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  • 1. Presented by
  • 2. Content  What is Internet?  Internet Growth Trends  Necessity of Emerging New Invention  What is Net Neutrality?  Roots of Network Neutrality  Beginning of the Net Neutrality  Economics of Network Neutrality  Advantages of net neutrality  Disadvantages of net neutrality  Interactive Session  DP World and SCM 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 3
  • 3. What is Internet?  The largest network of networks in the world.  Uses TCP/IP protocols and packet switching . 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 4
  • 4. How the Internet Works? 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 5 ISP is what connects computer to the internet, which other computers and servers connect to via their ISP. There are several ways to connect to the ISP, which include using a dial-up modem over a phone line, cable, or satellite.
  • 5. Internet Growth Trends  1977: 111 hosts on Internet  1981: 213 hosts  1983: 562 hosts  1984: 1,000 hosts  1986: 5,000 hosts  1987: 10,000 hosts  1989: 100,000 hosts  1992: 1,000,000 hosts  2001: 150 – 175 million hosts  2002: over 200 million hosts  IN 2010, about 80% of the planet involves to the Internet 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 6
  • 6. 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 7 Growth of Internet Hosts * Sept. 1969 - Sept. 2002 0 50,000,000 100,000,000 150,000,000 200,000,000 250,000,000 9/69 01/71 01/73 01/74 01/76 01/79 08/81 08/83 10/85 11/86 07/88 01/89 10/89 01/91 10/91 04/92 10/92 04/93 10/93 07/94 01/95 01/96 01/97 01/98 01/99 01/01 08/02 Time Period No.ofHosts The Internet was not known as "The Internet" until January 1984, at which time there were 1000 hosts that were all converted over to using TCP/IP.
  • 7. Necessity of Emerging New Invention Bit discrimination Charging Internet users based on the amount of transmission capacity they use Sluggish download speeds and slow performance Web growth Making web communication fast without any restriction 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 8
  • 8. Network Neutrality 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 9
  • 9. What is Net Neutrality? 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 10 Receiver address Content Application Service Device
  • 10. Roots of Network Neutrality Pointed towards the 1887 Act to Regulate Commerce. Rail lines were being accused of charging different fees based on the content of the object transported. this law was to regulate the railroad system. 3/14/2014 11 proponents of network neutrality look towards this law as the foundation for network neutrality.
  • 11. 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 12 Beginning of the Net Neutrality
  • 12. Increasing Net Speed without any special fees. All websites should be treated equally, whether they are large corporate services or small personal blogs. 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 13 Purpose of the Net Neutrality
  • 13. Net neutrality is a contested topic  The debate is between a group who believe it collaborative networking device and those who believe it should be a commercialized medium.  Challenge for policy makers and regulators is to convert definition into legislative and regulatory frameworks. 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 14
  • 14. 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 15 Economics of Network Neutrality
  • 15. 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 16 Internet Consumer Some Content Application provider Who'll be Really Benefited from Net Neutrality Regulation?
  • 16. No restrictions of content access on the internet No Censorship Dramatically decrease government control over the Internet Capitalism No Throttling Privacy not invaded Consistent internet access speed for all contents 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 17 Advantages of net neutrality
  • 17. 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 18 Disadvantages of net neutrality
  • 18. 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 19 Supportive organization of net neutrality
  • 19. 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 20 Reason for Supporting net neutrality
  • 20. 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 21 Greatest Enemies of Net Neutrality
  • 21. Interactive Session 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 22
  • 22.  What is network neutrality? 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 23 Case Studies: No restrictions of any kind on access to content on the Web No restrictions on downloads or uploads, and no restrictions on communication methods Access will not be blocked, slowed down, or sped up depending on where that access is based or who owns the access point(s).
  • 23. Who’s in favor of net neutrality ? Who’s opposed? Why? 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 24 Case Studies:
  • 24. Who’s Opposed: 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 25 Case Studies:
  • 25. Reason for opposing the net neutrality Removes the incentive for network providers Comcast reported that illegal file sharing of copyrighted material was consuming 50 percent of its network capacity. The company posits that if network transmission rates were slower for this type of content, users would be less likely to download or access it. 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 26 Case Studies:
  • 26. Are you in favor of legislation enforcing network neutrality? Why or why not? Yes 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 27 Reason Price differentials Speed Censorship Discrimination by carriers Case Studies:
  • 27. • DP World is a market leader in the global marine terminal industry. • 50 marine terminals across 31 countries • Expansion to meet future customer needs • Team of 30,000 staff • Top 3 Global Operator
  • 28. Awards: 2009 Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards (AFSCA) • Best Global Terminal Operating Company – DP World • Best Seaport in Middle East – Jebel Ali 2008 Annual Supply Chain & Transport Awards (SCATA) • Port Authority and Terminal Operator of the year. 2006 Lloyd’s List “Global Port Operator” of the year 2006 Middle East Logistics Awards Jebel Ali Best Seaport and Best Container Terminal
  • 29. Values » Commitment to people and customers » Profitable global growth » Responsible corporate and personal behaviour » Excellence and innovation Vision Sustainable value through global growth, service and excellence. Mission A global approach to a local business environment where excellence, innovation and profitability drive core business philosophy of exceptional customer service.
  • 30. Inappropriate Tracking of Containers Less of reliability Traffic congestion to entry points Less of security Containers turnaround delays introduced by lengthy procedures paper based- logistics.
  • 31. Solution behind the Problems using IT
  • 32. CRM Service delivery team Warehouse 1,2,3….n Loading company Port No Vessel no Route No Custom clearance Receipt Company website Customer Delivery Vehicle Space Feedback free receipt Sea freight Feedback Job no = close General Flow Process
  • 33. DP WORLD Advantage
  • 34. Supply Chain Management(SCM) 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 35
  • 35. Active RFID tags are placed. The unique tag ID number on the truck is read by RFID reader At the gate, optical character recognition (OCR) system identifies different states of container The system determine timing of the cargo to provide information for efficient pick up & drop off containers. Finally the driver is given a receipt for the completed transaction.
  • 36. How RFID benefits DP World Smoother + Faster + Effective in delivery of their containers at the terminal gate. Reduced queues and congestions around gates. Speed the entry and exits of trucks Elimination of lengthy paper transaction & manual inspections Save time, reduce costs and increases revenues. For example, system can check whether the truck has booking and authority access to enter the port.
  • 37. Supply Chain management (SCM) products are delivered efficiently. Tracking of physical status of goods, materials management, warehouse and transportation operations SCM by using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in its supply chain Several competing RFID suppliers, global leader company in active wireless tracking system is selected.
  • 38. Relationship between Net Neutrality and RFID Technology Privacy might become a real issue due to potential for tracking the movements and activities
  • 39. 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 40 improves customer satisfaction through efficiency & enhancement of customer’s supply chain Enhancement of customer supply chain are done through (smooth, fast & effective) providing important information for pick-up & drop off of containers which determine whether truck is on time
  • 40. 3/14/2014 The batle over net Neutrality 41