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  • 1. QUIZ
  • 2. Connect
  • 3. Kosovo declared its independence recently and so far it has been recognized by 20 odd countries. It will become the youngest country in the United Nations if the UN grants it membership. X is at present the youngest member (192 nd ) of the UN. X declared its independence on the 3 rd of June, 2006. Unlike Kosovo, X’ s independence was recognized by all countries across the world. Its independence also brought about the collapse of the erstwhile Yugoslavia. Identify X.
  • 4. Connect:
  • 5. It is often said that Pakistan is ruled or run by the 3 A’ s. If one was Allah , find the other two.
  • 6.
    • Bajaj Allianz
    • Tata AIG
    • Prudential ICICI
    • Bharti AXA
    • These are some of the joint ventures between Indian and foreign companies in the Indian insurance sector.
    • With whom does The Sundaram group jointly provide insurance??
  • 7.
    • There are two factions of the Pakistan Muslim League:
    • PML (Q)
    • PML (N)
    • If N stands for Nawaz,
    • What does Q stand for??
  • 8. Connect
  • 9.
    • What is common to the following people:
    • Sidney Sheldon
    • Malcolm Glazer
    • Steven Spielberg
    • Roman Abramovich
    • Paul Wolfowitz
    • Daniel Pearl
    • Roman Polanski
    • Non - exhaustive list…
  • 10.
    • Connect:
    • a) Dana Evans
    • b) Judd Stevens
    • c) Elizabeth Roffe
    • d) Jennifer Parker
    • e) Kate Blackwell
    • f) Tracy Whitney
    • g) Mary Ashley
    • h) Ashley Patterson
    • List is exhaustive…
  • 11.
    • Connect:
    • Saddam Hussein
    • Ayrton Senna
    • Daniel Pearl
  • 12. What is common to the countries that these gentlemen represent??
  • 13. X was born Justin Selvaraj in the Tirunelveli district of TN. X’ s first directorial venture in 1999, Y was a runaway hit. The film had an adult theme but it was received well by audiences. He followed it up with another hit in the very next year (2000), Z. X’ s ventures in 2004 (A) and 2005 (B) did good business at the box office but they catered only to the tastes of the front benchers. A was a bilingual and the Telugu version had Mahesh Babu and Amisha Patel in the lead. He produced A and B under the banner of “Annai Marymatha Creations”. Identify X, Y, Z, A and B.
  • 14.
    • Complete the list:
    • Merseyside derby: Liverpool vs. Everton
    • Manchester derby: Man Utd vs Man City
    • West London derby: Fulham vs Chelsea
    • Tyne Wear derby: Sunderland vs Newcastle Utd
    • North London derby: Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspurs
    • Birmingham derby: Birmingham vs ???
  • 15. If DHL is the title sponsor of the Indian Premier League, Who is the title sponsor of the Indian Cricket League?
  • 16. If it is Mumbai ‘Indians’ in the IPL, Mumbai ‘Champs’ in the ICL How is the team from the city called in the PHL?
  • 17. Thank you