Epon & eoc total solution for coaxial network


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A presentation for EPON+EOC solution by DONYAN TECH.

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Epon & eoc total solution for coaxial network

  1. 1. EPON & EOC Total Solution For Coaxial Network
  2. 2. Requirements Insert EOC Master & Modem to Provide Internet Service; Each HFC Network Cover 1000 Subscribers ; Provide 80 Televisions; Provide Two Kinds of EOC Modem: With WIFI & Without WIFI; Provide EOC Master and EOC Modems As many As Possible To Sample; Provide 4Mbps Bandwidth To Each Subscribe For Internet.
  3. 3. Solution Topology
  4. 4. Solution BriefsApplication: Old community.Description: In EPON+EoC solution, broadcast services like analog TV, digital TV are transmitted to opticalreceiver from sub-headend; IP data services are delivered to ONU from EPON system; Optical receiver andONU are connected to EoC by coaxial cable and LAN cable; EoC terminal is installed indoor for signalreceiving and demutiplexing. EoC carries available physical bandwidth over 100M, which meets broadbandneed in a well-organized network. Taking advantage of existing HFC network, EoC does not need rewiring,which saves residential network resources, reduce construction efforts. It has very competitive costperformance.Plug-in OLT: OLT adopts plug-in design, providing headend capacity of 1U/10 PONs, 2.5U/ 16 PONs, 8U/40 PONs. Operators can flexibly deploy EPON in central office, headend or remote area, expand thenetwork and upgrade it to 10GE. Plug-in OLT fulfills varied application needs, helping save resources andinvestment.3-in-1 ONU: The 3-in-1 ONU consists of 1 ONU module, 1 CATV optical receiver module and 1~2 activeEoC master modules(all modules optional).It effectively integrates EPON, CATV and active EoC systems,and provides 2 mixed signal outputs. With capability of multiple service access, 3-in-1 ONU is suitable forHFC reforming and upgrade.Unified Network Management: Our unique network management system can real-timely manage differentdevices among the 3 systems(EPON, CATV and EoC).The unified management system eases dailymaintenance by checking real-time status of devices and providing alarm report for fast trouble shooting.
  5. 5. Network Topology 4Mbps Bandwidth Online Rate 70% , Concurrent Rate 30% ; Guaranteed Bandwidth For Each Subscribe : 4Mbps*0.7*0.3=0.84Mbps ; Each ONU Provide 30Mbps Guaranteed Bandwidth , Each ONU Covers Subscribes Count : 30Mbps/0.84Mbps=3532 ( One EOC Master For 32 EOC terminals ) Cover 64 Subscribes For Providing 2Mbps Bandwidth.
  6. 6. Product ListType Count Description Maximum RemarkVISTA 1600E 1 EPON OLT Chassis 16 PONs , 512 ONUsVISTA 1600E-SWA 1 EPON OLTVISTA 1600E-HUP 1 Ethernet Uplink Card 4*1GE+1*10GEVISTA 1600E-EP4 1 EPON Business Card 4 Pons , 128 ONUsVISTA 1600E-PWR 1 Power Card 300WVISTA 1600E-FAN 1 FAN CardSFP-OLT-PX20 1 EPON OLT Optical 20KM SFP ModuleSFP-TX 2 Ethernet SFP Module 10/100/1000BASE-TVISTA-B05-224-CF- 16 NGB Trip-play Terminal 1 CATV Receiver , 1AKH-H3-1 4GE ONU , 2 EOC 64 Subscribers MastersVISTA-E10-122-CN- 1000 EOC Modem 2FE , 2RF , 1 RF IN ,NJN-A1-1 1 RF OUTAOT-03-1550 1 Optical Transmitter 7dBmAOT-03-155A 1 EDFA 22dBm
  7. 7. Highlights Flexibility OperationDeploy EPON in varied Assistantapplications, expand the Unique networknetwork and upgrade it management system forto 10GE easily, helping EPON, CATV and EoCsave resources and devices, eases dailyinvestment. Plug-in OLT Unified NMS maintenance DONYAN EPON+EOC Multiple Choice Varied Cable MSOMultiple ONU/EoC Modularized 3-in-1 ONU Favorite!selection: indoor model, ONU Specially designed for3-proof outdoor model Catv industry, modularand modularized 3-proof designed ONU, EOCoutdoor model for easy and CATV for easyconfiguration. configuration.
  8. 8. EPON OLT 8U Chassis EPON OLT EP4: Max. 10 PON service cards with 4 ports. SWA: Support dual core control panel for protection switching. HUP: Support dual uplink panel. PWR: Support dual power supply panel. EPON Interface: Max. 40 PON ports.VISTA 1600F Uplink Interface: 8x1000BASE-X SFP 2x10GBASE-X XFP
  9. 9. EPON OLT VISTA 1600E 2.5U Chassis EPON OLTEP4: Max. 4 PON service cards.EPON Interface: Max. 16 PON ports.Uplink Interface: 4x1000BASE-X SFP 1x10GBASE-X XFP
  10. 10. Integrated 3-proof outdoor ONUComplied with IEEE802.3 ah, VISTA-B03 is a cost performanceEPON ONU, specially designed for usage in severe environment. Itcan provide adaptive 10/100Mbps Ethernet access for gateway orPC equipment, as well as optional RF interfaces(CATV amplifying,IP management) and active EoC access. Modular design allowsflexible configuration and upgrade. Out casing Inner structure
  11. 11. Modular Design for Flexibility1.ONU Data Module 2. CATV Optical Receiver 1 PON interface  1 CATV receiver input port receiving 4 10/100Mbps adaptive -1 ~ -7dBm optical signal 220V/60Ethernet interfaces  2 RF outputs @862MHz/100dBμV V Lightning protection module or 1 RF output @862MHz/104dBμV Power!optional  AGC or MGC optional3. Active EoC Master Module 4.IP-based CATV management module  management and control CATV optical receiver HomePNA HomePlug AV solution  10/100Mbps management Ethernet port
  12. 12. Modular Design for FlexibilityONU + Active EoC 1 EPON interface 1 RF interface 1 DATA+RF output AC60V/AC220V optional Lightning protection, heat-and-cold resistance waterproof, moistureproof and dustproof RF EPON EOC Modem
  13. 13. 3-in-1 ONUONU + EOC Master (HomePlug AV AR7411) + CATV Optical Receiver  Built-in WDM optional(3-wavelength on 1 fiber)  4 RF outputs  CATV with AGC and SNMP Management  RF output @102dBuV  AC60V or AC220V optional  Lightning protection, heat-and-cold resistance  waterproof, moistureproof and dustproof NGB Trip-play Terminal EPON EOC Modem 1550nm CATV EOC Modem
  14. 14. Industrial 3-proof Design Waterproof: Patented sealing design with metal strip and bush, and cable string port.Lightning-proof data interfaces Dustproof: Fully-sealed casing with silica gel plate contacted with core chips for effective heat dispersion. Lightning proof: Power supply and Ethernet interfaces(3KV) are protected. Sealing cable ports 入纤 / 网线密封设计Airproof cast aluminum casingwith metal strip and gland bush
  15. 15. Flexible Installation Outdoor Corridor EquipmentDistribution Box Box Outdoor Pole Hanging
  16. 16. EOC Modem Technical Specifications Network standard IEEE 802.3 Link standard Home Plug AV/IEEE P1901 Software properties Support VLAN, SNMP and NTP Software upgrade Support remote batch upgrading Management Support remote SNMP management Physical bandwidth 200Mbps/700Mbps Data throughput 100Mbps/350Mbps 2/4 ports 10/100M (Auto MDI/MDIX) Interface 2 F-type ports 1 power supply port Link loss 10-90dB Working frequency 7.5~30 MHz/7.5~65 MHz Working bandwidth 22.5 MHz/57.5 MHz Rx sensitivity RF 38dBuV Output power RF 110 ~ 120dBuV Modulation OFDM Communication Advance TDMA, CSMA/CA, TDD/FDD Power & consumption AC220V, <3W Working temperature 0~45 ℃ Working humidity 10%~90% non-condensing Certification FCC Class B, CE
  17. 17. Atheros HomePlug AV-Solution Specifications ParameterProgramme AR6400 AR7400 AR7410(Business mainstream )Frequency Band 2–30 MHz 2–68 MHz 2–68 MHzNetwork Standard HomePlug AV IEEE 1901 and HomePlug AV IEEE 1901 and HomePlug AVModulation Windowed OFDM Windowed OFDM Windowed OFDMTechnologyFEC Coding Turbo Code Turbo Code Turbo CodeHardware AES 128-bit AES 128-bit AES 128-bitEncryption VLAN/TOS/Packet Classifier/ VLAN/TOS/Packet Classifier/ VLAN/TOS/Packet Classifier/Quality of Service Quasi Error Free Delivery for IPTV Quasi Error Free Delivery for Quasi Error Free Delivery for service IPTV service IPTV serviceCommunications MII(Ethernet) MII/RGMII MII/RGMIIInterfacePeripheral Interface SPI/UART SPI/GPIO/UART/I2C SPI/GPIO/UART/I2CMemory Interface SDRAM SDRAM/DDR SDRAM/DDRSupported Data 200 Mbps PHY rate 500 Mbps PHY rate 500 Mbps PHY rateRates Support EuP Low Power Support EuP Low PowerLow Power Design Support EuP Low Power Directive Directive Directive HomePlug AV generic and HomePlug AV generic and HomePlug AV generic and vendor vendor specific vendor specificDiagnostic and specific Management Message Entries Management Message EntriesManagement Management Message Entries (MME) (MME)Interface (MME) TR-069 Remote Management TR-069 Remote Management TR-069 Remote Management
  18. 18. Unified NMSVISTA 2010 EMSCarrier grade management structureUnified management for all series productsBilingual (EN/CN) visual graphic interface
  19. 19. Carrier-grade Management Structure  System Management  Topology Management  Configuration Management  Performance Management  Alarm Management
  20. 20. Integrated Equipment Management For the convergence trend in cable TV industry, our unique NMS is designed to monitor and manage EPON, EoC and HFC equipment. On GUI users can configure those devices, read the status of system and performance.
  21. 21. Visual Graphic User Interface (GUI) VISTA 1600F VISTA 1600C GUI EOC GUI
  22. 22. www.donyan.com.cn