they work in a hospital?5. Translate into Mongolian 1. Чи Египтэд байж үзсэн үү? 2. Би Канад явахаар төлөвлөж байгаа 3. Тэд гэртээ ирчихсэн 4. Миний ах түлхүүрээ гээчихсэн Test 15 Predictions
  15. 15. 1.Choose the correct form of the verb 1. We will go/are going to go to the theater tonight. We have tickets 2. What will you do/ are you doing tomorrow evening? Nothing, I am free 3. I am sure he will/ he is lending you some money. He is a very rich 4. Why are you putting on your coat? I will go out/ I am going to go out 5. I will go/ I am going a way tomorrow morning? My train is at 8:40 6. She can’t meet us on Sunday. She will works/ She is looking2. Match the first part of the sentences with its second part 1. If I have time a. She will stay at home 2. If she is cold b. she will take her umbrella 3. If I have a million dollar c. I will go to the cinema 4. If it is rains d. You will be sick 5. If you eat bad meal e. You will not go to by bus 6. If you have a car f. I will go to America3. Write synonyms for the words given below 1. optimistic _________ 6. worry_________ 2. confident _________ 7. important _________ 3. shy _________ 8. tidy _________ 4. ambitious_________ 9. good _________ 5. nice _________ 10. kind _________4. Complete the sentences using the simple present and will 1. If you _________ (sleep) in the sun, you _________(burn) 2. If it_________(not rain) tomorrow, I _________ (stay) at home 3. If it _________ (be) hot, I_____(go) to the river 4. If you _________( not study) we ______(not pass) an English exam 5. If you _________ (pay) attention, you _____(understand) very well5. Put a suitable preposition into each gap / in, on, at, with, for, of ,to/ 1. Please come ____ our party _____ Sunday 2. Bat studies ____ home _____ his father 3. We were ___ school _____ our friends_____ Saturday 4. Look ___this photo _____ my family 5. I go ____school ____8 o’clock____ the morning 6. We have bread and eggs ____ breakfast6.Correct mistakes 1. I will to go school tonight 2. What you doing school after day? 3. Sarn is a very optimistic 4. It is going to rainy in UB 5. Will you starting your own company?7. Give the Mongolian equivalents to the sighs of the zodiac a. Aquarius ___________ e. Gemini _________ b. Pisces_________ f. Cancer _________ c. Aries _________ g. Leo_________ d. Taurus _________ h. Virgo _________