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Frequently Used Off Host Developer Toolsl



Frequently Used Development Tools by Off-Host Developers

Frequently Used Development Tools by Off-Host Developers



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Frequently Used Off Host Developer Toolsl Frequently Used Off Host Developer Toolsl Presentation Transcript

  • Frequently Used Tools by Off-Host Team Sharankumar Sivakumar TSI – eBanking Development
  • Overview
    • Introduction
    • Development Tool
    • Version Control System
    • Defect Tracking Tools
    • Continuous Integration Tool
    • File Comparison Utility
    • Browser Development Tool
  • Introduction
    • Tools can be installed on your machine on request
    • Some tools are available to install which are present in the Soft-Lib Directory
    • Development – Visual Studio 2010
    • Defect Tracking Tools – Test Director and PVCS Tracker
    • Version Control System – SVN Tortoise
    • Continuous Integration Tool – Cruise Control (CC)
    • File/Folder Comparison Utility – Beyond Compare
    • Browser Tools - IE Developer Tool and Firebug
  • Development Tool
    • Visual Studio 2010
    • Recently migrated from VS 2008 to VS 2010
    • UML Diagram right from Visual Studio without Visio
    • Application Architecture Re-Engineering
    • Video playback for Manual Testers
    • Additional features on Unit Testing Side and
    • More features and integration with Share-point
    • Above all brings in .NET 4.0
    • Iron-Ruby, Iron-Python and F# included
    • CLR added Big-Integer and Tuple
    • Improved Garbage Collection
    • Camel-Humps in Code Completion of Re-sharper 4.0
    • Improved COM Interoperability, Better Side by Side execution
    • New profiling and Debugging features
  • Version Control System
    • SVN Tortoise Client
    • open source, the successor of CVS
    • The repository is a centralized store for data
    • The working copy is made up of two parts: Local copy and Administrative Directory - .svn
    • Revisions
    • Create the repository
    • Import files into repository
    • Checkout files as a working copy
    • Change, commit, update
    • Resolve conflicts (if needed)
    • Concurrent Editing
    • Lock-Modify-Unlock
  • Better Mechanism
    • Copy-Modify-Merge
    General: Windows specific:
  • Defect Tracking Tools
    • Test Director
    • Four tabs are provided
      • Requirements
      • Plan Test
      • Test Lab
      • Defects
    • Stores information about defects found within the application.
    • PVCS Tracker
    • PVCS Tracker automates the capture and communication of issues and change requests across development and other project teams
    • G oes beyond simple defect tracking — it keeps you on top of all team development issues
    • PVCS Tracker is easily accessible when and where users want it
    • Easy to administer and scales to any size team or project.
  • Defects Process and Lifecycle Add Defects Review New Defects Repair Open Defects New Open Rejected Closed Fixed Cancelled Defect Lifecycle Defect Process
  • Continuous Integration Tool
    • Cruise Control
    • Free and open source build scheduler
    • Consists of two components:
      • Build loop (runs as a service/daemon)
      • Status Dashboard (runs as web application)
    • Works with Subversion(SVN) version control systems
    • Works with Nant build tool
    • Success Factors
        • Single source code repository
        • Automated build scripts
        • Automated tests
        • Developers' discipline
          • Synchronise often
          • Don't break the build
          • When you break the build, fix it.
  • How Does Cruise-Control Work?
    • Developer checks work into version control
    • CC polls version control
    • If CC detects any changes, it...
      • triggers a build
      • captures logs and build artifacts
        • Examples: unit test report, code coverage report, code quality metrics
      • publishes results
        • Examples: send email, send instant message
    • Use and Features
    • Nightly Builds is a best practice; Continuous Integration is better
    • Automation reduces cost, improves feedback and leaves less room for manual error
    • Cruise Control enables Continuous Integration
  • Beyond Compare
    • Beyond Compare  is a file comparison utility
    • Set of predefined rules are included for the comparison of common file types, such as Source code, XML, and HTML files
    • Compare Files, Folders
    •   Merge the changes, synchronize your files
    • Syntax highlighting and comparison rules tweaked specifically for documents, source code, and HTML
  • Browser Developer Tools
    • IE Developer Tool
    • Firebug
    • Features
    • Explore and modify the document object model (DOM) of a Web page.
    • Locate and select specific elements on a Web page through a variety of techniques.
    • View HTML object class names, ID's, and details such as link paths, tab index values, and access keys.
    • Outline tables, table cells, images, or selected tags.
    • Validate HTML, CSS, WAI, and RSS Web feed links.
    • Display image dimensions, file sizes, path information, and alternate (ALT) text.
    • Find the style rules used to set specific style values on an element.
    • View the formatted and syntax colored source of HTML and CSS.
  • Thank you! Questions and Comments? Sharankumar Sivakumar TSI – eBanking Development