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Airlines 2.0 - How airlines can use Web 2.0 for branding


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Informative, I am involved in the marketing department of a new airline looking to operate in Southern Africa. This information is most welcome!
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  • 1. Airlines 2.0 Using
recession FTMA Ft.
2009 Shashank
Nigam Founder
SimpliFlying Global
  • 2. Key take aways... What does a recession mean for airline brands? How to tap on the latest technologies to get closer to the customers? What have other airlines done to enhance their brands? What are the risks involved in this approach and how to get started? Simply, how to build a stronger airline brand in 2009
  • 3. READY?
  • 4. Let’s start by reviewing 2008
  • 5. $4,000,0 00,000 Total es timated lo sses for a irlines
  • 6. 30% Average drop in airline s tocks
  • 7. 7 l oi 4 f lo 1 e rr $3 ba $ fa Ex o p ice ec 0 pr te st d he pr ig ic H e of oi li n m id -2 00 9
  • 8. 50 Expected number of airline bankruptcies in 2009
  • 9. 0 -in 5 k ec h $ c ag b nd co se 0 f to at s 5 e Co cs fi $ ci pe 0 s a 0 ng si ge o 2 ar ho ch c of ur $ s t el os u C f ge ra ve A
  • 10. ESULT?
  • 11. Frustrated Customers Employees Management
  • 12. In other words...
  • 13. Loss of Brand Equity
  • 14. ow What?
  • 15. Airlines need to get closer to the customer again. But how?
  • 16. By interacting with the customers on their terms By getting inside the fickle mind of the customer By sharing the ownership of the brand By revealing the personality behind the brand By tapping on the latest technologies to do this
  • 17. Bring in the social web... Community || Collaboration || Content || Co-Creation
  • 18. 55% of consumers want ongoing conversations with companies and brands 89% said they would feel more loyal to a brand if they were invited to take part in a feedback group.
  • 19. Of these 89%, 43% would like to see companies offering customer service through social media 41% would like companies to solicit feedback 37% would like companies to provide new ways to interact with the brand via social media
  • 20. How to do it?
  • 21. Interaction without interruption
  • 22. A community for common interests
  • 23. A community for a specific target group
  • 24. A community for frequent fliers
  • 25. A community in another community
  • 26. Co-Creation
  • 27. Customer often knows best
  • 28. In the end, it’s the involvement that matters
  • 29. But first... Airlines need a Personal!ty
  • 30. Airline food, anyone?
  • 31. Embracing the accidental spokesperson
  • 32. Empowering the common man
  • 33. Empowering the common man
  • 34. Employees blogging
  • 35. A Holistic Strategy? Interaction without interruption Co-creation Having a personality
  • 36. JetBlue Airways blogging...
  • 37. JetBlue Airways on Twitter...
  • 38. JetBlue Airways on eBay...
  • 39. Great ideas. Now what?
  • 40. $ Think about ROI
  • 41. Need not be just about money
  • 42. To capture a specific market... Go where the customer is.
  • 43. It can be about engaging the employees
  • 44. Goals, Actions, and Metrics
  • 45. The key is to have a quantifiable measure of success beforehand
  • 46. isks? What Risks?
  • 47. How to tackle risks? How to give up control? Recognize - What can go wrong? Prepare - To involve the community Be Resilient - Bounce!
  • 48. How to get started?
  • 49. 1. Give ownership to one person or team 2. It’s OK to start small, but do it well 3. It may require a long-term approach to succeed 4. Success metrics may be different from other efforts
  • 50. In Conclusion...
  • 51. Airlines need to restore the trust in their brands...
  • 52. Using the latest technology tools to build trust allows... Interaction without interruption Co-creation Building of a personality Firm implementation
  • 53. It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin
  • 54. Questions Shashank Nigam Founder & CEO, SimpliFlying Global Head - Brand Strategy, ACA Associates Email: Twitter: @simpliflying