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  1. 1. THE SMART INTERACTIVEAQUARIUM SOFTWAREFOR AQUARISTSHONG KONGPOLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITYSD 5509PROTOTYPING AND SCRIPTINGAileen Halim [09529551G]Eric SIU Man Leong [09693210G]Joy SHAO Zhouyi [09529391G]Apostolos Petra [09677639G]© 2010.01.18
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONThe fish-keeping hobby is a multi-million dollar industry worldwide. The largest marketis United States with retail value for over US$ 910 million in 1993! Research claims that56% of U.S. households had pets, and 10.6% owned ornamental freshwater or saltwaterfish, with an average of 8.8 fish per household.However, in many cases fish are maintained in the wrong conditions and therefore liveshort lives. Many don’t know that an aquarium can only support a certain number offish. Limiting factors include the availability of oxygen in the water and the rate atwhich the filter can process waste. Aquarists even have developed a number of rules toallow them to estimate the number of fishes that can be kept in a given aquarium.Aquarists also need to consider other important issues such as growth rate, activitylevel, social behavior, surface agitation, water temperature, the filtration system, tankmaintenance, the kind of fish being kept and so on. To some degree, it is a complicatedtrial and error approach. Furthermore, inexperienced aquarists often attempt to keep toomany fish in their tanks, mistaken in mixing type of fish or introduce too many fish intoan immature aquarium. As a result, large numbers of fish may be sicken and die. Thishas given the hobby a bad reputation among some animal welfare groups, such asPETA1, for treating aquarium fish as nothing more than cheap toys that are simplyreplaced when they die.Thus, We propose AQUA, a new interactive multimedia application of a SMARTAQUARIUM to overcome that problem. The SMART AQUARIUM will record all theimportant rules of keeping fish. By using our SMART tank, aquarists could comparedifferent typologies of fish and asses their compatibility with a given type of tank. Anindividual that already owns a tank and wants to purchase new fish can easily knowwhich fish is compatible for his aquarium by simulating it. Moreover, it will also help anindividual that does not own a tank and has little knowledge regarding fish to purchasethe most suitable tank with their preferred appropriate fish.The application will be used with the medium of a flat multi touch screen where thefishes and the tanks will be virtually visualized and evaluated. The user friendliness inthis particular design relies mainly in its simplicity of the natural user interface (NUI).Interaction design principles are geared toward maximizing the UX by facilitating theease with which they can learn, become immersed in and enjoy the softwareexperience.1 Peop le for th e E thi cal T rea tmen t of Ani mal s (PE TA ) is an animal rights organization based inNorfolk, Virginia, USA. With two million members and supporters worldwide, it claims the status of thelargest animal rights group in the world.AQUA 2
  4. 4. RATIONALE OF UI DESIGNOur vision is creating an advanced medium with intelligence embedded, allowingaquarists to have a new experience of buying fish in familiar ways in familiar media, yetgive those media new and powerful capabilities to smartly recognize each aquarist. INTELLIGENCE SYSTEM FOR BUYER AND SUPPLIER AQUA stores user’s information to keep a track of all the particular information (necessary for the transaction) of each single customer and each single fish or relative living organism. Eg. the ability to understand a basic info about fish, give intelligent suggestions about suitable environment, etc. What is more, it also enables the supplier as well as its staff to perform efficiently; The functioning of this particular UI relies in rapidity and efficiency of service without destabilizing any required factor. That said, the UI is meant to perform a series of services that the staff would traditionally do but in a faster and more reliable manner. SEAMLESS NATURAL INTERACTION By mimicking real-world objects and using virtual capabilities, AQUA introduces a natural interaction for the aquarists that unfold through the natural human input. NEW PURCHASING EXPERIENCE Our smart aquarium enables the user to have a new experience during the purchasing process; this consists on making sure that all customers who want to purchase fish (in a store where AQUA is being used) will have an easier way to purchase fish conveyed by the seamless interaction. And it will reduce the time necessary for purchase; Due to the efficiency and easy interface of the software as well as the database of customer’s information the time involved in the process could be considerably decreased. EDUCATIONAL SIDE This will also enable the user to be educated in an entertaining way, By reading the different information that will be displayed in the screen, the user is automatically being educated about the basic info about fish keeping. QUICK AND EFFICIENT BY REAL TIME FEEDBACK Users get useful real time feedback about the right way to keep fish by considering all the important factors and issues embedded. Users can also simulate fish growth by inputting the period of time. This will minimize the number of the fish which will be sicken or die due to a lack of experience, inexperience aquarists may have. PERSONALIZED AND CUSTOMIZEABLE AQUA is adjustable for each unique aquarist with different personal preference. The system could smartly identify and load individual’s tank.AQUA 3
  5. 5. INTERACTION MODELCurrent interaction modelThe current interaction model is so complicated for the user, require lots of time andeffort and not convenient. Although there are lot possible ways to gather info aboutfish, most users will prefer to talk to the shop assistant. In fact, sometimes even theshop assistant does not have deep knowledge or the experience one is unavailable. Thisone-way interaction requires trial and error and it will make the fish sick and die.New interaction modelThe new interaction will simplify the whole process yet could give a useful feedback tousers. The shop assistant only need to put data for the backend system and could alsoconveniently access the stock and purchasing data.AQUA 4
  6. 6. To fulfill all of the elements that we have described, the UI will be implemented usingthe following technologies: MULTI TOUCH SCREEN Interacting with AQUA is simply by touching. A multi touch LED screen will be used for a natural user interaction as well as to reduce the number of components necessary for the adequate use of the software (for evident production, space reasons and aesthetic reasons). Multi-touch is a method of interacting with a computer screen. Instead of using a mouse or stylus pen, multi-touch allows the user to interact with the device by placing fingers directly onto the surface of the screen. The movement of the fingers across the screen creates gestures, which send commands to the device. When a finger or an object touches the surface, causing the light to scatter, the reflection is caught with sensors or cameras that send the data to software. When a finger touches the screen, the touch disrupts the panels electrical field. The disruption is registered and sent to the software, which then initiates a response to the gesture. RFID RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. An RFID tag is a microchip combined with an antenna in a compact package; the packaging is structured to allow the RFID tag to be attached to an object to be tracked. The tags antenna picks up signals from an RFID reader or scanner and then returns the signal, usually with additional data (like a unique serial number or other customized information). Most RFID tags contain at least two parts. One is an integrated circuit for storing and processing information, modulating and demodulating a radio-frequency (RF) signal, and other specialized functions. The second is an antenna for receiving and transmitting the signal. We will create an RFID tag applied to or incorporated into acrylic pictures of each aquarium items for the purpose of identification using radio waves. User could get this tag under each aquarium display as they walk around the store. AQUA will respond to physical objects with RFID tag in it. AQUA’s reader will decodes the data encoded in the tag and passed it to the computer for display processing. VIRTUAL-REALITY AQUA is a computer-simulated aquarium environment, mimicking the real aquarium. User will get visual experiences, displayed either on a computer screen with sound embedded. They can interact with a virtual environment or a virtual artifact (VA) either through our natural input devices, which are their gestures. NETWORKING A computer network allows sharing of resources and information among devices connected to the network. Computer networks can be classified according to the hardware and software technology that is used to interconnect the individual devices in the network, such as Optical fiber, Ethernet, Wireless LAN, HomePNA,AQUA 5
  7. 7. Power line communication or Ethernet uses physical wiring to connect devices. Frequently deployed devices include hubs, switches, bridges and/or routers. Wireless LAN technology is designed to connect devices without wiring. These devices use radio waves or infrared signals as a transmission medium. All AQUA systems are connected wirelessly to each other and to the shop online stock and cashier for the purpose of communication through a LAN technology. A local Area Network (LAN) is a computer network covering a small physical area. Current wired LANs are most likely to be based on Ethernet technology, although new standards like ITU-T also provide a way to create a wired LAN using existing home wires (coaxial cables, phone lines and power lines).AQUA 6
  8. 8. PROTOTYPINGAfter the brainstorming process about the idea is done. We start by making a lowfidelity prototype by paper and pen (see appendix a1-5) as a quick way to define theinterface draft and layout. During this phase, we also do the evaluation. Then, wecontinue to make a high fidelity prototype by using ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and ADOBEFLASH CS4.high fidelity screen shotstart up screen fish in after putting tagAQUA 7
  9. 9. input price input temperatureinput time buy fishclose box to check out confirm before check outAQUA 8
  11. 11. SCRIPTINGAQUA recognizes five gestures movement :GESTURES MOVEMENT DESCRIPTIONdragging press and then dragtapping press and then release as a select button and or open info buttonsliding move the button under user’s fingerpulling pull fingers apart as a copy buttonapartcrossing make an X sign with fingers as a delete buttonAQUA 10
  12. 12. AQUA has four basic commands : ERASE Action : Making X sign on the unwanted fish or the ornaments Animation : The fish will disappear SELECT/DESELECT Action : Tap to select or click 4 corners to select all; for deselect just re-tap the selected fish Animation : The fish will be locked in a bubble and will be released if deselect DUPLICATE Action : Pulling apart a fish with 2 fingers Animation : It will double the fishAQUA 11
  13. 13. BUY THE FISH Action : Drag the treasure box’s top cover Animation : Proceed to check out other animation 1. Click the tail : show the basic info about fish 2. Two hands drag together : duplicate fish 3. Slide on the right side : change the 3D view 4. Recommendation of the fish : advertising fish 5. Tap the fish : select and deselect the fish 6. Tap 4 corners : select all 7. Drag the fish to the t. box : buy the fish 8. Crossing the fish : erase the fish 9. Auto : the fish die or fight if it is not compatible 10. Start up : the water flows up and the fish will swim inButton and function 1. Calendar : input time 2. Treasure box : shopping cart 3. Thermometer : input temperature 4. Coin : input price 5. Help : how to operate AQUA 6. Fish’s tail : show fish basic informationAQUA 12
  14. 14. CONCLUSIONBy providing instant feedback to aquarists, adjusting to the individual needs of eachaquarist, and providing useful information about the fish and compatibilities, equippedwith purchasing menu, AQUA will improve fish keeping hobby, by making the process tomore fun and efficient both for the aquarists and the fish suppliers.Further use of the UI:1) Interior Design/Furniture. Size of furniture compared with space. Resistance of materials to climate (temperature, humidity etc.)2) Jewellery and fashion:. Compatibility of materials (e.g.: stones with metals). Compatibility of materials to produce a particular piece (e.g.: elasticized denim for jeans)3) Finance and investment. Comparison of stock shares for investment. Investor databaseAQUA 13
  15. 15. REFERENCESOwen James. 2009. How many fish can you keep in your tank? Andrews, Adrian Exell, & Neville Carrington. 1988. The Interpet Manual of Fish Health, Salamander Books.Robert M. Fenner . 2008. The Conscientious Marine Aquarist. T.F.H. Publications; Co- published by Microcosm Books T/newslog/New+Global+Standard+For+Fully+Networked+Home.aspx 14
  16. 16. APPENDIXA1. Fish information eBooks Katy’s Tropical Fish Guide is for freshwater aquariums. Ultimate Secrets To Saltwater Fish And Invertebrates. Aquarium forums Aquatic Community – big forum for freshwater fans Reef Central – the biggest marine forum on the web, US-based Ultimate Reef - the UK’s biggest forum for saltwater fans Aquaria Central - big, well-moderated forum The Reef Tank – reef aquarium forum with a fast-developing blog Articles Aquarium Aquascape Design Ideas So You Want To Fish For A Living? By Bill Wilcox FISHERIES SOCIETY OF THE BRITISH ISLES BRIEFING PAPER 2 FISH WELFARE Intensive Fish Breeding Optimization Betta Fish Behavior All my fish died in my tank and i want to start my aquarium again aquarium-again-its-about-20-gallons/ Fighting fish more than decoration Instrumental conditioning of choice behavior in male Siamese fighting fish 2&_user=107833&_rdoc=1&_fmt=&_orig=search&_sort=d&_docanchor=&view=c&_searchStrId=1AQUA 15
  17. 17. 169976243&_rerunOrigin=google&_acct=C000008378&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=10783 3&md5=06fff67dc3a0798e8f4f6869e9302c18 Limit your kill; dont kill your limit! 16
  18. 18. A2. Low fidelity draft by aileenA3. Low fidelity draft by apostolosAQUA 17
  19. 19. A4. Low fidelity draft by ericA5. Low fidelity draft by joyAQUA 18
  20. 20. A6. Combined low fidelity prototypeAQUA 19
  21. 21. AQUA 20