Shanti Educational Initiativesquarterly newsletterJuly to September 2011Volume 1- Issue 3                                 ...
The MumbaiDabbawalas @ SBS                            In 1890, when Mahadeo Havaji Bachche               be er       than ...
...Kasturinagar                               KASTURINAGAR   Knowledge Partner: Shanti Educational Initiatives Limited    ...
...Ahmedabad                                                                                                             E...
RED LETTER DAY AT SEI                     Kasturinagar) host aSBS and SAS (Bopal &blood donation camp.                    ...
FRESHMENS FIZZSHANTI CELEBRATES LIFE!         A mighty trunkful of blessings           mighty trunkful f blessings        ...
BUSINESS cum                                                                                          SPIRITUALITY        ...
Animal WeekPlaygroup I Nursery I Jr. KG I Sr. KG                                                                          ...
It is in this context that our new Educa on models need to be                                     Dear Friends,           ...
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Shanti juniors preschool activities


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Shanti juniors preschool activities

  1. 1. Shanti Educational Initiativesquarterly newsletterJuly to September 2011Volume 1- Issue 3 Heralding Change PRAYAS Students deem environmental consciousness essential, as an abused Earth overdosed on chemicals is striking back! RAKSHABANDHAN... ...for the environment JOSH MEIN JOSHILEY ! SBS showcases its talent in JOSH... SAS students rally at a busy junc on in Ahmedabad for environmental awareness For too long have we ignored the consequences of our ac ons on the environment, and warnings were deliberately denounced by the greedy market-driving forces. The crisis now is too far ahead for us to be complacent, with natural and man made disasters barely bothering to pause for breath. It’s me to include every idea to be brought into ac on and every hand in healing the environment. Under the Prayas campaign, SAS students chose to pitch in for the Earth Animal week on the 2nd October, in honour of the Mahatma, who worked relessly for spreads love in Shanti human rights. Juniors.. Carrying banners and shou ng slogans- “Jal hai to kal hai”, “Global Warming is a Global Warning, etc.”, the students even performed a street play bringing to fore a debate on whether we treat our earth like a dumping yard. SAS students rallied from the Helmet Cross Road and concluded at Keshav Bagh, covering topics like greenhouse gas-emission, conserva on of natural resources, ozone layer deple on and deforesta on, through songs and skits. Under the yearly theme ‘Cleanliness for All’, the cleanliness drive was first ini ated in school, where weekly points were given to the best maintained classrooms, and then in the Bopal market where students tackled the broom themselves. SBS & SAS glitter “We aim to create a ripple effect and sensi ze children to personal hygiene and then a clean for Navratri ... home, school, city and world,” informs Ms. Anita Verma, principal SAS.
  2. 2. The MumbaiDabbawalas @ SBS In 1890, when Mahadeo Havaji Bachche be er than began a lunch delivery service with 100 men, teachers who get li le did he know that a hundred years later half as much. his barefoot delivery men carrying lunch boxes would get a SIX Sigma ra ng by Forbes It caught the a en on of the world, magazine, get invited to the wedding of the when the Dabbawalas agreed to meet Prince Charles only at a me and future King of England and win pres gious place suitable to them. Maharashtra C.M. VilasraoDeshmukh, Richard awards for excellence in business without Branson- CEO Virgin Atlan c and Gary Locke- U.S. Secratary of Commerce even pitching for them. are amongst those who have met the Dabbawalas and praised the management model. It will remain a ma er of debate as to who was It was for a rendi on of this success story of privileged to meet whom. semi-literate men- the Dabbawalas of Mumbai, that eager students filled the Finally, Dr. Aggarwal fielded ques ons from SBS students regarding conference hall at Shan Business School on working model, business development, recruitment, re rement benefits the 21st September- 2011. In adherence to and the simple answers could put any Strategic team to shame. the SBS objec ve to host reputed guest lecturers, and as part of the Logis cs and “It was our aim to provide the best to our students, and what bigger than Supply Chain Management studies, Dr. the Dabbawalas success story?” said Dr. KishorBarad- Professor and Area Pawan Aggarwal, the CEO of Mumbai Chair marke ng. Dabbawala Educa on Centerwas invited to present the case study of the Dabbawalas.“This is an unforge able success story with regard to all fields of businessstudies, and our students will remained inspired by it throughout theircareers,” said Prof. P. BalaBhaskaran Execu ve Director SBS and SCS, “weare also pleased that it shares the SBS/SCS principle of an Indian corewith a global outlook. Can it get be er than this?”Greeted with a thunderous applause by students and faculty alike, Dr.Aggarwal, over the next one hour, enthralled, humbled, inspired andmoved his audience with the story of modest men, who became thetoast of a city that s ll does not allow them to rise above their humblebeginnings.5000 Dabbawalas in their trademark caps and kurtapajamas, travel 60-70kms and without the aid of modern technology or investment, conduct4,00,000 transac ons every day. With no hierarchies dicta ngdistribu on of work or salary and no record of a strike, court dispute orpolice case, they are a force to reckon and not a single business body hasdared to compete with them. Despite being felicitated with severalawards, invita ons to top business schools and a Six Sigma ra ng, theyare content with a modest salary of Rs 8000, ci ng their situa on asA shot at shooting for budding film makers @SBSSBS Communica on Mangement students got a taste of film making flagged off by Mr. Gadhvi (Director of Movie –Dhoom) on 19th August atwhen ‘FREEWAY FILM COMPANY & FRAMEBOXX’ organized a movie 8:00 p.m. The students scrambled to write a script, finalize loca ons,making compe on. The compe on was open to aspiring actors, select and prepare actors, compose the background score and finallydirectors, and editors etc., to showcase their talent in film making. shoot and edit it. SBS selected the genre as –‘comedy’.The idea was to make a short film (8 minutes in length) on the theme-‘Small things in Life’ and within the walled city in 48 hours. The event was p j g ‘Our idea didn’t click with the panel of judges but it was a thrilling experience!’ said the students who par cipated. udents
  3. 3. ...Kasturinagar KASTURINAGAR Knowledge Partner: Shanti Educational Initiatives Limited A tribute to GRAND RAKSHABANDHAN - ‘If I had known gra NTS .. PARE - a commitment to protect the environment ndkids were so mu I would have had th ch fun, SAS offers a unique perspective.. em first !’ No other country in the world has dedicated a day in honour of sibling love. But with changing mes, SAS finds it essen al to adapt rituals and tradi on, and make them relevant to present mes. This Rakshabandhan, SAS –KN organized a unique ac vity to foster a bond with the environment. “Today, the environment needs ‘raksha’ or protec on more than anything else,” says Mr. Vikas Agarwal- Director SEI The students happily made their own rakhees with silk strings, beads and the chart-paper they were provided. They ed a rakhi each to a plant of their choice, as a commitment to protect the environment. The day marked a new responsibility in their lives- ‘raksha’ of the environment. Grandparents enjoy tak ing a class Every grandparent sure ly feels this way and grandparents are as co vice versa. To children, mfor ng and protec ve Besides being supercool as an old shady tree. , grandparents are also money! a source of extra pocket For grandparents, the bir th of grandkids is like a fun all over again, bu new lease of life. It is a t without the stress of chance to have discipline them. If the having to use their au roles are demarcated wi thority or to authority and grandpa sely, with parents being rents offering hugs and the figure of can become heaven. uncondi onal support, a child’s world To pay homage to this wo nderful bond, SAS invite share their experience d the grandparents of all and have a heart to heart students to were delighted to share chat with our li le ones. amusing and educa ve They in turn days. experiences about the ir own school Children tie rakhis to plants they have vowed to protect Education for the ultimate objective of… SADBHAVNA Divisiveness plagues our society today. Ignorance leads to mistrust, which leads to intolerance and violence. Anything that is not familiar to us raises suspicion, be it a different na onality, caste, religion or colour of the skin. ‘We are one race, but we tend to overemphasize our differences and overlook our similari es,’ says Ms. Uma Anavaratham- Proctor SAS, as she explains the objec ve of visi ng diverse temples of different faiths. The trip to a mosque, gurudwara, temple and a church was a deligh ul experience and they bombarded teachers with ques ons about whatever they had seen, while happily munching on their snacks! “They came away wiser, and you could see the light of understanding on their faces,” said Ms. Anupama Bohra- Head SAS KNChildren bow in reverence ... at the Church ... at the Mosque ... at the Gurudwara ... at the Temple CLAY CRAFT Science with “Hands full of mud and a mouthful of smiles !” MAGIC School is simply not a place one in the mud and yet be lau expects to get their hands ghi organized a ‘Po ery and Clay-m ng about it! When SAS & MASTI assembled at the Po ers’ olding Workshop’, students ‘Anything that fires a child’s imagina on also offers a great Wh fascina on as the wheel turned eel, and watched in opportunity for learning,’ says Ms. Uma Anavaratham- Proctor SAS. sought to shape exclusive vessels and the po er’s hands And so a Magic Show was held at SAS- KN on the 17th of June. and shapes. Hands are essen al to lea True to his name- the Magician kept the children mesmerized with a understand it. Research shows rning and educators now high level of technical skills and crackling energy. The program was the virtual world of computersthat increasing me spent in specially designed to s mulate young minds and help them to ac vity is leading to deficits in, while displacing hands-on understand simple skills of science and dexterity. Because the show development and a decline in certain areas of cogni ve was interac ve- there were shrieks of amazement and laughter the ability of the young. galore! “The dignity of labour is pro bab lesson in this,” says Ms. Uma Ana ly the most important varatham- Proctor SAS Oh boy, what fun !! Children totally mesmerized by the Magician Kids take pride in their clay creations
  4. 4. ...Ahmedabad EREM ONYSchool Elections SANS paper !! INVESTITURE C n badges... Mothers wait to pi rful Waiting to exercise their power... With Mr. A.C. Kapur - E.C. Gujarat The Proud & the Powe ins Ms Anita Verma, responsibility,’ expla portance of his/her posi on and ture of power.” An exercise in freedom and “The privilege and im with a formal inves on the student much be er s was responsibility towards environment principal SAS, “dawns ad Nano Tata Motor h Vi shwakarma- plant he p and Director of SEI Honour Shri Rames ies of the Chiripal grou The SAS school elec ons were designed to replicate the Indian electoral A er the Guest of other VIP dignitar onal music th the strains of devo process. The details were well executed- the nomina ons were filed as per the welcomed along wi p was lit and the ceremony unfolded to lam post, the manifesto declared, the candidates campaigned via speeches, and the VikasAggarwal, the ighty. an d a prayer to the Alm pinning the badge on the child secret ballot was cast in separate booths spread out over the school campus. flags, the privilege of tes. It was d their respec ve e congratulatory no A er students receive others while the fathers handed over th th pride. Befi ng a But Shan Asia c went one step ahead. The en re electoral process was held was bestowed on th em parents stand tall wi nts then bowed t indeed fo r the child to see his e stude sans paper! ALL vo ng was done online in contrast to the last elec ons where a rewarding momen even before God, th the elected students the Gu ru to be honoured y one thousand sheets of paper were used. “It’s the need of the hour,” said the country that upholds their blessings. Finall ect their teachers and sought d regula ons,serve relentlessly and resp principal Mrs Anita Verma, taking pride in having a ‘paper-free’ elec on. That deferen ally before school rules an oath-to honour the elec on results were declared by Mr. A.C. Kapur- elec on commissioner of solemnly took their students. Gujarat was a pres gious moment for the SAS fraternity. the rights of fellow d to hono ur the child, the exalta on, envisione em walked “Poli cs is a dirty game if YOU are playing dirty.” This rejoinder by Mr. A.C. The ceremony was an exercise in n was duly accomplished as each of th pride and her. The missio rvice, honour, Kapur, Elec on Commissioner Gujarat was an eye opener for the students who parent and the teac ter awareness of responsibility, se voiced their concern about poli cs being murky. A er declaring the School away bearing grea Prefectorial Board elec ons result, the E.C. shared his views and aspira ons privilege. about the future of the na on. SAS salutes NCC Home to revolu ons - the Satyagrah, the Salt march, Amul- the white revolu on and now the economic boom, and several men of grit–M.K. Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Morarji Desai and Bhulabhai Desai among others, Gujarat, surprisingly has negligible representa on in the defence services. Unlike other states, there is not even a single Eagerly awaiting action ! Gun & Roses ? Army regiment from the state! To remove apprehensions and introduce opportuni es regarding a career in the armed Irrespec ve of whether forces, Shan Asia c organized a visit to the NCC quarters at Kathlal- dis Kheda on the they pursue a career 26th June, to acquaint its students with the NCC wing of the Indian Army. the Armed Forces it was The affair began with a mo va onal PPT and a er a brief history of NCC from 1948, gra fying to know that they Commanding Officer Col R.K. Singh proceeded to apprise students with the highest will have gone home with ideals of secularity, character development and selfless service that is synonymous with an enduring respect in their the country’s defence forces. The awe and respec ul stance of the students spoke hearts for their comrades in volumes as they geared towards handling a wide variety of guns, rifles and ammuni on. khakis and olive greens. Aim and Shoot ! About [hÝXr. For [hÝXr. In [hÝXr. A tribute to ROALD DAHL Hardly is there a child who has not been touched by the Roald Dahl magic. It was therefore natural for SAS to commemorate the great storyteller on his birthday- the 13th of September. Competition thrills Laughter & applause abound Kids dressed as poets Shan Asia c School It’s inexcusable we opine, wh en potpourri with only a sma erin the new genera on stu ers in Hindi, with their conver rose to the occasion and g Display at the library precisely this negligence that Sha of Hindi mixed with English. Will Hindi perish without eve sa on a linguis c held a li le discussion Day ’- September the 14th, whichn Asia c School sought to address when they organized an n a whimper? It is about the author, his life and his work. A cheerful display of ab marks the day Hindi was chosen elocu Ro Roald Dahl books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The 1949. to be our ‘raj bhasha’ or na ona on on ‘Hindi Magic Finger, The Enormous Crocodile etc. completed the Ma l language in picture. Young fans thronged the library enthusiasm ligh ng pic“I laud Shan Asia c for helpin up their faces, as it was akin to a date with Roald Dahl and hisManju Mahima, Chief Guest g safeguard the development of this language so genuin exhilara ng books. exdetail- the pronuncia on, the of Hindi day celebra ons at SAS, was all praise for the a ely,” Ms.many school func ons where selec on of students and the crea ve presenta on. “I have en on to Pro Proclaimed as the most successful children’s writer in the the effort is superficial.” a ended world, Roald Dahl’s work has been translated into 34 woThe show was an excep onal me languages and he has been honoured with the Whitbread lanand debates on interes ng top dley of poetry and prose, with ‘Word Antakshari’ as an inter-ho Aw Award, Childrens Book Award and the Edgar Award threecontemporary topics taken up ics like- ‘Facebook- boon or bane’ and ‘Grading in exams- for use compe on, mes. m in ‘Hasya Kavi Sammelan’ hadPrior to this declama on, studen be er or worse’. The the students and staff alike roa ringworks of luminaries like Kabir, ts had researched and showcased on the bulle n board- fam with laughter! Munshi Premchand, Mahadevi ousChaturvedi etc. Verma, Harivansh Rai Bachch Hindi literary an, Makhanlal
  5. 5. RED LETTER DAY AT SEI Kasturinagar) host aSBS and SAS (Bopal &blood donation camp. all thanks to ch needed shot of life,Blood ba nks again received a mu d 15th of July. camps held on 14th anthe 16 Ch iripal blood donation an of two ive of the fact that in a spThe Chiripa ls were highly appreciat ch donor blood at 16 centers. Eadays more tha n 1000 people donated ilanthropy. appreciation of their ph received a certificate in st to donate blood,Th e Chiripals were the fir g others to follow atinencouraging and motiv e ‘nobility’ of the act th For thesuit. They emphasized one who can donate 120 odd first-year studentsand stressed that ‘every who began a new phase of theirblood, should do it’. academic lives at SBS- Ahmedabad, the Satur- day night- 3rd of September was a pivotal moment and Freshmen’s Fizz offered the perfect platform. Seniors looked on with pride and nostalgia, remembering similar moments not too far ago. Soumil Mehta, a senior said “Unbelievable! Just one year back it was us in this place. These guys are an awesome bunch and sure know how to have fun.” ‘Masquerade’ was the given theme and everyone was excited to make a statement with their unique masks. Inhibition was thrown to the winds as they grooved to the electrifying tunes of DJ Taral, and the pressures of the first few weeks forgotten. Most importantly they effectuated a relation- ship with a place they will never forget. In the wee hours of dawn, tired legs and weary eyes finally made their way back to their rooms, marking the end of the academic year’s first party. While both work and play awaits the students of SBS, the party heralded an exciting year ahead. It marks their transition from new, uninitiated freshmen to rightful members of a tradition that they will cherish and preserve. Navratri @ SBS & SASIndependence Day The countdown is almost audible for the most r t awaited me of the year in Gujarat. The n The th and m excitement is palpable, with drums and music at Ganesh Chaturthi announcing the arrival of uncing arriv val s Navratri, while gli er and glamorous gly garba-wear dazzle en cingly in the city’s s street-side ethnic markets. Come Navratri- the nine nights of light and celebration, and Gujarat begins to whirl and twirl. Traditionally, the dance is performed around a clay lantern which represents life, and the dancers thus honor Durga, the feminine form of divinity. The whirling dance honours the universal dance of matter and energy, which moves in the same cyclical pattern- the planets around the Sun, the Milky Way and the protons and neutrons around the nucleus at the macro level. The Navratri was celebrated with equal doses of s reverence and fervor at the Shan Educa onal Ini a ves family.
  6. 6. FRESHMENS FIZZSHANTI CELEBRATES LIFE! A mighty trunkful of blessings mighty trunkful f blessings i h k l i for the Shanti Family... GANESH CHATURTHI 2011 Hos ng the Lord of Auspicious Beginni Beginnings for 9 days of GaneshaChaturthi was a lively affair at the college c campus. It was a ststudent effort from scratch. Funds scratch were collected and on the 1st September, a be beau ful idol of the Elephant God Elephan Ganesha was mounted moun deferen ally in a mandap. decorated mandap Various sweets were wer distributed as prasad prasa everyday a er a devo onal de aar in the mornings and mornin evenings. On the 10th of September, Sep He was carried awa with away reverence; the pro procession was led with merry enthusiasm, music, gaiety, pomp and show and bid an adieu (visarjan) into the flowing Sabarma .
  7. 7. BUSINESS cum SPIRITUALITY ALLIANCES With so many unethical prac ces being exposed in businesses worldwide, the need of the hour for the Business Management. student seems to be an alignment with the Spirit. JOSH mein SBS joshiley ! What does it mean to be human? What do we really mean by growth? What is the role of values and power distribu on in enhancing both organiza ons and society as a whole? How many of us even ask these ques ons? Mr. Jim Rose best answered the ques ons he askedIs it surprising that an SBS student bagged a 2nd and stressed upon the need of spirituality in building a be er organiza on. A trained blackrunner-up place in the ‘College Personal y’ compe on belt in ‘Process Excellence/Six Sigma’, Mr. Rose emphasized that the new leadership paradigm asks the leader to be the one who can show what it means to be human & whatin ‘JOSH’, par cularly when the same student Soumil it means to be authen c. That leadership is the product of deep, ongoing self analysis and can only be achieved by internal spiritual powers was the key highlight of the workshop.Mehta had won ‘Mr. Convegno’ earlier this year? In his career with johnson & johnson Pharmaceu cal Group worldwide, Mr. Rose has led as the VP in HR and Quality Management in the US and Puerto Rico. He also served as faculty A team from ‘JOSH’ - an in J&J’s “Leaders Developing Leaders” program where he focused on the leadership intercollege event presented by standards of innova on and People Development. A yoga prac oner and meditator for Na onal Academy of Event over 30 years, he began to follow the spiritual path of Sant Mat in 1985. Management and Development, had arrived and selected teams “This workshop will help SBS students connect with spirituality to improve all aspects of from SBS for Josh @ Bollywood , life,” said Prof. Bala Bhaskaran. Josh @ West, Comedy Star @ Josh etc. SBS students playing it up... ‘Josh’ is an ideal pla orm which allows par cipants to flaunt their skills and exercise crea ve ideas. Besides balancing prac ce sessions with a hec c academic schedule, SBS students were not deterred by sprains, aches and fevers, and represented the college with full Saumil Mehta jazzing it up... enthusiasm. Mr. Jim Rose extolling the benefits of spirituality in business KHALBALI- Smart Communication...Rendezvous with CYRUS DASTUR In the largest film industry in the world, where on an average a film is 150 minutes long, one man With economic liberaliza on and changing social stands out for championing the cause of a revenue-genera ng-model in the short films trends, the adver sing industry has grown rapidly industry- Cyrus Dastur. Pioneer of the organized short film space in India, Dastur is also the in the last decade. An essen al brand building co-creator of the Shamiana Club - Indias only dedicated and fastest growing short film club exercise, adver sing is indispensable for a product which showcases the finest shorts from all over the world. or service to be successful and forms the basis of He became a prominent name in the Mumbai marke ng. theatre circuit when his flagship produc on WHEN GOD SAID CHEERS became a hit. Apart With the launch of its Communica on Club- KHALBALI, a adver sement compe on from working with the camera (both in front and was held. Students had been given me to create adver sements in the Print, Radio behind it), he is also a columnist in Mumbai Jingles and TVC categories with topics rela ng to public awareness like ‘Quit Smoking’, Mirror (wri ng for none other than movies of ‘Global Warming’, ‘Child Labor’etc. Prateek Agrawal and Praveen K were declared course), and an award winning photographer. winners. The compe on was judged by industry champions- Mr. Bhargav Thakkar,Cyrus Dastur telling it like it is In his trademark light blue jeans and a carry bag, producer, director and media consultant, and Mr. Amit Desai, strategic advisor toCyrus arrived at the SBS campus, affable and approachable, instantly pu ng the Hanmer MS&L, promoter & director of Me eta Media Solu ons (A Pan-India Mediastudents at ease. Planning, Buying and Releasing Agency).He ini ated the discussion, from the course being perused to the kind of movies Both shared their diverse experience from the industry and gave valuable insight tostudents watched, their access to the short films, the media related work they haddone, and suggested certain cameras that students would find useful. students in the area of communica on. “It is an exci ng beginning for ‘Khalbali’, said Prateek Agrawal, ‘we just cant wait for more!’Passion he said, and not fascina on should be the reason for choosing a profession. Healso stressed on focus, consistency and pa ence for success, not to men on takingrisks and innova on. He rued the fact that Indian parents were too intrusive in the choice of their children’s’ profession. And a er discussing the interna onal and na onal socio- economic culture, the session concluded with the fact that despite being crea ve, Indians are not smart marketers. His mantra to survive the 21st century was -Dream Big, Believe In Yourself andThe ambitious team with Dastur Market Yourself Properly. Chief Guest Amit Desai inaugurating the Khalbali Club Winner in two categories- Prateek Agrawal
  8. 8. Animal WeekPlaygroup I Nursery I Jr. KG I Sr. KG Why children have an affinity to animals isn so energy and th ’t a mystery at all. Kid e animals can sens s are full of loving an –Ahmedabad shared e that too. Shan dFun with shopping a most unique gi wi Juniors -Satellite Ce Farm. As good as it th their li le ones. Th nter can get. An enclosu ey created an Anim animals with a pen, re was created to ho al use some of the smand birds... a hut etc. aller Every day, the kids we re allowed to observe cows, buffaloes, dogs and chat and play wiWho doesn’t know that children , cats and even a horse th different animals parrots, sparrows, he ! In their free me du -have a small span of a en on ns, goats and an all ring break they fed th me favourite with th eand are easily bored? They need e kids- cuddly rabbits It was week full of !!something new to explore and hullaballoo! The ch laughed with delight ildren let their hairobserve 24x7. And that’s why and it was sheer ple down and squealed have so much fun. It asure for the manage andthey make friends with anyone was so much easier ment to watch the kid textbooks and now th for them to relate to swho will take them out and give ey know what a farm these animals in their is all about....them a glimpse of the exci ngcolourful noisy world that theydont o en get to see.Shan Juniors JP NagarBangalore decided to give thekids their favourite treat- anou ng to a market and a birdshop! They were super excitedand in total awe of the birds theysaw and with the hustle bustleof the market place ! Kids excited to see the birds Who was happier with the affection? The Kid s or the Animals?HOME SWEET HOME D dd D Daddy Dearest! t!There is NOTHING sweeter than home, more Fathers bond with their li le ones in school on Fathers’ Day…so for a child. Home means different things atdifferent mes. To a toddler it means comfort,but as the child grows up it also means ali le responsibility. Bit by bit, it is theparents job to turn the child’s focus to par cipa ng in light choresand lending a helping hand whenever possible.Shan Juniors willingly played a part in helping turn that spotlight to responsibility. Thedifferent rooms of a typical home were created so that children related to the idea.Teachers had decorated a living room (TV, sofa, music player), dining room (tables,chairs, table with crockery laid, family puppets displayed on all the chairs), kitchen Happiest with Daddies !(kitchen set, gas stove, microwave, oven, toaster, refrigerator), study room (laptop, Family involvement is a rewarding aspect in early childhood educa on believesbooks, sta onary) and a bedroom (bed, pillow, bed sheet, mirror, dressing table, toys). Shan Juniors, but worldwide, early childhood educators tend to engage more withThe kids were very excited to see all this in their school ! They were taken for a round mothers than with fathers. But research has indicated that those children, whoseand asked to look carefully at all the furniture and various objects. A discussion was fathers are highly involved in their school and educa onal ac vi es, were most likelyheld about everyone’s role at home and every child had his say! They spent the en re to receive high marks, enjoy school, and never repeat a grade! Fathers can tellschool hours playing house-house! ‘ School is wonderful’ they all agreed… stories, read and select books with their children, and learn how to use appropriate visual and cogni ve cues. Based on this, Shan Juniors mediated to create be er bonding between fathers and kids. An event was designed whereby fathers would get to interact with their children in a light hearted manner, and would surely lead to more effec ve learning. On Fathers’ Day, 16th July- 2011, parents were cheerfully welcomed by teachers at Shan Juniors- Ambawadi. Poems , games, cards and lively conversa ons ensued. Fathers were given a small ar fact tokens like es, briefcases with fingerprint art made by their li le one in class. Parents were thrilled to see their kids so happy with event and treasured the par cipa on. Doll House? NO, a mini home !National Conf luence 2011An astounding 60+ centers in 26 ci es in just thesecond year, definitely called for a mutual ‘When everyone moves forward together, her,celebra on of this excep onal success of the Shan success takes care of itself.’Juniors family.The Na onal Confluence II was organized for all the businesspartners of Shan Juniors PAN-India, on the 17th and 18th ofAugust 2011, at Shan Asia c School, Bopal. The assemblageoffered a most suitable opportunity to all our business partnersto interact with the en re Shan Juniors family and themanagement on a single pla orm. This mee ng was aimed atstrengthening the rela onship, discussing core value edi ons,new launches, business escala ons and much more.The exchange of ideas and plans over two days was aninvigora ng experience for all par es and the feedback provedimmensely valuable to SEI. The mee ng concluded successfully The Franchisees and the Shanti Juniors team revel in the sweetest fruit of all- SUCCESS !with a deligh ul evening of dance and sumptuous dinner.
  9. 9. It is in this context that our new Educa on models need to be Dear Friends, grounded. There has to be a recogni on of the fact that Educa on has have its roots at home. It is in the home that the In our last issue we spoke about students pick up the values they see in their elders. On this can our fast ever changing world and be built the remaining educa on of pre-school, school, college the role of Educa on in that and higher educa on. scenario. All of us will agree that the last couple of decades has seen Shan Educa onal ini a ves was started with a view totremendous change, driven largely by technology. This has provide well rounded educa on from KG to PG. A look at themade the world a much smaller place and many refer to our manner in which the various Educa onal ins tu ons are runworld now as the Global village. will give an insight into this philosophy. We believe that educa on should be prac cal oriented at all levels. Hence inIn this context , our students have far greater exposure to the everything that we do at SEI, this becomes an importantworld than the earlier genera ons ever had. They can witness feature. Whether it is the manner in which we celebrate ouron television in real me any event that takes place anywhere fes vals or the Guests we invite for our lectures, thein the world. The computer gets them linked to the internet underlyling theme always is : “What can our students learnwith its vast access to prac cally any kind of informa on. The from this ac vity?”current Facebook genera on is able to hook on to socialnetworks with its inherent advantages and disadvantages. Un l next me then,This has I believe has had its impact on the young Prof Alan D’Souzaimpressionable minds today. It has also increased stress levels. Dean- SBS & SCSThe use and throw away genera on has brought in a new Founding member- MICA Former Execu ve Director- Mudra Communica ons Ltdculture of immediacy, self gra fica on, quick-fix solu ons, Former President – IIMA Alumni associa on, Ahmedabad Chapterand transient rela onships. Former Director- Goa Ins tute of Management Tanvi Manhas- Copywriter/Editor- SEI Editorial With valuable assistance from: Credits : Mrs. Anita Verma- Principal- SAS AMD Mrs. Uma Anavaratham- Proctor- SAS KN Kamal Dotwani - Student Co-ordinator -SBS/SCS Janki Patel- Zonal Academic Support -Shan Juniors We’re all set to DAZZLE the DIAMOND CITY ! in S U R AT S U R AT SURAT -2012 ! Knowledge Partner: Shanti Educational Initiatives Limited ADMISSIONS OPEN All Queries : +91 07567400000 ALLIANCES ALLIANCES 4th Floor, Chiripal House, Shivranjani Cross Roads, Satellite, Ahmedabad - 380015 Phone: +91 9909700000