Ergonomics Introduction
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Ergonomics Introduction



A presentation on Ergonomics at HFES competition, and try to make Ergonomics easy to understand to the public

A presentation on Ergonomics at HFES competition, and try to make Ergonomics easy to understand to the public



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    Ergonomics Introduction Ergonomics Introduction Presentation Transcript

    • • Ergonomics is the discipline that fits the workplace(like chair, table) and product(like computer, cell phone) to you• Ergonomics relates to you in life and work everyday
    • •1.8 million U.S. workers experience MusculoskeletalDisorders(back, shoulder, elbow, wrist pain) each year•# 1 Injury Risk Factors are Static Posture andRepetition Motion
    • 3 Ways Cell Phone Can Hurt
    • 1 Cell Phone Elbow•Cause: Long chats stretch the nerve and choke the bloodsupply to the ulnar nerve inside your elbow•Symptom: Numbness, tingling in the forearm and hand•Chronic Problem: Difficulty in writing and typing
    • 2 BlackBerry/Texting Thumb•Cause: Long time typing makes thumb repetitive strain injury•Symptom: Sore and numbness in the base of the thumb•Chronic Problem: Chronic pain in tendon region of thumb,some cases need operation
    • 3 iPhone/iPod Ear•Cause: iPhone/iPod can put out sound around 120 decibels,which is past people’s pain threshold•Symptom: Hearing loss, headache, internal ringing•Chronic Problem: Hearing impairment, ear damage iscumulative and hearing loss is permanent
    • 3 Ergonomics Tips for Cell Phone Users•Spend less time on the phone, alternating hand every 10minutes and use Hands-Free headset if possible•Decrease repetitive typing on cell phone– use shortcut,abbreviation and physical keyboard•Follow 60/60 Rule—listen to music via Headset at less than60% Max Volume for less than 60 minutes per day
    • Helpful Stretches Exercises1 Back and Shoulder Exercises 2 Hand Exercises
    • Computer Can Hurt
    • CTS-Carpal Tunnel SyndromeCTS is the #1 reported medical problem in U.S.8 million Americans are affected36% of CTS patients need Unlimited medical treatment
    • Right way to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Ergonomic Products that can help you
    • Following 20-20-20 Rule Can Help Every 20 minutes Take a 20 seconds break Look 20 feet away and do some Stretches
    • Helpful Stretches Exercises1 Hand Exercises 2 Head and Neck Exercises