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Nut's namma Quiz :P

  1. 1. CQC -5/7/09-Natarajan.K<br />90% India Quiz…(Most of them about India or with some Indian connection)<br />95% ‘NAMMA’ Quiz..(People around me..)<br />100% MY Quiz….(Need I say more)<br />
  2. 2. Identify X<br />X was born in a family of cattle grazers. He started his career as a bearer in a government Central Excise canteen. He had a strong penchant for Carnatic music and is quoted as having watched THE GODFATHER over 100 times. X was an ardent listener of BBC and is believed that he could differentiate 300 ragas. On his death, certain members of PMK hoisted half-mast flag of their party. X?<br />
  3. 3. X?<br /> X was born in the Southern Indian town of Coimbatore and started playing tennis at the age of 5. She was influenced very much by her cousins, K.G.Suresh and K.G. Ramesh who were some of the best in India and her brother Ganesh who also played top level tennis.<br />Her father was a cricketer who had played for Tamil Nadu in Ranji Cricket tournament coached her at the start of her career. Her first tennis tournament foray was the National Under 12 tournament, where she reached the semi-final and went on to win her 1st National title in Under 14 age group at the age of 13. One year later in 1991, she won the National Women’s title at age 14. X shifted her base to Sarasota, USA in 1997 where she trained with David O Meara who was the former coach of Leander Paes for two years. By then her ranking was in the 160s and in 1999 Australian Open, she became the first Indian woman in the modern era to win a round at a Grand Slam, beating Italy&apos;s Gloria Pizzichini<br />
  4. 4. Fill in the blank<br /> In Greek mythology, ------ was a mountain nymph who loved her own voice. Zeus loved consorting with beautiful nymphs and visited them on Earth often. Eventually, Zeus&apos;s wife, Hera, became suspicious, and came from Mt. Olympus in an attempt to catch Zeus with the nymphs. Zeus, the King of the Olympians was known for his many love affairs. Sometimes the young and beautiful Nymph ------ would distract and amuse his wife Hera with long and entertaining stories, while Zeus took advantage of the moment to ravish the other mountain nymphs. When Hera discovered the trickery she punished the talkative ----- by taking away her voice.<br />
  5. 5. Aah..Madurai..<br />X visited the residence of Sri RamjiKalyanji, 175-A, West Masi Street, Madurai who respectfully invited him to his house, on 21.09.1921. That night X took a strange decision which made the whole world sit up and take notice. Railway station in Madurai also has a board which explains X’s visit to Madurai and his decision. What am I talking about?<br />
  6. 6. Identify X:<br />X was born into a South Indian Tamil Brahmin family in 1970 and raised in India and the US. X was severely injured at the age of 14 in a serious car accident, which required surgery leaving a 7 inch scar, between her elbow and shoulder. Reportedly she spent her childhood attending elementary school in Chennai. X is a ‘92 graduate of Clark university in Massachusetts, where she majored in theatre arts. X had a comical supporting role as the lip synching disco singer Sylk in the 2001 American movie Glitter with Mariah Carey. She starred with Amitabh Bachchan and Jackie Shroff in the 2003 Hindi action box office failure Boom as Shiela Bardez. X’s middle name is Parvaty….<br />
  7. 7. Connect:<br />G.Subramania Aiyer<br />M.Veeraraghavachariar<br />T.T. Rangachariarar<br />P.V.Rangachariarar<br />D.Keshav Rao Pant<br />N.Subba Rao Pantulu<br />
  8. 8. End result….?<br />Boil the milk in a saucepan, till it turns slightly pink. Incase you are using milkmaid then check for sugar , if u need more sweet u can add sugar as per your desire and stir until it dissolves and when the mik turns slightly pink, switch off the gas. Allow it to come to room temperature and then refrigerate it.Take some hot milk (from the milk we boiled with sugar/ milkmaid) from the saucepan and add in another vessel, Add the sago to this milk and cook till the sago becomes transparent. Switch off the gas. Keep this separately. Refrigerate this. Add 1 tablespoon of the Agar Agar (China Grass) jelly that u have cut into cubes and kept. Add the nannari syrup, or Rose syrup and top it up with Ice cream or paalkhova or therattipaal.<br />
  9. 9. X….<br /> X has 156 Orkut communities –one of them having more than 86000 members swearing by his name. X was known for his eccentricity as he used to &apos;talk&apos; to his trees in his home, and having put up a sign &apos;Mental Hospital&apos; right outside his residence in Khandwa. He was also parsimonious, so much so that he was in arrears to the Indian Income Tax authorities, yet never missed a chance to make fun of them (AurPeechey Pad Gaya Income Taxum, Jai Govindam Jai Gopalam). X was banned from the Government-controlled media namely All India Radio and VividhBharati since he openly condemned Indira Gandhi’s regime during the emergency. Being a versatile genius X made his acting debut in the film Andolan. in 1951. His first Bengali movie was “Lukochuri” where he himself produced the movie.<br />
  10. 10. X AND Y?<br />The Middle Common Room of New College ,Oxford is colloquially known as the X in tribute to Y(1844-1930) who was once the warden there.. ..<br />
  11. 11. X<br />X is believed to have come to ----during King Sarafoji&apos;s regime in the early 19th century, are unique as they remain vertical and upright always. X entered into the GI(Geographical Indication) registry in Jan,2009 making it the latest in that list. It has a unique production method involving plaster of Paris, papiermache, wood pulp and sago.X?<br />
  12. 12. X?<br />X (born February 29, 1984) was a member of the Indian field hockey team at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens He is a resident of Coimbatore. He made his international debut in May 2004 during a Four Nation Tournament in Gifu (Japan). X also represented Chennai Veerans.<br />X was the best in Field Hockey at Stanes Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore.He was the captain of the school team and under his captaincy the school won many tournaments. He was elected School Pupil Leader for 2001. He was also the captain of his &apos;house&apos; ,&quot;Panthers&quot; and led them to victory in the Intra-School Sports Event in 2001. He did his further studies in PSG College of arts and science, Coimbatore. X was even accused of getting into the team after bribing an official by DhanrajPillai though it wasn’t proved at all…<br />
  13. 13. X…<br /> X is the patron deity of Kayasthas, a general term for upper castes in India. Lord Brahma went into meditation for 11, 000 years and when he opened his eyes he saw a man holding pen and ink-pot in his hands and a sword girdled to his waist. Lord Brahma spoke: “Thou hast been created from my body (Kaya), therefore shall thy progeny be known as the Kayasthas. Thou hast been conceived in my mind and in secrecy , thy name shall also be X.” Brahma then enjoined him to dispense justice and punish those who violated the dharma. In the Garuda Puranam he is hailed as the first man to give the script. People believe that he is the AthiDevathai for Kethu which is one of the Navagrahas. His consort is Karnikambal.<br />
  14. 14. X?<br />P.V.S.K. PalaniappaNadar around 1915, started X with Headquarters at Virudhunagar and branches at various places like Madras, TrichyTirunelveli, Madurai, Karaikudi, Salem, Kumbakonam and Erode. The business was said to have been started as Joint-Family business consisting of P.V.S.K. PalaniappaNadar, his three sons, K. P. Rajendran, K. P. Dharmarajan, K. P. Ganesan and Mrs. DamayanthiAmmal. Initially X had 26 flavours when it was started but only 9 flavours are in the market now even though they enjoy a fair amount of visibility. X?<br />
  15. 15. What book<br />This Book was launched with great fanfare in Mumbai in 1990. It was received very well and the first edition was out of print in a matter of days. VijayaGhose is the editor since its inception. Starting 1992, ------- has featured &apos;People of the Year‘ who have consistently contributed to &apos;Indian excellence&apos;.   The list includes Koneru Humpy, Chandrababu Naidu, Prannoy Roy, Narayan Murthy, A.R.Rahman. Doordarshan had a programme for 26 weeks based on this book.<br />
  16. 16. X?<br /> X ranks as one of the most popular traditional sports in India. With its origins in Maharashtra, X in ancient times, was played on &apos;raths&apos; or chariots, and was known as Rathera. The first ever rules on X were framed in Pune in 1914. Each team consists of twelve players, but only nine players take the field for a contest. A match consists of two innings of 7 minutes each. The Government has initiated the following awards for the game: Arjuna Award, Eklavya Award for men, RaniLaxmiBai award for women, Veer Abhimanyu award for boys under 18, and Janaki award for girls under 16. <br />
  17. 17. Solve..<br />X is an inventor, business innovator and community activist. He is a leading authority in business applications of advanced analytics, optimization and control technologies, and has many publications and patents in these areas was a rank-holder in the State Engineering Entrance Examination and Pre-Degree Examination, a unique feat at that time. He obtained his B.Tech from the IIT-B, and his MS and Ph.D. from CMU , Pittsburgh, USA, in Chemical Engineering. In 1993 he coined the tagline Y(Hint:New Zealand) and the rest is history. X and Y?<br />
  18. 18. X<br />X was originally an Italian Company created by Signor Felice X who first brought the idea of selling ---------- in India. X then was introduced in Mumbai in two varieties – bubbly & still in 1965. The brand name X is so popular that it is used as a generic name for -----------in India.<br />
  19. 19. Sitter..<br />J. Jayalalitha<br />M.Karunanidhi<br />MGR<br />K.Balachander<br />L.K.Advani<br />What do their initials stand for? No part points<br />
  20. 20. X,Y…<br />The origin of X is in Orissa before centuries but Nobin Chandra of Baghbazaar is credited to have modified the recipe to increase the shelf life of X and made it marketable in 1868. His son Krishna Chandra is credited with the invention of Y, a variant of X. Krishna Chandra’s son Sharadacharan started his career as a research assistant under Sir C.V.Raman before taking up their family business.<br />
  21. 21. ….<br />X(July 11-1947 Born - Srirangam, whose real name is MaadapoosikrishnaswamyGovinda Kumar. Though his native is thanjavur , he was brought up at chennai. He did his schooling at triplicanehindu school and his college education at vivekananda college and is the author of VandhargalVendrargal, an account of Mughal rule in India. He was also closely associated with writer Sujatha.He started his own Tamil magazine &apos;Vin Naayagan&apos; in association with Salem vinayaka mission group. But they stopped the publication of this magazine within a year of launch (1999)<br />
  22. 22. X and Y?<br />X was started by the Maiya family as early as 1924. When price controls were imposed as a result of the Emergency, X realized that it was impossible to continue to offer the quality that set it apart. X downed shutters — preferring to lose business rather than compromise on quality. During WW2 since there was a shortage of rice the cooks of X invented a new item Y which became an instant hit. In 2007 X became a part of Norwegian company Orkla.<br />
  23. 23. ??<br />Legends say a saint gave this in 1845 to BathiniVeerannaGowd, a generous farmer, and asked him to treat all who came to him free of cost.<br />Hyderabad&apos;s Bathini family has been performing this ritual for centuries now that they have now been carrying on the treatment for years and since then the number of patients visiting them has grown manifold. The ritual is carried out during an auspicious solar phase, an astrological phenomenon that occurs once a year for two days.<br />
  24. 24. X?<br />ThamizhagaMunnetraMunnani was floated in 1988 by X. But the party lost every seat it contested for in the 1989 elections. X himself lost the election at Thiruvaiyaaru constituency by a huge margin. X also admitted that that votes that he got was also not from his party.Soon after the election he dissolved the party and asked his party members to join JD which he did after an invitation from VP Singh.<br />
  25. 25. ……………..<br />………………..,&quot; said Ivan Lendl, while deciding to give the Wimbledon a miss in 1982 and go holidaying instead. The phrase has become legendary since and has been repeated time and again by the likes of Marcelo Rios and Gustavo Kuerten -- who didn&apos;t mind giving the Wimbledon a miss (it is sheer irony that the man who actually coined the above phrase, Manuel Santana, himself won the Wimbledon crown in 1966).<br />In the initial years of his career, whenever Lendl turned up in England he repeated Santana&apos;s famous phrase, often complaining that he hated the softness under his feet. Lendl could very much play on grass -- as his Wimbledon junior title indicates. It is just that he never managed to win the Big W.<br />
  26. 26. -----<br />Called Schwarzwälderkirschtorte in German, . The origin of ----- is unknown, but historians believes it originated in the late 16th century in the ------- Region (DerSchwarzwald in German) located in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The name, Schwarzwald, evokes darkness and mystery coming from the romantic woods in Germany. It contains whipped cream, extract from sour Morello cherries and chocolate. The confectioner Josef Keller claims to have invented …….. in its present form in 1915 in the then prominent Café Agner in Bad Godesberg. This claim, however, has never been substantiated.What?<br />
  27. 27. Google 2008 top ten ‘how to’ searches<br />1. how to reduce weight <br />2. how to kiss <br />3. how to earn money <br />4. how to get pregnant <br />5. how to learn english<br />6. how to gain weight <br />7. how to play guitar <br />8. how to create a website <br />9. how to impress a girl <br />10--------------------------<br />
  28. 28. Complete ..<br />Martin Balsam, John Fiedler, Lee.J.Cobb , E.G.Marshall , Jack Klugman , Edward Binns ,<br />Jack Warden , Joseph Sweeney , Ed Begley , George Voskovec , Robert Webber , -------<br />
  29. 29. X…<br /> X was born in Thirukkurungudi,Tirunelveli District in the present day Tamil Nadu -then part of Madras Presidency in 1877. X started his initial career as a lawyer, as per his father&apos;s wishes, then moved to work for the Indian railways and later in a bank. X proved himself as a forward thinker when he got his daughter , then a teenage widow, remarried, under the auspice of Mahatma Gandhi. His daughter then involved herself in the Indian independence movement along with Gandhi. She was later honoured with a postal stamp released in her honour. X, also a patron of arts died in the early hours of April 28, 1955 at his residence in Kodaikanal.X?<br />
  30. 30. Who?<br />He is credited with having resolved the “sterling crisis” through which he managed to get back a huge amount from the British to the Indian Government. He was instrumental in establishing the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Southern India Textile Research Association, and Perur Tamil College in Coimbatore. Besides, he headed the Southern India Mills Association and the Chamber also.<br />Born in an affluent family in 1892 he is a multi faceted personality. His economic genius and oratory brought him into close contact with the stalwarts of those days like Chittaranjan Das, Motilal Nehru, Rabindranath Tagore, V.S.SrinivasaSastry and C.F.Andrews. He headed the TamilisaiSangham as well.<br />He became the Vice-Chancellor of Annamalai University in 1951 and extended enormous fillip to studies in agriculture and science.<br />
  31. 31. Complete and put fundae<br />Moodupani<br />Aayiramnilavaevaa<br />Udayageetham<br />Nayagan<br />----------<br />-----------<br />
  32. 32. X and Y<br />X’s debut novel Y was started in the autumn of 1930. After completion X sent it to several publishers but it was returned repeatedly. X dispatched it yet another time and gave the return address as one of X’s friend’s in London. X wrote to the friend requesting the manuscript be tied to a brick and thrown into the Thames if it came back. It did. But the friend took it to his acquaintance Graham Greene, who was already an established author. X received a telegram soon thereafter, “Novel taken. Graham Greene responsible. Y was published in October 1935 and the rest is history.<br />
  33. 33. ------<br />Periwinkle a medicinal plant, Catharanthusroseushaving anti-cancer properties. Perwinkle is a herbaceous subshrub, 40 to 80 cm high becoming woody at the base. It is called Sadabahar in hindiandBanappuvu, Nityakalyani, SavanariandUsamalariin Malayalam.In Sanskrit it isNityakalyani andSadapushpi, while in Tamil it is called, Sudukattumallikai. It has a more common name -------which literally means ‘The star of one’s eyes’. What?<br />
  34. 34. National Orchid Garden Singapore<br />
  35. 35. ----<br />Alstoniascholaris , also called Blackboard tree, Indian devil tree, Ditabark, Milkwood pine, White cheesewood is an evergreen tropical tree native to the Indian subcontinent with sweet scented flowers. A town in India derives its name from the local name of this<br /> tree. Which place?<br />
  36. 36. How do we know all this together?<br />Enjoy giving alms<br />Anger is ephemeral<br />Be charitable<br />Don’t prevent other’s charity<br />Do not be conceited<br />Don’t give up perseverence<br />Don’t despise learning<br />Depending on alms is despicable<br />Eat after donating to the needy<br />Act virtuously<br />Take bath in cold water<br />The above given list is not exhaustive…<br />
  37. 37.
  38. 38. அறம் செய விரும்பு Enjoy giving alms ஆறுவது சினம் controllable thing is anger இயல்வது கரவேல் Never stop learning ஈவது விலக்கேல் Don&apos;t prevent charity (Always be charitable) உடையது விளம்பேல் Avoid injurious words ஊக்கமது கைவிடேல் Don&apos;t give up persevering எண் எழுத்து இகழேல் Don&apos;t despise learning ஏற்பது இகழ்ச்சி Accepting alms is despicable ஐயமிட்டுண் Eat after donating (to the needy) ஒப்புர வொழுகு Act virtuously ஓதுவது ஒழியேல் Don&apos;t give up reading (scriptures) ஒளவியம் பேசேல் Don&apos;t carry tales <br />
  39. 39. Put fundae:<br />Visual (vision), auditory (hearing), olfactory (smell), gustatory (taste) and tactile (touch)-signify the mortal nature<br /> Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha, Maltsarya, Asooya, Dhumb (Love, Anger, Avarice, Lust, Pride, Unhealthy Competition, Jealousy and Boastfulness).<br />Thrigunas (nature-born qualities) i.e. Satva, ( perspicuity, discernment) , Rajas (activity, enjoyment) and Thamas (inactivity, stupor).<br />Vidya (Knowledge) and Avidya (Ignorance).<br />
  40. 40. X….<br />X have large keratin scales covering their skin and are the only mammals with this adaptation. The name “X&quot; derives from a Malay word meaning &quot;some thing that rolls up&quot;. They are nocturnal animals, using their well-developed sense of smell to find insects. The long-tailed X is also active by day. X spends most of the daytime sleeping, curled up into a ball. The scales are razor-sharp, providing extra defense. The front claws are so long that they are unsuited for walking, and so the animal walks with its fore paws curled over to protect them.<br />
  41. 41. ...<br />X was born in Kannur, Kerala. His first pay was Rs.3 in the &quot;Boys Company.&quot; He would retain Re 1 and send Rs.2 to his mother. A man of very limited needs, he never ate outside of his house because he was extremely health conscious. His first film was &apos;BhakthaRamadoss’. His only English film is `Jungle&apos; (with Rod Cameron, the film&apos;s hero, directed by William Burke) in which he appears in a few brief scenes. Son in law of this legend is also an actor.<br />
  42. 42. Part-1<br />Amidst all the hype surrounding his farewell match, A had to contend with an unexpected dose of his own medicine from a player half his age.As he fought a grim battle to stave off defeat in the series-deciding fourth Test, the Wicket keeper B tried to unsettle the veteran batsman through some banter.B egged on the 38 year-old stalwart to play one of his sweep shots one last time.B: &apos;Come on, just one more of the famous slog-sweeps before you finish&apos;A replied: &apos;Look, show a bit of respect. You were in nappies when I debuted 18 years ago&apos;. <br />
  43. 43. Part 2<br />The legendary X was bowling to Y a number 11 batsman- who was unable to get his bat anywhere near the ball. X, frustrated that Y was still at the crease, wandered up during one particular over and inquired: &quot;Why are you so fat?&quot;Quick as a flash, Y replied: &quot;Because every time I make love to your wife, she gives me a biscuit<br />
  44. 44. X and Y…<br />X is one of the most famous and respected Ayurvedic families of Kerala, which has been practicing Ayurveda, the ultimate holistic health care system for many generations. It was Dr.V.P.Sidhan, who successfully converted this traditional wisdom of the X family found in ancient palm leaf manuscripts with a combination of modern enrichment to give birth to Y in 1969, that is the flagship brand of X. The logo of X derives its origins from the lotus form, the quintessential padma, in full bloom, rising from the waters of life.<br />
  45. 45. For those who love Chennai..<br /> ------, the oldest Urdu daily in the country, and possibly the only handwritten newspaper in the world, the diligent workers end up rewriting an entire page in case of a mistake.Since the past 81 years, the newspaper is being printed everyday without fail from Triplicane High Road office at Chennai ever since its inception in 1927.The calligraphers of the four-paged newspaper earn 60Rs per page. Undoubtedly, the publication boasts of loyal readers who wait for the newspaper to hit the stands on the streets of Chennai every evening for 75 paise, a copy with a circulation of 20000.As a tradition they have been leaving blank space at the bottom right corner of the front page to accommodate breaking news. <br />
  46. 46. What?<br />--------- is believed to have derived from a Urdu word for repentance or a corruption of Sanskrit word meaning hands and ears. It is believed to be a wonderful exercise to reduce fat and there is also a theory where The Western world believes it’s a kind of Superbrain Yoga recommended by certain doctors for Alzheimer patients, Autistic children and to stave off memory loss since it activates certain neural pathways in the brain.<br />
  47. 47. Who…<br />AT 19, he wrote a paper on history of World cinema. That got him a seat at the Film and TV Institute when he wrote to Satyajit Ray to score music for his short student film, `The Rhetoric of the continuity‘ a surreal art film. Ray replied that he was not keeping too well and so allowed to use the soundtrack from his film “HirokRajarDeshe” In &apos;89, he made a telefilm called `Jana&apos; that was telecast on Doordarshan some three dozen times. After two flops, `KavithaiPaadaNerumillai&apos; (&apos;87) and `MadhangalEzhu&apos; with Ramya Krishnan and Nasser in the lead(&apos;92), That&apos;s when he went to Europe and played the lead in an Italian telefilm called `Pidgin&apos;. And made it a point to catch the action at the Cannes film festivals in &apos;94, &apos;96 and &apos;98. He is also a well known screenplay writer.<br />
  48. 48. Pure trivia:<br />Ib , Od , Ait , Ara , Mau , Bir , Ata , Kem , Pen….<br />
  49. 49. …<br />IndragarhSumarganjMandi<br />ThiruchirapalliPalakkarai<br />Mulagunnathukaavu<br />Baba Bakalaraiya<br />NarayanaPakuriaMuraila<br />Ananthathandavapuram<br />
  50. 50.
  51. 51. X ,Y and Z?<br />X -Granddaughter of DewanBahadur T. Rangachari, wasn&apos;t even expected to graduate. But to every ones surprise she went on to be the first woman P.G. Diploma holder in Journalism in Chennai. She caused a minor upheaval in the family by joining The Mail as a journalist. The innate flair in her for writing propelled her to take up journalism with gusto and she wrote under the pen name &apos;Rashmi&apos;. she wrote for The Hindu and the Tamil weekly &apos;Kumudam‘. X took a B.Ed from the Mysore University (she became a gold medallist - at the age of forty five) and followed it with a M.Ed. and a Masters in History from the Madras University.<br />X started Y in 1959 as a two room affair “upstairs” with thirteen people including her son as an act of social service for the Nungambakkam Recreation Club and was inaugurated by Tara Cherian –the then Mayor of Chennai.<br />X’ son- Z- a Chemical engineer and MBA has made his mark in some other field.<br />
  52. 52. X….<br />French historical terms of this toy X include bandalore, incroyable, de Coblenz, emigrette. The earliest surviving X dates to 500 B.C. and is made using turtle skin disks. A Greek vase from this period shows a boy playing with X. X remained in relative obscurity until 1928 when a Filipino American named Pedro Flores opened the X Manufacturing Company in Santa Barbara, California. The name is supposed to have derived from the Tagalog word for return. Sleeping, looping, off track, free hand are some of the techniques of using this. International X open and The World X contest is held every year in the month of August in US.<br />