List of Websites & Directories to Submit Your Blog


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List of Websites & Directories to Submit Your Blog

  1. 1. o Here is a quick list of Websites, directory and places where one should submit their blog List of Websites & Directories to Submit Your Blog
  2. 2. Google Webmaster tool This is official tool by Google, where you can not only add your Website but also submit your sitemap to Google. This will ensure, Google will quickly crawl all your links and index them. More over, GWT works as free SEO tool for your website.
  3. 3. Bing Webmaster tool Official Webmaster tool by Bing, and like Google tool, submitting your blog to this place will ensure your site is visible in Bing.
  4. 4. Alexa I’m sure many of you might not see Alexa as a credible source of ranking information and we have already discussed about this. Though, I always find alexa reporting to be useful and close to accuracy and more over, it’s a useful place to find Keywords.
  5. 5. Facebook Facebook could be really huge for your blog traffic if you do the marketing right. In order to submit your Website to Facebook, you need to create a Facebok fan page and that’s how you start. Simple and easy.
  6. 6. Google Plus Like Fb, we can create Google plus page for our blog or Website and this works as starting point of your blog footprint on Google plus. Click here to Learn.
  7. 7. Twitter Twitter is one of the famous micro- blogging and social networking site. I already discussed why your Website needs an official Twitter account and having a profile on Twitter for your blog, will help you to get a free link. Though it will no follow, but again it’s very useful for blog branding.
  8. 8. ahrefs This is actually a site to measure your blog backlink and a free account will let you monitor one complete site. Simply go ahead, register a free account and under reports > add new domain. Add your blog and verify your ownership. Now, ahrefs will help you to keep a track of links to your site.
  9. 9. Technorati Technorati is a blog directory and it’s one of the largest web index of blogs. Submitting your site here and using proper tag may help in more search engine visibility.
  10. 10. Google Analytics Not a typical place to submit your blog but very useful to keep a track of your site stats and best part is it’s free stats tool by Google. Highly recommended for a new site to add GA on your blog.
  11. 11. BlogCatalog Blogcatalog is one of my favorite Web directory to submit a Website. They manually accept or reject a blog submission, so make sure your site have enough content before you submit here. Also, while adding your blog, take care of proper category.
  12. 12. IMT Website submitter This is an online tool, which submit your Website to over 3000 places. For example, sites which stores site analytics, site price and so on. Those links might not be very high quality, but it will help in quick indexing, and improving backlink profile of your blog
  13. 13.