SFAwards12: Best Airlines Driving Revenue from Social Media (Finalist Presentations)


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Here are the finalist presentations for SimpliFlying Awards 2012 - Best Use of Social Media to Drive Revenue. (Please note not all finalist presentations are shown here due to confidentiality.) If you work in an airline or airport organisation and wish to download the slides, please email contact@simpliflying.com

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SFAwards12: Best Airlines Driving Revenue from Social Media (Finalist Presentations)

  1. 1. Best Airlines Driving Revenue from Social Media Finalist Presentations
  2. 2. Best Airlines Driving Revenue from Social Media Finalist Nasair Saudi Arabiahttp://simpliflying.com
  3. 3. The Beginning I want you to How on earth I convert all am gonna do it? Indirect sales to @#$*)|<!_|??? Direct salesDec. 2011 Illustrations/Images are property of their respective owner.
  4. 4. nasair assets – Historical Perspective (Subscribers, Fans, Followers) Mobile, 500000 500000 450000 400000 Emails, 350000 320000 300000 250000 200000 150000 100000 Twitter, Facebook, 50000 26000 7000 0 Jan. 2012Jan. 2012
  5. 5. Strategic Overhaul• Website• Social Media (Facebook & Twitter)• Multichannel campaigns
  6. 6. Social Media• What are the tools? • What is the strategy? Illustrations/Images are property of their respective owner.
  7. 7. Social Media - Tools× Radian6  HootSuite (Free version)× BuddyMedia  OfferPop× Vitrue  Samsung SII (used as× Social Bakers camera)×× Alterian ContextOptional PASSION× ConverSocial× CoTweet× Sysomos Illustrations/Images are property of their respective owner.
  8. 8. Social Media - StrategyBasics InnovationEngagement; × No apps;Trust; or × No Games;Empathy. × No Social Loyalty apps.
  9. 9. Social Media - Approach • Integration of Social Media with email campaigns; • All promotions & offers are syncd with Social media (FB & Twitter); • Social sharing in nasair website; • All  print  media  includes  FB  &  Twitter  URL’s; • Boarding card includes FB & Twitter (1st in the world); • Most Important – Management Involvement*Jan. - March 2012
  10. 10. Show me the Sales !!! Our Sales Director, My best friendMarch 2012
  11. 11. nasair offers on FB
  12. 12. Facebook - Competitions Description signup Photo & Destination 6785 Umrah Gift 13863 Ramadhan 121591 (avg. 4192/day) All gift (except nasair tickets) are sponsored by respective companies. Total cost of competition - marginalFeb. - July 2012
  13. 13. Winners Announcement within 24 hours with their photos
  14. 14. Example: Engagement Nasair Engagement (10.40% avg.) 20.00 18.00 16.00 14.00 12.00 10.00 8.00 6.00 4.00 2.00 0.00 100% Thanks & Congratulatory comments
  15. 15. E.g. Engagement: From Sucks to Thanks • Listen Phase Engage Phase Trust PhaseMessage for us to consider in Response time plays a criticalour naming/pricing strategy role in engagement
  16. 16. Result (Impact) Email Growth (243%) Mobile  no’s.  Growth  (345%) 900000 2000000 1800000 780000 1800000 800000 700000 1600000 600000 1400000 1200000 500000 1000000 400000 320000 800000 300000 550000 600000 200000 400000 100000 200000 0 0 Jan. 2012 Jul-12 Jan. 2011 Jul-12 Facebook Growth Twitter Growth (129%)350,000 316,873 280,000 35,000300,000 30,000250,000 204,675 25,000200,000 148,922 20,000150,000 107,183 15,000100,000 57,127 10,000 27,601 50,000 7,000 5,000 0 0 Jan-12 Feb-12 Mar-12 Apr-12 May-12 Jun-12 Jul-12 Aug-12 Jan-12 Feb-12 Mar-12 Apr-12 May-12 Jun-12 Jul-12
  17. 17. Result (Impact) Group CEO Mr. Sulaiman Al Hamdan on TV
  18. 18. nasair• Launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in February 2007,• Serving passengers with over 550 weekly flights, consists of 15 aircraft and covers 24 destinations both within and outside Saudi Arabia.• Since the launch of its operations, nasair transported more than 9 million passengers on more than 85,000 flights. Thanks - Management Akram H. Interactive Marketing Director, nasair Special Thanks toFranocis B. Marco O. Turki J. CCO, nasair DeputyCCO, My TeamCEO, nasair nasair Shady S. Amal S.
  19. 19. Best Airlines Driving Revenue from Social Media Finalist Aeromexico Mexicohttp://simpliflying.com
  20. 20. The Challenge Increase ROIthrough an activity that generates engagement and at the same time increases the awareness of Aeromexico´s Travel Blog, “Destinos Hot”
  21. 21. Opportunity Throughout October, we launched our well known contest called “Ganaviajes”, with the difference that in this instance, the clues were hidden inside our new Blog.
  22. 22. Guidelines1.  Create a five member team. With this, we generated awareness about the contest and increased our total number of participants.
  23. 23. Guidelines2. Follow and find the questions we published both on Twitter and Facebook.•  By doing so, we assured that our contestants were constantly paying attention to our Time Lines and sharing our contents.
  24. 24. Guidelines3. The contestants had to enter in the Aeromexico new blog, in order to found the clues to solve the jigsaw. That helped us to accomplish one of our goals: Increase the visitors numbers such as pageviews and time spent into the blog.
  25. 25. Guidelines4. Jigsaw Puzzle: the activity consisted in found all the clues inside the different posts in the Blog and published in our Facebok Fan Page. The team who published first, won.
  26. 26. Guidelines In this way, the contestants returned to our Fan Page to share their accomplishments, which generated buzz of the contest with all our fans!
  27. 27. ResultsParticipation: More than 14,000 people engaged in the search for the clues. More than 3,000 clues were found.
  28. 28. ResultsSocial NetworksOur online community grew about 13 thousandnew fans in FB and 11 thousand new followers inTwitter.The conversation, “sentiment”, in both platformswas 100% positive.
  29. 29. Results“Destinos Hot”•  Visit numbers grew 19%.•  Unique visitors grew 36%•  At the same time, the time spent increased the 5 minute average that we used to have before the contest.•  The importance of the Blog is based mainly on conversion, so it is relevant to mention that in the contest, a ROI of 150 was generated.
  30. 30. The Challenge Increase ROI through a social media activity that generatesengagement and positive interaction at the same time in Aeromexico´s social networks
  31. 31. OpportunityFor 4 weeks, we gave away free trips daily.Our users had to be aware of Aeroméxico´s socialnetworks in order to find out each day´s challengesand won the diary prize.
  32. 32. Guidelines1. Became an Aeroméxico´s fan in Facebook and follower in Twitter, in order to found out the challenges published there. By doing so, we increased both our fan base in each social network, and the number of positive interactions within the community.
  33. 33. Guidelines2. The first user that accomplished each challenge and published it in our wall, became the winner. This generated awareness of the contest with all the fans and followers. As a result, they started to participate in the new challenges.
  34. 34. Wi nners!
  35. 35. ResultsSocial NetworksWe increased about 10 thousand new fans and about 11 thousand followers because of this contest.
  36. 36. ResultsThe conversation “sentiment” inboth platforms was 100% positive. With this online activity, a ROI of 94 was gained.
  37. 37. Best Airlines Driving Revenue from Social Media Finalist WestJet Canadahttp://simpliflying.com
  39. 39. WESTJET APRIL FOOL’S 2012 – KARGO KIDSExecutive SummaryOn April 1, 2012: WestJetannounced our April Fool’sjoke, “Kargo Kids”, with aYouTube video, a newsrelease, and via posts onFacebook and Twitter.We also offered a 10% off,system-wide promo code inconjunction with thepromotion.
  40. 40. WESTJET APRIL FOOL’S 2012 – KARGO KIDSExecutive SummaryThe video received a lot ofattention because it strucka chord with air travellers.The fictional idea was thatkids could fly as in the bellyof the plane, as “Kargo”,allowing their parents, andother travellers to enjoy theflight in peace.
  41. 41. WESTJET APRIL FOOL’S 2012 – KARGO KIDSStatistics•  650,000 YouTube video views, 194 different countries•  3300 video shares, 69 different countries•  2500 video likes, 72 different countries•  1700 Facebook post shares•  189,000 visits to our April Fools landing pages•  4000 new bookings, 6,200+ guests•  $1.3 million in new bookings
  42. 42. WESTJET APRIL FOOL’S 2012 – KARGO KIDSDigital Reach•  7,100+ mentions on the Internet•  240+ media stories, 200+ blog posts•  97% positive sentiment•  Story on front page of mashable.com, April 1•  “Kargo Kids” & “WestJet” trending on Twitter, April 1•  Kargo Kids video trending on YouTube, April 2•  Video featured on Today Show, April 2
  43. 43. WESTJET APRIL FOOL’S 2012 – KARGO KIDSDigital Reach – mashable.com
  44. 44. WESTJET APRIL FOOL’S 2012 – KARGO KIDSDigital Reach – Today Show
  45. 45. WESTJET APRIL FOOL’S 2012 – KARGO KIDSLinks•  westjet.com English http://westjet.com/kargokids•  westjet.com French http://westjet.com/cargoboutdechou•  YouTube English http://youtu.be/M4SkoJy3D0M•  YouTube French http://youtu.be/mrY1H2G7lk0•  Twitter English https://twitter.com/WestJet/status/186406995883073536•  Twitter French https://twitter.com/WestJet/status/186406933320830976•  Facebook English•  https://www.facebook.com/124924473551/posts/362724143770328•  Facebook French https://www.facebook.com/124924473551/posts/333362066720427
  47. 47. Best Airlines Driving Revenue from Social Media Finalist Volaris Mexicohttp://simpliflying.com
  48. 48. Best Use of Social Media toDrive RevenuePresentation PitchAugust, 2012 DAL Best use of social media to drive customer service
  49. 49. An  introduction  to  Volaris… 2 DAL Best use of social media to drive customer service
  50. 50. Marketing has evolved to include continuousinteraction with customersTraditional Marketing Internet Marketing Emerging Media Communication for the Traditional marketing on Communication with the company, not for the the web (banners, etc) customer and between customer and search engine customers about our 3 optimization brand and products DAL 091014-EB-Redes Sociales ALTA Airline Leaders Forum vfinal
  51. 51. Thru the use of Social networks people shareopinions or experiences, motivating to flyIn social networks everyone have …  these  opinions  represent   something  to  say… opportunities to increase sales • Community of potential customers who share common interests • Interaction without interruption • Customers know what they want and express their opinions • This generates buzz in our airline, so customers want to recreate memorable travel experiences Due to these actions, we build brand loyalty, but also boost our sales 4 DAL Best use of social media to drive customer service
  52. 52. We post promos in our Social Media platforms,driving visits to our website and increasing sales DAL Best use of social media to drive customer service
  53. 53. Social networks are a good platform to boostancillary revenues DAL Best use of social media to drive customer service
  54. 54. We use an special Facebook application to trackEscápate promotion DAL Best use of social media to drive customer service
  55. 55. The profile of the winners show us thatcommunication efforts reach our target market Winners • Videoclip name: Tendrás que dejarlo todo • Name: Alesis Perez Covarrubias • Age: 18 • City: La Paz, Baja California Sur • URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlkdMY_aOXg • Videoclip name: La gala mágica de Volaris • Name: Leonardo Samuel Martínez Tapia • Age: 19 • City: Chihuahua, Chihuahua • URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCTi_AuBPLU DAL Best use of social media to drive customer service
  56. 56. Thank you for your attention 9 DAL Best use of social media to drive customer service
  57. 57. Best Airlines Driving Revenue from Social Media Finalist SAS Scandinavian Airlines Sweden, Denmark, Norwayhttp://simpliflying.com
  58. 58. Scandinavian Airlines SimpliFlying Awards for Excellence in Social Media Category: Best use of social media to drive revenue“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishmentrarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out andhappened to things.” (Leonardo da Vinci)
  59. 59. Social media activities to driverevenue!  SAS Summer Flight 2012!  Norway’s most punctual person!  SAS Facebook Fan Page
  60. 60. SAS Summer Flight 2012!  First airline ever to crowd source a destination!  Facebook fans could suggest destinations!  10 were shortlisted by network and revenue departments and fans could vote for their favorite via Facebook.!  Alanya, Turkey was votes fan favorite!  First scheduled flight premiered July 5th 2012!  8 return flights were scheduled from the start. Due to the huge popularity, the route is now prolonged until further
  61. 61. Results:!  By letting our customers and fans suggest new destination, we really engaged them in our core business. You cant be involved in anything bigger than this when it comes to he airline business.!  The destination we got from the voting proved to be fantastic for several reasons. !  From a revenue point of view we decided to prolong it thanks to its popularity !  From a newtwork point of view, not many other major carriers are able to use "GZP" airport in Alanya as their aircraft are too large. With our diverse fleet, we are able to go where other can not thus shortening the journey time by more than two hours..!  From a internal strategy point of view, we stayed true to our new focus on introducing more leisure destinations and helped create a buzz.!  All and all, Its huge popularity shows that this is a multifaceted success.
  62. 62. Norway’s most punctual person!  Facebook campaign aimed to put focus on our world class punctuality and drive traffic to our site (sas.no)!  Fans could participate in a Punctuality Contest on Facebook by playing a punctuality game.!  First prize was 100 000 NOK and the winners face on one of our planes (tail - B737).
  63. 63. Results!  Over15 000 entries the first week.!  Besides emphasizing our world class punctuality, this campaign sure drove a lot of traffic to our website and from a revenue point of view, it was a very successful
  64. 64. Facebook Fan Page!  An established channel we use to interact with our customers and fans on a daily basis.!  Questions are answered within an hour but often more sooner that that.!  Opening hours 08.00-20.00!  The page is frequently used as a marketing channel with campaigns posted on a weekly basis!  We also take the opportunity to present a member of the SAS family making an employee our profile picture (holding a SAS Logo). We call this: The Face of SAS.!  Every Friday, we also have Flash Back Friday, where we post historical images from our archives. Showing a piece of the SAS histroy.
  65. 65. Results!  Today we have over 208 000 fans!  This is one of our customer interaction channels and it works very well.!  Facebook is a great tool for customer service as it is easy to use, instant, social and provides direct feedback.!  Customers often find that the Facebook channel is more helpful than some of our more traditional channels.!  A lot of bookings are made and the spage drives a lot of traffic to our websites
  66. 66. Some final words…….!  With all Social Media activities the past year, we are working in the light of our brand promise – Service & Simplicity. By letting our customers and Fans be a part of building our airline, we create a great amount of loyalty and good will. And by using the new and innovative ways of communicating, thru social media, we make all of this accessible and simple. SAS Social Media team
  67. 67. Best Airlines Driving Revenue from Social Media Finalist SpiceJet Airways Indiahttp://simpliflying.com
  69. 69. SOCIAL!MEDIA!&!REVENUE!GENERATION! !•  SpiceJet(has(been(ac.ve(in(nurturing(and(developing(strong(communi.es( on(social(channels(•  The(core(agenda(has(been(to(enrich(engagement(and(provide(real8.me( customer(support(•  A:er(growing(an(ac.ve(community(it(was(.me(to(engage(social(channels( for(revenue(genera.on(•  SpiceJet(ran(couple(of(ac.vi.es(that(yielded(high(sales(in(a(short(.me( frame(•  Here s(presen.ng(a(brief(case(on(how(SpiceJet(has(successfully(u.lized( Social(Media(to(enhance(sales(&(revenues(
  70. 70. Celebrating 7 glorious years | The 777 offer
  71. 71. Campaign:!777!offer! !•  SpiceJet(on(its(7th(anniversary,(designed(a(special(promo(for(its(over( 350,000(fans(on(Facebook(and(TwiIer(to(express(gra.tude(for(their( con.nuous(patronage(•  In(order(to(thank(the(customers,(SpiceJet(gave(away(.ckets(for(a(deal8of8 a8price(at(Rs.(777/8(to(mark(its(7th(anniversary(•  Number(7 (being(the(key(element,(the(campaign(was(launched(on(23rd( May(2012(at(7(a.m.(for(a(window(of(77(minutes;(which(means(all(.ckets( sold(in(this(.me(frame(were(available(for(a(mere(Rs.(777/8(•  The(deal(was(purely(offered(through(Social(Media(and(elimina.ng(travel( agents(and(OTAs(
  72. 72. Campaign:!777!offer!!
  73. 73. Campaign:!777!offer!!
  74. 74. RESPONSE!TO!THE!777!OFFER! !
  75. 75. Facebook!Insights !
  76. 76. The!Result:!numbers!speak! ! •  We(were(delighted(to(see(a(huge(number( of(people(logged(in(at(7(a.m.(to(avail(this( offer(resul.ng(in(an(overwhelming( response( •  The(buzz(around(the(campaign(moved( SpiceJet(on(top(of(twiIer(trends(with(the( likes(of(IPL,(Facebook(&(Google(et(al(Given(the(offer(was(available(for(a(short(.me(frame(of(77(minutes,(SpiceJet(managed(to(gain(over(38,000!.cket(sales((through(this(offer.(All this with BUZZ created through Social Media at nilcost!(
  77. 77. AND,!THANK!YOU. ! !
  78. 78. (((((Smart!phones.!Social!Media.!sales.!
  81. 81. Results.!Decoded. !(•  The(Monsoon(Hungama(campaign(was(run(for(a(period(of(10( days(•  The(discounts(varied(each(day(which(was(pre8defined(in(the( background(•  The(Monsoon(Hungama(campaign(helped(SpiceJet(sell(an( average(of(1000(seats(per(day(with(Social(Media(being(the(only( driving(plaZorm(
  82. 82. Thank!you! !•  This(case(study(on(Social(Media(for(Revenue( Genera.on(captures(ac.vi.es(implemented(in( 2012.(
  83. 83. The EndLook forward to the final results to be announced on 3 October 2012 on http://simpliflying.com