Transform Your Local Business in to an Online Giant


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Learn How To transform Your Business offline in to an online Giant - Download Free Report :

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Transform Your Local Business in to an Online Giant

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  2. 2. No matter what business you are in, we We also can offer simple, but effectivecan help your business be seen online. We business websites that can be added tocan create a customised local search your service. A full website with your ownpackage so you will be correctly listed in all domain and hosting, are quoted based onmajor business directories. your business need, discounted with the purchase of a local search package, andThis will help your business be visible in all monthly payments are available too.major search engines. Not only that butyou will also be visible on mobile phones We hope this introduction to Google Plusand GPS navigation systems so potential Local was helpful to you and showed thatcustomers will find you wherever you are. you can stand out on the internet, noAs a subscriber of this magazine, you matter what size your business is.would also have the additional option of There are many more ways to use free orgetting a basic business website with your inexpensive resources on the internet toown domain and hosting at a special price. boost your local business.Our Google Plus Local service will haveyour business ranking high in Google, We have more tips and valuableYahoo, and Bing’s top results for a one information to help you market yourtime investment. business online, and we are always happy to answer any questions you mayThis guarantees your listing will be have about promoting your business. Youcorrectly submitted to all of the certified can find our contact details throughoutdirectories and data sources, and will be this magazine and are really lookingmaintained throughout the year. forward to hearing from you.
  3. 3. Search Engine OptimizationWe will optimise your site so that it will bediscovered by the search engines anddrive new customers to your site.Social Media MarketingYour customers all use Facebook, Twitterand Google+. You should too. We will doit all for you and give your businesscredibility and attract new, targetedcustomers.Video OptimizationThe search engines love videosand so do your customers. It isone of the most effective ways toattract new clients. .Local Search OptimizationGet a distinct advantage over yourcompetitors by being listed andfound in all of the local maps inthe search enginesMobile MarketingMore people own a mobile phonethan a toothbrush. We will makesure that your website is mobilephone ready and looks greatwhen they find you online.
  4. 4. You spend a fortune building your website, and you set up your Facebook page...then you wait...and you wait! Months later, you are still waiting for the crowds to flock to your site and buy from you. I Can Help! I work with many businesses just like yours and help them get sales 24hours a day. That is exactly what having an online business is supposed to do. I do it for them and i can do it for you too.So why not shoot me an email today for a friendly, no-obligation chat and find out what i can do for your business.EMAIL: SHARANYAN@SEO.LK WWW.SHARANYAN.COM