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  • Top Left: Remains of the Ashokan Column erected at the site
    Bottom Left: Tibetan Gompa outside Sarnath
    Right: DamekhStupa, built around 500AD indicates where the Buddha first taught the 3 marks of conditioned existence.
  • Here in the remoteKushinagar, The Buddha achieved Parinirvana – the final blowing out, final exit. He lay between two Sal trees, entered meditation and then passed away.
    The existing temple and stupa are 20th century creations though the stupa is said to contain relics of the Buddha. Inside the temple is a 6 metre long statue of the Buddha reclining. It is covered with gold placed there by pilgrims.
    Top Left: A monk walks around the site of the Parinirvana chanting mantras
    Bottom Left: Entrance to the temple
    Right: The Complex is set in a beautiful park.
  • Famous buildings

    1. 1. Famous Places In India
    2. 2. New Delhi – 13 million President’s Palace Parliamentary form of Government Akshardham Temple
    3. 3. Jamma Masjid The biggest mosque in India
    4. 4. Largest City – Mumbai
    5. 5. Mumbai – 17 million Gateway to India Mumbai written in Hindi outside the Taj Mahal PalaceDharavi slums
    6. 6. Kolkata – 13.5 million Victoria Memorial Eden Gardens
    7. 7. 26.02.2008 7 New International Airport in HyderabadNew International Airport in Hyderabad
    8. 8. Hyderabad – 5.5 million Charminar - mosque Many call centres locate here Imax cinema
    9. 9. 26.02.2008 9 Extensive Local AttractionsExtensive Local Attractions Charminar:Charminar: Hyderabad is almost synonymousHyderabad is almost synonymous with the Charminar. Build bywith the Charminar. Build by Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah, theMohammed Quli Qutb Shah, the founder of Hyderabad, in 1591 at thefounder of Hyderabad, in 1591 at the centre of the original city layout.centre of the original city layout. Charminar lies in its entire splendorCharminar lies in its entire splendor in the middle of Lad-Bazaar –in the middle of Lad-Bazaar – Hyderabad’s famous bangleHyderabad’s famous bangle destination. The monument isdestination. The monument is illuminated in the evenings.illuminated in the evenings.
    10. 10. 26.02.2008 10 Extensive Local AttractionsExtensive Local Attractions Golconda Fort Golconda is one of the most famous forts of India. The name comes from the Telugu words ‘Golla Konda’ meaning ‘Shepherd’s Hill’. Golconda was originally a mud fort, which was rebuilt by the first three Qutb Shahi kings over a period of 62 years. The fort is well known for its acoustics among other attractions like the palaces. The exclusive Sound & Light Show takes you right back in time.
    11. 11. Chennai – 6.5 million Sri Anantha Padmanabaswamy Temple
    12. 12. Bangalore - 6 million Bangalore Palace Bangalore is India’s IT capital – this is the HQ of Infosys High Court
    13. 13. Jaipur – 2.3 million The Amber Fort Hawa Mahal Palace Jal Mahal
    14. 14. Kanpur – 2.7 million Manchester of the east
    15. 15. The Golden Temple Amritsar
    16. 16. Agra • This is the former capital of the Mughal Empire and so has many elaborate buildings which are very popular with tourists today.
    17. 17. Sarnath’s legacy Sarnath is sacred to both Buddhists and Jains. Temples of many different traditions can be found, ranging from the elaborate to the simple.
    18. 18. The Buddha’s passing away After 35 years of teaching, the Buddha’s body finally wore out.
    19. 19. Tirumala - Tirupati World’s richest temple
    20. 20. Dal Lake Jewel in the crown of Kashmir
    21. 21. Cherrapunji Wettest place on earth
    22. 22. Buddha Statue Largest monolithic statue in Asia Place Shravanabelagola in Bihar